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The Revd. F. Wybrow; Cowrkristnath Roy Bahadoor, Rajah of Cossimbazar; C. Tucker, Esq., C. S; Thos. Palmer, H. C. Kemp, and E. W. Chorributt, Esqrs.; Lieut. J. R. Lumsden; Lieut. J. R. Abbott, and Captain F. Smallpage.

The following gentlemen were proposed as members: L. Saget, Esq., of Sierigully, Bhaugulpore, proposed by H. Piddington, Esq., and seconded by the secretary. W. Vansittart, Esq., and Capt. F. W. Birch, proposed by F. P. Strong, Esq., and seconded by the

Nursery Committee.-Dr. Wallich, W. Storm, Dr. Huffnagle, W. F. Gibbon, Capt. Leach, and John Bell. The secretary read the annual report of the society including that of the collector, for the past year, which exhibited very satisfactory evidence of the increasing interest, to the objects of the institution, both as regards its financial resources, and numerical strength. During the past year 243 names had been added to the list of members, and only three retirements, two of those being Thomas Gibbon and James Casserat, Esqrs., pro-gentlemen leaving Calcutta, and the other, having no posed by W. F. Gibbon, Esq., and seconded by the time to attend to its proceedings.



Proposed by Mr. Cracroft, seconded by Dr. Wallich, and

J. H. Bridgman, Esq., proposed by H. Walters Esq., and seconded by William, Storm, Esq.

J. A. Gregg, of Dum-Dum, and P. Sutherland, Esqrs., proposed by W. G. Rose, Esq., and seconded by William Storm, Esq.

R. S. Strickland, Esq., proposed by the Secretary and seconded by William Storm, Esq.

H. H. Spry, Esq., (Assistant Surgeon,) proposed by Dr. Wallich, and seconded by the Hon. Col. Rehling. Capt. W. N. Forbes, (Engineer,) proposed by C. K. Robison, Esq., and seconded by Dr. Wallich.

William Mackenzie, Esq. proposed by A. Beattie, Esq., and seconded by Dr. Jackson.

The meeting then proceeded to the annual election of office bearers, when all the officers of the past year were re-elected, the list therefore remains the same which is as follows, viz.

Committee of Papers.-Dr. Wallich, W. Cracroft,
W. Storm, W. K. Ewart, M. A. Bignell, and John

PRESIDENT.-The Honorable Sir Edward Ryan.
VICE-PRESIDENTS.-Dr. Wallich; His Highness
Nawaub Tohowerjung; C. K. Robison, Esq., and
Rajah Radhakant Deb.

GENERAL COMMITTEE.-Dr. Strong, Joseph Willis and D. Hare, Esqrs.; Baboo Radamadub Banorjee, A. M. Low and William Storm, Esqrs.

NATIVE SECRETARY.-Dewan Ramcomul Sen.
The lists of members appointed to the standing com-
mittees (9 in number) remain unaltered, viz.:
Sugar.-N. Alexander, A. Colvin, Dwarkanath Tagore,
D. Hare, G. U. Adam, A. Muller, J. Allan, W. Storm,
J. Dougal, J. W. Masters, and John Bell.

Cotton. Jos. Willis, A. Colvin, Dr. Huffnagle, G. A. Prinsep, W. Speir, W. Storm, D. B. Syers, W. Earle, G. U. Adam, and John Bell.

Resolved. That the reports just read be adopted.

Proposed by Dr. Wallich, seconded by Mr. G. A.
Prinsep, that the thanks of the society be given to Mr.
Bell for drawing up these reports.

The vice president, next called attention to the annual exhibition of vegetables, and anniversary dinner, and proposed that the same course be adopted on this, as on the former occasion, viz., that the time and details regarding the exhibition of vegetables and the dinner be left to the Committee of Management- This proposition was adopted by the meeting.

Coffee and Tobacco.-Dr. Storm, Dr. Wallich, H. Walters, G. A. Prinsep, Capt. Leach, D.W. H. Speed, H. M. Low, D. Hare, and John Bell.

Read the report of the Caoutchouc Committee on the The motion made by Mr. Cracroft at last meeting. committee recommend that the gold medal be awarded to Lieutenant Vetch on the condition being complied with, as embodied in the proposition.

Implements of Husbandry and Machinery.-Col. D. McLeod, E. Sterling, James Prinsep, W. Cracroft, Ramcomul Sen, C. K. Robison, H. Walters, Radhakant Deb, Dr. Huffnagle, D. Hare, and John Bell.

Resolved. That the report be adopted.

Read the report of the committee on implements of husbandry and machinery, on the motion by Mr. Bell at last meeting.

