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swell which sets in there at this season, but fortunate. THE INDIAN NAVY.— The pay of lieutenants in the ly righted agaio. The poor men have been kindly re- Indian navy is to be increased sixty rupees per mensum,' ceived by the resident, Colonel Pottinger, but it is to be by the addition of batta at the rate of Rs. iwo per day. regretted that any attempt was made so late in the season. The allowance to captains of steamers from passage.

WAR WITH PERSIA.—The course of events in Persia money to the Red Sea is to be reduced to Rs three hun. has called for an armed interference on the part of the dred instead of as at present Rs four hundred. Government of Bombay. An armed force is to proceed

BUILDING OF SEVENTY-FOURS.-Orders have been rethe Persian gulph forth with, according to directions ceived from England for the construction at Bombay received from Lord Palmerston, and take possession of of two, seventy-four.gun ships, for the royal navy. the island of Karack, which is situated a little to the This will put the dockyard establishment in motion, northward of Bushire. The ridiculously small number and lead to a good deal of bustle in the building depart. of 600 se poys, is to be despatched on this expedition,

These vessels for want of room in the regular - THIE WRECK. The following is an extract from a letter turned to good account, and perhaps be rendered perma

docks, are to be built at Cross Island, which will thus be which has been received from Captain Jump, of the nently very useful as an auxiliary io the dockyards. Hon. Company's ship Amherst, who was directed on his

DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCE OF THE RIVER oxus.-The voyage down the coast to survey the spot in which the interesting discovery of the source of the river Oxus has wreck of a 600 ton ship was said to have been discovered been made by Lieut. Wood, of the Indian navy, alby Capt. Green of the Triumph.

tached to Captain Burues's mission. This celebrated “At past 5 p. m. I went myself in the cutter 10 river rises among the mountains of Pameer in Sirikool,' examine the wreck, and found the peel of a mast 8 to from a lake nearly fifteen thousand six hundred feet 10 feet above water, and a small spar about 4 feet above above the level of the ocean, and encircled by lakes on water. This must evidently belong to a large buggalow, all sides except the west, through which it finds a being a rough poon spar 18 to 20 inches in diamater, and channel: To the late Captain Burnes and Lieut. Wood the smaller one appears to be the yard (of poon also). have given the appropriate name of “ lake Victora." The heel of the mast is much bleached, and the part SECUNDBRABAD.-Accounts from Secunderabad state, under water is covered with barnacles, showing it must that the present is one of the severest seasons that has have been there some time.

been known there for many years, the thermometer be.

ing in the shade 104 degrees. There has been no rain, They must not be very secure in that description of fruit trees are drooping fast, notwithstanding all the

aod consequently no decent forage is procurable. The vessel, must have got unshipped, and is now hanging by watering and care bestowed on them. The troops are, rigging. In that case it would give way to a concussion however, extremely healthy. Murders and robberies are such as that of a ship running against it, and not be common in the neighbourhood of the camp. more dangerous than a large fishing stake.

THE TURKS.- It is said that a Turkish force has overCaptain Green's bearings were pretty correct.” run one of the finest of the south-western provinces of

Captain Green, however, must have been very short. Persia. Should then the force sent up to the gulph be sighted, not to distinguish the difference between the mast of no further service, it may yet be extremely useful in of a buggalow and that of a large ship. He besides restoring this unfortunate province to a state of order. said nothing about the spar being loose, although his We have heard no further particulars. men tried to detach it, and not a word was spoken of the ed of thuggee has taken place at Mangalore, and no

THUGS.-An extensive execution of persons convicta barnacles. DUTY ON NUTMEGS.-- The Government has thought pro.

less than eight of these miserable enemies of mankind per at last to give up the duty imposed on nutmegs, &c. prished on the scaffold. A large number is also on

the road to Madras for transportion to Moulmein. on being imported into the island. ANOTHER REVOLUTION EXPECTED AT GOA,-There is a

BURMAH, rumour among the Portuguese population of Bombay, Moulmein Chronicles of the 28th of April, have been that another revolution is on the point of being perpetrat. received during the week. Affairs seem to be in statue ed at Goa.

