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bond hall way between them, will take them over the bar in the Mr. R. M Skinner to officiate until furtber orders, de magia deepest part where there is dopll 12 feet at high water spring trate of My munsing Mr. E. V. Irwin will continue to officiate as rides, and they must then bear away for the small buoy, which collector of that district, until further orders. is laid down on the point of a sandba k projecting from the Mr. F. B. Kemp to officiate as joint magistrate and deputy Dorth point of the entrance, and pass it on the rigbt or South collector of Tipperab, until further orders. shie At low water there are heavy breakers right across the Baboo Russomoy Dutt to officiate as a commissioner of the month whenever the wind is from the Westward, and eren at Conrı of lequests, vice Mr J. W. Macloed, who is about prohigh tide the swell that rolls in across the bar is piiremely high ceerling to the cape of Gooi Hape, on medical certificate.

The Kedywaree mouth is situated 4 miles E S. e of the Baboo Chatterbhooj Putnan to be reputy collector in the Hujamarre entrance in latitude 24 6. 30. norih, and has a beacon southern division of Cattack, uder the provisions of Regulation in the shape of a slender pyravid 25 feet high in its no ih point. IX of 1833 It is approacb-dly a channel about 5 miles long, und from 690 The following officers bave obtained leave of absence from to 00 yards broal, at the entiance of which a large buoy has their stations : buen placed in 3} fathom'. rom this buoy, the beacon at Mr. J. B. Ellintt, special commissioner of Patpa, for one month. the mouth of the riier hears N. E., N., and that at the lujn, on private affairs, from the oth instant, or as soon after as the marre month NW After the boy is passed steer N. E. return of the steamer from Allahabad m«perniit. b. N. N. keeping the beacon a point open to the Eastward, Mr. J. J. Harvey, commissioner of revenge of the 16th or until the Hujamaree bedrou hears NW * N., then steer for Chittagong division, for iwo months, to remain at the presidency, the former Along this line there is no were less than 10 fret en urgent private affairs, from the sil instant, retaining charge of at hizb water spring lies At both the Hajamarec and Kedy. his otica. waree mouths it is high water on the full and change at 11 hours, Mr. W. Like, oficiating magistrate and collector of Sarun,

(nipi ext) T, G. CARLEss, Lieut. for one month, from the 5th ultimo, to visit the presidencr, on Commanding A. c. S. Brig Palinurus private affairs Mr. J. Alexander will ofliciate during Mr. Lucke's


The leave of absence granted to Mr. H. Moore, civil and session Dr. Christie assumed medical charge of the Nipaul Residency judge of Chittagong, under date the 2: th November last, for sis on the Ist lustant.

weeks, on medical certificate, is cancelled at his request. JAN 24-Lieutenant colonel Burney, resident at Avn, has

It is hereby notified for general information, that the jurisdiction obtained leave of absence for 2 months, from the 6th of Dec last of the Superintendent of Police in the lower provinces, extends

to the following districts:

Packergunge ; Bancoora ; Baraset ; Bebar : Beerbhoom ; BhagPO TWILIAM, MILITARY DEPARTMENT, ITH JAN. 1838.-Notice is hereby given, that he Pay Batta, and other Allowances for gulpore ; Bogra ; Burdwan; Dacca ; Dina.epore ; Furrredpore, January 1938 of the Troops nt the Presidency, and at thr other Hooghly : Jessore ; Malia ; Alidnapore ; Moonchyr; Moorsheda Stati.ns of the Army, will be issued on or after Saturday, the

bad: Mymensingh ; Noscolly ; Nudea ; Patna ; Pubna ; Purues loth Proximo.

Rwiesbalıye ; inngpore ; Sarın ; Sircar; Chumparun ; Sbaba bad;

Sylbet ; Tipperah ; Tirhoot and 21-Pergundahs. ECCLESIASTICAL DEPARTMENT - The Reverend J. C. Prohy Chaplain on the Bengal establishment, is perınitted to proceed to BTH I NUARY — The follo ving officer has obtained leave of ab. Europe on furlough.

sence from bis station. ECCLESIALTIC 1, DEPART WENT – The Honorable the Deputy Go- Mr. F. E lead Joint magistrate and deputy collector of Par. vernor of Bengal is pleased to appoint the Revd. H. S. Fisher to nesh, for two months, to visit the Presidency, preparatory to bis oficiate as junior presidency chaplain, until further orders. preceeding to Europe on Furlough. H. T. PRINSEP, S-cy. to Govt.

