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FOR 1820 :

Forming an analysis and General Bepository




" In ev'ry work regard the writer's end,
Since none can compass more than they intend;
And, if the means be just, the conduct true,
Applause, in spite of trivial faults, is due."

Essay on Criticism.


Printed by Davidson, Old Boswell Court;




1 Every Volume of this work is complete in itself.

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Ahyssinia, accountof, 213.
Eclipse of the Sun, 606.

Ladies, hints for the, 333.
Ali Pacha, cruelties of, 43 6,480, 533, . Economy of Queen Elizabeth, 504.

Law and Lawyers, defence of, 75.
Alnwick Castle, grandeur of, 594,
Eddystone Lighthouse, 84.

Lazaroni, amusements of the, 570.
Auxericanisms, 630.

Edgeworth, R. L. life of, 305, 325, 342. Leap Year, notice of, 122.
Angelo, Michael, anecdotes of, 386-8.
Edward, a pathetic tale, 393.

* Lear,' King, original story of, 327.
Ants, history of, 705, 722.
Electioneering, 185.

Legendary Devil, the, 202.
Ajhorisms, 134.
Eloquence, anecdotes of, 66.

Assassins, French, 136.
Enterprise, Ditto, 243.

16, 31, 48, 63, 80, 96, 107, 128, 144, 159,
Banks, Sir Joseph, life of, 429, 444.
Feudal Kings of France, 11.

175, 191, 207, 239, 256, 271, 288, 304, 320,
Birtholomew Fair, 588.
Fidelity, anecdotes of, 803.

336, 351, 367, 383, 399, 415, 431, 448, 464,
Batbos, 362.

FINE ARTS, 10, 30, 61, 107, 125, 158, 189, 479, 496, 512, 527, 544, 558, 575, 590, 606,
Piyeux Tapestry, 663.

* 205, 223, 237, 253, 268, 301, 319, 334, 623, 639, 655, 671, 720, 735, 752, 766-8,784,
Beadle, the, 682

350, 365, 381, 398, 413, 431, 461, 478, 799, 815, 832.
Pee, 16, 32, 48, 64, 96, 112, 128, 160, 176, 192, 493, 565, 542, 558, 574, 605, 620, 638, Literary Quackery, 198.

208, 224, 240, 256, 272, 288, 304, 320, 336, 654, 702, 717, 732, 749, 767, 781, 813. Lithography, op, 24.
352, 368, 383, 400, 416, 448, 464, 480, 496, Fingal's Cave described, 120.

Little Britain, a Sketch, 546.
512, 528, 544, 559, 575, 591, 607, 640, 656, Fire of London, 618.

Living in Style, 173.
672, 688, 704, 720, 736, 768, 784, 800, 816, Florian and Mariette, 87.

LONDINIANA, 140, 203, 284, 331, 491, 618,

FOREIGN LITERATURE, 9, 25, 248, 282, 345, 652, 685, 700, 714.
Ileggars, continental, 332, 627.

458, 507, 648.

Lord Mayor's Day, on, 714.
Derri, Duc de, li fe of, 170.
Foune-Telling, evils of, 104.

Madrid, a day at, 795.
Bird Mr., life of,
Foundling Hospitals, history of, 84.

Maiden's Leap, the, 380.
Boleyn, Anne, account of, 395, 553, 673 Franklin Dr., letters of, 522, 573, 636. Mariner's Return, the, 376.
Bonaparte, anec dotes of, 99, 290, 337 9, 358, France, agriculture of, 372.

Marriage Customs, 332, 469, 820.
French Theatres, 521.

May Day Customs, 299.
Botocudos, account of the, 354.
Fruit Trees, British, 689.

Merchant Tailors' School, 140, 169, 184.
Brazil, descripti on of, 345.
Gaming, on, 649.

Methodism, history of, 280, 296.
Bretons, custon as of the, 818, 836.
Garrick, letters of, 693.