According to the latest accounts from that quo. Major Benson, of the H. C. llth native infantry, unfortunate city, a private notice had been received by and late military secretary 10 Lord William Bentinck, the secretary to Government, that three of the regiments proceeds immediately to Rangoon, in the room of Colohad leagued together to take up arms against the consti- nel Burney ; and we shall soon learn how far the detuted authorities, the object of the combination being, to termination of Tharrawaddie not to treat personally with depose the Governor and certain others of the learling any representative of the British Government, will be functionaries, with the exception of the Commander-in-persevered in. Chief. The reason assigned for this movement, was the In the mean time the clouds are collecting on our irregularity in the payment of the troops, who are now, Nepaulese frontier, it would appear, three months in arrears. The embar. Mr. Blundell and the British residents at Maulrassments of the Portuguese Government may in some mein, assisted by a few Burmese and Chinese, have measure be accounted for, by the necessity that occurred subscribed Rs 1,117 to the famine fund for the north. lately, for the fitting out of an expedition which proceed west frontier. to Macao, for the purpose of supporting the Governor THE LATE HEIR APPArent.—The late heir apparent, of that place, who, but the last accounts, was in daily ex. it appears, was put to death in the most violeat and outpectation of being compelled to abdicate, on account of rageous manner, usual forms in all cases of executions his having rendered himself exceedingly un popular with of any of the royal family, having been dispensed with, his new subjects as well as obnoxious to the Chinese -he was dragged forth and beheaded like a common authorities. The force sent, consisted of 270 soldiers and criminal. That he had been guilty of attempting to resailors, who left Goa on the 15th ultimo, in a corvette. cover his rights of which he had been deprived by the Should the threat of a rising at Goa be put in execution, usurpation of the present king, has not yet been estabthere can be but little doubt of its success, as the military lished on sufficient evidence. there are all powerful and have invariably succeeded in The execution of the young late heir apparent to the cashiering their chiefs, civil or military, when prompted throne, has been followed by that of a great many indito do so by that impatience of control so habitual to viduals connected with him. The measure is said to troops serving under a weak and impoverished Govern. have proved most uwpopular throughout the country. ment, the conduct of which easily affords a pretext for A correspondent writes, “Tharrawaddie's measures are

change is visible since the period of this Woondock's directions to Captain Congalton to down to the junk ; but arrival. But I am convincel, that the ruling pas. it was not until half past 4 o'clock, that the steamer sions of the Barmese are those of patriotism and thus reinforced, reached the pirates, who were then a loyalty, I would say, they would willingly join any little astern of the junk, amit repeatedly fired on her as parig, to be from Tharrawaddie's Government." she neared them. As soon, however, as she took a posi

* But for the salutary check of the advice of the tion, she poured in such a murderous fire on each of the more moderate of his couri, I believe, the King would prahus that their dec's were soon cleared, and on a Jong since have broken out in open war. He believes breeze springing up five of them hoisted sail, leaving his star to be in the ascendant; perhaps, believes their com nodore in the large prahu to continue the ac. himself destined to expel us out of India. At all tion. She was, however, soon silenced, boarded, and events, he cannot know how far Providence is in bis brought astern of the Diana pass sunset; but finding favour, till he has a quarrel with us, an event which she was in a sinking state, Captain Congalton cut the he seems to covet rather than to dread."

tow rope and left her to her fate after taking out the Coal has been found, in large quantities in Mergui. prisoners, while the Diana proceeded in chace of her

TILE GEORGE SWINTON STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.-On the consorts; but they escaped with the darkness of the 2311 of May, the George Swinton, was struck by light- night, aided by some squally weather that followed. ning, by which the fore-royal and top-masts were shat- There was no doubt, from the severe manner in which sered, but her gallant and lover masts escaped with they were mauled by the Diana, that these prahus liule damage. No person on board was injured. will never again be fit for sea, and that the remaioder of

THE VICEROY OF RANOoon.-- Accounts from Rangoon their crews have had an awful lesson for their temerity, mention that the viceroy of that place begins to ma- nearly one hundred and forty having been killed and nifest a better feeling towards the English residents there. wounded, and thirty taken prisoners out of three bun. The shoe-order has been restored 10 its former footing at ured and sixty, the number which the fleet is stated to the top of the stairs, or at some other respectful distance have been composed of. The prahus were from fifty from the presence."

10 sixty feet in length, each mounted with a long The viceroy has also abolished or modified the 4-pounder and numerous swivels, in addition to muskets, orders in respect to head-coolies, which will probably blunder busses, spears, &c. remove some vexations, attending unloadiog and loading

The Wolf returned into harbour on the 2d of June, vessels.

But the most remarkable act of the Rangoon vice having left her armed boats, together with the gun-boats roy is, that he has lately decided receiving a handsone belonging to the station, to prosecute search after the pra

hus which escaped in the rencontre. On the day fol. and valuable present from an European merchant, who lowing that occurrence, the Wolf was joined by the bad the honour of an audience soon after the shoe-boats, (which had been absent on a cruize to some order was rescinded. SINGAPORE.

islands on the coast) and were instantly despatched PIRACY. We have advices from Singapore to the 10th in the direction of the Redang islands to which it was

in pursuit by Captain Stanley, with orders to proceed May, but there seems nothing of importance stirring at that considered likely the pirates would resort for the purpose settlement. Piracy, bowever, continues to flourish. A most barbarous act of piracy and murder was com- visit to this islands, discovered traces of a piratical

of refitting; the boats of the Wolf having, on a previous mitted on the crew of a small boat consisting of four rendezvous at that place, with docks for laying up the Chinese, all

mere lads, on their way from Rbio to Singa prahus, &c. As the piratical fieet was in a manner cut pore. At the entrance of the Straits of Rhio, in the off from the main land, besides being at the same time vicinity of the Pan Shoal, she was set upon by a sampan in too disabled a state to permit of their continuing containing six Malays, who boarded her and butchered their course homeward, there seems every probability of in cold blood, three of the poor Chinese, apparently the expedition of the boats to the Redang islands being with no other object than to gratify their diabolical attended with success. cruelty, as there was nothing for ihem to plunder; in the minds of those who were present at the encounter,

The only probability against it, the other was left on board cruelly mangled, and wel. and witnessed the crippled condition of the prahus tering in blood, and probably owes the preservation of that escaped, is, that they all went down duriug the his life to the belief of the savaged that he was also dead. He was three days in the most deplorable condition, suf. tempestuous night which succeeded the engagemeat. fering from his wounds, and subsisting on the leaves of

CHINA. trees growing on the beach, towards which he had con.