9r8 JANUARY – The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal PORT WILLIAM FINANCIAL DEPA TMENT, DECEMBR, 28TH

has been pleased to make the following appointment : Mr. J. A. I orill, the deputy accountant general and accountant

Mr. W. J. Morgan to be an assistant to the magistrate of the in the revenne and Judiciai departments, is permitted to be absent 24 Pergunnahs. from his ofices for ten days, from the 4th proximo. Mr. G. F. Mr. W. Adam to officiate as a commissioner of the Court of McClintock will conduct the duties during Mr. Dorin's absence. Requests during the absenc- of vr. C. W. Briet zeke.

sir H. J. Thornton, late assistant surgeon of Commercolly, is J. STUART LI, Col.

transferred to the civil station f Pubna ofg. Sacy, to ihe Govt. of India Nily. Depl. Mr 1. A Dearman to be deputy collector in the District of

Dacca and Mymensing under the provisions of Regulation IX. of JODICIAL AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT, DECEMBER, 20тн. The

1833. Hon'ble the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make

Baboo Joynarain Doss to be deputy collector in the district of

Bancoorah unter ditto ditto. the following appointments : Mr. J Curtis to be civil and session judge of Hooghly, vice Mr.

The following officers bave obtained leave of absence from

beir stations : CR. Martin removed. Mr. R. Barlow to be ditto ditto of east Burdwan, vice Mr. Iror one month, to visit the Presidency, on private affairs. Mi A.

Mr. T. Wy:tl, officiating civil and session Judge af Bhaugalpore Curtis,

Nr W. A. Pringle to be ditto ditto of Rajeshabye, rice Mr. R Young will conduct the current duties of the office.

Mr R Torrens, additional judge of Chittagong, for six reeks Mr. B. Golding to be ditto ditto of Purneah, rice Mr. Pringle.

on urgent private nffairs Mr. W J H. Money to be magistrate and collector of Tippe to proceed to the Presidency, on inedical certificate.

Mr. Thos. Hugan, sub-assistant to the commissioner of Assam, rah vice Mr. Golding.

Mr. C. Garstin is relieved from the office of additional judge of Mr. J. J Jorilan, Sudder Ameen and moonsiff of Backergunge, Patua in which he is ofliciting, and is directed to give his atten. to visit the Presidency, on private affairs, from the 16th instant tion solely to the trial of Th.gs.

to the 15th proximo Narburry Sreemoney will officiate during Mr. G G. Markintosh has been authorized to receive charge of Mr. Jordan's absence. the office of magistrate and collector of Purneah from Mr. F. E Reail, and to conduct the duties until further order.

TITA JANUAKY Mr. T. C. Loch, assistant to the magistrate Mir. James Reily to he Principal Sudder Ameen of Dacca, vice of Nuddea, for one week, on private affairs, from the 14th instant. Moulvie Mebumed Yacoob decelerd.

JANUARY 16TH –The Hon'ble the Deputy Goverbor of Ben. Synd Junab Ali to be Principal Sudder Ameen in Rungpore, cal has been pleased to make the following appointments : vice Mr. Rrily.

Mr A Ogilvie to be collector of zillah Naden, vice Mr. H. P. 26TH DECEMBER, 1837.- The following officer has obtained leave Russell who has proceeded to Englaud on furlough. of al.sence from his station :

Mr. J. A. F. Hawkins to be register of the courts of Sudder Moulvie Molunmud Suitee, Sudder Ameen of Beerbhoom, for one months; Kooer Jey Gopal Sing, muonsiff of Singhan, 'will Dewanny and Nizamut Adawlut from the Toth instant, vice #r.

J. F. M. Reid.' take temporary charge of that office,

Air J. F. cathcart to be civil and session Judge of Purneah, FR*D. JAS. HALLIDAY.

vice Mr. B Golding. Ogg. Secy, to the Govt. of Bengal. Mr. B. Goldingio he ditto ditto of Jessore, vice Mr. Cathcart.

