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EXECUTION AT HOOGHLY.-On the morning of the 21st instant, a notorious sirdar dacoit, of the name of Nundo Chung, expiated his crimes upon the scaffold in front of the criminal jail at Hooghly, in the presence of an immense concourse of spectators. He died as he had lived, a hardened villain, singing Bengallee songs on his way to the gallows, and shouting hurree bol! hurree bol upon the scaffold, until the drop fell and put a period to his existence. He was a nephew of the celebrated Radha, dacoit, who was executed on the same spot in 1832, and suffered for his share in a docoity attended with murder, which occurred in the house of one Mohun Sautra, at the village of Bansberria, in the month of October last, The example which has been made of this man and his gang (the greater part of whom has been sentenced to imprisonment for various periods) will, it is believed, be of the greatest use in putting a stop to dacoity in the Hooghly district.

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Small pox..
Miscellaneous diseases..






CHOLERA. The havoc made by the cholera among the Hindoos is very extensive, and the cremation fires, are seen blazing in all directions, day and night. The deaths among the Mahomedans are not less few. So ra. pidly have they died, indeed, that their undertakers cannot afford time to bury them sufficiently deep,and the carcases are, in consequence, exhumed by the jackalls and pariah dogs, and exhibit a most disgusting spectacle. Several Europeans and East Indians, have likewise fallen sacrifices to the malignant pestilence.

AN ENGLISH SCHOOL AT TRIDENNY.-The Probhakur announces the establishment of an English school at Tribenny, ziliah Hooghly, by Baboo Jugguth Chunder Sein and Peary Mohun Sein, for the education of such children, whose parents have no means to pay for their


FIRE AT MOJEELPOOR.-A destructive fire happened at Mojeelpoor in the 24-Pergunnahs, on or about the 28th of last month. The number of houses burnt, principally thatched, and some brick built, was about a couple of hundred.

Drs. H. H. Goodeve, W. B. O'Shaughnessy and Egerton, take particular interest in it. There are already a great many patients fed and lodged there. The number of beds provided are twenty-four.

RAIN. On the night of the 10th instant, a most refreshing shower of rain fell at Chinsurah, Bhautparab, Haulishahur, Kauchraparah, and many other places, over an extent of about fourteen miles, on both sides of the river; so that all the tanks which had been completely dry a short time back, were filled. The shower was preceded by a north-wester which destroyed several dingies a little to the south of the nulla called the Banger-khaul.

THE MANILLA PIRATES.-The six Manilla pirates, who were released on the Queen's free pardon on

The reader must recollect that by our last report, the Saturday last, have subsequently been apprehended by

number was 927 from the 1st to the 12th.

the police authoities, whose intention in so doing, is to have them conveyed from this country to the Dutch Government, to be tried by that Government, as the men whom they had murdered were Dutchmen.

DISSOLUTION OF THE MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE.-The Municipal or Town Improvement Committee, has closed its labours, and, we presume, made its final report to Government on the subject of the investigations on which it was deputed.

A WHITE CROW. The strange phenomenon of a white erow, was observed at the police office recently. The bird came out of a nest in the police office and has been captured and retained by Mr. Blacquiere, he magistrate.


-It is said that an order has passed the Council

A NEW, HOSPITAL.- -A hospital has, since the begin-Chamber, sanctioning the appointment of joint-magisning of the current month, been established an the pre rates, on a monthly salary of five hundred rupees, and mises of the Medical College, for the benefit, principally, superintendents of police from amongst the uncoveof the students of that excellent institution. It consists nanted branches of the service, on a salary of 800 ruof two wards, namely the medical and surgical.

pees per mensem.

BANK OF BENGAL.- Mr. Henderson has been appointed Deputy Secretary and Treasurer to the Bank of Bengal, on a monthly salary of Co.'s Rs 1,000, from the 1st proximo.