Files of Canton papers to the 20th May, have been trived to paddle his boat, when he was fortunately fallen received during the month. in with by a sampan pukat, and taken to Singapore, The creditors of Hing Tai have determined on memowhere his wounds have been attended to.

rializing the home Government respecting the postpone DESTRUCTION OF PIRATES.—The Diana steamer was ment of the settlement of their claims by the Cohong. on the 18th of May, off Tringganu, in company with her The opium trade still continues much embarrassed, Majesty's sloop Wolf, engaged in action with a fleet and scarcely a prospect of improvement. The advices of six large Illanoon pirate prahus, as they were in from Pekin are very unfavorable to the probability of action with and nearly capturing a junk that had sailed any legislative interference to protect the importation. a few days before from Singapore laden with a valuable Capiain J. T. Lancaster, formerly of the Caledonia, cargo for China.-It appears from Captain Congalton's Bombay ship, lately of the Agnes, at Lintin, in conseaccount, that the pirates were discovered about 9 o'clock quence of the difficulties of a situation in which it devolve in the forenoon by the Wolf, as they were attempting to ed on him to keep many and complicated accounts, to enjer Tringganu road, were she was then lying at an- which he had been hitherto a stranger, and which had chor ; but on perceiving her they stood out to sea and for some time irritated his mind, and induced him to attacked the junk under sail some miles distant. The believe that he could not give satisfaction to his emWolf instantly got underweigh, but without her armed ployers-an impressiou which was not fouaded on boats or the gua-boats attached to her, which had been fact, his owners being, on the contrary, perfectly con. ordered to a neighbouring island in quest of another tented with his management ; became unsettled in his fleet of pirates that were reported to have committed mind and a fever with which he was afflicted during the depredations upon some Tringganu. The steamer was last three days of his life, probably assisted in subverting seen from the Wolf to the north word at about noon, his reason altogether, and on the 10th of Alarch, he when Captain Stanley immediately despatched his gig went on shore at Lintin, proceeded inland and blew GOVERNMENT NOTIFICATIONS.


Ordered, that the Act he promulgated for general information.

Act No. 1. of 1833.
TAE 29T1 DECEMBER, 1837.

I. It is berehy enacted, that from the 1st Febrnary, 1938, all The following Regolation, made by the Hon'ble Conrt of Regulations orine Bombay code passed before the rear 1927. and Directors, under the authority given to them by the Act of the 37th now in force, with the exception of Sections L II.,

All ReGeorge Ill. Cap. 117, is published for general ivformation, by the gulation VI, 1709, and of clansa 2, sretion !II., Regulation 1X., Orders of the Hon'ble the President of the Council of India in 1300, and of Sections XIV , XVII. XX. XXI, and XXV ., Regile Gouncil:

lation I, of 103, and of the whole o Rigulations II, ISTO and Preable.

Whereas hy a Ragnlation for rescinding and revi., 1814, shall be repealed And ki is furtier enacted that Act

enacting with mordiccions the provisions containd No IC of 183., shall likewise be revealed, except in so far as it in Rexnlatinn VII 1819, for regulating the Trade of Foreign reveal any regulations of the Bombar code. Nions with the Parts and settlements of the British Nation in II. And it is hereby en scied, tht Chaptersl., 11.,1". VI. VIII., the East India, made and pass: d by the Court of Directors of the and IX, or Recruition XX., 1:27 of the sail cole together with East India Crumpany on the 1!th of Anrust 1820 and which was the Append.cos A, B, C, E, H, I, J, K of that Regulai ion, also proin Lustru by the Governor General in Council on the 26th Regulation II, 1831. Regulation xill, 1931, Rezuuuion 1., January 1939, by the Governar in Comcil of Fort Lt. George on 1832, Regulation IV.,1843 and Regulation IV,1-34 of the said the 31 of June 1:31,20d by the Gwernor in Council of Bombay, code, and al sud ports of any Regulations of the said coile as ou the 31st of Warch 1930, it was declared.

