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Education Department.-T. W. Higginson, Cambridge, Mass.; Prof. W. T. Harris, Concord, Mass.; Justin Winsor, Cambridge, Mass.; E. R. L. Gould, Washington, D. C. ; Prof. Alpheus Hyatt, Boston, Mass. ; Pres. F. A P. Barnard, New York; Louis F. Soldan, St. Louis, Mo.; Miss Alice E. Freeman, Cambridge, Mass.; Prof. W. H. Payne, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Miss Marian Talbot, Boston, Mass.

Health Department.-H. Holbrook Curtis, M. D., New York; C. L. Dana, M. D., 50 West 46th St., New York; E. M. Hunt, M. D., Metuchin, N. J.; Walter Channing, M.D., Boston; D. F. Lincoln, M. D., Boston; W. G. Wylie, M. D., New York; Prof. W. H. Brewer, New Haven, Conn.; George E. Waring, Jr., Newport, R. I.; J. S. Billings, M. D., Washington, D. C.; Henry B. Baker, M. D., Lansing, Mich.; E. C. Seguin, M. D., New York; Mary Putnam Jacobi, M. D., New York; Lucy M. Hall, M. D., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Grace Peckham, M. D., New York.

Finance Department.-William L. Trenholm, Washington, D. C., ; Carroll D). Wright, Boston, Mass.; Hamilton A. Hill, Boston ; George S. Coe, New York; Francis A. Walker, Boston; Edward Atkinson, Boston; William F. Ford, New York; Prof. H. W. Farnam, New Haven, Ct. ; Prof. Henry C. Adams, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Gamaliel Bradford, Boston, Mass. ; Louis Zimmer, 20 Gallatin Pl., Brooklyn; Rev. H. L. Wayland, Philadelphia ; Prof. E. J. James, W. Philadelphia; Joseph 1). Weeks, Pittsburg, Pa. : Robert T. Hill, Washington, D. C.; Joseph Wright, Cincinnati; Rev. Oscar McCulloch, Indianapolis; Prof. J W. Jenks, Galesburg, Ill. ; C. C. Jones, Augusta, Ga. Jno. P. Townsend, New York.

Social Economy Department.--F. B. Sanborn, Concord, Mass.; Robert Treat Paine, Jr., Boston; Rev. Washington Gladden, Columbus, O. ; Charles L. Brace, New York; Rev. John L. Milligan, Allegheny, Pa.; Mrs. Clara T. Leonard, Springfield, Mass.; Miss Mary M. Coben, Philadelphia; Mrs. Henry Whitman, Boston; William B. Weeden, Providence, R I.; William D. Howells, New York; Miss Grace E. Dodge, New York; Miss Anna L. Dawes, Pittsfield, Mass. ; Dr. Andrew D. White, Ithaca, N. Y.; Prof. E. J. James, Philadelphia.

Jurisprudence Department. Prof. Francis Wayland, New Haven, Ct. ; Hon. C. C. Bonney, Chicago, Ill. ; Charles A. Peabody, New York; Prof. Henry Hitchcock, St. Louis, Mo.; Rufus King, Cincinnati; Prof. Carleton Hunt, New Orleans; Prof. T. W. Dwight, New York; F. L. Wayland, Philadelphia; B. H. Bristow, New York; Emerson Etheridge, Dresden, Tenn.; Theodore Bacon, Rochester, N. Y.; Theodore S. Woolsey, Prof. William K. Townsend, New Haven, Ct.


[All Officers are ex-officio members of the Association ; but persons serving on Department Committees may or may not be members of the Association. In this present list the annual members are given alphabetically, without reference to States; then the life members follow, classified by States, and finally the honorary and corresponding members. The only distinction between honorary and corresponding members is that the former reside in the United States, the latter in foreign countries. It is a rule of the Association to drop from the list of annual members those who have not paid their assessment for two years; but members so dropped can be restored to the list by paying their arrears. If former members do not find their names on the list as it now stands, it will generally be for the reason just mentioned.

No List of Members of the Association, as printed, can ever be quite complete, so many changes occur by death and withdrawal, the accession of new members, etc. The following list is as complete as the Secretary could make it, up to April 1, 1888, but, no doubt, the addresses of several members are wrong, and there are instances of names misprinted, etc., of which the Secretary will thank any person to n tify him when the fact is observed.]

