Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List

J. Murray., 1844

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Σελίδα 315 - Ross also served in the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo, where he was seriously wounded on the field, and lost five brothers.
Σελίδα 297 - Santa Theresa and Mutine in a successful attack on the town of Finale, and relief of the Austrian garrison. Storming the Prima Galley (on the night of the 20th May) chained to the mole...
Σελίδα 273 - Pyrenees from 26th to 30th July, passage of the Bidassoa, Nivelle, and Nive ; battle near Bayonne, 13 Dec. 1813. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
Σελίδα 263 - Toulouse, besides numerous minor affairs. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle...
Σελίδα 276 - Nive, and four days' engagements near Bayonne; passage of the A dour, investment of Bayonne, affairs at Vic Bigorre, and Tarbcs, passage of the Garonne, and subsequent operations to the battle of Toulouse where he was slightly wounded. Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and capture of Paris. He has the Silver War Medal with five Clasps.
Σελίδα 300 - Also served in the 1st battalion in Portugal and in operations on the North Coast of Spain, at the taking and defence of Castro. Proceeded with the battalion to America, where it was brigaded under Sir Sidney Beckwith at the attack upon Norfolk, and the taking of Hampton, and several small places.
Σελίδα 326 - Walcheren, and at the siege of Flushing. Embarked with the Regt, for Lisbon in Jan. 1811, and was present at the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, covering the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, two sieges of San Christoval, covering the...
Σελίδα 285 - Essequibo, Berbice, and Surinam, at which latter he was severely wounded in successfully leading the storming party against the Redoubt Frederick and Fort Leyden. Was several times handsomely mentioned in the public dispatches for his conduct at Surinam ; and was on that occasion presented by the Committee of the Patriotic Fund with a sword of the value of one hundred pounds. He has since served several years in Bermuda and North America. 14 Sir Wm. Gösset served in Holland in 1799, and was major...
Σελίδα 311 - Dr. Hacket served at Walcheren in 1809; in the American war, and was present at the different actions which took place there in 1813, and was wounded in the head. Served also the campaign of 1814 in Holland.
Σελίδα 326 - Ayres on the 3rd July 1807, but this did not prevent his entering the town on the 5th with General Crawfurd's Brigade. He served under Sir John Moore during the campaign and retreat to Corunna in 180Й-9; and subsequently accompanied his Regt, to Walcheren.

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