pyr'scribe the love of transit or iniani cu toins dities, or as re. Ist That Foreign European Ships belonging to any State or quire the payment of any fee whatser on account of any vessel Count

whether having & Setlement of its

own in the Eust which may enter any port in the territories subject to the Bombay Iodies or not, and ships belonging to the Empire of Brazil Presidrner, dit bikewise the provisions of any kind contained 80 long as sich States, countries, and Emisire re«p ctively in those or in any other regulations, for fixin: the amunt of duty should remain in amity with His Majesty, mighi freely enter ibe to be levied on gonds im'ortel or exported by sea at any place Briis' Sea Ports and Harbours in the East Ladies, whether came within ibe liruits of the Boinbay presidency, or the drawback pay. directly from there on country, or from any of the Pirts or able ou the saine sill be repealed Places in the East In:lies, they should be hospitably recived, and Jjl. Provided alwais, ihat n thing contained in the two sooli hare liberty to tri e there in Imports and Expor s con preceding sections of this act shall be construed to prevent the formuhle to the Rogalations established in such plac-s, provided levi of any town duty, or of any inimicinal tax, or of any tol or that it should not be lawsul for the said Srips, in time of War any bridge, road canal, or canse way for repair and in tintenance of hrevreen the British Gorertinent and any State or Power whate the same ; or of any fee for the erecidunt and maintenance of ver, to export fiom the sail British Territories, witliont the spacial light 10'18-8. permission

of the British Government, any military Stores or TV Ani it is hereby enacted, thit duties of customs shall be Nival Stores, Saltpptre or Grain. The said shis might also be levied ougous import by sea into any wlace in the territories cleared out for any Port or Place in the East Indies, ho il cierod subardintie in the Government of the presid-ncy of Bombay, after out for Eurone, or for any port in the Empire of B-azii, thay the said 15th Januar next, according to the rates spreided in $.00 und be cleared out direct for the country to wbich such Ship. scheine A sada xed to this act, and will the exceptins specified should respectively belong.

therein, an l the sud schedule with the notes attached thereto 211y. That the Trade between tne British Possessions in Inilia shall be taken to be a part of this act. and the United States of Arnerica should be continue to be regil. V. it is hereby t'urther enacted, that duties of customs shall be Jated by the Convention of Commerce between Grett Brilian and levied upon untry goods exported by sea from any parts f the the United Stales of America, sigued at Loudon tie 3d day of Bombay pr-silency alter the suit 15 h Janury next, according July 1915.

to the rates specified in schedule B, annexe it, this act, with the 3dly That nothing in the aniil Regulation should be cenatruc.exception: therein specified, and the said sche lule with the notes teitiaff.ct the provisions contained in the then existing Rezu. attache i thereto shall also be taken to be a part of this act. Litions for dining the duties to which the trade of Foreign Nation VI Provided, however, that the slips of any European nation War and slot be subiert at the Ports and settle nents of the baring firman privilrges in the port of Sural, shall not be en bject British Nation in the East Indies.

to further dutis of import or export than muy be prescribed by Ani whereas doubts have arisen how far the terms of the said their firmans respectively, any thing in the schedules or i. this recited Reumlation voit parmi: ans Foreign Ships to carry act notwithstanding. Goods, not in ir original Caro, froin one Port to another, or to VII Ani it is here by enacted, that duties of rastoms shall be carry on the coasting or country trade.

levind o gonds pa sing by land in o or out of foreiz European And where it is expedient that such double should be remo- settleinents, situated on the line of cont within the limits of the vpil, and also that the liberty of trading with the saill Ports anii prisideneyif Bambav, at this stintes pres critrd in the schedule settlements site:111d be extended to the ships of some Foreign of this act, for gods inp: rted or exported on foreign bottoms Countries not mentioned in tho said Regn'ation, the Court of Drec

at any Britih port in that presidency. tors of the said t'ompany hy virtue of the powers granted to the VIL. And it is hereby enacted, that it shull he lawful for the by the Act passed in the 37th year of the Reign of His late. Majes. Governor in Council of the presidency of Bimh.y to declare hy ty King George the Third, entitled " An Act for relating the notice to be published in the Cizette of that presiurney, that the trade to be carried on with the British Possessions in India by territory of any native chief, aut subject to the juris lic ion of the the Ships of Nation in amity with his Majesty,' have rescinded courts and civil antherities of that presidency shall be deemed to

much of the said regulation as is bereiunefore recited, and be foreign territory, and to declare gods passing into or out of in lieu there: havo framed the following Rerul t'on.

such terri:o'ylable either to the duty fixel for British freiga bota Foreign Ships belonging to any State or conniry in Europe or toms or as the said Goreporin Council may think fit. in Anerica, so long 15 wuel tates or Countries respect.vely re. IX. And it is hereby enacter, that for the ley of duties of maid in amity with this Majes y, may freely enter the British Sea custoas as above proriilet on goods exported by land to or Ports and Harbours in the East Iudies, whether they come diricl imported hv lan'l from such foreign territorios custoins, chokes ly froin their own Country or froin any other place, and shall be may he established at sich places as may bad termine i by the there hospitably received. And such Ship: sh 11 hare liberty to said Governor in Council, and every oilicri at every such chokee import ints such Sea Ports from their own respectiva Countries shall have power to detain goods passing into or out of any such Goods the produce of their Countries ; and to export Goods from forrig, territory, an i to examina antiniscertain the quantities and such Sea Poris to any Foreign Coantry whatever, conformably to kind, thereof, and such 100s shall not by allowed to piss across the Regulat ang established or to be established, in such Sea Ports, the frontier line out of or into the territory of the East India Proudled, that it shall not be lawful for the said ships. in time of Company until the owner or p'rson in charge thereof sinal pro. War bet weou the Briti. Government and any Sta e or Poser Kuce ani deliver a certifi ate showing that the customs duty levi. whatsoever,to export from the said British Territori-8, without the able thereupon has been paid in l'ull. special permission of the British Gosernment, ans Military or X. And it is h'r by enacteil, that it shall be lawful for the said Naval Stores, saltpetre or Grain; nor to receive Goods on haart Governor in Council to appoint sach oficers as he inay thinks fit at one Britisb Port of India to be conveiel to anothr British Port to