STORM AT CONENAGORE.About nine o'clock on the night of the 19th instant, there was a violent storm

Mr. Lee succeeds Mr. Henderson as accountant on a monthly salary of Co.'s Rs 600, and Mr. Plumb,

at Conenagore, which threw down upwards of a hun-of the Treasury department, fills up the vacancy, ocdred thatched houses, and laid prostrate between six and casioned by Mr. Lee's promotion, on a mouthly salaryeight hundred trees of different species and sizes. Brick of Co.'s Rs. 400. ballustrades of pucka houses were also blown down. The blast was extremely powerful towards the river side, and near Hurrosoonder Dutt's ghaut especially, where

This arrangement will give, we are assured, very general satisfaction; and reflects equal credit on those

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RIOTERS AT BARRACKPORE.-It is said that ou several tions, and when ready, will be sent up to Futtyghur by nights for some weeks past it has been the amusement of one of the inland steamers to be mounted in the Agency certain of the swelling spirits of the cantonment, fluster at that place, upon appropriate field carriages, from ed, it may be, with the flowing cup and full of mischief, whence they will be forwarded on to the Political to perambulate the streets, singing here, screeching Agent at Loodianah, for presentation to the Maha there, and wherever a decent gate offered, of some parti Rajah. cularly quiet family long a-bed, the same has been torn and twisted off its hinges, one half transported east, the other west, and haply left floating in some moderate ly distant tank, or shattered at the bottom of a conve: nient ditch. On one occasion, when a guard which had been kept till-mid-night on the premises for their pro tecton, had been withdrawn, our heroes assembled by the spot and with continued hooting, howling, hammer. ing, and hurras, alarmed the whole neighbourhood, frightening, in particular, an invalid female into serious FAMINE. The most distressing accounts of the effects convulsions, from which she was not recovered without of the famine, still continue to be received from the great difficulty. On another it is understood, we can north western provinces. Every exertion is made by the scarcely yet believe it possible, that their madness wealthier inhabitants to feed the famished population; gave the means of escape from his den in the park but despite their care, hundreds are daily perishing managerie to a tiger, whom we incontinently heard of through sheer starvation. Rs 88,943-14-8 have been as slaughtering the cattle around him, and who was not subscribed by the residents of Calcutta, for the relief of again secured until after the lapse of some hours, and the famishing unfortunates. from whose ferocity, that no accident occurred, involving loss of perhaps more than one human life, was extremely providential.

ORDNANCE OFFICERS' BRIGADE COMMANDS-It is understood in quarters interested in the result, that the reference which is said to have been made to the Supreme Government regarding the claim of ordnance officers to succeed to brigade commands, has been de cided in their favour.

THE HULL OF THE STEAMER ENTERPRIZE.-The hull of the Government steam vessel Enterprize, was put up for sale on the 26th instant at Messrs. Moore, Hickey and Co.'s auction, but not sold, the highest bid being only 12,000 rupees.

THE LATE MR. ROBERTSON'S.-Three balloons, belong ing to the estate of the late aeronant Mr. D. Robertson, and which coast him according to the catalogue 2,300 rupees were also put up, and brought the euorious sum of fifty rupees for the whole three!

of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, accompanied by the BISHOP'S TOUR-It is reported, that it is the intention Archdeacon of the diocese (who also we believe, combines in his person the joint offices of Chaplain and secretary to his Lordship) to proceed, in all June or July, upon a tour of visitation to the eastward.


DHARJELING. A gentleman residing at Dharjeling, writes ip raptures of the scenery and climate. The for mer, he says, is most magnificent, and the latter most invigorating. Thermometer at 8 a. M. 50, in the shade, and at 1 P. M. 58 on the 24th ultimo, during the night of which, snow fell in the neighbouring hill. Seven days Titabya-two to the foot of the hills and five among were occupied by him in reaching the station from them in the ascent. part of the journey; but work-people were collecting The road was very bad the latter for the purpose of repairing it, when Mr. thinks the distance may be accomplished in three days from the plain. The Government have ordered a bazar to be

TREASURY ADVANCES.-The Government, will immedi-formed as there is nothing of the kind at present. The ately re-open the treasury for the purchase of Bills secured neighbourhood contains all the materials for erecting by shpping documents. The rate of exchange has not substantial houses-excellent timber, good stone and been mentioned with certainty; but it has been quoted ime, and man alone is wanting to bring these good at 2-2 per Co.'s rupee, at six months' sight. things together for the accommodation of visitors. In a few years, a visit to Dharjeling will be as practicable as one to Simla, and at much less cost of time and money.

