Εικόνες σελίδας

useful, that humane planters are glad tion of the simple diet of the primitive of the pretence of such mediation, and clergy, is entertained in the Olivetan even will secretly procure it, to avoid convent, on the Island of St. Helena, punishment for trifles. Quashi there- with chesnats and water, and several fore withdrew, resolving to conceal of the dignified clergy come on board himself till he had an opportunity of the Bucentoro and present the Doge procuring an advocate. He lurked and Signorias, as they pass, with artiamong the negro huts, well knowing ficial flowers, which, upon returning, that his fellow slaves had too much they make presents of to their achonour and regard for him to betray quaintances. The Doge, at his putting him. The following day a feast was off and return, is saluted by the cannon to take place in consequence of his of a fort on the Lido of the castle of master's nephew coming of age-amidst the island of Erasmo, and with the the hilarity of which Quashi hoped to small arms of the soldiers, who are succeed in his application; but before drawn up along the Lido shore. In he could execute his design, his master, the meantime, several hymns are perwalking about his plantations, unfor- formed on board the Bucentoro, and tunately discovered him. Quashi ran several prayers are read or sung, till off, and his master, who was a robust the Doge has passed the two forts of man, pursued him. A stone tripped Lido and St. Erasmo; and then he proQuashi up just as his master had ceeds a little further towards the Lido reached out his arm to seize him. . They shore, the stern of his barge being fell together, and struggled for the su- turned to the main sea. Here the paperiority, for Quashi also was a stout triarch pours into the sea some water, man, and despair gave him additional which has been consecrated, and which strength. At length, after a severe is said to have the virtue of allaying contest, Quashi got firmly seated on storms. After this, the Doge drops a his master's breast, and with his weight gold ring into the sea, through a hole kept him motionless. He then drew near his seat, repeating these words in out a sharp knife, and while the other Latin :- We espouse thee, O Sea, in lay in dreadful expectation, thus ad- sign of our real and perpetual dominion dressed him :-“ Master, I was bred over thee.” The ring is of gold, but plain up with you from a child; I was your and unset, so that it cannot be of much play-fellow when a boy; I have loved value. This ceremony is said to have you as myself; your interest has been first instituted by Pope Alexander been my own. Yet you condemn me the Third, in return for the good offices to a disgraceful punishment;—thus which the Venetians had rendered him; only can I avoid it." With these words having, under the Doge Sabastian-ahe drew the knife across his own throat, Ziani, defeated and taken prisoner Otho, and falling down dead on his master, son of the Emperor Frederick the First. bathed him in his blood!


MARRIAGE OF THE DOGE OF If Friendship's but an empty dream, • VENICE WITH THE SEA.

A frail and fleeting vision,

A cold and lonely winter's beam, Upon Ascension-day, about 10 o'clock Of sudden sad transition; in the morning, the signal being given Oh! let the vain illusion die, by a discharge of artillery and the The marsh-light falsely glowing, ringing of bells, the Doge, or should Nor venting e'en a passing sigh, he happen to be indisposed, the vice

Nor parting tear bestowing. Doge, goes on board the Bucentoro, and accompanied by several thousand But if in bonds it links the heart, barques and gondolas, a great number Which death alone can severof gallies finely ornamented, and the If joy or sorrow ne'er can part splendid yachts of foreign ambassadors, Those ties that bind for ever; are rowed out to sea about two hundred In youth's gay time, when hearts are paces, between the island of St. Erasmo light, and il Lido de Matamocco. The pa. And sweet the hopes they cherish, triarch, who upon this day, according Let not disdain's all-withering blight to an ancient custom, in commemora. Cause such sweet hopes to perish.

LINES ON A KISS. sidered as coming under the terms of Humid seal of soft affections,

the act, but shall be exempted from the

forfeiture, Tenderest pledge of future bliss,

An act regulating the size and weight Dearest tie of young connexions,

of penny plumb buns, and enacting that Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss.

not less than six, nor exceeding eight, Speaking silence, dumb confession,

green gooseberries, shall be put into a Passion's birth, and infant's play,

penny tart, under the pain of forfeiture, Love-like fondness, chaste concession,

one half to our Lord the King, the other Glowing dawn of brighter day.

to the informer. Also a clause for the

better ordering of lollipops. Sorrowing joy, adieu's last action, An act to oblige persons to blow cool When ling'ring lips no more must their hot hasty-pudding in the spoon, for join;

the space of 15 seconds before eating the What words can ever speak affection same;" for that many and divers persons So thrilling and sincere as thine? have been grievously burned, scalded,

and damaged in their mouths, tongues,

gullets, windpipes, and stomachs, by WORK FOR THE NEXT SESSION.

greedily, voraciously, hastily, gluttonously eating and devouring, bolting

and swallowing, hot hasty pudding, PROPOSED BILLS.

