The Preparation of Reports: Engineering, Scientific, Administrative; a Text Book

Ronald Press Company, 1923 - 468 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 238 - The questions so referred are as follows: 1. In order to secure the most advantageous use of the waters of the Lake of the Woods and of the waters flowing into and from that Lake on each side of the boundary for domestic and sanitary purposes, for navigation and transportation purposes, and for fishing purposes, and for power and irrigation purposes...
Σελίδα 130 - Ib. 3. The increments shall be regularly and systematically collected, so that the entire quantity of coal sampled will be represented proportionately in the gross sample, and with such frequency that a gross sample of the required amount shall be collected. The standard gross sample shall not be less than...
Σελίδα 57 - Oh, the sad old pages, the dull old pages ! Oh, the cares, the ennui, the squabbles, the repetitions, the old conversations over and over again ! But now and again a kind thought is recalled, and now and again a dear memory. Yet a few chapters more, and then the last : after which, behold Finis itself come to an end, and the Infinite begun.
Σελίδα 2 - THE 27th day of April, in the year of our redemption 1584, we departed the west of England with two barques, well furnished with men and victuals, having received our last and perfect directions by your letters, confirming the former instructions and commandments delivered by yourself at our leaving the river of Thames. And I think it a matter both unnecessary for the manifest discovery of the country, as also for tediousness...
Σελίδα 135 - ... 31). The quartering of the conical pile shall be done as follows: The cone shall be flattened, its apex being pressed vertically down with a shovel, or board, so that after the pile has been quartered, each quarter will contain the material originally in it. The flattened mass, which shall be of uniform thickness and diameter, shall then be marked into quarters (Figs. 14, 20, 26 or 32) by two lines that intersect at right angles directly under a point corresponding to the apex of the original...
Σελίδα 333 - Within the past 5 years, educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, have organized courses in advanced meteorology, generally referred to as air mass and central analyses.
Σελίδα 134 - The crushed coal shall be shoveled into a conical pile by depositing each shovelful of coal on top of the preceding one, and then formed into a long pile in the following manner: The sampler shall take a shovelful of coal from the conical pile and spread it out in a straight line having a width equal to the width of the shovel and a length of 5 to 10 ft.
Σελίδα 113 - ... the adequate protection and development of all the interests involved on both sides of the boundary, with the least possible damage to all rights and interests, both public and private...
Σελίδα 131 - Samples of the quantities indicated in the table shall be crushed so that no pieces of coal and impurities will be greater in any dimension, as judged by eye, than specified for the sample before division into two approximately equal parts.
Σελίδα 57 - I had a capital half hour with Jacob Faithful last night; when the last sheet was corrected, when "Finis" had been written, and the printer's boy, with the copy, was safe in Green Arbour Court.

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