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From the same, dated March 15th, enclosing a
ter from Lieutenant Brown, forwarding a further supply
of 900 Otaheite canes, from Major Sleeman's plantation
at Jubbulpore. Annexing Mr. Master's report on the
canes, shewing that they were all in excellent condition.
From Major Archer to Dr. Wallich, dated Bourbon,
forwarding four cases containing sugar-cane tops.
From Mr. C. N. Vallet, dated Cape Town, January
16th, in reply to secretary's letter of the 16th October
last, on the subject of the society's annual indent for
seeds, promises to forward the quantity ordered, so as
to reach Calcutta by the middle of August.

From B. Hodgson Esq., dated Napal, March 13th,
offering to forward a supply of red and white clonen
seed, and asking for some fresh European vegetable


From W. A. Harris, a small quantity of cotton let-grown in the Soonderbuns, said to be from Sea Island seed.

From Major Moore, dated Hyderabad, March 12th, advising despatch of four potatoes produced in his garden.

From R. Smith, Esq., dated March 22d, offering a few remarks on the domestication of the wild honey


From H. Piddington, Esq, dated March 26th, forwarding for distribution a small quantity of dolichos,

From Mr. Waghorn, a case of Egyptian cotton seed, referred to in his letter to the Society of the 22d October, 1837.

asparagus, beans.

From W. Brockman, Esq., dated Calcutta, March 28th, acknowledging receipt of seeds and the transactions of the society, and promising to be the medium of opening a correspondence between the Western Australian Agricultural Society and this institution.

N. B.-The produce of former supplies from Mr. Waghorn, having been favorably reported upon, and mistaken in one or two instances for Sea Island cotton, by good judges, those disposed to cultivate this cotton, are recommended to make early application.

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Capt. Hullock, of the Donna Pascoa, presented twelve casks and nine half casks of sugar-cane tops, which he brought from the Mauritius, but which excepting a few in the half casks, were all dead.

From lieut. Vetch, a chest containing caoutchouc, which comprised the condition of awarding the gold medal to that gentleman.

From Capt. H. J. Wood, samples of wool of the
Jeypoor sheep.

From Dr. Campbell, a box coutaining a variety of agricultural productions of the valley of Nepal, adverted to in his letter of the 28th January.

Mr. N. Alexander submitted some very fine specimens of artichokes, produced in his garden.

Proposed by Dr. Wallich, seconded by Mr. Cracroft, that Mr. Alexander be solicited to favour the society, with a memorandum as to the mode used by him in cultivating his artichokes.

From J. Vaughan, Esq., librarian of the American Philosophical Society, dated Philadelphia, October 13th, 1837, transmitting a copy of Part 2d, vol. 4th transactions of that society.

From Mr. Masters, forwarding ten seers of Egyptian cotton seed, and a quantity of Sorghum vulgares, and Persian tomato seeds, grown in the Society's nursery. From the same, dated April 7th, enclosing a paper containing some remarks on the propagation of plants.



The secretary brought to the notice of the meeting, the suggestion which had been made by him to the committee of papers, in December last (vide appendix From J. C. Marshman. Esq.. dated Serampore, vol. 5, page 106), and which had not yet been sancMarch 234, stating his inability from untoward circum-tioned, vis. to have the monthly proceedings as pubstances, to continue the publication of the Society's lished in the papers, circulated in the shape of a pamphlet, to corresponding and all similar institutions to From the Rev. J. Thomas, superintendent of the members generally, and all others who take an interest Baptist Mission Press, to the secretary, dated March in the objects of this Society. The secretary had al27th, expressing his willingness to undertake the print-ready printed the proceedings of January, February and ing of the Society's transactions at a certain rate. March, and now with reference to Mr. Marshman's estimate of the charge, wished the society to sanction the expense, as it would be the means of maintaining a constant and regular source of information.

From J. P. Marcus, Esq., a sample of wild cochineal collected by him in 1837, and a supply of roosa grass

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Read a note from Mr. Ridsdale, superintendent of the Bishop's College Press, enclosing an estimate of the expense of printing the society's transactions.