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Adams, Mrs. Florence J., 286 Huron

St., Chicago.
Adams, W. Irving, New York City,

423 Broome Street.
Amory, T. C., Boston, 19 Common-

wealth Avenue.
Amory, Wm., Boston, 41 Beacon St.
Anderson, Rev. J., Waterbury, Ct.
Anderson, Dr. M. B., Rochester, N.Y.
Andrews, Israel W., Marietta, Ohio.
Atkinson, Edw'd, Boston, 31 Milk St.
Avery, Edward H., Auburn, N. Y.
Baker, Henry B., Lansing, Mich.,

State Board of Health,
Baldwin, Prof. S. E., New Haven, Ct.

Barnum, Hon. Wm. H., Lime Rock,

Battell, Hon. Robbins, 74 Wall St.,

New York.
Beckwith, Miss, 68 Brown St., Pro-

vidence, R. I.
Billings, Frederick, 170 Broadway,

New York.
Bird, F. W., East Walpole, Mass.
Bissinger, Philip, New York City, 22

St. John St.
Blake, Stanton, Boston.
Blatchford, E. W., Chicago, Ill , 375

La Salle Avenue.
Bonney, Dr. Franklin, Hadley, Mass.
Co., Pa.
Curtis, Geo. W., West New Brighton,

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Bowker, R. R., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brace, Charles L , New York City,

24 St. Mark's Pl. Bradford, Rev. A. H., Montclair, N.J. Braman, J. C. Boston, Mass., 50

State Street. Brewster, Lyman D., Danbury, Conn. Breed, W.J., Cincinnati. Brockway, Z. R., Elmira, N. Y. Brooks, Rev. J. G., Brockton, Mass. Brooks, Rev. Phillips, Boston, 233

Clarendon Street. Bruen, Rev. J. D. Hart, Belvidere,

N. J. Brühl, Dr. Gustav, Cincinnati, Ohio,

32 Hopkins St. Bull, Dr. Charles Stedman, 51 West

36th St., New York City. Bullard, W. S., Boston, Mt. Ver

non Street. Butler, Dr. John S., Hartford, Conn. Chamberlain, D. H.,42 Wall St., N.Y. Chase, George B., Boston, Mass.,

234 Beacon Street. Church, Charles R., 63 1st St., Troy,

N. Y. Church, Frederic E., Hudson, N. Y. Clark, J. S., Boston, Mass., 7 Park

Street. Cohen, Miss Mary M., 242 S. 21st

St., Philadelphia, Pa. Collamore, Miss H., Boston. 115

Beacon Street. Collier, M. Dwight, 146 Broadway,

New York. Coolidge, T. Jefferson, Boston, Mass.

60 State Street. Corning, Erastus, Albany, N. Y., 87

State Street. Coxe, Eckley B., Drifton, Luzerne

Doughty, W. H., Troy, N. Y.
Draper, Dr. Joseph, Brattleboro,

Vt. (Vermont Lunatic Asylum). Dreer, Ferdinand J., 1520 Spruce

Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Earle, Mrs. Ann B., Worcester,

Mass., 40 Summer Street. Earle, Dr. Pliny, Northampton, Mass. Eaton, Dorman B., New York City,

2 East 29th Street. Eaton, Hon. John, Marietta, 0. Edmands, A. Lawrence, Boston,

Mass, P. O. Box 1425. Eliot, C. W., L.L.D., Cambridge,

Mass., 17 Quincy Street. Eliot, Rev. T. L., Portland. Oregon. Elliot, E. B., Treasury Dept., Wash

ington, D. C. Farnam, H. W., New Haven, Conn. Forbes, R. B., Milton, Mass. Foote, Miss Mary B., Cambridge,

Mass., 352 Howard Street. Foster, T. A., M.D., Portland, Me. French, Francis O., New York City,

33 West 37th Street. Frothingham, Rev. Fred'k, Milton,

Mass. Frothingham, Rev. 0. B., Boston,

118 Marlboro St. Gallaudet, E. M., LL.D., Washing

ton, D. C.