STEAM AND GAS. -Two prospectuses are now in circulation, one of an inland steam communication and the other for lighting Calcutta with gas, both projected by Mr. Suwerkrop, a Civil Engineer. We think both schemes well worthy of patronage.

PRESENTS FOR HUNJEET SING.-It is said, that Go. vernment have issued instructions for the immediate preparation in the Cossipore Foundry of two brass 9-pounder howitzers, mounted complete for field service, intended as a present from the Governor-General to MahRajah Runjeet Singh. The Howitzers are to be hand

CHOLERA.-The cholera still rages most fiercely and about two scores of persons are carried off per diem by it, within the town and suburbs of Calcutta.

AN EXTRAORDINARY BOY.-There is at present an extraordinary boy, the son of a venerable Hindoo Priest, NATIVE PREJUDICES.-The Hindoo community in named Nobokisto Gosain, and aged apparently about five Bengal, and the greater part of the Mahomedans in it, years of age. He resides at Malparah in zillah Hooghly. have declined eating the refined Dhoba sugar, in future, He has mustachios and beard the same as a grown up because it is refined with bones, consequently they deem man, the latter being more than an inch long. He is it to be impure to use for their domestic purposes. This stated to have been born with these appendages, but has lowered the price of the refined sugar considerably they were not, at the time of his birth, in that degree of in the markets here. perfection at which they have now arrived, as they were short and somewhat downy. He is taught to mutter A NEW DEBATING CLUB.-The Probhakur announces prayers constantly, and is looked upon by the Hindoos the establishment of a new debating club for the benefit with great veneration, as many among them believe of native students of English, by the managers of the that the body of the boy contains the soul of some saint. Hindoo Benevolent Institution. The first meeting of the members of the club took place on the 31st ultimo.

ICE AND APPLES.-A cargo of ice and apples, has been brought round in the William Gray. The apples are of a very superior quality.

The Gasper, with 322 tons of ice, 46 keys of grapes,

NATIVE CREDULITY.-A rumour is afloat in the native not in a short time the society will comprise the most community, that Mr., one of the secretaries to Go-respectable and influential zemindars, European and vernment, is endeavouring to have a resolution passed, native, throughout Bengal. that henceforward no Hindoos or Mosulmans shall hold any appointment, of any description whatever, so long as he does not embrace christianity; but that it is to affect in any way the present incumbents.


THE PSEUDO RAJAH, PURTAB SING, OF BURDWAN.-This individual tried at Barnagore to lord it over the zemindar of that place; but the latter soon collected a band of men with clubs, and made his rajahship decamp.

PILOT'S STATION.-Whether False Point or Point Palmyras be the best station for the pilot schooners in the S.W. Monsoon, has been long a verta questio in the marine department and with commanders visiting this port. Much has been said, and well said, on both sides, and names of great weight and experience in the pilot service respectively quoted in support of the views entertained by each. A notification has now been issu. ed from the Marine Board, that a pilot schooner, the June, has been despatched to bring the matter to a prac tical issue. She will be relieved by another schooner at the end of four or five weeks, so that the opinions of the most intelligent of the pilot-service may be received, before any final determination for changing the station be adopted.

MOHURRUM.The Mohurrum festival has, as usual, been attended with riots and bloodshed, in consequence of the blind folly of the zelots of caste. The principal rioters were the syces in the employ of Messrs. Cook and Co. and Messrs. Hunter and Co., an three lives, we hear, have been sacrificed to party feeling.

NAUTICAL ENTERPRIZE.-A little vessel of forty tons, formerly the pleasure boat of Mr. J. Jenkins, of the firm of Jenkins, Low and Co., was recently fitted up for a sea voyage, and has proceeded to China under the command of Capt. Galle, carrying a cargo of ghee, tamarinds, chillies, &c. She is called the Ospray, and is reported to be as staunch a little craft of her size as any which has hitherto floated on the salt sea. We hope the intrepidity of the bold commander will meet with all the success anticipated, and the result of future employment be in full accordance with the expectation now entertained.