Resolved, that the secretary on reference to Mr. Thomas' terms of printing, be requested to treat further on the subject; and that the secretary shall make such arrangements with either Press, as he may deem judi

The president observed, that this ought to be a regular motion, but, as the utility of the measure would be apparent to all, and the expense so trifling, he thought, if no objection was taken to it, the present meeting might dispose of the question to enable the secretary to print off the proceeding without delay.

Resolved nem. con.

The thanks of the society were ordered to be offered for all the foregoing communications and presentations. JOHN BELL, Secretary.

Agricul. Society Office, Town-Hall,
Calcutta, April 11, 1838.


We have been very credibly informed, that the loss of, boatmen became victims from the fall of the timbe life and property by this storm was very great. The loss depôts on them, and the labourers who felt their habitastated at Kootghutta is above 250 lives, and all the waytions insecure, fell dead under the shower of hail. Those up the injuries have been of a dreadful nature. At Bycant who escaped into houses met with a similar fate. Among topore and on to Ramnaghur in the 24-Pergunnahs the vil- the greatest pecuniary native sufferers are Buxoo, mistry, lages have been laid desolate, as more than 2,000 huts Ramchand Oully and Seebnath, buttachargee, to the and several brick built houses have been levelled to the amount of upwards of 30,000 rupees. The petty mahuground, burying under them from 3 to 4 lives each, on juns are left pennyless. Mr. G. Prinsep is, we also an average, a few of whom only lived to relate the fate hear, a considerable loser. of the other sufferers. Trees of 30, or 40 years' standing are now lying on the soil that once supported them. From the canal several large boats were raised to a height of about 30 feet and left on high land. The


We are just informed that 2 more villages of great extent at Gurreeah and Putterghuttah, in the 24-Pergunnahs, have suffered more than the rest, men, women, and children have died without number and so has cattle of every description. Puckah houses and trees, have been torn up by their roots; as for huts, it would be impossible to count their number. The worthy magistrate of the 24-Pergunnahs have issued every instruction in his power for the relief of such as are left to tell the sufferings of their neighbours. Mr. Flood, the Supervisor, and his son, the Clerk attached to the magistracy, with a native doctor, have been sent to the spot to render every possible relief, and send on as many as possible to the Allipore Hospital. The removal of the dead, we are

Proceedings of the Second Quarterly General Meeting for 1838, of Subscribers to the "Bengal Medical Retiring Fund.


At a quarterly general meeting of subscribers to the "Bengal Medical Retiring Fund," held at the Town Hall, Calcutta, at 4 o'clock P. M., on Monday the 9th April 1838, agreeably to section xix. of the Fund Deed,


Jas. Gregory Vos, Esq., M. D., in the Chair, Frederick Corbyn, Garrison Surgeon, Fort William; Alexander Garden, M. D., Presidency Surgeon; H. S. Mercer, Marine Surgeon; John Grant, Apothecary to E. I. C.; Walter Raleigh, Assist. Genl. Hospital; H. H. Spry, M. D., Offg. Gar. Asst. Surgeon; and John Arnott, M. D. Assist. Surgeon.

In the Sunderbuns the loss has not been less great, from one quarter we heard of the destruction of a grain golah 80 feet long.

The secretary read the proceedings of the last quarter. ly general meeting, and the following report of the proceedings of the committee of management during the last quarter.


Medical Retiring Fund Office, 9th April 1838. The retirement from the service from the 1st March 1838, of Surgeon Thomas Munro, M. D., having been announced in Government general orders,

informed, will be attended with difficulty, as the number is great. Mr. Patton is now exerting all the aid within his jurisdiction to make the relief as prompt as possible. We trust his exertions will be useful, as we suppose they will be. We know the local subordinate authorities will see that there is no excuse and will answer with him in this case; he ought to direct, all the European officers to the different divisions and desire them to represent every instance of procrastination as well as neglect. The joint magistrate of Barraset and the chief magistrate of Calcutta ought also to send out as much assistance as they have available, no time is to be lost in a cause so near us, and so much within our means to alleviate to the best of our power.-Hurk, April 13.