Mr. D. Pringle to ofliciete as commissioner of revenge of the 21 JANUARY, 1833.– The Honorable the Deputy Governor of 8th or Jessore division from the 20th instant, until relieved by Bengal has been pleased to mike the following appointments :

Mr. Dampier, or until futher orders. Mr. W. Dampier to br commissioner of revenue of the lath The following oflicers have obtained leare of absence from or Jessore division, vice Mr. H. M. Pigou, who has resigned the their siations : service.

Mr W. Dent, civil and session Judge of Shahabad for one The Honorable R. Forbes to officiate, until further orders, as month, to visit the presidency, on private affairs. Mr. H. S. civil ani srasion Judge of Dinage porr.

Lane will conduct the curreni duties during Mr. Dent's absence. Mr. P.GE. Taylor to officiate as collector of Moorshedabad, during Mr. Forbes'absence, or until further orders.

Mr. W Lukr, officiating magistrate and collector of Saron, an Mr. F. Staniforih to be magistrate and depnty collector of extension of leave of absence to the 5th proximo, on privato

affairs. Beerbhoom, vice Mr. W. J. H. Money, Mr. Staniforih, will continue to officiate as collector of the above district, uplil furtber Mr. Assistent Su' geon C. W. Fuller, attached to the civil orders,

station of Nuddea, for ten days, on private afairs.


JANUARY, 16TH. --The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Ben- CAMP. AT CHOBEY PORE. JAN. 30.- Lieutenant. Dobhs, tho gal has been pleased to make the following appointments : 3rd assistant to the commissioner for the Government of the terri.

Mr. A. E. Campbell to be deputy collector in Zillah 24.Par tories of His Highness the sajajah of Mysore, is appointed to he gunaus ; noder the provisions of-Regulation IX. of 1833.

superintendent of the Nugger Jivision, vice Mr. A Stokes ro. Baboo Ramdhone Ghose to be ditto ditto in Zil.al Nuddea, signed. Lieutenant Dobbs will continue to officiate as superinten. under ditto.

dent of the Chittledr og division natil further orders JANUARY 18T8 - Mr. J Dunbar, officiating commissioner of

CAMP, AT POOHAN, JAN 4TH.-Lieutenant K. Morrieson, of the 14th or Jessore division, to proceed to the Cape of Good the 520 regiment native iníantry, is appointed to he assistant to Hope for two years, on medical certificate, Mr. Dunbar has the agent to the Governor General for the states of Raipowana, like wise obtained leave of absence. on sick certificate, until vice Lieutenant Conolly. This appointmeut to have effect from the sailing of the ship on which be may take his passage to the the date of Lieutenant Conolly's embarkation for Europe. Cape.

CAMP, AT MELKRUM NUGGUR, OTA JAN, 1838 - Cornet C. G. Becher

has been appoiuied adjutant of the 1st regiment of cavalry in the JONICIAL AND REVENUR DEPARTMENT, NOVEMBER 21ST.-The Onde Auxiliary force. vice Lieutenant Hailes resigned. Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased

Ensin Rowley Hill, from the 1st regt of iniantry to the 1st to make the following appointment,

regt. of cavalry in the Oude Auxiliary force as 1st subaltern, vico Mr. F. Arrouch to be depnty collector iu zillah Sarun, under cornet Becher. the provisions of regulation IX. of 1833

3D - Lieutenant.colonel Low Resident at Loc. JANUAY 11TH - The following officer bas obtained leave or now, made over charge of the duties of ibe Residency to captain absence from his station :

Paton, his assistant, on the 18th ustimo. Mr. R. T. W. Beits, deputy collector under regulation IX

W. H. MACNAGHTEN. of l' 33 in zillah Buruwan, for six weeks, from the ist ultimo, on medical certificate

Secy to the Govr Genl of India. JANUAY 30.-Rahoo Doorgachurn Chutterjee to be ditto ditto in Zillah Deeca onder ditto. Pundit Hurreebur Gooplee to be Deputy Collector in Chit-Governor General is oleased to appoint captain S. P c. Hum.