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Gano, John A., Cincinnati, Ohio. Gates, Merrill E. L, L.D., Pres. Rut

ger's Coll., New Brunswick, N. J. Gilman, D. C., LL.D., Pres. Johns

Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Ginn, Edwin, 13 Tremont Place,

Boston. Gladden, Rev. Washington, Colum

bus, Ohio. Goddard, Miss Matilda, Boston, 251

Newbury Street. Graham, Miss Niel F., Falls Church,

Fairfax Co., Va. Green, Jacob L., Hartford, Conn. Greenough, W. W., Boston, 24 West

Street. Gregory, J. M., Temple Court, New

York. Grew, Henry S., Boston, 89 Beacon

Staten Island, N. Y.
Curtis, H. Holbrook, M. D., 29 West

30th St., New York.
Curtis, Mrs. Josephine A., 29 West

30th St., New York.
Dall, Mrs. Caroline H., Washington.

D. C.
Davies, Julien T., New York City,

32 Nassau St.
Davis, A. McF., Cambridge, Mass.
Davis, Wm. H., Cincinnati, Ohio.

124 East Fourth Street.
Dawes, Miss Anna L., Pittsfield,

Dimock, H. F, New York City,

Pier 11, N. R.
Dike, Rev. S. W., Auburndale, Mass

Groesbeck, W. S., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hale, Geo. S., Boston, 10 Tremont

Harding, George F., Chicago, Ill.
Harkness, Prof. A., Providence, R.I.
Harris, Wm. T., Concord, Mass.
Higginson, T. W., Cambridge, Mass.,

25 Buckingham Street.

Higginson, Waldo, Boston.
Hitchcock, Henry, St. Louis, Mo., 404

Market St.
Hitz, John, Washington, D.C.
Hoadly, George, 120 Broadway, New

York City. Holland, Rev. R. A., St. Louis, Mo. Hollister, G. B., Cincinnati, Ohio. Holt, Henry, New York City, 14 East

54th Street. Horsford, Prof. E. N., Cambridge,

Mass. Hotchkiss, Justus S., New Haven, Ct. Howland, Richard G., Hope, R. I. Hutchings, John, Lawrence, Kansas. Hyde, Rev. C. M., D.D., Honolulu,

Sandwich Islands. Jacobi, Dr. A., New York City, 110

West 34th Street. Jaques, David R., 38 Park Row,

New York City. James, Mrs. John W., Boston, 37

Newbury Street. James, Prof. E. J., University of

Penn., West Philadelphia. Kellogg, Chas. D., 21 University Pl.,

New York. Kellogg, Dr. John H., Battle Creek,

Mich. Kimball, B. A., Concord, N. H. King, Rufus, Cincinnati, O. Kingsbury, F. J , Waterbury, Conn. Kraus, Prof. John, New York City,

275 5th Ave. Lee, Henry, Boston, 40 State Street, Leete, Dr. James M., St Louis, Mo.,

2912 Washington Avenue. Leggett, Miss A. F., Saratoga

Spring, N. Y. Leonard, Mrs. C. T., Springfield,

Mass. Little, Moses, 63 Merrimack Street,

Lowell, Mass. D. F. Lincoln, M. D., Boston. Livermore, Rev. A.A., Meadville, Pa. Lyman, Arthur T., Boston. Lynde, Mrs. Wm. P., Milwaukee,

Wis. McLeod, C. A., Troy, N. Y. May, Rev. Samuel, Leicester, Mass. McCandless, E. V., Pittsburg, Pa. Means, William G., Boston, 40 Water

Street. Mercer, George G., Philadephia, 330

Walnut Street. Minot, William, Jr., Boston, 39

Court Street. Minturn, R. B., New York City, 45

William Street.

Mitchell, Charles L., New Haven,

Conn. Mitchell, Mary A., Villa de Bouyn,

Ave des Fleurs, Nice, U. M.,

France. Neilson, James, New Brunswick,

N. J. Nordhoff, Charles, Washington, D.

C., 1731 K Street. North, Thomas M., 120 Broadway,

N. Y. Oliver, Dirs. Grace A., Boston, 2

Commonwealth Ave. Olmsted, Frederick Law, Brookline,

Mass. Paine, Robert Treat, Boston, 6 Joy

Street, Parkman, Henry, Boston, Rogers

Building, 209 Washington Street. Peabody, Charles A., New York

City, 2 Wall St. Pell, Alfred, New York City, 48

Pine Street. Post, Von H. C., New York City, P.

