Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List

J. Murray., 1847

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Σελίδα 279 - Bcïïeùle at the battle of Trafalgar. As an officer of Royal Marines, he was present at the storming of three of the enemy's entrenched batteries and siege of Santa Maura, and frequently employed in boat affairs on the coasts of Italy and Dalmatia. In April 1812, he joined the first...
Σελίδα 267 - Campbell served the Egyptian campaign of 1801, including the actions of the 8th, 13th, and 21st March, capture of Rosetta, several affairs on the march to, and capture of Cairo, and afterwards at the capture of Alexandria. Medal for services in Egypt.
Σελίδα 269 - Berbice, and Surinam, at which latter he was severely wounded in successfully leading the storming party against the Redoubt Frederick and Fort Leyden. Was several times handsomely mentioned in the public dispatches for his conduct at Surinam ; and was on that occasion presented by the Committee of the Patriotic Fund with a sword of the value of one hundred pounds. He has since served several years in Bermuda and North America. 14 Sir Wm. Gösset served in Holland in 1799, and was major in command...
Σελίδα 421 - Upon each occasion of a similar nature that may occur subsequently to the grant of a cross, the clasp shall again be issued to those who have a claim to the additional distinction, to be borne on the Ribbon to which the cross is suspended, in the same manner as described in No. 2 of these Regulations.
Σελίδα 277 - Feb. 1809, under a galling fire of musquetry, and defended by two batteries which commanded the entrance ; landed at the head of the Marines from the Resistance, carried a battery of four guns ; and assisted in the capture and blowing up of a French, man-of-war schooner, and destroyed her convoy, laden with supplies for the French army, 10th March, 1809 ; was subsequently at the siege of Cadiz ; and in 1832 in the castles of Naupoli de Romania, with an allied garrison during an attack on that city....
Σελίδα 305 - America, and was severely wounded in the shoulder at the attack on the suburbs of Buenos Ayres on the 3rd July 1807, but this did not prevent his entering the town on the 5th with General Crawfurd's Brigade.
Σελίδα 279 - Tonnant covering the embarkation of Sir John Moore's army at Corunna, and afterwards in various boat affairs in Basque Roads, in 1809, and at the defence of Cadiz the following year. In 1812 he was at the destruction of the batteries of Languelia...
Σελίδα 421 - ... is pleased to command -that it should be worn by the general officers, suspended by a ribbon of the colour of the sash, with a blue edge, round the neck ; and by the commanding officers of corps...
Σελίδα 269 - July 1815, including the capture of a detachment on river Raisin, the cutting out of an enemy's vessel when in command of a gun-boat at Prescott, at Fort Erie during a cannonade of 17 hours ; at the loss of Fort George, actions at Stoney Creek, and Black Rock, investment of Fort George, capture of Fort Niagara, Black Rock, and town of Buffalo, action at Streets Creek, and Chippawa, and at the siege of Fort Erie under an almost constant fire for about five weeks.
Σελίδα 269 - Ellicombc served in the Peninsula from Nov. 1811 to the end of the war, including the siege and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and storm of Badajoz, retreat from Burgos, advance of the army and crossing the Ebro, battle of Vittoria, as Brigade- Major; eiege and storm of San Sebastian, 15th July to 9th Sept.

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