Milner, Dr., life of, 410.
Broken heart, the, 178.
Genius, on, 683.

Minor Theatres, on the, 59.
Brune, Marshal, death of, 540.
George III., life of, 89, 110.

Modern Amusement, 760.
Burke, Mr., first rise of, 835.

-, Secret History of, 155, 185, 199. Montblanc, described, 491.
Burning Springs in America, 252.

and Family, anecdotes of, 163. Mummies, account of, 805.
Business in Scotland, 60.

God save the King, origin of the anthem, 362. Naples, description of, 519.
Byron, Lord, anecdote of, 59.
Goldsmith, Dr., letter of, 693.

National Ceremonies, 250.
Cachmere Shauvis, 502.
Grattan, Mr., life of, 377.

Newspaper Chronology, 77.
Calas, the fate of, 230.
Grecian Marriages and Funerals, 68.

New Year's Day, custom of, 8.
Calder, Sir R., vindicated, 657.
Hadleigh, Mary of, 601.

North Polar Passage, on the, 753, 778, 407, 825.
Camel, natural history of the, 457.
Hampton Court Palace, 130.

North-West Expedition, 735, 799.
Cameleon, account of the, 839.
Hanover, account of, 149.

Nubians, account of the, 72.
Canada, description of, 9, 27, 424, 443. Hayley, Wm. Esq , poems by, 812.

Old Maids, plan for, 198.
Canova, anecdotes of, 499, 551.
Haywood, Eliz., account of, 409, 602.

Orders of House of Commons, 811.
Cape of Good Hope, letter from the, 587. Henry VIII., cruelties of, 696,708.

ORIGINAL CRITICISys on Principal Dramatic
Captivity, anecdotes of, 310.

and his Wives, 394.

Performers, 631, 668, 697, 730, 762,796, 829..
Card-playing, defence of, 152.
Herculaneum, account of, 341.

Paine, T. account of, 725.
Carlton House, history of, 165.
Heroism, anecdotes of, 454.

Painting, on schools of, 385.
CAROLINE, QUEEN, Sketches of Life and Cha- Himala Mountains, the, 552,741, 757. Patagonians, account of the, 85.

racter by, 650, 669, 684, 729, 795, 829. Hindoos, accountofthe,483,737,758,775, 792. Pearce, the Abyssinian Traveller, death of, 841..
Cervantes, life of, 790.
Hindostan, account of, 481.

Pearl Fishery at Panama, 412.
Chemical Experiments, 599.
Holy Fire, distribution of the, 455.

Persia, embassy to, 68.
Christmas Custonis, 826.
Sepulchre, knights of the, 54.

Persian Stories, 88.
Christ's Hospital, history of, 203, 218. Howe, Michael, life of, 360.

Petrifying Spring, 98.
Church Melody, on, 426.
Humanity, anecdotes of, 65.

Petition of Parts of Speech, 218.
Clerical Dancing, 827, 840.
Humour, anecdotes of, 691.

Pindaries, account of the, 532.
Coleridge's lines on the Queen, 424.
Hunt and Coleridge, Messrs. 489.

Pitcairn's Island and the Mutineers, 711."
Conversion, instantaneous, 348.
Hypocondriac, the, 135.

Poets, on, 26, 554.
Coronations, 105, 138, 241, 392.
Icebergs, account of, 227.

Poetical Portraits, 12, 316.
Correspondent, on the death of a, 249. Imagination, anecdotes, of, 739.

Triads, 747.
Critical Independence, 374.
Impaling of a slave, 563.

Pompeii described, 357.
Dahomians, account of the, 598, 614.
Improvisatrice, 279.

Precepts, fashionable, 396.
Dash, how to cut a, 713.
Inquisition, on the, 236, 347.

Prussian Agriculture, 628.
Deleval, Sir F. anecdotes of, 307.
Instinct, anecdotes of, 595.