tropolis is in a great fermentation, not about any political A NEW SHUBHA.-The Hindoo community in the meaffair, but about the reparation and preservation of the and some in the interior, are said to have been highly system of caste. Certain influential families in town, incensed at the unjust decisions which have of late been passed by the Dhurma Shubha in favor of certain STORM-FEARFUL LOSS OF LIFE AND PROPERTY.-There wealthy culprits, who had sinned against the rules of the was a thunder and hail storm on the afternoon of the 8th Indeed, from an article in the Probhakur, it appears that Shubba and to the prejudice of those with empty pockets. instant, which caused great damage and loss of life. if a rich Hindoo were to be guilty of a gross violation of Several places were struck by the electric fluid, and upwards of a dozen people killed by it, in Calcutta and the rules of caste, little or no notice would be taken of it the suburbs. The hail-stones, which descended most plen- imaginable, is sure to be excommunicated. The heads by the Shubha, but a poor man, for the slightest fault tifully, were of extraordinary largeness. The largest crystal, picked up at Dum-Dum, was nine inches in foot a fresh Shubha, in opposition to the Dhurma Shuof thefamilies in question are, therefore, about to set on length and three in diameter, and several of about six-bha, and in that case the latter is not likely to survive


teen inches in circumference and five in diameter, were picked up at the same place. Hundreds of men and catttle have been killed through or by the hail, and the greater part of the fruit, has been destroyed. The laborers at Kootghuetah, on being severely struck by the hail, fled for shelter to the granaries there, which were thrown down by the violence of the storm, and, we regret to say, about three hundred laborers were buried under the ruins, and died. At Gurtiah almost every but was knocked down, and several individuals perished. The villages of Bycantpore and Ramnaghur, have been utterly destroyed. About two thousand huts and brick built tenements have been destroyed in them, and from two to three lives lost in each dwelling, and about half the number of oxen and goats. On the banks of the canal, the trees have been laid prostrate, and several boats were raised from the water and laid high on land and their crews either drowned or killed by the hail and lightning. At several other places the injuries sustained have been as great as those recorded; but no authentic report has been as yet received of them. The loss of life and property has been most awfully severe, indeed, and when the short time the storm continued is taken nto consideration, unprecedented.

THE LANHOLDERS' SOCIETY.-The members of the

MR. KITTOE. -The surveyorship of the line of road between Midnapore and Sumbulpore, become vacant by the death of Lieutenant Abbott,-has been offered to and accepted by Mr. Kittoe.

is still very great; upwards of a thousand deaths have MORTALITY IN CALCUTTA.-The mortality in Calcutta occurred in the town and its suburbs during this month, exclusive of those caused by the hurricane, and of this number two-thirds have died of cholera.

FAILURES.-On the 12th instant, the respectable native banking firm of Kissin Doss and Oottumchund, in the Burrah Bazaar, failed.

By a native letter lately received from Mirzapore, it appears, that two shroffing houses of respectability at that place have lately failed.

ESCAPE AND RE-CAPTURE OF A TIGER.-At a very early hour on the morning of the 14th instant, intelligence was brought to Government House at Barrackpore, where the Deputy Governor's family were residing, that the large tiger had escaped from the menagerie and was prowling about the park. Orders were immediately given to apprize the inhabitants of the respective bungalows of the occurrence, and at the same time the sepoys were directed to keep their muskets in readiness. It appears that in locking the cell on the preceding night the bolt of the padlock had missed the hasp, and the tiger seeing the door swing open, had deliberately walked On his travels through the park, he took occasion to pat the head ofa large monkey, chained near the me nagerie, which proved its death-blow. In the morning


and an immense posse comitatus, composed almost entire- the above description occuring in future at his office, ly of natives, armed with no other weapons than bamboo the native's claims shall have every consideration; and rods, assembled together and proceeded in search of the that should there be any among the petitioners possessing royal fugitive. He was presently discovered behind a the necessary qualifications for the berth, there would be thick jungly hedge, stretched at his ease, but evidently no obstacle to his getting the appointment. in a sulky fit. After a brief deliberation two natives (one of whom was the keeper) fearlessly walked to the opposite side of the hedge, and thrust a bamboo, to which determined to reduce the present rate of tolls upon the CANAL TOLLS.-The Deputy-Governor of Bengal has a rope was attached, underneath the body of the tiger canals one-half, that is to say, to fix the toll at 8 annas per As soon as they had succeeded in securing the rope, 100 maunds, instead of one rupee. each took hold of one end, and having poked the tiger's ribs pretty soundly with their bamboo rods, they led him between them like a docile poney, and escorted by the DEATH OF PROFESSOR GHEASOOden. .-The Madressa or shouting multitude, snugly deposited him in his former Persian College of Calcutta has suffered a severe loss in cell. It is extremely providential that no accident oc- the death of their principal professor Gheasooden, whose curred. Visitors at Barrackpore are well aware of the fe-place has been given to the individual next in succession. rocity often displayed by this very tiger; when strangers approach too near the bars, he occasionally springs for ward with a fierce and sudden growl, and at the time of feeding he is generally savage to an extreme degree. Fortunately the monster seems to have been too well fed the night before to be pressed by hunger during his wanderings in the park; for besides the murder of the unfortunate monkey, he felled a large bullock, yet he shewed no inclination whatever to feast upon his slaughtered victims.