Camp Rujeepore, January 9th -The right Hon'ble the tagong, under the provisions of Regulation IX. of 1833. Baboo Goluck Choniler Boll to be ditto ditto in atto under ditto.

trays, of the 36th regiment of native infantry, to be Brigade major Paboo Ramsoonder Rai to be ditto ditto, in ditto under dito.

to the tronp3 serving in ter the command of Brighdier Lituler, on, Baboo Nobin Chunder Ghosal to be ditio ditto in di to under the eastern frontier, during the period that his corps may form ditte

part of those troops. Baboo Govind Chunder Bysack to be ditto ditto in ditto onder

WM CASEMENT, M. G. Secy. to the ditio

Govt. of India, Mily. Dept, with the Right Hon. the Govr. Geni. Baboo Ketree Mobun Mokerjee to be ditto ditto in ditto, under ditto. Babno Hurryhar Mookerjee to be ditto ditto in Bullooah, under Camp, at leerun ke Seraie, the 6th January, *31.-The learo


The following officers have obtained leave of absence from ofasince, for one month, granted by the Hon'ble the Lieute their stations :

nant Goernor, t the Revd M. Ewing, under date the lith No.

veinber last, is to comuence from the 121h ultimo, the date of that Mr. GF. Brown officiating Commissioner of Revenge of the 12th or Bhauguipore Division, for oue week, to visit Gyah, on

Gentleman's de perture from Futtebg urh. private affairs

Mr. H. T. Raikes. Magistrate and Collector of Chittagong, up to the date on which tbe River Steamer Experiment may CAMP JELLALABAD, JANUA"Y 1571.-Captain J. W. Douglas to reach Chittagong, in extension of the leave granted to him ou the bed Assistant to the resident at Indore. 3d of November last. M. WM Dirom, officiating Magistrate and Collector of Raje.ston's resignation.

This appointment to take effect from the date of Major Jobu. shahye, for one month, on private affairs. Ur. C. J H. Graliain

Mr. Assistant Surgron R. Christie assuined medical charge of will conduct the duties of the above ottico during Mr. Dirom's the residency at Napal on the 1st instant. absence. Mr. R. Houstonn, officiating Collector of Midnapore, for one

By Order of the Right Hon'ble the Governor General month, from the date of his delivering over charge of the cur.

W. H. MACNAGATEN, rent duties of that office. Mr. T. C. Trotier, Assistant under the Commissioner of Revenue

Secy, to the Govt. of India, with the Govr. Genl. of the 19th or Cuttack Division, an extension of leare, on private affairs, to the 10th proximo.

The unexpired portion of the leave of absence for two months ; NOTIFICATION, GENERAL DEPARTMENT.-Head Quarters, Camp, granted to Mr. J. J. Harvey, Commissioner of revenue of the rawnpore, Ist Jan. 1938.-The Honarable Sir Charles Welcaife, 1616 or Chittagong Division, on the 20 instant, to remain at the Bart., CCB having this day received the sanction of the Gover presidency on private private affairs, in charge of his office, is nor General to relinquish his charge of the office of Lieutenant cancelled at his request,

Governor of the N. W. Proviuces, with perini sion to proceed to JNIARY 26 тн. - Mr Assistant Surgeon J. Lainb, al. the presidency, preparatory to big embarkation for Europe, the tached to the Civil Station of Halda, has obtained leave of ab

Governor General has, in confirmity with the resolution recorded sence for two months, on m.dical certificate, in extension of the

in the Legisiative Department on the 4th septembri 1537. as. leare for six weeks, granted to him on the 19th ultimo.

samed the immediate superintendence of the Affairs of thoso provinces.

The Governor General is pleased to direct, that Sir Charles BY THE GOVERNOR GENERAL.

Metcalfr shall continue to receive all the boners due to the station

of Lient. Governor, and that the officers of his personal staff shall POLITICAL DEPARTMENT, CAMP AT PUTTA KPORE, DECEMBER, 19TR

reinain attached to him until he may fiually vacate that office by - Lieutenant Colonel J Stewart, resident at Hydraba, bas b.

his embarkation for Europe, tnine i twrive months' leave of absence, to proceed to the Mr. C Macswren is appointed to be secretary to the Governor Cape of Good Hope, for the benefit of his health.

General for the N w Provinces, in the Juuicial, Revenue aud Major Cameron, first assistant to the resident, will receive General Department. charge froin Lieutenant-colonel Stewart and will ofliciale as resi.

Mr J Thomason to officiate as ditto di to during the absence of dent at Bydrabad, until further orders.

Mr Marsween, or until futher pers CAMP AT NULWA, HECIMBER, ST.-Ensign L. T. Forrest By Order of the Right Hon'ble the Governor General of India received charge of the Nepal Escort from Lieutenant Gordon ou

(Signed) W. H. MACNAGHTEN, the 5th ins ant. Mr A Campbell received charge of the Nepal Residency from

Secy, to the Govt. of India, with the Gour. Geni. Mr. Hodgson on the 5th instant.