0. Box 137. Pool, Cyrus 0., 106 West 29th St.,

New York. Prang, Louis, Boston, 286 Roxbury

Street. Putnam, Charles P., M.D., Boston,

63 Marlborough Street. Robbins, George A., Box 947, New

York City, N. Y. Robinson, D. A., Bangor, Maine. Robinson, Miss J. J., Pres. Social

Science Club, Ware, Mass. Ropes, John C., Boston, 50 State

Street. Ropes, Joseph S., Boston, 48 Con

gress Street. Rotch, Miss Joanna, Milton, Mass. Round, W. M. F., 135 E. 15th St.,

New York City. Runkle, Prof. J. D., Brookline,

Mass. Salisbury, Stephen, Worcester, Mass. Sawyer, Miss, 68 Brown St., Provi

dence, R. I. Schlesinger, Barthold. Boston. Schuyler, Miss Louisa Lee, New York

City, 19 West 31st Street. Schwab, Gustavus, Box 137, New

York City. Scovel, Rev. Sylvester F., Key East,

N. J. Seguin, E. C., M.D., New York City,

419 Madison Ave. Sewall, S. E., Boston, 5 Pemberton



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Shattuck, George O., Boston, 35 Waring, George E., Jr., Newport, Court Street.

R. I. Slocum, Miss Jane M., Canandaigua, Warner, Charles Dudley, Hartford, N. Y.

Conn. Smith, Eugene, 33 Pine St., N. Y. Wayland, C. N., New York City, 9 Smith, Mrs. Frances A., 134 Circular West 36th Street. St., Saratoga, N. Y.

Wayland, Mrs. Francis, New Haven, Smith, George W., 125 Vernon St., Conn. Hartford, Ct.

Wayland, Rev. Dr. H. L., PhiladelSmith, H. D., Plantsville, Ct.

phia, Pa. Smith, T. H., 337 Rialto, Chicago. Weeks, Joseph D., Pittsburgh, Pa. Spear, C. V., Oberlin, Ohio.

Weeks, Mrs. Mattie F., Pittsburgh, Spencer, Mrs. Sara A., Washington, Pa. D. C.

Wells, Edward W., Hartford, Conn., Stearns, James S., New York City, 34 Prospect Street. 45 Williams Street.

White, Alfred T., 40 Remsen Street, Stevenson, Robert H., Boston, 58 Brooklyn, N. Y. Chestnut Street.

White, Andrew D., Ithaca, N. Y. Stickney, George, Grand Haven, White, Horace, New York City, Mich.

210 Broadway. Stokes, James, 59 Liberty St., New Wheeler, E. S., New Haven, Conn. York.

Wheeler, J. Davenport, care Prof. Sullivan, Richard, Boston, 25 Mount Francis Wayland, New Haven, Vernon Street.

Conn. Sunderland, Rev. J. T., Ann Arbor, Willard, Miss Frances E., 161 La Mich.

Salle St., Chicago, Ill. Swartz, James S., Philadelphia, Pa., Winthrop, Robert C., Boston, Mass., 234 South 4th Street.

90 Marlborough Street. Talbot, Mrs. I. T., Boston, 66 Marl- Wolcott, J. Huntington, Boston, borough Street.

Mass., 53 Tremont Street. Talcott, J. B., New Britain, Conn. Wolcott, Mrs. Harriet F., Boston, Taylor, James R., Brooklyn, N. Y., Mass. 268 Henry Street.

Wood, Frederick, New York City, Thurber, F. B., New York City, 116 245 Broadway..

Reade Street. Titsworth, Rev. J.,

Wood, Rev. Horatio, Lowell, Mass.

Milwaukee, Wis.

Woolsey, Theodore D., LL.D., New Townsend, John P., New York City, Haven, Conn. 59 Broad Street.

Woolsey, Prof. Theodore S., New Townsend, Prof. W. K., New Haven, Haven, Conn. Conn.

Wright, Carroll D., Boston, Mass. Trumbull, Rev. H. C., Philadelphia, Pa.

Wyman, F. A. 131 Devonshire St., Tweedy, Edmund, Newport, R. I.

Boston, Mass. Van Bibber, Dr. W. C., Baltimore, Young, Charles L., Boston, Mass., Md., 47 Franklin Street.

71 Mt. Vernon Street. Villard, Henry, New York City, Young, Henry L., Poughkeepsie, Mills Building.

N. Y.

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