[blocks in formation]

admission as a subscriber was circulated for the votes of Mr. Surgeon John Turner (whose application for the subscribers with the secretary's letter of the 23d December last) having been admitted by a majority of his intention to accept the only remaining annuity refer votes of 127 (8 being against his admission) declared red to in the committee's last quarterly report (para. 8th), and his retirement from the service from the 1st March 1838, having been announced in Government general order dated 12th March, ultimo, he was admitted on the 1st annuity of 1834. This gentleman's annuity is payable from the treasury of the East India House.

The committee of management beg to notice that the following investment of realizations since May 1837, has been made by the sub-treasurer of Gevernment in 6 per cent. Treasury notes under the orders of Go

ment communicated in the committee's quarterly report dated 10th April 1837.

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1st June.


Treasury note No. 1, dated 1st May 1837, for Co.'s Rs
14,582 10 4 being amount of receipts during May 1837.
No. 2,
14,428 13 0 do. do. June.
No. 3, 1st July, 9,572 12 0 do. do. July.
No. 4,
1st Aug. 16,470 11 0 do. do. Aug.
No. 5,
1st Sept. "
16,991 7 0 do. do. Sept.
No. 6, 1st Oct. 6,828 10 0 do. do. Oct.
No. 7, 1st Nov. 10,190 3 2 do. do. Nov.



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Co's. Rs 89,065 2 7

The assets of the fund since its establishment up to 30th April 1837, continue uninvested owing to the account of interest required by the committee on the 3d October last, not having been yet furnished.


The receipts since last quarterly meeting are as follows:
In January 1838
Co's Rs
In February 1838
In March 1838

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Deduct charges for the same period
Secretary's establishment, Rs 750 0 0
Printing and advertizing

198 10 0

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S. Nicolson

J. Grant

J. R. Martin

W. Cameron

J. Colvin

G. Craigie

D. Stewart

W.A. Green

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910 0 0 Net receipts, Co's. Rs 50,489 11 0

The state of the poll for the election of two managers in the room of Messrs. A. R. Jacksou and C. C. ton, gone out this year by rotation, is as follows: For T. Smith

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38 For H. H. Goodeve...
10 J. G. Vos......
68 W. B. O'Shaughnessy.
20 W. Findon....

J. Innes....

B, Wilson

G. Angus..

C. C. Egerton.

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8,362 12 7 33,393 881 9,682 0 9

51,438 5 0}

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All information as to the probability of human life in India can be readily obtained by reference to Mr. Christie, actuary of the London branch of the Universal Life Assurance Company, as that gentleman has recently prepared for that office tables of rates of premiums payable in India, from data obtained from Captain H. B. Heuderson's tables of mortality printed in the Asiatic Researches, volume XX., published by Eger-the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Rates of subscriptions to


the fund not being regulated by age but from official 13 rank, and standing in the gradation list of the medical service, the income of the fund can be determined by 11 ascertaining at the India-house what is the regulated complement of the medical service in each grade when It is understood that an augmentation of complete. the medical establishment is contemplated, and every information connected with such augmentation may be obtained by reference to the India-house, Leadenhallstreet, London.


[blocks in formation]


The majority of votes appearing in favour of Messrs. John Grant and C. C. Egerton, the first was declared elected, and the second re-elected as managers to fill existing vacancies.

scriptions of each year, without a separate permanent fund, are sufficient to continue from year to year the grant of 6 new annuities, besides maintaining the liabili ties for annuities already on the fund. Should it apPear, on investigation, that the current subscriptions even at the maximum rate are insufficient to support this double liability, the actuary is required to suggest such modification as will, consistently with the principles and objects of the fund, make it equal to its engagement, and at the least possible cost to the subscribers, having in view that no gains are required beyond covering liabi lities, and meeting the expense of management. The present object of the fund, it will be seen, is, to give 6 annuities, and to grant to all annuities during life £300 chase the half value of such annuity, calculated at 6 per per annum, on their contributing, by subscription, or purration of human life at Northampton, according to Dr. cent. per annum according to the probabilities of the du

Price's table. The current contributions, therefore, unaided by any accumulated capital, are not only to pro vide for six annuities, but to keep up, under provision of section xxxvii. of the fund-deed, an annual credit APPROPRIATED FUND," equal to the value of annuities at the ages of the existing annuitauts, according to the rates specified in table annexed to section xxiii. of the fund-deed.