CAMP AT CANONPONE, DECEMBER, 23D --Lieutenant G, Timins, of the 37th regiment native infantry, is appoin'ed to be ed in

JOTA JANUARY 1839.- Mr. George Alexander, officiating Post cmininand to the western Mo wa contingent under Major Borth

Master General, bas obtained leave of'absence for two months, to

prorerit to the Sand heals for the benefit of his health-to take wick, political agent at Mahirpore.

effect from the date of the departure froun Calcutta of the "Saugor CAMP AT CAW: Poue, DICEMBE#, 26TH Mr. Assistant Surgeon Jolin McCushotticiating 2d Assistant Presidency General Hos

pilot vessel. pital was appointed on the 224 instant, to the inevical charge Mr. H. Aubert is appointed to officiate, vice Mr. W. Adam for of the Ist regiine nt of cavalry of the Oude Auxiliary Force. Mr J. B warrige, As Clerk to the committee for controlling the Camp, Cawnpore, December 30th.

expenditure of stationary. Captain R. G. Roberts, commissary of ordnance, is appointed to oficiate as depuis principal com pissary, from the ist proxi Camp, Umritpore, January, 13th -Mr. R. H. P. Clarko mo, during the absence of captain E. P. Gowan at the Cape of Joint agistrate and Deputy Collector of Bariellee, has obtained Good Hope, or until further orders.

leave of absence for twelve inonths, from the 2v1b Nov. 1837, un WM. CASEMENT. M.G. medical certificate, Secy, to the R. 8, the Govr. Gent. Mily. Depl.

J. THOMASON, Ofg. Secy, to Gour, Genl. N. W. P.

BY THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF THE Camp Meeran Ka Serai, December, 28th-The fullosing N, W. PROVINCES.

officers have obtained leare of absence :

Mr. GW Bacon, Judge of Seharunpore, for fifteen dars, from

the sth proxime, 1838, to visit Agra on his private affairs, Mr WS JUDICIAL AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT, AGRA, DECEMBER, UTA Conolly, magistrate and collector of the district, to conduct the

Mirza Aka Nawab is appointed deputy collector under Regula current duries of the Judge's office, until Mr. Bacon's return. Jation IX. of 1833, in Zillal Chazee pore.

Mr. A W Begbie Judge of Mynpoory, for fifteen days, from the 13TH DEC.-Wr. W. R, Timins to officiate as magistrate ih proximo, 1838, to visit Fotte hur on his private affi's. and collector of Budson.

Camp Arroul, 29ih December, 1837 – Mr. RNC Hamilton is Blr. R. Montgomery to officiate as Magistrate and collector of appointed to officiate as commissioner of the Agradivisión, Allahabad. Mr. Montgomery is authorised to make over charge of

J. THOMASON. his present office as otheiating mazistrate and collector of Azimn. gbur to Mr. H.C Tucker, who will officiate in those capacities

Ogg. Secy, to the Lt Govt. of the N. W. P. until futher orders

GENERAL DEPARTMENT AGRA, 16TH DECEMBER, 183.-Ms. assistant Mr. E T Colvin to be an assistant under the commissioner of surgeon H J. Tucker, MD, oficiating civil assistant surgron the veerut division,

* Moozu rnugger, is, at his own reguest, placed at the disposa ! Mr. J. JW Taunton to officiate ns magistrate and collector of of His Excellency the Compander in Chief Ghazeepore, Mr. Taunton will inake over the cases under regula ton 11.0 1819 and 11 , of 1828 now on bis file as deputy colloctis to Mr M Sinith at Allahabad, wio is anthorised to exercism the

Mr. assistant surgeon J F Bacon, attached to the riril station of powers h therto possessed by air. Tuanton in the districts of Sbajrehamwoor, t, ansierred to Mooradabad in the saine capaciy. Benares, Jaunpore, Mirzapore and Ghaze: pore.

Mr. surgeon John Forsyth, of the 5th regiment, s'ationen at 16TH DEC, 1817 - Hr Eli C Machion is appointed to be au

Shajennnpoor, appointed to take medical charge of tue civil

station. assistant under the commissinnar of the Rohilkodt division.

