Reports of Cases Ruled and Determined at Nisi Prius: In the Court of Common Pleas, and on the Northern Circuit; from the Sittings After Trinity Term, 55 Geo. III. 1815, to the Sittings After Michaelmas Term, 58 Geo. III. 1817, Both Inclusive. To which are Added, Copious Notes Upon the Most Important Subjects of Commercial and General Law, Τόμος 1

J. Butterworth and Son, 1818 - 707 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 655 - ... to the use of the said William Thomas Davies and his assigns for and during the term of his natural life, without impeachment of waste...
Σελίδα 383 - Undoubtedly, as a general proposition a right of lien gives no right to sell the goods. But when goods are deposited by way of security, to indemnify a party against a loan of money, it is more than a pledge. The lender's rights are more extensive than such as accrue under an ordinary lien in the way of trade.
Σελίδα 87 - What is forbearance and giving time ? It is an engagement which ties the hands of the creditor. It is not negatively refraining; not exacting the money at the time; but it is the act of the creditor, depriving himself of the power of suing by something obligatory, which prevents the surety from coming into a court of equity for relief; because, the principal having tied his *own hands, the surety cannot [ *163 ] release them.
Σελίδα 541 - Crowle showed cause on behalf of the plaintiff, and insisted that it was a damage done to the inheritance : if the reversioner wanted to sell the reversion, this obstruction would certainly lessen the value of it. The court were of opinion that an action might be brought by one in respect of his possession; and by the other in respect of his inheritance, for the injury done to the value of it.
Σελίδα 482 - The general distinction is this : where the immediate act of imprisonment proceeds from the defendant, the action must be trespass and trespass only; but where the act of imprisonment by one person is in consequence of information from another, there an action upon the case is the proper remedy, because the injury is sustained in consequence of the wrongful act of that other.
Σελίδα 65 - Under the practice of making, we may class all new artificial manners of operating with the hand, or with instruments in common use, new processes in any art, producing effects useful to the public.
Σελίδα 62 - Under things made, we may class, in the first place, new compositions of things, such as manufactures in the most ordinary sense of the word ; secondly, all mechanical inventions, whether made to produce old or new effects...
Σελίδα 682 - There, in an action by the indorsee of a bill of exchange against the acceptor, it...
Σελίδα 600 - ... was held not to pass the property to S., where S. neglected, upon the ship's return and notice thereof, to take possession, or to do any act to notify the transfer of the property to him ; but that the property passed to the assignees of M., who became bankrupt, as being in the possession, order, and disposition of M.
Σελίδα 330 - ... duty by reason of such alteration* so that such alteration be made before notice of the determination of the risk originally insured, and the premium or consideration originally paid or contracted for shall exceed the rate of 18>.

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