The committee received a requisition from seven subscribers at Cawnpore, dated the 20th January last, suggesting that the rates of subscription be raised to the maximum amount, and subscribers in arrears called upon to liquidate. The requisitionists were informed in reply, that, as the cellections of the fund at the present rate of subscriptions with arrears under recovery, will be sufficiently ample, it is expected to offer more than the regulated number of annuities this year, and probably more than there will be applications for, as anticipation of the boon being granted induces some to defer acceptance of the annuity until result of the memorial praying for the boon is definitively known, the committee did not deem it expedient immediately to raise the subscriptions. The present, however, would be a favorable opportunity to have an accumlated fund from maximum subscriptions, which whould go a great way to absorb the annuities now in arrear: but as the committee conceive that the measure of raising the subscription will not be generally acceptable, they feel reluctant to adopt it, until the collection of arrears and subscriptions fall short of the amount required to give

Resolved-That Dr. Jackson be furnished with a bill of exchange on London for £50, to defray expenses of the reference; that a printed copy of the original rules of the fund as drawn up by the central committee of Agra, and a copy of the same as revised by the committee of management of Calcutta, as also a copy of the fund-deed, together with a pamphlet containing Plans and documents connected with the proposed Medical six annuities. Every exertion is making to collect the Fund published at Agra in 1832, by order of the central arrears due from subscribers, and the committee are committee," and a copy of the proceedings of the quar-happy to communicate that the call is readily reciproterly general meetings held on the 30th October last,cated to by those in arrear.


and 8th January, instant, be put up under cover and The following resolution fixing a graduated scale of delivered to Dr. Jackson. From these documents the penalty for all future admissions is now in circulation Actuary will receive precise information as to the views for the vote of subscribers. and objects of establishing the Medical Retiring Fund,

Resolved-That, as the admission from the medical

A majority of subscribers having declared for a referrence to a professional actuary for opinion as to the basis of the fund calculations, Dr. A. R. Jackson (who has proceeded to England), has been empowered to consult one on his arrival in England, and furnished with a bill of exchange for £50 as the actuary's feet. The instructions furnished to Dr. Jackson are contained in the following resolution passed at the monthly meeting of the committee of management, held on the 29th January



Medical Retiring Fund so many years after its forma-1 tion, gives advantages to such new members over the scribers have been received from Assistant Surgeon T. During the past quarter applications to become subearlier, supporters or the fund, in having avoided the W. Burt, and Surgeons N. Wallich and James HutchinToutine risk incurred by the latter, all persons applying son, which are now in circulation for the votes of for admission as subscribers to the said fund, or who are not actually subscribers this Wednesday, 28th February, 1838, shall, previously to their application for admission [in the conditions of section i. of the fund-deed] being circulated for the votes of the subscribers resident in this country, pay as a penalty for the exclusive benefit of the fund [but to be re-paid to the applicant should he be rejected by a majority of votes] a sum of money equal to one moiety of his arrears of subscription, to be calcu lated in the first instance from the 1st January 1833 to the date of his application, and on the second, from the date of his application to the date of his actual admission as a member, to be decided by the committee of management of the fund, after due examination of the votes of the members residing in India, such amount of penalty to be according to the rank of the applicant, as provided in section iv. of the fund-deed, or the annual sum according to the following table; and that such applicant or applicants shall also pay the expense of printing and circulating the reference for his or their admission previous to the result of votes being declared. Annual penalty to be paid on admission reckoning from 1st January 1833 to date of admission: Members, or officiating members of the Medical Board. Co.'s Rs 768 0 Superintending surgeons, or officiating suptg.

surgeons.. Surgeons.. 180 Senior assistant surgeons on the medical gra. dation list...

60 following on the list....

Remaining assistant surgeons.

The following of the poll this day on the proceeding resolution is as follows:


Date of casu- Surnames. ally

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512 0
179 3



64 0
38 6




Majority for the resolution....


A suggestion to the above effect was received from Dr. T. C. Brown, 74th Regt. N. 1. and other subscribers at Nusseerabad, in a letter dated 16th February last, a few days after the preceding resolution had been passed by the committee.

The state of the poll for the election of Mr. Surgeon W. Dyer and Assistant Surgeon Alexander Smith, M. D. as subscribers is as follows:

For.. Against...