Pyramids, opening of the, 788.
Diamonds, valuable, 105.

INSTRUCTRESS, the, 603, 617, 633, 667, 699, Queen's, coronation of, 369,–Crown, 138.
Dionysius, ear of, 419.

747, 779, 310.

Reformation, on the, 695.
Divining Rod, the, 303.
Italian Banditti, 726.

Rejected Poem, a, 665.
DRAMA, 14, 31, 47, 62, 78, 95, 143, 159, Javanese Bats, 60.

Rossini, anecdotes of, 550.
174, 191, 207, 238, 255, 271, 287, 303, 317, Jealousy, on, 267.

Rouen, cathedral of, 646.
335, 351, 366, 383, 398, 415, 431, 447, 459, Jerusalem, description of, 53.

Roxburgh Club, 412.
463, 479, 494, 511, 527, 543, 558, 575, 590, Jews, antiquities of the, 404.

Royal Family, anecdotes of the, 517.
605, 621, 638, 655, 671, 687, 703, 718, 734, Jesuit of Maranham, 635.

Vaults at Windsor, 157.
750, 766, 782, 798, 815, 331, 843.
Justice, anecdotes of, 530.

Science, anecdotes of, 388.
Dramatic Authors in France, 28.
Kensington Palace, history of, 131.

Scolding, cure for, 763.
Drunkenness, names for, 509.
Kent, life of the duke of, 192.

Secret Writing, modes of, 375.
Dulwich Gallery, critiques on, 702, 732, 742, Knighthood, orders of, 571.

Self-Combustion, instance of, 83.
Kotzebue, life of, 449.

Siderography described, 228.

Silk, efficacy of, 447.

ronation Ceremonies, 241-Giovanni Sbogarro, New Britain, 755. Belzoni's Narrative, 769,
Simplon, account of the, 293, 322.

244, 263-Milman's Fall of Jerusalem, 257– 786, 805, 822, 838. Shabeeny's Timbuctoo,
Snakes, water, history of, 42.

Patronage, 265-Advice to Rouge et Noir Play- 773, 788. Tales of My Landlord, New Series,
Spanish Anecdotes, 329.

ers, 266-Hogg's Winter Evening Tales, 273, 785. Mrs. Jamieson's Popular Voyages, 790.
Constitution, 501.

314-Matthews's Diary of an Invalid, 276, 292 Juvenile County Atlas, 794. Gerning's Tour
Spitzbergen, account of, 634.

-Southey's Life of Wesley, 279, 296—Jack along the Rhine, 801. Webb's Sonnets, 810.
St. James's Palace, history of, 150.

son's Poems, 282---Poetical Paraphrase of Ruth, Mrs. Stothard's Tour in Normandy, 817, 836.
St. Paul's School, 284.

ib.-Louis Bonaparte's Historical Documents, The World in Miniature, 820. Time's Tele-
St. Peter's Church, account of, 340. .

289, 308, 323–Mollien's Travels, 294-Young scope for 1821, 826. Hulbert's Biographical
Stage Coachman, the, 565.

Countess, 299-Edgeworth's Memoirs, 305, Sketches, 627. Hulbert's Choicest Flowers of
Statistics, 745.

324, 342-Biographia Curiosa, 312-Starke's English Poetry, ib. The New Prophetic Alma-
Steam Navigation, 39.

Travels, 321, 339, 357-Moncrieff's Ivanhoe, nack for 1821, 833. The Literary Pocket Book,
Streets, on the names of, 652, 685, 700. 326_Horne's Deism refuted, ib.—Cooke's Rea- 834. Nichols's Recollections and Reflections,
Suliots, bravery of the, 488, 504.

son and Revelation, ib._Odeleben's Narrative, 835. Letters written for the Post and not for
Superstitions of the Normans, 626.

337,358_Whitby's Retrospection, 344_Prince the Press, 837. The Dejuné, 840.
Taylor, Dr. Martyrdom of, 599.

