The history of Rome


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Σελίδα 402 - ... among those veterans, and this law was carried despite the opposition of the consul Bibulus and some of the tribunes. § 2. P. Vatinius, one of the most unprincipled men of the time, was a humble hireling of Caesar, and now as tribune he carried the famous Lex Vatinia, which gave Caesar the command of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum with three legions for five years ; and the Senate, on the motion of Pompey (now, by his marriage with Julia, Caesar's son-in-law), added Transalpine Gaul to his command,...
Σελίδα 411 - Seleucia; but an Arab emir named Agbar (Akbar, ie Great), who had been on friendly terms with the Romans when Pompeius was there, now came and joined Crassus, and assuring him that the Parthians were collecting their most valuable property with the intention of flying to Hyrcania and Scythia, urged him to push on without delay. But all he said was false; he was come to lead the Romans to their ruin : the Parthian king Orodes had himself invaded Armenia, and his general Surfena was at hand with a...
Σελίδα 411 - The Roman soldiers, when they heard of the numbers of the Parthians and their mode of fighting, were dispirited ; the soothsayers announced evil signs in the victims ; C.
Σελίδα 139 - Annius spoke with contempt of the Roman Jupiter, loud claps of thunder and a sudden storm of wind and rain told the anger of the deity, and as Annius went off full of rage, he tumbled down the flight of steps and lay lifeless at the bottom. It was with difficulty that the magistrates saved the other envoys from the fury of the people. War was forthwith declared, and the consular armies were levied.
Σελίδα 139 - Mus* were made consuls for 415 with a view to it. But the Latins would first try the path of peace and accommodation ; and at the call, it is said, of the Roman senate, their two praetors and ten principal senators repaired to Rome. Audience was given them on the Capitol, and nothing could be more reasonable than their demands.
Σελίδα 19 - Capene gate, when about to enter the city, he was met by his sister, who had been betrothed to one of the Curiatii ; and...
Σελίδα 457 - He said, one only, and no more : whether any immunities were granted to cities or countries? He answered, none; and consented, that it should pass with a restriction, proposed by Ser. Sulpicius ; that no grant, which was to take place after the Ides of March, should be ratified *. This was generally thought so reasonable, and Antony's seeming candour had made such an impression, that those who saw the mischief of it, durst not venture to oppose it : especially as there was a precedent for it in the...
Σελίδα 413 - Crassus put no faith in him; at length when his men, having urged and pressed, began to abuse and threaten him, he took his officers to witness of the force that was put on him, and went down accompanied by Octavius and some of his other officers. The Parthians at first affected to receive him with respect, and a horse was brought for him to mount; but they soon contrived to pick a quarrel, and killed him and all who were with him. The head and right hand of Crassus were cut off; quarter was then...
Σελίδα 412 - Octavius, having tried, but in vain, to rouse their general, who was now sunk in despair, called a council of the officers, and it was resolved to attempt a retreat that night. The wailing of the sick and wounded who were left behind informed the Parthians, but it not being their custom to fight at night they remained quiet till morning. They then took the deserted camp, and slaughtered four thousand men whom they found in it, and pursuing after the army cut off the stragglers.
Σελίδα 52 - ... an annual rent-charge of 2000 asses on the estates of single women and orphans, who were thus made to contribute to the defence of the state which gave them protection.

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