The committee report, that a machine after Mr. Teignmouth Sandy's model, could not be erected at a less cost than one thousand rupees, and that it is not expedient to incur this cost, with reference to the advantage it might possess over machines of similar construction, &c.

Resolved, that the Committee's reports be confirmed. The motion made by Mr. Storm at last meetingSilk, Hemp and Flax.-W. Speir, Ramcomul Seo, Prosfessor O'Shaugnessy, Jos. Willis, R. W. Watson," That an application be made to the Admiral commandC. K. Robison, H. M. Low, D. W. H. Speed, G. T. ing in India, requesting him to give instructions to any of Her Majesty's ships of war touching at Otaheite, to F. Speed, W. Storm, and John Bell. bring such quantity of the cane of that island as they be able conveniently to carry for the use of this society," had been carried into effect by the secretary addressing a letter to that authority.


Proposed by A. Beattie, Esq.-"That with a view
to the improvement of sugar cultivation in Bengal, this
society having employed all the means in their power to
obtain a sufficient supply of a better description of cane
than is indigenous in this country; and there being only

Caoutchouc and Oil Seeds.-Dr. Wallich, Professor
O'Shaughnessy, Ramcomul Sen, W. Speir, Radhakant
Deb, J. P. Marcus, Dr. Corbyn and John Bell.
Improvement of Cattle-Dr. Wallich, H. Walters, Na limited quantity now in their possession, and be
Alexander, C. K. Robison, Dr. Huffnagle, W. Storm, slender prospects of an early accomplishment of the
W. P. Grant, G A. Prinsep, W. F. Gibbon, Dr. Jack-desirable object, on a sufficiently extensive scal
without aid from some other quarter, that th
son, and John Bell.

Read the reports of the

Resolved. That the committee's report be adopted. Nursery Committtee, made up since the last meeting, showing an increased culti vation of sugar-cane, and resolutions upon which the cotton beds, &c., are to be made subservient to more supplies of cane expected from Jubbulpore and Bourbon.


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secretary be requested to address the Government
on the subject, and solicit His Honor the
President in Council, to consider whether, for an object
fraught with such extensive benefit, and of such general
utility, the Government could employ at an early period
one of their own vessels in bringing up a supply of seed
cane from Otaheite, this society would undertake to
distribute it in the most prudent manner, to secure the
best possible result from the same, in the sugar cultiva
tion throughout this presidency."

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The Vice President here called the attention of the meeting to the subject of certain observations made by the secretary in his precis of the meeting of the 8th November, 1837, in a letter from Dr. Wight, of Madras, to Dr. Wallich, which was read on that occasion, and stated that from letters that had since passed, which he thought it unnecessary to bring forward, he was sorry to say, had given offence to Dr. Wight.


Society of Assam, dated September 16th, announcing From Lieut. H. Bigge, Secretary to the Agricultural the formation of a branch society at Gowhatti, on the 15th September, under the title of "The Assam Agricultural and Horticultural Society," and soliciting the aid and advice of the Parent Society, towards further

The following communications were read. From Dr. R. Wight, of Madras, dated December 21st, transmitting 410 more copies of plates of dye lichens to complete the number required for the transactions, viz. 500, forwarding the objects of this association. ing copy of a correspondence with the Madras Govern. ment on the subject of lichens, and regretting his ina-month's proceedings, for the delay in acknowledging N. B. The cause assigned in the precis of last bility to furnish more information at present regarding the receipt of a communication from R. Montgomery, them, but promising to do so, when in his power to pro-Esq., of Azimgur, is equally applicable to the above

cure it.


cember 14th, stating that in accordance with the request
From Major Sleeman, dated" on the Ganges," De-
conveyed in the secretary's last letter, he has asked Lieut.
Brown to transmit, on account of the society's nursery,
a good supply of cane from his Jubbulpore plantation,
lency in the early part of February next.
ind that the same may be expected to reach the presi

The Vice President then read the extracts and vations in question, after hearing which the meeting was of opinion, that nothing of an offensive nature ap peared in the secretary's remarks.

obserecting the Otaheite cane, and mentioning the circumConveying, in reply to queries, some information resstance, that at Deyrah, a solution of the cedar-oil in water, has been found an effectual preventive to the attack of wiants on this species of cane.

The secretary, however, observed, that as the remark made in Dr. Wight's communication in the precis of the 8th November meeting, were his own, and not those o the society, he begged to " propose that a minute b made in the proceedings, to the effect that the paragrap! which appeared in the precis of a meeting of the 8t November might be cancelled, which was assented to

From Dr. Wallich, dated December 19th, presentin on the part of Mr. C. Manley, a small quantity of nan kin cotton see.

