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the share-holders of the Oriental Life Insurance Office, held on the first instant, agreeable to advertisement, the several propositions submitted by the directors were unanimously adopted. The shares of this institution are at a considerable premium on the amount subscribed The principal features in the alterations in the practice of the society proposed by the directors, at least the one most interesting to the public, is, that by an altered scale of premiums now adopted, military and naval lives are insurable on the same charge as civil lives, which has been the case hitherto in the long established laudable societies only.

EXPORTATION OF COOLIES-It appears that the exportation of coolies from Bengal to Mauritius is to be put a stop to until further notice. Nothing is said about those who have been shipped off for the Mauritius since the commencement of 1838; but, perhaps, when they arrive at the Mauritius they will be allowed to land. This is interesting intelligence to the shippers here.

CULTIVATION OF TEA AT ASSAM.-It is stated that the superintendent employed in the cultivation of tea at Assam, has recently furnished some samples to the com. mittee, which on trial have been pronounced by that body, and the Government, to be sufficiently good to constitute a merchantable commodity. The only great difficulty which the Committee have to overcome is, to upon the most advisable means of package, securing it from the effects and changes of climate and landing it as fresh in England as it has been received by them The lead which the Chinese use in the packing of their cases, is of a peculiar description, and some time must may be, are able to manufacture it. elapse before the native work men, however skilful they

"1. If an uncovenanted assistant shall obtain leave of absence from his office for any period not exceeding one month, on a medical certificate granted by a medical officer of Government, and declaring that he is disqualified by sickness from attending office and performing his duties, he shall not be liable to any deduction from his

ROADS.-The new line of communication called the Burdwan and Benares road, commencing from Sulkea, even in its present unfinished state, is the best that has ever been travelled on in India. and when finished will indeed constitute a splendid testimony of the liberality of British rule. It was commenced upon in October salary. 1832, is to be 340 miles long,-to cross over two ferries, 2. If his term of absence on medical cerificate shall the Ganges and the Soane, and seven fords,-the Bo-exceed one, but shall not exceed 3 months he shall be lance Modhur (two branches) Leela-gam, Mohanna liable to a deduction of one sixth of his salary for the and the Barakha twice-to have altogether 40 bridges whole of the term of absence.


and 600 drains. The road is 30 feet wide at the top,the average height is three feet, but on the Ramghur Hills it is only one foot high, and between them and the Ganges two feet. The cost may be estimated at Rs. 3,50,000 The line of road which it has been de termined to construct between Cachar and Munnipore is fast progressing, and is likely to be soon completed, to the great convenience of the troops that may be re quired to advance for any military operations. The coperation of the political authorities and the Munnipore Government are contributing greatly to facilitate the completion of that undertaking.

A NEW SOCIETY.-A society is about to be established in Calcutta under the name of" The Society for the acqui sition of General Knowledge." The projectors of it are certain native gentleman famous for their extensive knowledge of English, and of unexceptionable character in every other respect.


The following rules have been drawn up by the Sudder Board of Revenue, for granting leave of absence to uncovenanted servants:

MR. CHESTER.-) -It is said that Mr. Chester, has been appointed secretary of the Theatre, in loco Mr. Farmer, who retires.

"3. If his term of absence on medical certificate shall exceed three months, he shall be liable to a deduction of one third of his salary for the whole of the term of absence.


the six months, his salary shall altogether cease.
If he continue absent after the expiration of

"5. If the head of an office shall see fit to grant to an uncovenanted assistant leave of absence on urgent private affairs, for any term not exceeding fifteen days, the assistant shall not be liable to any deduction from his salary.

ZEMINDARY ASSOCIATION.-At four o'clock on the 25th ultimo, a second meeting of the zemindars resident at and about Calcutta, was held at the Hindoo College, at which Rajahs Kalikissen, Radhakant and Rajnarain, and Baboos Kamanauth Tagore, Prosonno Coomar Tagore, Ralinauth Roy and many other respectable native gentlemen. were present. The proceedings were conducted in Bengally, and Rajah Radhakaunt president in the chair. A resolution was passed for the purpose of "8. If an uncovenanted assistant shall be absent calling a public meeting at the Town hall which, our informant states, will take place in the course of the cur-hall not receive any salary for the whole term of his on private affairs for a period exceeding three months, he rent month. Much enthusiasm was displayed by ali present, and the formation of a society under the above name is now beyond a doubt,