GENERAL MARTINE'S ESTATES.-The undermentioned lots, belonging to the estate of the late General Martine, were disposed of at the annexed prices by sale to the highest bidder at the master's office:

Messrs. S. Smith and Co.'s house and premises in Hare Street, for Co.'s Rs. 60,000-(bought by themselves.)

INDIGO PROSPECTS.-It is said the indigo districts have had ample and excellent rains all below Rajmahal; Bangulpore, Tirhoot and the westward, have been less favoured.

Mrs. Lindsted's house and premises on the Circular Road, for 12, 500-(bought by Mr. Wilkinson.) GOVERNOR GENERAL.-The Governor-General and suite, arrived at Simla on the 5th instant.



LITARY SECRETARY.-The Hon. Capt. Osborne has had a most unprecedented escape from an accident which, according to all calculation, ought to have proved fatal. When out tiger shooting in the Dhoon, three tigers suddenly got up under the very feet of his elephant which so affrighted the animal, that he literally shook his rider off his back. Captain Osborne is said to have actually fallen upon one of the tigers, and strange to say he escaped by the whole three tigers taking fright and running away.

E.-Captain J. A. Currie, late of

Messrs. Moore, Hickey and Co.'s house and premises. the Howrah dock has been appointed by the board to the situation of first uncovenanted assistant to the secretary for 30.000-(bought by themselves.) in the room of Mr. W. Peters, who resigns and goes home in the Robarts. The place had been promised by the two last officiating secretaries to the assistant who stood next to Mr. Peters; but Captain Currie's eminent talents and position in society, appear to have given him a preference. It is understood, however, that Captain Currie is to be made river magistrate, as soon as that office is created; and has accepted the present office as a temporary convenience, unless the bers of the board double his salary to secure his


valuable services.

THE SELECT VESTRY-A meeting of parishioners was held at the cathedral on the 16th instaut, for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year. It having been determined that the old system of re-election should not continue in force any longer, but that the two senior vestrymen should go out as a matter of course, and not be eligible for re-election until they had been out of office a twelve month. Messrs. J. S. Judge and Robert Molloy went out, and were succeeded by Messrs. Thomas Leach and Charles Mackenzie, Messrs. A. Sim and Alexander Colvin were then re-elected to serve during the present year.

LIGHTNING.-About ten o'clock on the night of Thursday last, a three storied house at Burra Bazar, occupied by, and belonging to, a Hindoostanee shroff, was struck by lightning. The fluid entered the house through the roof, and piercing through the second and first floor, went out at the street door. An account book was the only property destroyed by the accident.


BY THE MAGISTRATE'S ORDER.-The magistrate of zillah 24-pergunahs, we are informed, has despatched Serjeant Floyd with a party of convicts to proceed to the villages which have been devastated by the late storms, and

NATIVE ASSISTANTS OF THE CUSTOM-HOUSE.-A petition had lately been presented to the collector of the Government customs, by the native assistants attached to the establishment of the custom-house, setting forth their grievance from the invidious distinction which obtains to bury the corpses of the persons who were killed by in that office, between them and their christian fellow the violence of that hurricane. The bodies, we learn from assistants, that is, in no instance is a native, however persons who went to see these places, lie strewn in all well qualified he might be, promoted to any place vacat- directions, some with their arms carried away, some ed by a christian; and submitting it as their right to being minus a leg, &c. Cows and bullocks, had been be considered in this respect, as on a footing of equality driven so strongly by the force of the storm as to have with the christians, now that all classes of Her Majesty's their horns driven into the earth, and many lie dead in subjects in this country, without distinction of colour, that posture. Brick-built buildings have been thrown creed or caste, are eligible for all the offices under down, and the bricks themselves hurled to a great disgovernment. The Collector gave his orders upon the tance by the tempest, and large cocoanut trees, &c.

