Wyoming Reports; Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Wyoming, Τόμος 6

Prairie Press, (etc.), 1899

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Σελίδα 35 - If the jury believe from the evidence that the witness Azil T. Wilson has willfully sworn falsely on this trial as to any matter or thing material to the Issues In this case, then the jury are at liberty to disregard his entire testimony, except In so far as It has been corroborated by other credible evidence or by facts and circumstances proved on the trial.
Σελίδα 453 - Not less than fifteen days before an election to fill any public office the Secretary of State shall certify to the county clerk of each county within which any of the electors may by law vote for candidates for such office, the name and description of each person nominated for such office, as specified in the certificates of nomination filed with the Secretary of State.
Σελίδα 11 - Every action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest, except that an executor or administrator, a trustee of an express trust...
Σελίδα 236 - To examine and settle all accounts of the receipts and expenses of the county, and to examine, settle and allow all accounts chargeable against the county ; and when so settled, they may issue county orders therefor, as provided by law.
Σελίδα 264 - ... given within such a reasonable time as to make Sweetwater county liable under that section of the statute to care for Zimmer, or to reimburse Carbon county for the relief furnished him. As to the matter of taxation of costs for the fees and mileage of witnesses coming from Carbon county, the county...
Σελίδα 535 - It is indeed a principle of universal jurisprudence that where jurisdiction has attached to person or thing, it is — unless there is some provision to the contrary — exclusive in effect until it has wrought its function.
Σελίδα 236 - The costs accruing from a change of venue shall be paid by the county in which the indictment was found.
Σελίδα 140 - Or, to express it exactly, good faith consists in an honest intention to abstain from taking any unconscientious advantage of another, even through the forms or technicalities of law, together with an absence of all information or belief of facts which would render the transaction unconscientious.
Σελίδα 380 - That no political or municipal corporation, county or other subdivision in any of the territories of the United States shall ever become indebted in any manner...
Σελίδα 525 - The executor or administrator, promptly after letters are issued, must cause to be published in some newspaper published in the county, if there be one, if not, then in such newspaper as may be designated by the court...

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