"9. In all cases of leave of absence granted to unA NEW STRAND ROAD.-Before long the in habitants of covenanted assistants, for a period exceeding fifteen this City of Palaces are likely to have a new strand days, it shall be competent to the head of the office to road, as it is stated that Government has in contempla-provide for the discharge of the duties of the absentee, by tion the making of one. The alluvials on the banks of the appointment of a substitute, whose salary shall be the river from Hautcolah down to their southern extrimity, charged in a contingent bill. But it shall not be compehave already been surveyed, and it has been ascertained tent to a collector to grant leave on private affairs for a what would be the probable amount to be realized by period exceeding fifteen days, nor to a commissioner, or selling them off. This our informant adds has been civil or session judge to grant similar leave for a period found to be sufficient to cover the expenses to be incurred exceeding one month, without the sanction of the Sudder by the measure. Board of Revenue or the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut of Nizamut Adawlut respectively, as the case may be.

"10, Fifteen days during the year shall be the limit to which leave of absence in private affairs shall be granted to any uncovenanted assistant free of deduction of salary.

6. If the leave of absence granted to an assistant shall exceed fifteen days, but shall not exceed two months, he shall be liable to a deduction to the amount of onethird of his salary, for the whole term.

"7. If leave of absence shall be granted to an uncovenanted assistant for a period exceeding two months, but not exceeding three months, he shall be liable to a deduction of one-half of his salary for the whole time.

STABBING. About 10 o'clock on the night of the 4th instant, a European seamen wounded two Mosulmans in the Chitpore road, a little above the Laul Bazar

[ 185 ]

and the other in the breast, Both were taken to the | but the number of the latter being greater than that of Chandney Native Hospital, for medical assistance; but the former, they had very nearly succeeded in making Bucka-oollah, died the next day, his intestines having their escape, when the chokeedars giving the alarm by protruded from the wound. The other man is out of beat of drum, many of the inhabitants of the village danger. The circumstances were, that the aggressor assembled, and by their assistance twelve of the ruffianwere secured, together with their weapons. On investiand a companion of his had purchased some segars a little before, and a Bengally happening to throw the gation being made by the darogah of the division subsesame down accidentally from the hands of the former, quently, it has transpired that the prisoners were all he ran after him with a knife in his hand, but could not inhibitants of Calcutta, and it was supposed that they, overtake him, being much under the influence of liquor. perhaps being aware of Rs 2,000 being sent from thence The Bengally managed to get into a house and shut to Mr. Watson's factory at Ghautal, were proceeding himself in it. The police then coming up to take the thither for the purpose of robbing that factory. sailor into custody, he got more exasperated, and attemptAt this ing to stab them, they were obliged to retreat. time the individuals in question were passing along the street quietly and were attacked by the inebriest. The case has been tried before the Coroner, and, in consequence of the witnesses not being able to identify the

homicide, a verdict of wilful murder was returned against some person or persons unknown.

SPORTING INTELLIGENCE.-The veteran sportsman, Brigadier Showers, has given up racing, and his worthy jockey, Hall, is expected shortly at Calcutta, with twelve of the Brigadier's best horses for sale.

DACOITY. A native arrived from Barasat, states that a dacoity had taken place in that zillah during the las week. About midnight the house of one Juggut Caunder, sircar, a resident in the village of Kankhara, purgunnah Haulishahur, was stormed by a gang of dacoits who besides carrying off 600 rupees cash, and gold and silver ornaments, &c. to the amount of about two hun-effectually with the complaint so generally made of dred rupees, inflicted severe wounds upon one of the inmates.

GOVERNMENT CHANGE SHOPS.-In order to do away

the difficulty experienced in obtaining change at the
Government shops, and to prevent the extortion of
the Bazar podars, both in giving and receiving
change, the Government, at the recommendation of
to the resolution of
the mint-master, have come
to individuals who will be
granting licences
furnished with pice from the mint, at the rate of
66 for the rupee, and required to retail the same in the
market, at the rate of 64, thus getting two pice on every
rupee as remuniration for trouble, and yet give the
public what is now only obtainable at the Government
change shops. On the other hand parties desirous of
obtaining rupees in change for pice at the licenced
shops, will get one of the former by paying 65 for
|the latter.