Resolved-That in consequence of loss having accrued to the fund from difficulty of recovering arrears of subscriptions from the estate of lapsed members, the committee of management be requested to represent the matter to the Hon. the President of the Council of India in Council in the hope of the authority of Government being issued, authorizing pay-masters and other disburs

Majority for admission.....

The above gentlemen are accordingly elected subscri-ing officers to deduct monthly the amount of subscriptiens bers, making three admissions, including Mr. John Tur- from the pay abstract of all subscribers to the fund in ner-since admitted as an annuitant, during the past every case the same as is done in respect to the Orphan Fund subscription.

quarter as subscribers.



There has been no accession of members during the last quarter by new arrivals from England. The committee announce the undermentioned casual. ties by death during the past quarter.

List of casualties among members ascertained since last quarterly general meeting held on the 8th of January




Wallich and Mr. Burt, is as under :
The state of the poll this day for the admission of Dr.

For Dr. Wallich... 95 For Mr. Burt...... 100
Against ditto..... 19 Against ditto..
Majority for
76 Majority for........ 87




The committee have received intimation in officiating secretary Lieutenant Colonel Stuart's letter, dated the 12th ultimo, that the Hon. the Court of Directors, in decline to depart from the rules limiting the number to their military letter, dated the 20th December last, three annuities of each year, payable through their home treasury, in favor of the committee of management's request, preferred through the local Government on the 30th November, 1836, that payment of all sir annuities granted annually from this fund be paid from the Company's treasury in London, to obviate the necessity made arrangements with the house of Sir Charles of employing private agency. The committee have Cockerell, Bart. and Co. of London (who have been appointed agents of the fund as communicated in quarterly report of the 10th October 1836) to pay the remaining three annuities, so that no disappointment or irregularity in receipt of annuities shall occur to the annuitants, who will not receive their annuity at the India-house. Of the six annuities granted by this fund annually, those certificates numbered I to 3 each year will be paid at the India-house, and those numbered 4 to 6 by the agents of the fund to London.

The sum of sicca rupees 87,048 0-0, or Co.'s Rs. 92,851-3-2 has been transferred since last quarterly meeting from credit of the fund to that of APPROPRIATED FUND under provision of section xxvii. of the fund-deel, being the value of the annuities granted to Superintensiing Surgeon Geo. Gunning Campbell and Surgeons John Turner, and Thomas M. Munro, M. D.

By order of the committee of management. GEO. HILL, Secretary, M. R. F. Resolved-That the report of the proceedings of the committee of management for the past quarter just read, be confirmed and adopted.

Resolved-That as it appears that some few members of the Medical Service who, although they have intimated their desire to become members of the Medical Retiring Fund, have not formally signed the fund-deed either in perof the subscription, the secretary to the fund be directed to son or by attorney, and have not continued the payment inform such gentlemen that the provisions of rule viii. will be strictly acted up in their case unless they immeWhere.diately sign the fund-deed, in due form, and continue their contribution to the fund.

19th Feb. Todd, Tyt- John M. Surgeon Calcutta Dr. Grant submitted to the meeting a memorial that 1838 17th ler, M. D. Robert, dit:o Within a he had altered from one drawn up at Agra, reiterating March,, march of the prayer of the medical service to the Hon'ble the Gwalior. Court of Directors of the East India Company that the

pension according to length of service instead of rank, ment to unable them to draw up the necessary memo. be extended to the medical service. rial for signature of the medical service for transmission Resolved-That the secretary to the Medical Retir-home through the Supreme Government by the earliest ing Fund do circulate to the several superintending opportunity. surgeons the amended draft of the memorial just submitted by Dr. Grant, with the request that they take the sense thereon of the medical officers in their respective divisions of superintendency, and communicate the result for the information of the committee of manage-1


A special general meeting of proprietors was held this day at the Bank, pursuant to an advertizement by the directors under date the 24th ultimo on the requisition of 32 proprietors, for the purpose of considering certain propositions for increasing the capital stock of the Bank from forty to eighty lacs of rupees.

On the motion of Mr. Holroyd, chairman of the directors, and seconded py Baboo Neelmony Mooteeloll,

Mr. A. F. Smith was called to the chair.