reteive money on account of customs duties and grant of India on Frieght or otherwise ; but nevertheirss the orieinal certificates of be payment thereof, and that such a certificato inward Cargoes of such Ships may be discharged at different, being delivered to any chokee officer shall entitle goods to cross British Ports, and the outward Cargoes of such Ships may be laden the frontier into or out of the East India company's territories, at different British Porfs, for their Foreign destinations,

provided that the goods correspond in doscription with the spori. fication thereof contained in such certificate, and that the certi.

richtc shew the entire amount of duty leviable on those goods to The 30 JANUAR", 1833.

bave been duly paid. And if apon examinatien th goods brought The following Act is passed by the Hon'ble the President of the to any chookee be found not to correspond with the specification. Council of India in Council on the 30 January 1939, with the entrrell in the ceriifi ate presenied with the same, the differenco

noted on assent of the Right Hon'ble the Governor General of India, which

face of the certidcate, and if the payment has been read and recorded.

duty certified therein shall not cover theentire amount of duty

Joviable on the goods as ascertained at such examination, the goods | notice, be taken to be the value of such articles for the purpose shall be detained intil a further certificate for the difference shall of levying duiy on the same be produced

XXII. And it is hereby enacted, that when goods liable to XI. And it is hereby enacted, that the said Governor in council duty for which a value bas not been fixed by such a notice as is shall give public notice in the Official (iazette of the presidency above directed, or for which a fixed duty has not been declared of Bombay of the appointment of every, officer appointed to re by the schedules andexed to this act, are brou ht to any Cus. ceive customs duties on goods crossing the land frontier or the rom House in the presidency of Bombay, for the purpose of said foreign territories, and the officers so aprointed shall on Deing passed for importation or exportation, the duty leviable receipt of money tendered as customs duty be bound to giie to ou such goods shall be levied advnlorem, that is to say, ac. any nerchat or other person applying for the same a certificate cording to the inarket value of such goods at the place sud of payment, and to enter therein the specification of goods with the time of importation or exportation as the case may be. values and description thereof according to the statement for. XXIII wished by the person so appling, provided only, that the proper assessment of duties on advalorem goods shall be declared by

And it is herehy enacted, that the market value for duty levi ble ibereupon according to the descriptions and values the owner, consignee or exporter, or by the agent or factor stated, be covered by the payment made.

for any of these respectively, upon the face of the application to XII. And it is hereby enacted, that no certificate shall be be given in hy him in writing for the passing of tbe goods received at any chokee that shall bear date more than thirty diys through the Custom House, and the value so declared shall inbefore the date when the goods arrive at the chokee. Provided clude the packages of materials in which the gooils are contained, however, that any person who has taken out a certificate from ant the application shall truly set forth the name of the ship any anthorized receiver of customs du ies shall at ans time within in which the goods bave bren imported or are to be exported, the said period of thirty days on satisfying such receiver that such the name of the master of the said ship, the colours under certificale has not been used and on delivering up the original be which the said ship sails, the number, dese ipl on, marks, and entitled to receive a renewed certificate, with a fresh date, wiibout contents of the packages and the country in which the goods further payment of duty.

were preduced. XII. And it is bereby enacted, that it shall be lawful for the XXIV. And it is hereby enacted, that every such declaration srid Governor in council to prescribe by public notice in the when duly signed seall be submitted to the officer of customs Ottial Gazette of the Presidency of Bombay by what routes appointed to appraise goods at the Custom Honse, and if it shall Gous shall be allowed to pass into or out of any such foreign appear to him that the same is correct he shall connte sign it as territory, as is described in Sections VII and Vill of this Act aimisted ; but if any part or the whole of the goods shall seem to and after such notice shall be given, goods which may be brought him to be undervabred in such declaration, be shall report the to any chokee established on other routes or passes than those sn saine to the collector of customs who shall have power to take prescribed shall, if provided with a certificate, be sent back, and the goods of any part thereof asporch-sed for the Government at if not provided with a certificate shall be detained and shall be the price so d cared, and whenever the collector of customs shall liable to confiscation by the collector of customs, unless the so take goods for the Government payment therof sball he made person in charge thereof shall be able to satisfy the said colloc. to the consignee or importer, it the goods be imported within fifteen tor that his carrying them by that route was froin iguorance or days froin the date of the declaration, the amount of imort accident

duty leviable thereon bein: fitit deducted, and if he goods be XIV And it is hereby enacted, that goods which may be passed intended for exportation the enure value is declared sbali be or which an attempt may by made to pass cross any frontier pail without deduction on aecount of customs duty. guarded by chokers between sunset and sunrise, or in a clandes XXV. And it is hereby enacted that it shall be lawful for tine manner, shall be seszed and contiscited.

the Governor Counril of the presidency of Bombay todeclate by XV.