THE CHITPORE ROAD WATERING FUND.- We understand that the Government have directed a meeting of the subscribers to the Chitpore Road Watering Fund to be called without delay, for the purpose of determining upon the best mode of using the amount subscribed.

GOOMSUR.-Extract from a letter of Captain Campbell, dated Goomsur, 25th February, 1838:

OVERLAND MAILS.-At a meeting of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce on the 8th instant, it was determined to address the Government respecting the delay in the arrival of the Bombay dâk; and to urge the expediency of entertaining extra runners to convey the overland mail; the appearance of which at Bombay can now be calculated with precision.

[blocks in formation]

It was proposed also, to request the Government to take measures, so that the communication with England via the Red Sea shall be continued without any interruption, even under the contingency of steamers being despatched to he Persian Gulph.

THE PUBLIC LIBRARY.-At the monthly meeting of the proprietors of, and subscribers to, the Public Library, on the 3d instant, a report was made of the number of new books purchased or presented during February, and of the number circulated in the course of the month. The latter amount to seven hundred and fifty-three. Seven new subscribers have been added to the list, and two have withdrawn on account of their leaving Calcutta; Mr. Cameron has presented Rs 100 to the vested fund, thus raising that fund to Rs 3443; and the whole return of the pecuniary affairs of the institution indicates a gradual and steady advance towards prosperity and permanence.

MURDER.-A boy about seven years of age was murdered on the night of 27th ultimo, within the third division, by the paramour of his mother. A verdict of wilful murder has been returned against the assassin.

NEPAL WAR.-A correspondent of the Hurkaru hints, that there is a likelihood of a brush with our friends the Nepaulese, who are now busily engaged in fortifying


ASSISTANT ROAD-MAKERS.-Government has been pleased to sanction a monthly salary of 200 rupees each, to Lieutenants Sale and Allardyce, of Engineers, and to any other officer who may be employed under Captain Guthrie, as an assistant in the construction of roads upon the eastern frontier. It is in contemplation to appoint, besides the individuals named above, other European agents: the extent of the road, the nature and probable donation of the work being such as to require this additional superintendence.

MR. FARMER'S BENEFIT PLAY.-The play for Mr. Far mer's benefit was a complete failure. The elements were most unpropitiously disposed towards the ex-secretary. The only part of the play that was effective, was the deluge, which was by accident, we suppose, not mentioned in the programme. The wind blew, the rain poured, and the waters covered the interior of the theatre, and made the boxites fly for shelter under the seat of the gods.

CAPTURE OF DACOITS.-Between nine and ten o'clock on the night of the 27th of February last, a gang of dacoits were captured at the ghaut of Gopeegunge, within the thannah of Culmeejole. They were sixteen in number, and were noticed by the chokeedars of the place, on their crossing the Damooda. The chokeedars discovered that they were provided with arms of almost



the loan lent to Government during the Burmese war.

storm which occurred on the morning of the 30th ultimo. from the Lucknow court, chargeable on the interest of The lightning seems to have been attracted by the figure of Britannia on the top of the dome, or rather by the spear in her hand-which it shivered to pieces and threw down. The marks left by the lightning are visible on its broken point. After demolishing the spear it seems to have passed down the upper part of the dome and penetrated in some invisible manner in'o the Ball Room of the House in three separate places. It broke one pier glass and slightly injured two others, besides committing some other little damage, and then poured lower down, into the marble hall, from which locality it escaped in the same unaccountable manner in which it entered.

NEW UNIFORMS.-Printed circulars have been issued by His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief containing his new arrangements for the uniforms of the staff and regimental officers. Respecting the staff, there are great and not very gratifying alterations. Some departments now distinguished by the decorations of the blue cuffs and collar, are to wear regimental uniformas only. The members of the Medical Board are no longer to appear in plain dresses, but in the military habiliments of their rank, which according to the present arrangement, is particularly plain. Superintending Surgeons are merely distinguished from Staff Surgeons by the epaulettes, and all other departments are equally simple and plain.

DEATH OF DR. TYTLER-Intelligence was received on the 27th ultimo, of the death of the celebrated Dr. Robert Tytler. The worthy doctor was, on his way to Gwalior, to confirm by personal observation an interest ing scientific discovery which he believed he had made, when he was taken ill.