Maximilian's Travels, 353_Trivial Poems and
Tea-Plant, history of the, 37.

Triolets, 355-Jones's Miscellanies, 360-Mi-
Tentyra, temple of, 771.
chael Howe, ib.Taylor's Glory of Regality,

Theseus, temple of, 435.

369, 391-Barton's Poems, 371-Playfair's Ode to New Year, 12-Lines, 14-Epitaplı, ib.
Timbuctoo, account of, 773.

France as it is, 372_Peerage Chart, 374-1-Answer to Charade, 29—Stanzas, ib.-Lines,
Toes, use of the, 794

James's Italian Schools of Painting, 385--Tan- ib.-Time, ib.Stanzas, 44-Melancholy, ib.-
Turkish punishments, 475.

coigne's Jonmney into Persia, 390—Enthusiasm 'Tis Love, 45—Beauties of Nature, ib.—Health,
Vampires on, 339.

of Methodists and Papists, 401-Brown's An- ib.--Songs, 61-Epigram, ib.--Child of Misery,
Veteran's Arm, the, 460.

tiquities of the Jews, 404-Graham's Travels, ib.-- Translation, 77—My Lady's Face, ib.
Vesuvius, eruption of, 188.

406—Bowring on Spain, ib.-The Retreat, 408. Love, 78—Winter Scenes, ib.-Lines on the
Village, the pride of the, 566.

Hughes's Travels in Sicily, Greece, &c., 417, Death of George III. and the Duke of Kent, 94,
Volney, count, life of, 347.

435, 468, 486, 504. Wordsworth's River Dud- 95—Answer to an unpleasant Question, 106.-
Wallachians, account of the, 182.

don, 420. Essays and Sketches of Life and LOde to St. Valentine. ib-Love in St. Giles's,
Warwick's Spare Minutes, 629.

Character, 422. Good Humour, 424. Turner's 106, 125.-Lines, ib.-The Birth Day, ib.-Va-
Washington, statue of, 411..

Tour in the Levant, 433, 455, 475. The Fancy, lentine, 142– Epigram, ib.—Sonnet, ib.-Cot-
Water Clocks, history of, 69.

437. System of Education for the King of tage of Peace, 158—To Corinna, ib.-Impromptu,
Companies, history of, 491.

Rome, 440. Life of Kotzebue, 449. Barry 173–Labin, ib.-Lines, 188—Rhymes, 1894
Weather, history of the, 123, 138.

Cornwall's Marcian Colonna, 452. Defferrari's Dream of Memory, ib. Songs, 205—Epigram,
Welsh Superstitions, 316.

Italian Grammar, 457. A Queen's Appeal, ib.The Oath, ib.-An Address, 222-Lelia,
Wesley, John, life of, 279, 296.

465. Stanzas to the Queen, ib. The Protocol, 236—Rural Life, 237—The Tear, ib.-Lines,
West, Benjamin, life of, 219, 233.

ib. Mrs. Opie's Tales of the Heart, 466. Wif- 253--The Parting Sigh, ib.-Serenade, ib.-
Whale, anecdotes of the, 260.

fen's Julia Alpinula, 470. Lochiel, 473. Pin- Lines, 268—Sonnet, ib.—Lines, 286—A Dream,
Wife of Three Husbands, 556.

nock's County Histories, 476. Hamilton'. ib.--Serenade, 303–Irish Rebel to his Mistress,
William the Conqueror, funeral of, 662. Hindostan, 481,502,552, 552. Keats's Lamia ib-Lines, ib.—Song, 317-The Stream, Water
Windsor Castle, history of, 40.

and other Poems, 484. Letters from Germany Lily, and Zephyr, ib.-Translation, ib.-De-
Wolsey, Cardinal, character of, 694.

and Holland, 485. Setches of Italy, 497, 519. serted Mother to her Infant, ib. Song, 333–
Woman's Heart, 746.