&c. &c. It is therefore hereby enacted, An act to oblige parents to blow their that all grown persons and adults, of children's noses, or to cause them to an estate to hold a spoon, shall blow be blown by nurse, cook, housemaid, and puff such hasty pudding in a spoon groom, helper, or other proper and fit for a space not under fifteen seconds, person, three times a day in summer, under the penalty of, &c. &c.” and nine in winter, under the penalty An act to prevent persons from eating of, &c.

green peas with two-pronged forks. An act to prevent adults from swal An act to prevent cruelty to visitors lowing cherry-stones, and giving magis- prohibiting the galloping of young chiltrates, suspecting the same to be prac- dren, admitted after dinner, over the tised, the right of search in private small-clothes of visitors, spilling their places. Penalties, quant. suf.

wine, eating their fruit, fouling their An act to prevent cruelty to flies, waistcoats, ruining their neckcloths, black beetles, and father long-legs, kicking their shins, and calling them with a clause providing that moths shall names, bawling, squalling, crying, not approach within six inches of any roaring, or singing or spouting at the wax, mould, spermaceti, dip, or other request of their parents or guardians, candle, nor within three inches of any to the great detriment of social interfarthing rushlight.

course and scandal of all good livers; An act for the better preserving the all which things are hereby declared health of his Majesty's liege subjects contrary to law, and punishable, under from the dangers too often attending the statute, therewith framed and enacted exposure to wet in their feet, where for preventing the spoiling of children. by many have grievously suffered by And be it further enacted, that more coughs, catarrhs, and other maladies, than sixteen be never, and in no case, and enacting that persons found walk permitted or suffered to rush into ing in wet,damp, sloppy, greasy,splashy, the dining-room when the cloth is redirty, mucky weather, with shoes, boots, moved, but that such irruption shall be pumps, or slippers, less than three inches a riot, and quelled according to law. thick in the sole from the heel-piece to The act goes on to send parents to the the toe, or four inches in the heel, or House of Correction, for aiding and with shoes of such a thickness as above abetting such tumuls; and further regurecited, but cracked, damaged, burst, lates the size and shape of pap-boats, worn into holes, or otherwise impaired and the fashion and figure of corals. or injured, shall, on conviction before An act to prevent gluttons from eat. a magistrate or justice of the peace, ing worsted stockings, tallow candles, be sentenced to the tread-mill for a ten-penny nails, and case-knives. term not under one month, nor exceed. An act to prevent persons from biting ing six, and shall forfeit such shoes to their nails, picking their noses, and our Lord the King. Persons bare. spitting in their pocket-handkerchiefs, footed, or without shoes, shall be con- after the manner of the French.


absolutely a fool.” Butler has two or

three passages similar; the one that You ask me, why only in moments of

comes nearest is the following, in Hudisadness,

bras, book 11, canto iii. ver. 243 :I woo the soft dream which the muse

" For those that Ny may fight again, can bestow;

Which he can never do that's slain.” Like the smiles of affection, 'tis lovely in gladness,

The fact is, that the couplet occurs in But brightest it gleams through the a small volume of miscellaneous poems, darkness of woe.

by Sir John Mennes, written in the reign Unlike the light train that in summer's of Charles the Second. The original gay bowers,

of the couplet may, however, be traced Enliven our pleasures, but fly from to Demosthenes, of which the English our tears.

lines are almost a literal translation. My path she forsakes when I wander

through flowers, And lost in the sunshine, her light

OPERA SINGERS disappears.

A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. In the night-time of pain, and the winter

Cuzzoni became a singer in the opera, of sorrow,

at the Haymarket, in 1722, where she When fades every scene that was

continued principal until the removal blooming and fair,

of Faustina, in 1726; with whom, beOh! then, one bright ray from her soft

coming a competitor for public favour, light I borrow,

a most furious warfare arose in the It guides through the gloom, and for

fashionable world. bids me despair.