CHOLERA. In consequence of the prevalence of cholera in some parts of Calcutta, a communication was made on the 28th instant, by the chief magistrate to the professors of the Medical College, allowing thirty rupees monthly allowance to such of the students as might be deemed qualified to treat cholera cases. The senior class, seventeen in number, immediately volunteered for the duty, on condition that their services were to be altogether gratuitous.


AGRA. The indications of rain have entirely disap. peared without a drop having fallen. The most gloomy apprehensions for the fate of the spring crop prevail in consequence; and sickness has again broken out severely in this city.

Several thousand persons are daily employed at and about the station, on works of public utility. One part is employed in directing the main stream of the river under the town-a large tank is about to be formed in cantonments in thelarge hallow near Messrs. Monro and Co's round which trees are to be planted. Trees have also been planted along the public roads though their repair seems in lifferently attended to Another reservoir is about to be formed near the Session Judge's kutchery by throwing a dam across a large ravine in that quarter the bottom of which is below the level of the river. It is proposed to open a communi. cation by means of pipes between it and the river by which the tank may be supplied or emplied at pleasure. This will add materially to the comfort of the twon's people.

Starvation to a fearful extent prevails in the city and suburbs. Scattered over the latter are found the bodies of persons who have dropped down and expired from absolute exhaustion through want of food.

A number of persons supposed to have been concerned in the daring dacoity that took place at the Lohamundee, in October last, have been seized in the Juepoor district, near a village called Kutaw lee, and been brought into Agra; they were traced to the spot, and a strong body of police were sent in pursuit-one of whom and a horse were killed in effecting the arrest of the gang.

Prince Sooleeman Shukoh expired on the morning of the 24th of February at the advanced age of eighty-two, and was interred on Monday at the Royal cemetry of Secundra. He was second brother of the late king of Dehlee, from whose court he retired some years since. and latterly fixed his residence principally at Agra

DEHLFE. So great is the scarcity of money in the Dehlee Treasury, that the King's allowance has been allowed to run in arrears for three months. The widow of the executed murderer Shumsoodeen, has been awarded two leces and a half of rupees out of her husband's property, being the amount of her marriage settlement.

ALLYGURI. A few slight showers fell in this district. Wheat is selling at seventeen seers per rupee, and gram at sixteen, a degree of dearness unprecedented in the memory of the oldest inhabitants.

mo, announces the arrival of the steamer, with DwarkaDINAPORE.-A letter from Dina poore, dated 23d ultinauth Tagore and Capt. and Mrs. Cockerell on board. Dwarkanauth landed and visited the Deegah farm, and expressed himself much pleased with all he saw, but especially with the climate which he finds quite bracing.

NUSSEERABAD.-At Nusseerabad, much sickness prevails. Both smallpox and influenza are raging. Several gentlemen have been attacked by the former, while Influenza has recently made its appearance in the carcely an officer in the cantonment had escaped the station, but has attacked only a of the residents.


LOODEEANAH.-A camel load of old Sikh coins, in a very superior state of corrosion and illegibility, have just arrived here from Captain Burnes or Mr. Masson They were collected in Peshawar, and are destined for the Asiatic Society.

The Rajpootana division of artillery, under the Command of Major Pew, were inspected by brigadier Burgh, on the 31st ultimo. In the morning, they went through several manoeuvres with the light field guns, and afterwards fired, with great effect, grape, round shot, and shrapnell shells at a curtain, on the plain. In

There is a report that the post office depart-the evening, they exhibited their heavy battery practice, ment of the north western provinces, will be separated at which the live shrapnell, from guns and howitzers, from that of Bengal, the Governor-General having dis- were fired with very great precision, and the shells from covered that the Calcutta branch know nothing of the the mortars were beautiful indeed, the fourth shell fired department as in operation in these provinces. prung the mine, though at a distance of twelve hun. dred yards, in grand style.

Brigadier Burgh quitted Nusseerabad on the morning of the 10th instant, on his annual tour of inspection or Beawr.

About the beginning of the present month, Lieut,

at Nusseerabad, on foot, shot a large tiger a little beyond Rajghur, to the westward of that station, being the thir teenth tiger killed dy this officer, on foot, since his arrival in that part of the country.

A REFRACTORY CHIEFTAIN. The 39th and 49th regiments of native infantry, and the 4th local horse are ordered to march immediately from Neemuch agains a refractory Chieftain of the Oudy pore state, who resides at a stronghold, called Joora, 15 coss to the west of the city of Oudypore, in the heart of the Bheethills and jungles.

