Moving Water

Dundurn, 16 Σεπ 1998 - 209 σελίδες

Joan Skogan's marvelously poetic new novel draws upon her own years adrift on the sea as a wanderer and wonderer to tell the story of Rose Bachmann, a woman at mid-tide in a life awash in the debris of a mysterious marriage, in myths both long known and newly invented and in the magical coastline of the NOrth Pacific.

Rose finds herself at rest in the rock form of a petroglyph entitled The One Who Fell From Heaven, near Prince Rupert, B.C. and there she imagines, in a brilliant song to her past and those she has loved, voyages both real and surreal and the currents of an existence that have brought her to this place, this truth.

It is a story winding its way toward the "I", a story which opens to engulf the Skeena and the St. Lawrence, the Danube and the Tigris, swallowing the very self Rose has given over to propulsion and discovery. It is a quest which roams the swelling waves of personal history and may of the world's unfathomable waterways, at once, as the title suggests, in motion, yet serenely still.


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Σελίδα 7 - All that exists lives. The lamp walks around. The walls of the house have voices of their own. Even the chamber-vessel has a separate land and house. The skins sleeping in the bags talk at night. The antlers lying on the tombs arise at night and walk in procession around the mounds, while the deceased get up and visit the living.

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Joan Skogan has been shortlisted for the Journey Prize, the CBC Literary Essay Competition and the Western Magazine Award.

She is the author of "The Good Companion," "Voyages at Sea with Strangers," "The Princess and the Sea Bear and Other Tsimshian Stories," "Grey Cat at Sea" and "Skeena: A River Remembered."

Her work has been broadcast on the CBC and has appeared in "Saturday Night," "The Georgia Straight," "Border Crossings," "Brick," "Western Living," the forthcoming Banff fiction anthology, the 1993 "Journey Prize Anthology," "Winds Through Time," "Canadian Children's Annual," "Share a Tale," "The Clayoquot Sound Anthology" and other collections. She lives on Gabriola island, B.C.

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