1st.-Moved as above, and seconded by Mr. Parker, That the present capital of the Bank be doubled by raising 40 lacs of Company's rupees, by the addition of 4,000 shares of Company's rupees 1,000 each, so as to make the capital of the Bank 80 lacs in all.

24.-Moved as above, and seconded by Mr. Holroyd, That the share be distributable among the proprietors rateably, and in proportion to their present interests.

6th.Moved by Mr. Dickens and seconded by Mr. The following resolutions were then moved by Mr Cragg, That parties on paying for the new stock shall Dickens and unanimously agreed to: receive dividends prorata from the quarter day next ensuing the payment.

31.-Moved as above, and seconded by Mr. Vint, That the sum of at least 10 lacs, or 1,000 shares, be payable in cash, every six months, the first payment to be completed at latest on the 1st January 1839, the second by the 1st July 1839, and so on.

Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be voted to Dr. Vos, for his conduct as chairman.

(Signed) JAS. GREGORY VOS, M. D. Chairman. Hurkaru, April 14.]

At a meeting of the committee at the office of the Society, No. 3, Clive Street ghaut, on Monday, the 9th instant, the following gentlemen were present:

Rajah Radhakaunt Deb Bahadoor; Rajah Burrodacaunt Roy; George Prinsep, Esq.; Baboo Prossono coomar Tagore; W. C. Hurry, Esq. and T. Dickens, Esq.

The following gentlemen proposed in the last meeting were elected unanimously:

February, and August, after each half yearly period, for the benefit of proprietors not taking up or obtaining new shares.

Rajah Bijoygobind Sing of Purneah; Mirza Mahomed Mehendy Muskey; Mirza Mahomed Mehendy Ispahani; D. W. H. Speed, Esq.; M. Larruletta, Esq. and W. Patrick, Esq.

5th.-Moved by Mr. Clarke, and seconded by Mr. Mackilligan, That, notwithstanding the above resolutions, each proprietor have the option of taking up all or any portion of his new shares, immediately, or at any period on paying for the same in cash.

The following gentlemen were proposed as members

7th.-Moved by Mr. Dickens and seconded by Mr. H. M. Parker, That, notwithstanding the above resolutions, such extension of time as the directors may deem necessary, be allowed to absentee proprietors, or in any special


4th.-Moved as above, and seconded by Mr. W. Fergusson, That each proprietor be bound to take up and pay cash for one-fourth of his additional interest in complete shares, on or before the 31st December, and 30th June of each year, during the period of two years from the 1st July next, provided that no fractional parts of shares be allowed to be taken up, and that such shares, as cannot be taken pursuant to the terms of this and the Sd resolution, be sold by auction on or about the 15th Union Bank, the 14th April, 1838.

8th.-Moved by Mr. Clarke, and seconded by Mr. Richard Walker, That the issue of banks notes shall be limited to one-fourth of the paid-up capital.

Moved by Col. D. McLeod, C. B., and seconded by Capt. Ousely. That the thanks of the meeting be given to the chairman.


In pursuance of art. 68, of the bank-deed, a general meeting of proprietors is called on Saturday, the 19th May, at noon, for the special purpose of confirming, or otherwise, the above resolutions passed at this meeting.

By order of the directors,


Actg. Secy. to the Union Bank. [Hurk, April 16.

Proposed by Baboo Prossono coomar Tagore, and seconded by T. Dickens, Esq.

Thosmas Tweedie, Esq. junior, Hazrapore Factory Jessore; C. A. Cantor, Esq. of Messrs. Cantor and Co.; W. R. Logan, Esq. of Mymunsing; Chuckooram Sing, a zemindar of Hooghly district; Joykisson Mookerjea, a zemindar of Hooghly district; the Rajah of Tipoorah, by Geo. Hewitt, Esq., G. M. Dewan Mahomed Ally, by Ramsuntos Day, Mooktiar; Sibjoy Tagore, by Gungadhur Burmon, Mook tiar; Gourkisson Roy Chowdhoory, zemindar of Atkad poor Machakhal, by Goorooprosaud Doss, Mooktiar; Moonshy Delabally, by Cummolcant Dutt, ditto; Cally Comul Roy, zemindar of Doorgapore, and Cally Prosaud Roy, zemindar of

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