five feet deep in other places 30 or 40 yards distance. [and has hitherto been alleviated solely through the exAt one place, called Baddah, no less than 250 dead emplary private charity of the judge, Mr. Okedon. bodies were counted by the spectators. Females with This gentleman's good deeds are not performed for the their jewels on them, lie dead and untouched, the putrid sake of public exhibition, but are the result of qualities smell being too offensive and considered infectious by of which the possessor will alwavs disdain the tribute the surviving villagers,so as to deter them from approach- of publicity or flattery. His private disbursements in ing these corpses, many of which were in a state of charity have, for many months, been the only means of nudity, with the jackals and vultures feeding on them. rescuing from starvation, upwards of a thousand destitute The convicts who have proceeded to bury them, we and famished human beings. understand, dig large holes in the earth, hurl the dead bodies promiscuously into them, and then cover them up. Native superstition ascribes the scourge to the curses of a fakeer, who asked for some charity of these villagers, and was refused by all except one old woman, whose house has consequently escaped the effects of this tempest.

AGRA.—Cholera is on the decline, both amongst the troops and the inhabitants generally; and as the magistrate is putting a stop to a further influx of the destitute poor, in as far as practicable, by arranging so as to employ them at some distance from Agra, apprehensions of a pestilence breaking out are beginning to subside. It has been a mistake to conclude, that the congregation of these unfortunate persons, has been the cause of the cholera : as this disease is pretty well known now to arise from a peculiar condition of the atmosphere, rather than from DELHI.-A native, a female, who, to all appearances, animal or vegetable miasm; nevertheless, it has been had expired, when undergoing the process of ablution found that larger masses of human beings, invite, as it previous to cremation, shewed signs of life. Her hu- were, attacks of cholera, and beyond doubt sooner or later mane and sagacious relatives around, ascribed her resus- in many instances are productive of doubtful maglignant citation to the evil spirit or some equally satisfactory fevers; but the magistracy is now happily so well directcause; nor was it until the poor creature had been ex-ed to the removal of the accumulation of all contaminaposed on her funeral pyre the whole day and shewed ting matters, both on the land and the river connected unequivocal symptoms of life and consciousness, that with the presence of these huge working parties and the she was borne home. Suttee is but half abolished while population of Agra generally, so that little is to be the murders that are frequently perpetrated in cases like feared in the shape of infection by a tainted atmosphere. the above, are suffered to take place.


It is said that one of the Sudder jung toms furarees has just been secured, after a desperate resistance, in which two of the cantors have been severely wounded. The name of the furaree is Jhoonda, and his companion Unta, had a narrow escape of being secured also.

KURNAUL.-The Governor-General has been holding a levee for the reception of the native community, a large portion of which has flocked to pay their respects to His Lordship.

SAHARUNPORE.-A conflict between a body of thieves and the police of a village called Bela in this district, recently took place, in which several of both parties were wounded. The magistrate proceeded to the spot on learning the affray, and seized the ringleader and others of the gang.

ALLIGHUR.-Manik Rae Rao, of Bidjeegurh, a large village in this district, has been sentenced to seven years' imprisonment, in the jail of Allygurh, for being impli cated in an affray, in which several lives were lost. The affray was caused by the Rae's attempting to enforce the levy of several dues, which he claimed as his right, from the bunneeas of the village, but to which the latter refused to submit.

Small-pox is very prevalent here among the natives, and has extended to the European residents; Mr. Thornton, C.S. and Ensign Corsar, of the 64th regiment, have been attacked by the disease. The misery in which the poorer classes of the natives are kept by the scarcity, combined with the approach of the hot wearther, will, no doubt, tend to make the disease more fatal.

MORADABAD. The distress in this district, although

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SHAHJAHENPOOR.-On the 28th day of March, the first steam engine in these provinces was put up in motion at the establishment of Messrs. Saunders, Barron and Co., and is a most interesting spectacle. The engine is of eight horse power, and is intended for sawing wood,

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