The chief is said to have declared himself independent and refused the payment of the usual tribute; and to be loud in protestations that he will not yield as long as his head remains on his shoulders.

Native exaggeration magnifies his followers to 20,000 men; and that the affair is of some consequence, may be gathered from the fact that the Deesa Force is expected to co-operate, from the west, with Marwar troops, from the east.

scarcity into the commission of numerous depredations within this state, which the Rajah has ineffectually attempted to suppress.

The theatre of operations is a terra incognita on Our maps! but from the descriptions we have received of the proposed site of junction of our troops, it must be somewhere in the vicinity of Mount Abboo, which, if the contest be a all prolonged, as is not improbable from the nature of the country, and the character of the enemy, will thus be rendered a rather insecure sanatarium for the invalid officers and their ladies who have proposed passing the hot season on its summit.

RAJPOOTANAH.-Accounts from Rajpootanah mention, that the small-pox was carrying off numbers of the population of Mairwara, and the cantonments of Beawr in particular. Pallee was still suffering from the pestilence, and the town is now nearly deserted.

PRINCE HENRY OF ORANGE.-Prince Henry of Orange, reached Madras on the Belloua, on the 1st instant, and was to have landed on the next day.

On the 13th ult. His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Orange, took his departure from our shores homeward Dound, after having experienced and appreciated the hospitality and attention his high rank and mild and attractive manners so eminently entitled him to. expressed himself much pleased and gratified with his visit to this presidency, which has, since his arrival, been a continual scene of gaiety.


At Ajmere, Nusseerabad and Neemuch there had been a considerable quantity of sickness from colds, coughs, fevers, agues, small-pox and similar unwelcome, because unseasonable, maladies, which the vox populi, with one consent, lays to the charge of the air.

BURMESE WAR.—It was lately stated that H. M. 63d regiment had been ordered over to Moulmein forthwith by the Supreme Government. Report has since stated Further orders to have been received by our local authorities, for their holding four native corps available for prompt transmission of Rangoon in case of a necessity rising. This betokens a desire, however tardily aroused, to place our relations with the Court of Ava upon a less questionable footing than they have held since the surpation of Tharrawaddie. The only matter for aporehension is, that the moment of decision may have arrived too late to effect the quantum of good desired at the least possible cost, - that the time shall have passed by when the idea of attack upon us might have been overawed, and we be, perhaps, left now to resist and overcome hostilities already commenced to our disadvantage.


CAWNPOOR.-A Field Officer has been put in arrest at this station.

COLONEL NAPIER versus E. F. ELLIOT, ESQ.-The cause of Colonel Napier versus E. F. Elliot, Esq. for crim con, was heard in the Supreme Court on the 19th ultimo; the damages were laid at Rs 50,000, and a sentence in favor of the plaintiff awarded 25,000.

MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT.-A melancholy accident occurred between 10 and 11 o'clock of the 9th instant, in the Government gardens. It appears that one of the Whatever crops are raised in Rajpootana this spring antelopes made its way into the place where they were will be entirely owing to irrigation; and the poor villa-busy preparing the fireworks for the grand display. In gers affirm that to afford any return, each field must be attempting to drive him out, the animal overturned a watered eight or ten times. By constant labour at the lantern amongst the gunpowder, which immediately exwells a limited but oasis of cultivation now surrounds ploded, setting fire at the same time to all the fireworks most of the villages in those parts, beyond which the prepared. Two unfortunate men, we deeply lament to boundless plains present an aspect of the most hopeless say, were killed on the spot, two more were frightfully aridity! Travellers report, notwithstanding all this, that burnt and expired shortly afterwards, and two more rethe agricultural state of Rajpootana, is considerably suceived severe injury from the effects of this deplorable perior to that of the Dooab.


[blocks in formation]


GALIOR.- -The young heir to this guddee has expired, after a short passage through life of seven months. Grain is still at a famine price.

THE HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION.-The Horticultural exhibition on the 24th of February, was not quite so fully attended as the one last year; but the show was excellent; and that part of it which was produced by market gardeners very far exceeded any thing before witnessed.

NEWSPAPERS.-The Conservative has been discontinued, and the conduct of the Male Asylum Herald has fallen into Conservative hands.