Faustina was young, possessed of The world's busy triflers forgetting or

great personal attraction, and sung scorning, She shrinks into silence or flies from

abroad with such eclat, that, it was

said, persons lobouring under the tortheir sight

tures of the gout left their beds and They hail, like the lark, the bright rays

resorted to the theatres to hear her: at of the morning,

Florence medals were struck in her She sings, like the nightingale, only

honour. The merit of her rival conby night.

sisted in a fine toned voice, and a power of expression that frequently melted

the audience into tears. Till the time HUDIBRAS.

of Faustina's arrival, Cuzzoni was in Few quotations have more engaged She had driven Durastanti out of the

full possession of the public favour. the pens of critics than the following: kingdom: Mrs. Robinson (afterwards “ For he who fights and runs away

Countess of Peterborough) quitted the Will live to fight another day."

stage about the same time, so that for These lines are supposed to form a three seasons she was unrivalled. The part of Hudibras; and so confident consciousness of her great abilities, have scholars been on the subject, that and the stubborn resistance that Senein 1784, a wager was made at Booth's, sino had shown to Handel, in a disaof twenty to one, that they were to be greement that had happened between found in that poem. Dodsley was re- them, had no trivial effect upon her ferred to as the arbiter, when he ridi- conduct. For some slight objections to culed the , idea of consulting him on a song in Otho, Senesino refused, at the subject, saying, “ Every fool knows the rehearsal, to sing it; when Handel they are in Hudibras." George Selwyn, took her round the waist, and swore, if who was present, said to Dodsley, she persisted, to throw her out of the “ Pray, sir, will you be good enough, window. then, to inform an old fool in what In the contest between Cuzzoni and canto they are to be found ?" Dodsley Faustina some. ladies of the highest took down the volume, but he could fashion entered so warmly, that fornot find the passage; the next day came midable parties were arrayed on both with no better success, and the biblio- sides.-- Private slander and public polist was obliged to confess, “that a abuse were deemed weapons too inman might be ignorant of the author of noxious, so that blows were resorted this well-known couplet without being to, and, shame to tell, the two singers fought. The Countess of Pembroke He quitted her instantly, for the first headed the Cuzzoni party; and the cock had crown, and day was breaking ; Countess of Burlington and Lady De- but she resolved that day should end laware were in the van of that of her uncertainty. Dull in intellect and Faustina, supported by the gentlemen, selfish in heart, her father had little Faustina being a much more agreeable claim to her confidence; but his life, woman than Cuzzoni. The directors perhaps her sovereign's, might be inof the opera adopted an odd expedient volved in the desperate plots of the to terminate the dispute. The time Strelitz-faction. She covered herself for a new contest was at hand, and in a common woollen garment, and a they agreed to give as a salary to peasant's hood; determining to seek the Faustina one guinea more than to her Emperor in Moscow, and beg a pardon rival. Lady Pembroke, and some other for her husband and her father as the friends of Cuzzoni, hearing this, bound price of her discovery. Thus resolved, her by a solemn oath, never to take and not without hope of a still higher less than Faustina; and the directors price, she left her chamber unseen, and continuing firm, Cuzzoni found herself visited the hut of her Tartar servant. ensnared, by her obligation, into the She asked him whether he dare depart necessity of quitting the kingdom. She from her father's house, and accompany returned to Italy, where she was re- her to Moscow on foot. The old man duced to a very humble condition, be- answered by filling a wallet with proing compelled for a subsistence, to visions; and digging up a square stone employ herself in making buttons.- which lay under his pillow, took three A better fate attended Faustina. She roubles and the emerald ring from beremained in England a short time after neath it, and put them into his misCuzzoni; then went to Dresden, where tresses hand. “This is all you have in she married Hasse, an eminent mu. the world, Usbeck !” said the young sician, and lived afterwards in respect countess, " and I may never repay ability at Vienna.

you.” “No, not at all," he answered, “ I have still the axe which split the trees for you when you ate the wild

bees' honey," There needed no farther FEODOROWNA,

assurance of his faith to the child of A RUSSIAN NARRATIVE.

his master. The travellers entered

Moscow before noon, but the emperor [Continued from page 36.]

was absent from his palace. « What

is your business with him ?" asked a Her music and her smiles were not man of meagre and muscular figure, wholly without effect, and he suddenly who stood in a plain mechanic's dress said, “ Do you know, Feodorowna, I near one of the gates. Feodorowna had never seen or desired to see you if answered, that she had a petition of Biron had not talked of your beauty great importance to present to him. with such passionate fondness among The stranger perused her countenance, my guards? He piqued my fancy, for and advised her to wait till the captain he seemed to act the part of the Eng- of the guards appeared. “That would lish Athelwold to the island King avail nothing," said she, “I must see Edgar, and his fate was not far un- him, and deliver this paper into his like."