Thurtle's History of Spain, 500. Transactions Epitaph on a Dog, ibLines, ib.To Miss Ca-
Ybsambul, temple of, 786, 807.

of the Literary Society of Bombay, 513. Mrs. rew, 334-Lines, 349—Sonnet, ib —The Con-
York, life of the duchess of, 322.

Delany's Letters, 517. Syntax's Tour in Search trast, 364- Ode to Music, ib.-Gratitude, 380
Young, Arthur, Esq. life of, 330.

of Consolation, 529. Galiffe's Italy, 534, 549, Love, ib. -Lovely Woman, ib.The Minstrel
Zealanders, New, account of, 557.

568. Paine on the violin, 538. Piranesi's Ita. Boy, 381-Courtesy, 396_Epigram, 397-Ju-

lian Grammar, ib. Supreme Bon Ton, 545. lia, ib.-Despair, ib.Stanzas, 413–To Eliza,

Lifeof Anne Boleyn,553. Advice to Julia, 561. ib.-The Widow'd Bride, ib —Prayer to Venus,

Crawford's Indian Archipelago, 563. Annals 431—Epigram, ib.— The Forester's Song, 446m
Ivanhoe, 1, 21-Anastasius, 4, 20, 34, 54—of Peterhead, 570. The Abbot, 577. Irving's Elegy, 447-London News, 460—What is a
Time's Telescope, 7—Spence's Anecdotes, 17 Catechismas, 585. Harmoniere's French Dic- Kiss? 461-A Reflection, 478—Song, ib.-Lines,
-Hullmandel's Lithography, 24—Walsh's Ap- tionary, 586, Brooke's Guide to the Stars, 493—For Ever and Ever, ib.-Transposition, ib.
peal, 33—Rondeau's Recitations, 37—History 587. Spiker's Travels, 593, 611. M'Leod's Alvares and Henrico, 509_Verses, 524—A
of the Tea Plant, i Quarterly Journal, 39 Voyage to Africa, 597, 614. Drakes's Winter Sketch, ib.-Stanzas, ib.---Lines, 541-To S--
Hogg's Jacobite Relics, 49—Burckhardt's Tra- Nights, 599. Cheltenham Mail Bag, 609. ib -Epigram, ib. To ib - Maternal Af-
vel's, 50, 72, 101, 116–Letter's from Palestine, Mazeppa Travestied, 612. Clarke's Tour of fection, 558_Translation, ib.—To Emma, ib.
53—Brown's Legitimacy, 5i-Percy Anec. Europe, 613. Select Biography, 615. Tur- The Orphan Maid, 573.-On the Death of Shaw,
dotes, 65, 132, 163, 243, 310, 380, 454, 530, ner's Tour in Normandy, 625, 645, 66). Ja: 574—Resignation, 589—Maidof Gwyneth, 590
595, 691, 739, 803— Williams's History of In-cob's Agriculture of Germany, &c. 627. Re- To -, 604—The Murderer's Soliloquy, ib.-
ventions, 68, 83_Clare's Poems, 71-Observa- trospective Review, 629. Jack Randall's To the Fair Inexorable, 605-Sonnet, 620-Se-
tions on the Theatres, 74–Pamphleteer, 81- Diary, 630. Knickerbocker's History of New paration, ib.-Lines, ibm Picture of Lencadia,
Cordova's Voyage, 85-Life of Cromwell, 47- York, 641, 659, 678. Third Tour of Dr. Syn- 697— The Contrast, ib.-Rosabel, 638-Double
Williams's Travels, 98—Glenfell, 100—Shroud tax, 644. Ashford Rectory, 647. Naval Chro- Entendre, ib.-Epigram, 653-Lamentof Owen,
of Royalty, 103—Lessons of Thrift, 113—Manology of Great Britain, 657. Sheffield Park, ib.To Anna, ib.-Wit, 654–Venus, ib.-
cullock's Western Isles, 118-Gay's Poems, 664. Lingard's Hist. of England, Vol. IV., 673, Lines to J. R. P., ib. --Song, 670—To Emma,
121-Redmond the Rebel, ib.-Pyne's Royal 694, 708. Colman's Posthumous Letters, 675, 671_Song, 687-The Morning Star, ib.-Trans-
Residences, 129, 150, 165—Santagnello's Ita- 692. Clarke's Tour of Asia, 681. Phillips' | lations, 702—To ib.-Autumn, ib.The
lian Dictionary, 132—Campaigns of the Duke Pomarium Britannicum, 689. Pinnock's French Dead Soldier, ib.–Surviving Duty, 716-Ro-
of Wellington, 145-Hodgkin's Travels, 147–Catechisms, 697. Huber's History of Ants, salind's Bower, ib.-Morning, 733_Evening, ib.
Accum on Adulterations, 161-Mrs. Memans's 705, 722. Britannia's Cypress, 710. The Vi. -A Dream, ib.-Sonnet,734-Chorus of Thyes-
Sceptic, 167—Geoffrey Crayon's Sketch Book, sion, 721. Hulbert's Literary Beauties, 725. tes, 742-A Cambrian Melody,ib.-A Farewell;ib.
Vol. 1., 177, 195, 216.-Vol. II., 546, 565– Ward's History of the Hindoos, 737, 758, 775, The Hulk, 765-Song, 767-Sonnet, ib.-Narcissa,
Comic Tales, 180Wilkinson's Wallachia, &c., 792. Fraser's Journey to the Himala Moun- 1780—The Last Adieu, ib.-Ancient and Mo-
182—Emigrant's Returi, 184—Glenfurgus, 193 tains, 741, 757. Fables from La Fontaine, 744. dern Greece, 781-Translations, 797-Mourn.
--Poetical Tributes, 197—Taylor's Star, 198— Phipps's Voyage towards the North Pole; Bar- ful Reflections, 798-Winter's Holiday, ib.-
The Monastery, 209_Herbert's Hedin, 214-ringtou's Possibility of approaching the North Poems by the late W. Hayley, Esq., 812-Epi-
Mrs. Sargant's Letters, 218--Scoresby's Arctic Pole; Barrow's History of Voyages into the gram, ib.--To Corinna, ib.--To ibThe
Regions, 225, 247, 259—Quarterly Journal

