Memoirs of the History of France During the Reign of Napoleon, Τόμος 1


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Σελίδα iii - Memoirs of the History of France during the reign of Napoleon, dictated by the Emperor at Saint Helena to the Generals who shared his captivity ; and published from the Original Manuscripts corrected by himself.
Σελίδα xvi - Exposed to the factions which divide my country, and to the enmity of the great powers of Europe, I have terminated my political career, and I come, like Themistocles, to throw myself on the hospitality (litwatty, to seat myself on the hearths) of the British people.
Σελίδα 82 - I will faithfully fulfil the task with which you have entrusted me : let us not look into the past for examples of what is now going on. Nothing in history resembles the end of the eighteenth century ; nothing in the eighteenth century resembles the present moment.
Σελίδα 27 - Nine seventy-four gun ships and four frigates or corvettes became a prey to the flames. The fire and smoke from the arsenal resembled the eruption of a volcano, and the thirteen vessels which were burning in the road were like so many magnificent displays of fireworks. The masts and forms of the vessels were distinctly marked by the blaze, which lasted many hours, and formed an unparalleled spectacle.
Σελίδα 90 - The furious rushing forth of the winds inclosed in the caverns of Eolus never raised a more raging storm. The speaker was violently hurled to the bottom of the tribune. The ferment became excessive. Delbred desired that the members should swear anew to the Constitution of the year III. — Chenier, Lucien, Boulay, trembled. The chamber proceeded to the Appel Nominal...
Σελίδα 367 - The most solemn treaties have only prepared the way for fresh aggression ; and it is to a determined resistance alone that is now due whatever remains in Europe of stability for property, for personal liberty, for social order, or for the free exercise of religion.
Σελίδα 369 - His Majesty makes no claim to prescribe to France what shall be the form of her government, or in whose hands she shall vest the authority necessary for conducting the affairs of a great and powerful nation.
Σελίδα 93 - Government ; you violated it on the twenty-second of Floreal, when, by a sacrilegious decree, the Government and the Legislative Body invaded the sovereignty of the people, by annulling the elections made by them. The Constitution being violated, there must be a new compact, new guarantees.
Σελίδα 62 - Sieyes came to Napoleon, and took him into the recess of a window, while the Committee was deliberating upon the answer to be given to the summons of the sections. " You hear them, General," said he, " they talk while they should be acting. Bodies of men are wholly unfit to direct armies, for they know not the value of time or opportunity. You have nothing to do here. Go, General, consult (your genius and the situation of the country : the hope of the Republic rests on you alone.
Σελίδα 18 - O'Hara hastened towards the French to rectify the supposed mistake, when he was wounded in the hand by a musket-ball, and a sergeant seized and dragged him prisoner into the boyau ; the disappearance of the English general was so sudden, that his own troops did not know what had become of him. In the mean time, Dugommier, with the troops he had rallied, placed himself between the town and the battery : this movement disconcerted the enemy, who forthwith commenced their retreat. They were hotly pursued...

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