Emblems divine and moral, together with Hieroglyphics of the life of man

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Σελίδα 199 - In having all things, and not thee, what have I? Not having thee, what have my labours got? Let me enjoy but thee, what further crave I? And having thee alone, what have I not? I wish nor sea nor land ; nor would I be Possessed of heaven, heaven unpossessed of thee.
Σελίδα 190 - I my best beloved's am; thus he is mine. He is my altar; I, his holy place; I am his guest, and he my living food; I'm his by penitence, he mine by grace; I'm his by purchase, he is mine by blood!
Σελίδα 189 - E'en so we met; and after long pursuit, E'en so we joined ; we both became entire ; No need for either to renew a suit, For I was flax, and He was flames of fire : Our firm-united souls did more than twine; So I my Best-beloved's am ; so He is mine.
Σελίδα 112 - Dissolve thy sunbeams, close thy wings and stay ! See, see how I am blind, and dead, and stray ! — O thou that art my life, my light, my way...
Σελίδα 199 - Without thy presence, heaven's no heaven to me. Without thy presence, earth gives no refection; Without thy presence, sea affords no treasure ; Without thy presence, air's a rank infection; Without thy presence, heaven itself no pleasure.
Σελίδα 130 - Alas! the total's but from eight to four. Behold these lilies, which thy hands have made Fair copies of my life, and open laid To view, how soon they droop! how soon they fade ! Shade not that dial night will blind too soon; My non-aged day already points to noon ; How simple is my suit!
Σελίδα 111 - Mine eyes are blind and dark, I cannot see; To whom or whither should my darkness flee, But to the light?
Σελίδα 41 - Let those have night, that love to have a nap, And loll in ignorance's lap ; Let those, whose eyes, like owls, abhor the light, Let those have night, that love the night : Sweet Sweet Phosphor, bring the day ; How sad delay Afflicts dull hopes ! Sweet Phosphor, bring the day.
Σελίδα 36 - What less than fool is man to prog and plot, And lavish out the cream of all his care, To gain poor seeming goods ; which, being got, Make firm possession but a thoroughfare ; Or, if they stay, they furrow thoughts the deeper ; And, being kept with care, they lose their careful keeper.
Σελίδα 38 - But at the earth we dart our wing'd desire ; We burn, we burn like fire. Like as the am'rous needle joys to bend To her magnetic friend : Or as the greedy lover's eye-balls fly At his fair mistress' eye : So, so we cling to earth ; we fly and puff, Yet fly not fast enough.

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