Mr F ur ie, commissioner of the Lesares division, has obta'n. ed lea e of ubience fur teu in oths, or inedical certiticate, to visit GENERAL DEPARTMENT.-Camp Sekoabad, 2014 December 1837. the Hills North of Dehra Mr. E P Smith is authorised to conti. - Mr. R Woodward, of the civil service, is perioitted to proceed Que to oficiati: as commisioner of the Bewares division during to Europe, for one year, on private affairs. Mr Currie's absence

Camp Chuppera Now, December, 20th - Nawab Mohummud CAMP "RROIL DECEMBER 29T1 - Lieutenant A. Ramsat, As. Abdoolla Kn, Bahadoor, Principal Sudder Aumeen or Myrpoory sistant to the commissioner at Kumaon, bas leave of absence, bus obtained leave of absence for ten days, to visit Futteeghur on on medical certificate, t. Iemain at Meerut, for the re establish his private wftirs.

meut or his health, from the 23d instant to the 1st of March 1835. Camp Goorsaigunge, December, 27th.--- Ahmud Oollab Khan is appointed Deputy collector under regulation IX of 1833,

R. N. C. HAMILTON. iu Zillah Beuares.

Ogg. Sery to the Ll.-Govt. N. W. P.


BY THE PRESIDENT IN COUNCIL. Alston, and William Hooper, 13111 ditto ; Frederick Mills, 2812

ditto ; Joseph Peter Paterson Truscott Hawkey, 18th Juli

James Clarke, and Robert Henry Hicks, 2611 ditto ; Char.es Fort William, 27th December 1837.-No, 252 or 1837.-In con. Patrick Whie, 31 August ; Alexander Robinson, 27th ditto ; sequence of the severe illuess of Major Studdart, Brevet Williain Henry Williams, (not a rived) Hili September major Charles Rogers, of the 20th regiment bative infantry, is N. B The rank as ensin Assigned to Mr. James Hutton, an directed to take charge of the office of the pay master at the pre. Intant: y cadet, in Government General oriers No. 231, of ibe sidency, until the pleasure of the Governor General shall be 271) ullim, is cancelled, he having been compelled, by ill bealth, knowo.

to resign his appointment, and is to be struck off the list of cadets,

No. 9 of 1937. Fint William, December 29th -No. 253 of 1837.-With

Nevical department.--Manby Nightingal, May 15th 1837 advertence to general orders, No 57 of 183.; and No 5 of 1937, Archibald Donaldson, M., 21 June ; Lewis Thackeray Watsia, the Hon'bie the President in council is plensed to direct, that the 2811 ditto ; George Schuyler Carew, 8th August; joho special prize committee at Meerut be in future composrd of the Arnott, N. 1., 220 dillo ; Ehhot Voyle Davies, 27th dilto. senior regimentul oficer, the pay master of nvalids, the deputy

J. STUART, Lieut. Col assistant adjutant general and the brigade major at the station,

ofg. Ser y to the Gort. of ludia lily. Dept. No, ?5 1 of 1837.-The undermentioned men of Her Majesty's service are permitted to reside in ludia as out personers of Chel Fort William, December 2014.-No 256 of 1837. - The sea hospital and draw their pay at the stations specified opposite upierinentioned officers of miantiy are promoted to the rank of t their respective names, according to the 55th article of the pen captain by brevet, from the dates expressed opposite to their sion warrant of the 14th November 1829, penting a reference to names: horse guards as to the amount of their peosions.

6 d Regiment native infantry-Lieuteuant Benry Beaty, 16th Ilth Light Dra:oons.-Farrier Major Gerge Walker Calcuta December 18.7.

Ilth Regiment Foot ---Color Serjeant Epbraim Edmu di, Drum 6910 Dit o-Lieutenant Wm. Stuart Monteath, 13th December major Daniel, Pulson, Private Samuel Ball, and Private George 18.37. Puits, Calcutta.

47th Ditto-Lieutenant William Biddulph, 25th December No 255 of 1337.-The Hon'ble the President in council is tion of Assistant Surgeon Jolin S vith, of the "edical department

His honor in council is pleased in compliauce with the applica. pleased 10 assigu rank to the undermentioned 20 lieutenanti, cor

to direct tha: he shall bereafter appear on the strength of the neis, ensiuns, and assistant surgeons, from the dates specified army under the name of Johsmith and as a doctor of ine ticine. opposite their respective names : Artillery --Jolin sill, 9th December, 1836 and Henry Lewis, establishment, without prejuice to their rank, by permission of

The undermentioned omnceis bave priurned to their duty on tbis 12th June, 137.