From Capt. Sanders, Secretary to the Military Board dated December 15th, in reply to the secretary's letter o the 8th instant, on the subject of guinea grass, returns the society the thanks of the Board, for the information therein contained.

From Capt. A. Bogle, dated Kyouk Phyoo, Decem. ber 3rd, advising despatch by the Krishna of a parce, containing samples of Arracan rice, together with a lis and prices of the same during the past and present year, and conveying information regarding this, the most impor tant staple product of the province.

Stating that he has also forwarded by the same vessel, three bottles of genuine Sandoway tobacco seed and sugar-cane cut in the island of Ramree, as samples of the cane of Arracan, which seem to be superior to the common cane of Bengal. Asking for a supply of seed paddy, cotton seed, and Otaherite cane, mentions hiendeavours to discover beds of coal, and iron ore, which are known to exist on that coast, and requesting infor mation on the subject of caoutchouc.

From Dr. W. G. Maxwell, dated December, forwarding, for presentation to the society, two large sized colored drawings, from nature, of two species of the tobacco plant, natives of the Northern Circars.

From Dr. Wallich, dated December 21st, annexing extract of a letter to his address from Mr. Richards of

the Royal Botanic Garden at St. Denis at Bourbon, under date 26th October last, in which that gentleman promises to transmit very shortly a box of cactus with 'cocheniller fina," and 25 cases of Batavian sugar

From R. W. Chew, Esq., dated December 18th, forwarding a bunch of juneree, the produce of his gar


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From the Revd. T. Boaz, dated December 21st, forwarding on the part of Capt. A. Bogle, the several articles alluded to in that gentleman's letter, viz, 3 bottles Sandoway tobacco seed, 3 sugar canes, and a packet containing samples of rice.

From Lieut. Charles Brown, dated Jubbulpore, Deember 7th, intimating his intention of forwarding to the care of R. Lowther, Esq., of Allahabad, 2 hackery loads of Otaheite sugar-cane, from Major Sleeman's plantation.

Stating that he has advised Mr. Lowther of this in ended despatch, and has requested that gentleman to ransmit the canes to the society by the first steamer leaing Allahabad. Mentioning that if required, he can end down a further supply next month.

From Dr. H. H. Spry to Dr. Wallich, dated Decemer 17, presenting a small supply of sugar-cane procurd from Car-Nicobar, where it grows in a wild state. Forwarding a few copies of the proceedings of the Agriultural Committee of the Royal Asiatic Society.

From Dr. Wallich to the secretary, dated December 19, forwarding a letter to his address from Dr. H. H. Spry, and stating that the cane therein alluded to (11 in umber) are in good condition, and have been planted ut in the society's nursery.

From Lieutenant C. Burnett, dated Beaur, November 29, advising despatch by dák banghy of the followng, viz. sample of a species of barley termed "celestial," ultivated in the vicinity of Beaur; sample of maize rown from American seed forwarded by the society ome time ago, and sample of nankin cotton, the produce of Captain Dixon's garden.

Annexing a memorandum regarding the cultivation of the cotton seed supposed to be American (of the produce of which a sample of cotton has been forwarded, care of Dr. McLean, who may be expected to reach Calcutta in January.

Alludes to the attempts made to introdace the Otaheite sugar-cane in that part of the country, in which they have been frustrated by the depredations of the white ant, and requesting advice, as to the best means of destroying them.

From R. Watson, Esq., dated December 26, enclosing a letter to his address from Mr. J. C. Warner, dated Guttaul, December 21, on the subject of a second unsuc cessful attempt to wind off the silk from another supply

of area cocoons transmitted by Captain Jenkins, and of which a small quantity had been forwarded to Mr. Watson. Suggests, that with reference to the latter part of Mr. Warner's note, a supply of the eggs of the area The Hon. Mr. Melville proposes to open a commuworm be sent to that gentleman, when a fairer experi-nication with the Highland Society. Their anxiety ment may be made, on the cocoons produced by them. to obtain the productions particularly of the Himalaya, Specimens of Bhaugulpore tusser wound raw silk, that gentleman had well ascertained and was sure they Shaw, will supply in return any product, which may be from James Pintel, Esq., were forwarded by Esq., of which particulars will be given hereafter, as to the mode of reeling it off.


From Government, 3 copies of a pamphlet, containing remarks on the natural resources of the Tena-serim provinces, by Dr. J. W. Helfer.