own hand.” “Why not into mine?” At this allusion to her first husband's returned the questioner, rudely snatchaffection and tragic end, Feodorowna ing the paper, and thrusting himself shrunk in horror, scarcely suppressed behind the gates; but not so rapidly as by the secret hope this speech justified. to escape a blow levelled at his head He spoke of his guards, and compared by Usbeck. “ Keep that blow in mind, himself to a sovereign prince. The in- my good friend,” said the thief, laughference was natural, and the pride of ing—“I shall not forget my part of the her heart increased the beauty of her debt.” And slily twitching the long countenance. He filled another cup of lock which hung behind Usbeck's ear cogniac to the brim, and holding it to in the Black Cossack's fashion, he disher lips, bade her wish health to the appeared. Emperor of Russia at the same hour Feodorowna stood resolutely at the next night. There was a cold and stony gateway of the palace, still expecting dampness in his hand, which did not to see the emperor, and determining to agree with the purple light in his eyes. communicate all that had happened to

herself, her first husband, and her the crown, acknowledging his brother, father. Presently the artisan returned Peter, its lawful heir. He signed it again, and laying his hand familiarly with the same unbending countenance; on her arm, whispered—“ The emperor and the standers by having each reis in the guard-house, follow me !" peated an oath of allegiance to the There was an expression, an ardent chosen successor, departed one by one, and full authority in his eye, which solemnly bowing their heads to the instantly announced his rank. She was bishop and the muffled man who stood going to kneel, but he prevented her. at his right hand. They, with Feodo« Be of good cheer, Feodorowna ! - rowna, were then left alone in the your husband is greater and less than room, until a signal-bell had sounded he appears. Return home, and drink twice. A man, whom she knew to be the Emperor of Russia's health to-night, Field-Marshal Wreyde, entered as it as he commanded."

tolled the last time, bearing a silver Usbeck stood listening anxiously near cup and cover. His countenance was his mistress; and when she turned to frightfully pale, and he staggered like him with a smiling countenance, beck- one convulsed or intoxicated. The prioned her to follow him. But it was too soner fixed his eyes sternly on Feodolate: a guard of twelve men had drawn rowna, and bowing his head to the up behind, and now surrounded them. muffled stranger, took it with an unThey were forcibly separated, and each shaking hand, and emptied it to the conveyed to prison, where sentinels, last drop. regularly changed, attended till about W hile he held it to his lips, the the eleventh hour of the next day, when bishop opened a long official paper, two persons in the habit of Russian but the prisoner interrupted him; “ Í senators entered, and conducted Feo- have already heard my sentence of derowna to another room in the fortress. death, and know this is its execution.” This room was filled with senators; and Even as he spoke, the change in his a bishop, whose face she recognized, complexion began, and Feodorowna, stood near a couch, on which a young uttering dismal screams, was forced man sat with silver fetters on his from his presence. Five days after, hands. His dress was slovenly and she was carried in a covered litter to squalid, but his person tall and well the church of the Holy Trinity, where made; his complexion healthfullybrown, a coffin lay in state under a pall of rich and his eyes and hair of a brilliant gold tissue. Her conductor withdrew black. Another man, whose form and into the darkness of the outer aisle, countenance were entirely muffled, stood leaving her to contemplate the terrible behind the groupe, but sufficiently near conclusion of her father's ambitious to direct and observe them. Count dreams, and the last scene of human Tolstoi, the chief senator, obeyed a greatness. But she was yet uncertain glance from his eye; and addressing how far the guilt of the detected fachimself to the manacled prisoner, said, tion had extended, and whether he who in a low and respectful voice, “ Does lay under the splendid pall, and had your highness know this woman?"-He once called himself her husband, was answered in German, and the muffled the treacherous Governor of Siberia, man gave a signal to the bishop, who Prince Gagarin, or a still more illus. approached the couch, and joining the trious criminal. There was no name hands of Feodorowna to the prisoner, upon the velvet covering of the coffin, declared their marriage lawful from no banner, no armorial bearing; and that hour, but from that only. Though the attendant, seeing the silent and the face of her husband had been con- stony stupor of the miserable widow, cealed from her during their mysterious conducted her compassionately back to intercourse, Feodorowna knew the the covered litter. It conveyed her to strong stern voice, the dark hair and a convent, where a few hours after her eyes, and the perfect symmetry of this arrival, a white veil was presented to unknown prisoner; and her heart smote her, with this mandate, bearing the itself when the letter she had written imperial signet of Peter the Great. to the emperor was read aloud to him. The widow of Alexis Czarowitz He made no reply, and the witnesses of Russia, could enter no asylum less of this strange ceremony laid before than the most sacred and distinguished him another paper, stating, that finding himself unqualified for government, he Vide Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, captain disclaimod all right of succession to in Peter's service.

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