The Career of Major George Broadfoot, C. B. ...: In Afghanistan and the Punjab

J. Murray, 1888 - 445 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 217 - The rain flowed after in streams discoloured with blood, and fifteen hundred unwounded men, the remnant of six thousand unconquerable British soldiers, stood triumphant on the fatal hill ! MOVEMENT OF CAVALRY SUPPORTS ALEXANDER WILLIAM KINGLAKE, The Invasion of the Crimea.
Σελίδα 181 - British army and an enemy approaching from the west, if indeed such an enemy there can be, and no longer between the army and its supplies. The enormous expenditure required for the support of a large force, in a false military position, at a distance from its own frontier and its resources, will no longer arrest every measure for the improvement of the country and of the people.
Σελίδα 20 - It has been the object of the Authors of this work to produce a more complete and more perfect ENGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY than yet exists, and every article has been the result of original and independent research.
Σελίδα 21 - Version, AD 1611, with an EXPLANATORY and CRITICAL COMMENTARY, and a REVISION of the TRANSLATION. By BISHOPS and CLERGY of the ANGLICAN CHURCH. Edited by FC COOK, MA, Canon of Exeter, Preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen.
Σελίδα 180 - To force a sovereign upon a reluctant people, would be as inconsistent with the policy as it is with the principles of the British Government...
Σελίδα 180 - Content with the limits nature appears to have assigned to its empire, the Government of India will devote all its efforts to the establishment and maintenance of general peace...
Σελίδα 85 - In war reputation is strength ; but reputation is lost by the rash exposure of the most gallant troops under circumstances which render defeat more probable than victory ; and a succession of reverses will dishearten any soldiers, and most of all those whose courage and devotion have been mainly the result of their confidence that they were always led to certain success. We would, therefore, strongly impress upon the commanders of the forces employed in Afghanistan...
Σελίδα 386 - Sikh army that they had met with a foe they little expected ; and their whole force was driven from position after position with great slaughter, and the loss of seventeen pieces of artillery, some of them of heavy calibre; our infantry using that neverfailing weapon, the bayonet, whenever the enemy stood. Night only saved them from worse disaster, for this stout conflict was maintained during an hour and a half of dim starlight, amidst a cloud of dust from the sandy plain, which yet more obscured...
Σελίδα 132 - Horse still more to the right and in advance, to cut off their retreat. While we waited in this order the advance of the force, the enemy reinforced the orchard, and moved out to attack us. I was, therefore, obliged to advance before the force arrived. The enemy's positions were quickly carried in succession. One party was driven towards the 3rd...

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