The secretary intimated that he had addressed the From D. F. MacLeod, Esq., (no date) received De-Highland Society, last year, and had forwarded a copy cember 29, presenting specimens of tusser raw silk from of this Society's transactions, but he thought there was scarcely time yet to receive a reply. The meeting was unanimous in its anxiety to be placed in communication with that and all societies of a similar nature and Mr. Melville and Dr. Jackson, offered to co-operate in England and Scotland, towards effecting this object. The latter gentleman also offered to procure

From J. Fagan, Esq, C. Assistant Surgeon, Rung pore, dated 8th December, forwarding a specimen of for this society any books, or information, that were cotton, grown near the foot of the hills by a race of peo-required from England. ple called "Mace."

From Dr. Wallich, dated January 3, reporting on a trial made in the society's nursery of samples of Gulph cotton seed received from D. B. Syers, Esq.

From D. B. Syers, Esq., forwarding samples of cotton seed alluded to in his letter of the 25th November last. Memo. This is the seed to which Dr. Wallich's report above noted, alludes.

N. B. The society give the foregoing precis of the various letters and papers submitted to them, with a view to their acknowledgment, and for the information From Dr. Cheek, Secretary to the Burdwan Society, of the public without professing to answer for the cerdated December 29, forwarding samples of Virginia tainty of the facts, or the propriety of the reasonings tobacco, guinea grass, arrow root, and cheese pumkin, therein contained, which must the produce of the branch society's garden. judgment of the writers.

rest on the credit or

From R. S. Hompfray, Esq., dated Barripore, January 5, presenting two samples of paddy, grown by him near Barripore, one marked A, of a description termed "Teelsaugor," the other marked B, called "Hulleedzoorie," and giving an account of the manner of cultivating, and of the expense attending the same.

The thanks of the society were directed to be offered for the foregoing communications and presentations.

From G. Leyburn, Esq., dated January 8, presenting some barley for seed.

From Dr. Huffnagle, dated January 9, présenting in the name of A. Graham, Esq., of Dowlutgunge, Kishnaghur, specimens of Indian corn, the produce of se veral successive generations, raised from American seed received in 1834.

From Dr. F. P. Strong, dated January 10, presenting a small supply of English rye grass seed and Dutch clover seed.

From D. W. H.Speed, Esq., dated January 10, for warding a stock of sugar-cane said to be Otaheite.

From Messers. Vilmorin, Andrew and Co., dated Paris, April 28th, to the address of H. Piddington, Esq., advising despatch on account of this soceity of a box containing an assortment of seeds, numerous as to variety, but in quantities so small, as hardly to be divisible.

The secretary has also to acknowledge the following presentations.

A cob of maize received from Sir E. Ryan, length 10 inches, circumference 7 inches, and number of grains, 1,060.

From the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, (received from Messers. Thacker and Co.,) its journal No. 7.

Proceedings of the Committee of Agricultural and Commerce 12 copies.

Also, through the same channel, a copy of the address of the President of the Medico Botanical Society.

JOHN BELL, Secretary, Agricultural and Horticultural Society. Town Hall, Calcutta, Jan. 10, 1838.

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From the Madras Agricultural Society (received through Dr. Wight) a copy of instructions for the cultivation of the Mauritius sugar cane, and notes on dye

The committee had previously visited the Nursery, and found the suger-cane, recently planted, coming up very regularly, notwithstanding the continued drought. Plot No. 12 of Dr. Huffnagle's plan, was holed ready for the reception of more caue; plot No. 14 was being trenched.

Resolved. That the ripe cane in plot No. 1, be forthwith cut down and planted out in plot No. 12. Resolved. That the ground now trenching be reserved for expected supplies.

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As there are a good many vessels in the river at this period of the year, an opportunity is perhaps afforded us of effectively drawing attention to the Howrath Seamen's Hospital, and the merit of the party (Mr. J. W. Linton) to whose superintendence it is entrusted. We have before us a small brochure, reciting the advantages of the institution, and exhibiting the names of those captains of of ships who have borne tetimony to its general utility. Of the number of seamen admitted into the Hospital, not less than 1,104 have been cured, between the month

PRESENT.-N. Wallich, M. D.; C. Huffnagle, м D.; W. F. Gibbon and John Bell.

The committee visited the Nursery, and found that with reference to a resolution, passed on the 20th ultimo, the greater portion of the old stock of sugarcane of plot No. 1, had been cut and planted out.

That the sugar-cane received from Captain Bogle, of Arracan, through Mr. Boaz, had not come up, and from their appearance could not be expected.

That plots 14 and 15 were mostly trenched, and partly dressed with lime.

That the West India ginger roots were now ready to be taken up.