THE MASTER ATTENDANT.-This officer proceeded on board the Bellona, on the 1st instant, and on returning to the shore was met by a note from the Deputy Master Attendant recommending him not to land, as the surf was very high. The signal "there is too much surf to land" was also flying. He accordingly went on. board one of the ships in the roads, where he remained until the warning signal was taken down, the surf having

was overtaken by an overwhelming wave which caused thousand rupees annually, being one rupee upon each it to broach too, and believing that the boat would cultivator's house.

upset, Captain Dalrymple jumped overboard and was
followed by the boatmen, by one of whom, or by a cata
maran-man who was alongside, he was laid hold of and
put into another boat which was at hand. The boat did
not upset, and a peon who remained in it came safely
on shore.
Capt. Dalrymple when brought on shore
appeared much exhausted, and has, we understand, since
suffered a good deal from the effects of the accident.


THE BHEELS.-It is said that the Bheels have mustered in some force to the northward, and that, in consequence, several companies of the troops stationed at Baroda, which have been out on detachment, have been ordered back to head quarters, that an attack might be concerted against the marauders. The Bheels are said to be pretty formidable in point of number.

THE HYDERABAD RESIDENCY.-The Hyderabad risidency is, it seems, in want of an incumbent, although the appointment seems to be but little coveted by those to whom it has been offered, Colonel Alves has positively refused it, and the services of Major Sutherland have been most earnestly desiderated, but as yet without any prospect of success.

INSTALLATION OF THE BISHOP.-The Lord Bishop was installed on the 25th of February, according to the usual forms, during the performance of the forenoon service in St. Thomas' Church, His lordship was introduced in his stall, by the acting Archdeacon, the Reverend H. Jeffreys, and the acting Senior chaplain, the Reverend W. Ward, attended by Mr. Patch, Registrar of the Consistory Court; after which, the acting Archdeacon, addressing his Lordship, stated that he had the honor by order of the Governor in Council, to announce his Lordship as the Bishop of the Diocese of Bombay. Agreeable to the form of worship observed in cathedrals, the jubilate Deo was chanted instead of being rehearsed. After the communion service, the Bishop ascended the pulpit, and delivered his charge to the clergy.

NEW SCHOONERS.-Two schooners are building in the port under instructions from the Court of Directors, which when completed promise to be perfect models of that mode of construction. The rivalry of the master builders of England is brought into play, the model on which one of them is to be built having been furnished by Sir Robert Seppings, and of the other by Captain Symonds. As these vessels are described, they will eclipse almost any thing of the kind which has yet appeared in our Docks, and are intended for running up and down the coast.

REAR ADMIRAL SIR CHARLES MALCOLM.-It is rumoured in high quarters, that an order has been received by the Berenice for the supersession of Rear Admiral Sir Charles Malcolm in the superintendence of the Indian Navy. The appointment has been given to Captain Oliver, R. N.


OF THE RAJA OF SATTARA.-It stated upon high anthority, KANDISH INDIGO.—The indigo of Kandish is said to be that an order has been received from the Government in all respects, when properly manufactured, equal to of India, ordering the immediate release from their conthe best that can be produced in Bengal. Several sam-finement of the dewan, chitnees, and other officers of ples were sent to Bombay, and were considered to con- the raja of Sattara, who have been so long detained in tain all the properties of the finest indigo. Some sam- prison on the most absurd charges, trumped up against ples have been sent to London for a report as to their them and their master, the raja, by people of the most market value, and a most favourable one is confidently despicable character, and listened to without adequate anticipated. inquiry by the Gevernment of Bombay.


The last accounts from Burmah represent the state of affairs to remain precisely in the same state as they were when we last adverted to them. The Rattle-snake and Diana steamers, had arrived.


By the Ariel, files of the Canton Register, and the Canton Press to the 27th of January have been received. The Chinese new year having commenced, business of all kinds was at a stand still. Although the deliveries of opium at Lintin were rather more brisk, there is no

ABOLITION OF TAXES.-Among the other measures recently adopted by Government to improve the condition of the poor culiivators of the Conkan, a tax deno- improvement in price, indeed the tendency is rather minated" Ghur Puttee" or house tax has been abolish- downwards. Old Patna is unsaleable. New has been ed. This duty was peculiar to the districts of Rutna-sold as low as 540 dollars. New Benares, 490 dollars, giree and Vigiadoorge, and amounted to about three and Malwa 410 dollars.

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