, Arctic Regions ; Ross's Voyage of Discovery; Return, 813–To J. W. Dalby, Esq., ib.-The
228_Swan's Retribution, 229Thomson's Co- Journal of Ship Alexander, 753, 778, 807, 824.1 Red Red Rose, 842.---The Close of the Year, iba


And Queekly Review; Forming an Analysis and General Repository of Literature, Philosophy, Science,

Arts, History, the Drama, Morals, Manners, and Amusements.

This paper is pablished at Six v'Clock every Saturday Morning; and forwarded, Weekly or Mouthly, to all Parts of the United Kingdom.

No. 33.


Price 6d.

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Address to the Public.

Review of New Books. When The Literary Chronicle was first commenced, Ivanhoe ; a Romance. By the Author of Waverlý,' we contented ourselves with barely stating the general na- &c. 3 vols. crown 8vo. pp. 996. Edinburgh, 1820. ture of the work, and avoided all those professions which If the present volumes do not let us into the grand secret are seldom credited, and in which the word of promise of the authorship of the Scottish historical novels, an adis kept to the ear only.' If those professions were deemed vertisement from Messrs. Constable informs us, that Waunaecessary at the commencement, they will scarcely now verley, Guy Mannering, The Antiquary, Rob Roy, and be expected, when an acquaintance of eight mouths with the three series of the Tales of My Landlord are all from the Public has enabled them to judge for themselves ; the same pen. Much conjecture had been bazarded, and it is, therefore, with honest pride, that we refer to the no small quantity of ink spilt, to shew, that Rob Roy and volume just completed, and with gratitude we acknow the Tales of My Landlord, were not by the author of the ledge, that the public patronage has realized our fondest first three works; and to this opinion we confess we inexpectations. It has been a leading feature of The Lite- clined. But if all these works are really written by the sary Chronicle, that no article having the slightest ten- 'great unknown,' it gives us a still higher opinion of his dency to immorality should be inserted; that while we talents than we had before entertained; for it proves not instructed the minds, we should not corrupt the hearts of only the power of his transcendant genius, but also the vaour readers, and that our pages should contain