Resolved. That they be taken up and kept carefully in sand, and that an advertisement be sent to the papers, with a view to collect the names of parties desirous of having a small supply ; but that none be delivered until after a month's date of the first advertisement, when intending cultivators shall be entitled to equal shares, reserving a small quantity to keep up a supply in the Nursery.

The cotton seed (Gulf) offered for sale by D. B Syers, Esq., had partially vegetated in gumlabs only that on the open ground had not sprung up.

Resolved. That it does not appear to the committee prudent to recommend a purchase of the seed.



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Hurkaru, January 13.]


(Sd) THOMAS Leach,


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the establishment is conducted on principles of economy without impairing efficiency, and the greatest attention is paid to the comfort of the officer or sailor, who may seek the advantages of the asylum. Dr. Green acts as surgeon and physician to the institution, and the Rev. Mr. Bowyer affords spiritual aid and consolation to the suffering patient. There are besides these gentlemen, other officers attached to the establishment, whose duty it is to attend to the sick tenants. Altogether, the Hospital merits the support of the mercantile and

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From F. P. Strong, Esq., forwarding a resolution of the managers of the Calcutta Public Library, stating that they were willing to receive and take charge of the Society's Library, and to afford the services of their librarian, should it be deemed expedient to remove the books of the Medical Society from their present situation. Dr. Strong stated, that the whole cost of the preservation of the books, should the above offer be accepted, would not exceed rupees per month; (the salary of an extra duftry).

From the same gentleman (Dr. Strong) forwarding the case of a young man who was deaf and dumb, and requesting that the society would consult upon the possibility of affording the patient any relief.

From Mr. Secretary Mangles, forwarding copies of Dr. Helfer's report upon the Tenasserim province.

The following communication was then presented. History of a case of femoral aneurism wherein the external illiac artery was successfully tied by R. O'Shaughnessy, Esq.

The Secretary then presented his summary of accounts for the past year, by which it appeared, that the

Medical and Physical Society of India, in account current with the treasurer,

Dec. 30, 1837. Cr. By balance, 1st January, 1837, deposited in Union Bank,.

By Subscriptions,.

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SKETCH OF DEPENDENCIES, &c. Cr. By balance as above,..... By bills receivable [sum due from Mem. bers.]......

Cr. By cash deposited in Union Bank,draw. ing interest at 4 per cent....** **** By cash, 2,071 rupees,.....

Dr. To liabilities of 1837,

3,776 0

6,625 O Re 10,401 0

2,472 O

Dr. Toliabilities for 1838..

Probable balance at the end of the present year without including subscriptions growing due for 1838,...

5,104 0

Rs 8,060 0

7,929 0

(viz. 5246).. 10,401 0

The report of the Committee appointed to enquire into the state of the society was then presented.

[The Committee recommended,

2nd. That the election of office-bearers should be by vote of the resident members, among whom the voting list should be circulated soon after the last December Meeting, that the result of the election may be ascer tained before the beginning of the succeeding January.

This will prevent self election in case of the January meeting being thinly attended, and be the means of avoiding personal and disagreeable discussions, and of making the votes public in so far as the resident members are concerned.

1st. That the Quarterly Journal cannot, consistently with the interests of the society, be canied on in its present form, and the funds ought not to be expended otherwise than by publishing from time to time the transactions of the society by building or purchasing suitable apartments to meet in, and to contain the library and museum, and by encreasing these according to the means of the society.

3rd. That instead of two committees, there should be only one, to be called" the Committee of Management and Papers." consisting of the Office-bearers and four ordinary members.

This committee to be elected at the some time and in the same manner as the other office-bearers, and in the event of a vacancy occuring between the period of ele c tion, the vacancy to be filled up by the individual who

commanded the number of votes next to those of the members returned at the last election.

5th. That in consequence of the difficulty of collect0ing the subscriptions from the more distant stations, the secretary shall be releived from the duties of treasurer, and a person, not a member of the society, be appointed


The present committee being desirous of ascertaining 2,989 0 if the above opinions meet the wishes of the resident 5,071 0 members, they are requested to have the goodness to insert, yes or no, as they may approve or disapprove of Rs 8,060 0 each of the five propositions according to the form appended.

4th. That no official statement of the proceedings of the society shall in future be published without having been previously laid before the Committee of Manage ment and approved of by then..

5,071 0

This report was signed by two members of the com3,000mittee, but Dr. Goodeve objected to the 1st proposition, stating that he wished this question and some others to be referred to the Mofussil members.

1,295 0
At the suggestion of Dr. O'Shaughnessy, these pro-

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