Superb Book of Boys Names

Strategic Book Publishing, 1 Σεπ 2008 - 396 σελίδες
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SUPERB BOOK OF BOYS NAMES is a comprehensive collection of appealing names for boys and an essential reference guide for parents and those wanting to find unique names drawn from the different cultures and languages of the world. The origins and meanings of popular, well known, lesser used, uncommon and rare male names are all fully explained. The list of eclectic names include names of famous writers, sportsmen, explorers, artists, movie stars, scientists and inventors. Special sections include information on Irish, French, Spanish, and Russian personal names. Popular as well as unfashionable, underused, old-fashioned and names with different qualities and characteristics are given unique attention. Allied to this, is information on diminutive and altered forms of favored and less known names including classical ones.

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Oren Davies has been writing for over ten years, his long-time interest in the meaning of names motivated him to write this in-depth book on male names. He believes that each name has a unique source and meaning and that many personal names are tied to the past and linked with ancient peoples and beliefs. His research delved into volumes on history, mythology, legends, religious concepts, languages and names in each culture. He is currently writing a book on Surnames of the British Isles. He grew up in Australia and now lives in Melbourne.

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