riety he can impart in the exercise of it. We will not now, which, dying, we would wish to blot,'

detain our readers by any further exordium, but proceed The advantage of a weekly review, by communicatiog to analyse Ivanhoe,' a novel which partakes more of the to the public an account of every new work of value and nature of romance, than any of the author's former proimportance with all its freshness, is too obvious to be ductions. doubted, and, in this respect, has a decided superiority

In an excellent dedicatory epistle to the Rev. Dr. over those pablications which appear less frequently Dryasdust, F. A. S.' of York, the author, who now ap.

The price at which The Literary Chronicle is pub- pears under the cognomen of Laurence Templeton, of lished, by placing it within the reach of all classes of the Toppingwold, in Cumberland, discusses the questioir, reading public, offers the means of diffusing an acquaint- whether an interest might not be obtained for the truance with all that is interesting in the literature and science ditions and manners of old England, similar to that of the day, more extensively than any other periodical which has been excited in behalf of those of our poorer publication.

and less celebrated neighbours, remarking that,--The independence which we professed in our critical de

• The Kendal Green, though its date is more ancient, ought partment has been strictly maintained: The Literary Chro- surely to be as dear to our feelings as the variegated tartans nicle is a Review of Books, but not a Bookseller's Review: of the north. The name of Robin Hood, if duly conjured this is a distinction which we know the public will be able to with, should raise a spirit as soon as that of Rob Roy; and appreciate, and we look for no other patronage or reward, the patriots of England deserve 110 less their renown in our than sach as our honest labours may justly claim. modern circles, than the Bruces and Wallaces of Caledonia.'

How far the Bill now peuding in Parliament, respect- The date of the story of Ivanhoe, refers to a period toing periodical publications, may affect us, we have not wards the end of the reign of Richard 1, when his return yet correctly ascertained; but our readers inay rest as- from his long captivity was rather wished for than expected sured, that no alteration in our plan will be made, unless by his despairing and oppressed subjects. The site of the in obedience to those laws which the Legislature may commencement of the tale is in the neighbourhood of deem it necessary to enact, and upon which we shall be Doncaster, in a forest, whereable to speak decisively in our next.

• Hundreds of broad short-stemmed oaks, which had witWith our best and most sincere thanks to those friends nessed, perhaps, the stately march of the Roman soldiery: who have so liberally contributed to the pages of this work, Aung their broad gnarled arms over a thick carpet of the most and with the most grateful sense of the very liberal and delicious green sward; in some places they were intermingled increasing patronage with which we are honoured, it will with beeches, hollies, and copsewood, of various descriptions, be our pride, by increased activity and exertion, to en. so closely as to intercept the level beams of the sinking sun deavour to ensure a continuance of the good opinion and in others they receded from each other, forming those long liberal aid we have so fortunately obtained.

sweeping vistas, in the intricacy of which the eye delights to

lose itself, while imagination considers them as the paths to As every volume of The Literary Chronicle will yet wilder scenes of sylvan solitude. Here the red rays of always be complete in itself, the present is a very favoura- the sun shot a broken and discoloured light, that partially ble period for commencing subscriptions.

I hung upon the shattered boughs, and mossy trunks of the Vol. II,


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