And it is hereby enacted, that any chnkee officer who public notice in the Official Gazette of that presidency what shall p rinit goods to pass acınss the frontier when not covered places within the same shall be ports for the landing and sbip. hy a sufficient certificate, or who shall permit goods to p»ss by mell of merchandise, and any Goods that may be landed, er any prohibited tonte, shall b- liable on conviction, before which an attempt may be maile ti land at any other port than tbc collector of customs, to imprisonment for a term not exceed such aso shall be so declared shall be seized and confiscated. ing 6 months, and 10 a fine not exceeding five hundred rupees, XXVI And it is hereby enacted, that when any sesssel shall commutab e; if not paid to imprisonment for a further per io arrive in any port of the presid-ucy of Bombay, the master shall of six months,

deliver a true manifest of the cargo on board made out according XVI. And it is hereby enacted, that if any chokee officer to the form annexed to this Act and marked C, to the first persoa shall needlessly and vexatiousl injure goods under the pretence duly empowered to rec-ire such manifest that may come on of examination, or in the course of his examination or shall b ard, and if no such person shall have come on bourd before wrong fully detains goods for which there shall be produced a the anchor of the said vessel is dropped then the manifest shall sufficient oertificate such officer shall, on convirtion before the be forwarded to land on board of the first boat that leaves the Collector of customs, or before any magistrate or joint ma vessel afier droping anchor, and if the port be up a river or at gistrate, be liable to imprisonment for a tern not exceeding six a distance from the land first made, then it shall be lawful for the months and to fine not exceeding five hundred ripers, com said Governor in conncil, by an order published in the official mutable if aot paid to imprisonment for a further period of bix Gazette of the presidency, to fix a place in any such river or months.

port beyond which place it shall not be lawful for any inward XVII. And it is hereby enacted, that all goods imported by bound vessel, except suck comtry craft as are described in sec. sen into any port of the Presidency of Bombay from any Foreign Lion LI aud Lll of this act to pass until the master shall bave Enropean settlement in India, or from any Native State, the forwardedin such menuer as may be ordered by the said Gover. Luland trade of which has been decla ed by the Goveruor in nor in council such a manifest as is required by ibis act. Council of the Presidency of Bombay, under Section VII XXVII. And it is hereby enacted, that if the marisest sn deli. of this Regulation, to be subject to the duties teried on foreign rered by the masser shall not contain a full and trae specification bittoms, shall be liable to the same duties as are imposcu by of all the goods imported in the vessel the said master shall be Schedule A on imports on foreign bottoms.

liable to a fine of one ib usand rupees, and any goods or packages XVIU. And it is hereby enacted, that no gooi's whatsoever that may be found on board in excess of the manifest sn deliver. entered in either of the Schedules of this Act, as liable to duty, ed, or differing in quality or kind, or in marke and poubers from shall be exempted from the payment of such duty or of any the specification contained therein shall be liable to be seized by part thereof except under special order from the Governor in any customs officer aud confiscated, or to be charged with such council of the presidency of Boinbay. Provided always, that it increased duties as may be deterwined by the collector of castoms sball and may be lawful for the collecter of customs, or other under the orders of Government. officer in charge of a Custom House to pass free of duty any

XXVIII. And it is hereby enacted, tha, if any io ward boond baggage in actual use at his direction, and if any person shall vessel shall remain ou'side or below the place that may be fixed apply to have goods passed as such baggage the collector acting by the said Governor in council for the first delivery of manifests, under ibe orders of the Government shall determine whether the master shall deliver a mavife st as thereinbefure prescribed, to they be basgage in actual use or goods subject to duly under the the first person duiy en powered to receive such manifest i bat provisions of this act.

may come on board and if any vessel eblering a port for wbieb XIX Provid-d alwuys, that when goods are imported at any there is a Custom House established, shall lie *t anchor therein port of the Bombay presidency from any other port in that pre for the space of twenty four hours the master whereof shall refuse sidency under certificate that the expo i duty specified in Sche. to deliver the said manifest in the manner above prescribed, he dule B, has been duly paid thereon, or that there has been a shall for such refusal be liable to fine not exceeding one thousand rrexport, and that the import duty specified in sledule A has rupees, and no entry or port clearance shall be given for such been duly paid, the said goods shall be admitted to fore entry vessel until the tine is paid. XX Provided also, that when duties of customs shall have

XXIX And it is here by enacted, that vo vessel shall be al. been paid op any gouds at any port in any part of the territories lowed to break bulk unil a manifest as required by this act, and of the East Iadia company not subjest to the presidency of another copy thereof to be presented at the time of applying for Bombay, and when such goods shall subsequently be imported eutry inwards is so required by the collector of customs shall at any port of the p esidency of Bombay, credit shall be given have been receiv.d by the said collector, nor until order shall at such last mentioned port for the sum that may be proved by have been given by the said collector for the discharge of the the prodnction of due certificates to have been so paid. cargo, and that the said collector may further refuse to give such

XI. And it is bereby enacted, that it shall be lawful for order if he shall see fit until any pori clearances cocketts or other the Governor in council of the presidency of Bombay from time to papers known to be granted at the places from which the vessel time, by notice in the Official Gaze te of that Presidency, to fix a is s'ated to have come shall likewise be delivered to him. value for any article or number of articles liable to advalorem duty,

XXX. And it is hereby enacted, that no goods shall be al. and the valuo so Axed for such articles shall still altered by a similar lowed to leave any vessei or to be put ou board thereof until entry of the vessel shall have been given du'y made in the Custom or have been received by the sail customs officer a Custom House House of the port, and until order shall bave been given for dis permit or order for the shipment of the goods, and the goods on charge of the cargo thereof as above provided, and it shall be the board of any boat that may so be alongside or be made fast to a duty of every cristoms officer to srize as contraband any goods vessel, it such goods be not covered by a Custom House pass ac. wbich bave been remured or put on board of any vessel ini contra companying thein, or previously receiied by the customs office on vention of the above provision, or which any attempt sball huve board, the said vessel shall be liable to confiscation. been made to remove from or to put on board of any vessel in XXXIX. And it is hereby enacted, thit when goods shall be contravention of the above provision. And after intry of ibe sent from on board of any vessel having a customs oiticer on board vessel at the Custon House in due form suchi part of the cargo for the purpose of being landed and passed for importaion there as may not be declared for re exportation in the same vessel shall be sent wish each boat load or oiher separate despatch a boat shall be sent to land and export cargo shall be laden on board note, specifying the number of packeges, and the marks and accor iing to the forms and rules that may be prescribrd for the numbers or other description thereof, and such boat note sball port by this act, or by or ler of the Gevernor in Council of the be signed by an officer of the vessel and likewise by the customs presidency of Bombay, and if an attempt be made to land or officer on board, and if any imported gods be found in a bont put on board goods or merchandize in contravention of the forins proceeding to land from such a vessel without a boat note, or if and rules so prescribed the goods shall be liable to seizure and being accompanied by a boat note they be round out of the proper confiscation

crak between the ship and the proper place of landing, the boat XXXI. And it is heehy enacted, that if gools entered in containing such goods my he detained by any officer of enstoms the in auisest of a vessel shall not be found on board that vessel, duly authorized by the collector, and unless the cause of devior if the quantity foun't be short and the deficiency be not duly ation be explwined to the sixtisfaction of the collector of customs, accounted for. or if goods e-nt out of the vessel be not landed at the goods shall be lia le to confiscati.n. the Custom House, or at such other place as the collector of XL. Ad it is hereby enacted, that when goods shall be customs shall have prescribed, the master shall be liable to a pe. brought to be passed through the Custom House either for impor. palty not exceeding five hundred rupees for every missing or tation or exportation by sea, if the packages in which the same deficient p«ckage of unknown value, and for twice the amomt may be continued shall be found not to correspond with the des. of duty chargeable on the goods deficient and unaccounted fir,cription of them given in the application for passing them through if the duty can be ascer diare. Provided however, that nothing the Custom House, or if the consents thereof be found not to bave berein conta neid sball he construed to prevent the Collector of bero correctly described in regard to sort, quality, or if any goods customs fruin permiing at his discretion the master of any pesuot s aled in the application be found concra ed in or mixed up sel to amend obvious erro s or to supply oinis ious froin accident with the specified articles, all such packages with the whole of or inadvertence by furnishing au ameuded or supplemental the goods contained thereill, shall be liable to confiscation. manifest.

XLI. And it is hereby enacted, that if any person after goods XXXII. And it is bereby enacted, that there shall in every have been landed and before this bave been passed though the port of the Bombay presidency be one or more places appointed Custom Horse removes or atteinpis to remove them with the infor the landing and shipment of goods, and goo is shall not be tontion of defrauding the revenue, the goods shall be liable to conlanded at any other place without the special order in writing of fiscation unless it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the col. the collector of customs for the port, and if any goods be landed, lector of customs that the removal was uol sanctioned by the of an attempt be ma le to land any goods at any other than the owner or by any person having an interest in or power over the said authorized places without such order they shall be seized goods. and confiscated.

XLII. And it is hereby enacted, that it shall be lawful for XXXII. And it is h-reby cnacted, that if the Governor in the collector of customs, whenever he shall see fit to require council shall see fit for the security of customs at any port to that goods brought by sea and stowed in bulk shall be weighed maintain special establishinents of boats for the landing and ir measured on baril ship before being sent to land and to levy shipping of merchandize, or to license and register the cargo boats ury according to the resnit of such weighing or measurement. plying in any ports iban after que notificatiou thereof, it shali XLII. And it is here!.y enacted, that on application by the not be lawful for any person to convey goods to or from any exporter of any sult that has paid the ecise duty fixed by act No. vessel, in such port otherwise than in the boats so authorized XXVII. of 1337, A certificate shall be granted by the colo and prescribed, except under special permit from the collector lector of customs at the place of export. under authority of of customs at the port, and any goods ibat inay be found on board which certificate the quedtity of salt specified therein shall be of other boats than those su authorized for the port shall be lia-iauded at any other port of the said presidency of Bombay, ble to be seized by any officer of customs and shall be liable to and shall be passed from snch part into the interior without the confiscation.

the levy of any further duty ei her of excise or of custoins. XXXIV. And it is hereby enaated, that when the Governor XLIV And it is hereby enacterl, that when a customs officer in couocil of the presidency of Bombay shall see fit to maintain shali be sent on board of any vessel to superintend the .elivery of at any post an establishment of officers to be sent on board of cargo, twenty days, «xclusive of Sundays and holidays, shall be vessels to watch their molading and lading, then after due not allowed for the discharge of the import cargo of vessels not ex. fication shall have been given that such establishment is so men ceeding sis unndred tons burihen, and thirty days, exclusive of tiaued at any poit the collector of customs at that port shall have sundays and holidays, for the discharge of the import cargo of power at his discretion to send one or more officers of such es vessels exceeding that burthen, and the said periods shall be cal. tablishment to remain on board of auy nessel in such port by night culated from the day when the customs oilicer first went on and by day until the vessel shall leave the port or it shall be bourd An' if the whole e argo be not discharged by the expira. otherwise ord red by the collector

tion of the above-mentioned periods, the master shall be charged XXXV. And it is hereby enacted that any master of such with the wages of such officer, and other expenses for any further vessel at sach port who sbali refuse to receive such vilicrr with poriod that such officer may be detained on board. And if the one servant on boarit when such officer shall be so deputed as owners, importers, or consignees do not bring their goods to land above providod, or shall not att rd such otficer and such servant within the periods above fixed, it shall be the duty of the master suitable shelter and sleeping accommodation while on board, and so to do. likewise furnish them will a due allowance of fresh waier it XLV. And it is hereby enacted, that when there shall be no necessary and with the means of cooking on board, shall be lia. customs officer senit aboard vesse is disc barging cargo, it shall be ble to fine nat exceeding the sun of one bundred rupees for each lawful for the collector of customs to fix a pe iod, not being les duy during which such otlicer and servant shall not be received than twenty days, for the discharge thereof and clearance of the and provided with suitable shelter and accommodati. vessel inwards; and if any goods remain on board after the time

XXXVI. And it is hereby enacted, that wheurver a collector so fixel or after the time allowed in the løst preceding section of of customs shall see cause to direct that any vessel shall be this Act, the co lector may order the same to be landed and searched he shall issue his warrant or written order for such werehoused for the security of the dutirs chargeable thereon search addressed to any oficer under bis authority and upon and of any fiei:ht and primage and other demands that may be production of such order the officer bearing it shall be compe. due thereon, giving his receipt to the Master for the same Pro. tent to require any cabins, locker3, or bulkheads to be opened vided always, that in all cases it shall be lawful for the collector in his presence, and if they be not opened upon bis requisition or other ollicer in charge of the custom House, with tbe consont of to break the same open, and any 900.15 thit may be found the master of the vessel, to cause any packages to be brought on concealed, and that shall not be only accounted for to the sa. shore and to be de pos.ted in the Government warebouses for the tisfaction of the collector of custoins shall bo liable to confisca security of the duties and charges thereon, although twenty days tion and any master or person in charge of a vessel, who shall may not bave expired from the entry of such scssel; and in casa resist such Ollicer or refuse to allow the vessel to be s arched ani groas brought in laud from any vessel be not claimed and when so ordered by the collector of customs, shall be liable cleared from the Custom House within thice months from the date upou conviction for every such offence to a fine of one thousan of entry of the ship in which suclı goods were imported, it shall Tupres.

he competent to the collector to sell the same on account of the XXXVII. And it is hereby enacted, that every master of a duties and other chirges due thereon, and the balance remaining vessel who shall remove from such vessel or put ou board there. after deducting the siid duties and charges shall be held in depoof any gouds, or cause or suffer any goods to be removed from sit and paid to the owner on application. thence or put on board thereof between sun-set and sun rise or XLVI. And it is hereby enacted, hat when a customs officer on any day when the Custom House is closed for business shall be sent on board of any vessel discharging cargo, a further witbout leave in writing obtained from the collector of customs, period of tifteen nays, Sundays and holidays excluded beyond the shall be punished with a fue not exceeding five bundred rupees!)iwenty days above specified, shall be allowed for puting on board

XXXVIII. And it is hereby enacted, that no cargo bont, export cargo if the vessel shall be not exceed six bundred toos bar. laden with goods intended for esportation by sea shall make fast Then, and twenty days if it exceed that burthen, when the lading to or lie alongside of any vessel on board of which there shall be a and unladiug thereof shall continuous, and the master or com. customs oflicer stationed unless there shall be on board the boat, mander shall in such case not be charged with the wages and

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