The Honorable the Court of Directors: Cavalr.Francis Walker Drummond, and Frederick Neil Ed.

Captain John Fitzgerald, o: 1h- 21 regiment light caralry, date monsione, 20 June. 1837 ; Frederick James Altunder, 26th

of arrival at Fort Willim, 13th December 18.7. July ; Juan James Galloway. John Munro, is! August; Robert Christie, 7th ditto, and Archibald Stewart Galloway, (not arrived dirto 2 st dilio.

Capla v Charles Griffin, of the 51st regiment narire infantry, 21st septemper, 1837.

Lieuf, nant John Boti, of the 5th regiment liglit cavalry, ditto Infintry.Riebard William Henry Fanshawe, William Mayne, 171h ditu. Orfeur Carepagli, Thomas Cole, Athill Turner, James Pailulo Surgeon John Turner, of the medical department, ditto 17th ruot arrived) Deane Christian Shute. John Crominelin Lamb, ditio. l'ecil Plowden i rower, Arthur Carrington, Henry James Will Assistant Surgeon John Smyth, M D., of the medical departliam rarter, Richard Jobn Farer, Byam Martin Luieday, James ment, ditto 16th di to. Keith Forbes, Waller Williain Davis Voyle, John Cooper Fitz. Assistant Surgeon Andrew Henderson, of the medical depart. mavrice and John Stafford Paton, 12th June, 1837 ; Thonias ment, ditto additio, Spalikie 8. A., John tobinson, Peter Henry Knight Drwal, The fo lowing gentlemen are admitted to the service, in con. Jirctor Alexander Sandeman, Alfred Chichely Plowden, Alexa Skeno, Martin Boileau Wisti, Willian smith, Edward Close, Directors as cadets of artillery and infantry on this establishment,

der fornity with their appintment by the Honoranle the court of Petes Diummond, Juroes Grapt Stepben, Dumtries Crawford and promoted to the rank of 2d lieutenant and envigo respectively,

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leaving the dates of their commissions for future adjustment : Military Retiring Fund could be successfully formed, we had

Artillery – Mr. Henry Lewis, date of arrival at Fort William, thought it right so far as we could feel justified in doing s) to 17th December 1837, and Mr. Jobn Mill, ditto Isth dillo. irovide for the object contemplated in schemes of that nature by

Infantry --Messrs. Deane Christian Shute, Arthur Carrington an entargement or the Retiring Regulations, and that we had in and Athill Turner, ditto 16th December 1837; Waller Wiljam consequence resolved to grant the full pay of Captain to every Davies Voyle and Orfeur Cavenagh, ditto 17th ditto, and Byam officer who should have served in India 23 years, (3 years fur. Martin Loveday ditto 18th ditto.

lough included) whether he had a caines that rank legimentally The underimentioned officers are permitted to proceed to Europe Lieutenant Colonel and colonel after en com le ion of an

or not, and the full pay of each of the superior ranks of Major, on rurlough: Brigadier Gabriel Richard Penny, of the 11th regiment N I

additional period of 6 ye irs service for each of those ranks in such

ces ion. viz. comm inding the station of Barrackpore ; Lieutenant colunel Josrph Harris, of the 631 regiment N. I , and ensign Robert lo

For Major's pay, 28 years service, including 3 years for a fur.

lough. glis, of the 37th re'iment N. 1, on medical certificare.

For Licut. Colonel's pay 33 ditto ditto. Bei et colonel Forster Walker, of the 33 l regimeut N 1 ;

For Colonel's pay, 34 aitto ditto. captain Frederick Goventry, of th - 6tb regiment light cavalry ;

Being !). of Opinion that some additional advantage in res. Lieutenant George Richard siddons, of the 1st regiment light pect the "eriods of retirement in a properly be granted to the cavalry, and Lieutenant Printle shortreed, of the 17th regiment Snior Officers w o would have been more esecially the im. N. 1., on account of private attrirs.

medlale otjects of benefit from a Retir ng Fund hat sich a Sorgroa Nathanial Morgan, of the medical department and of fund been esta lished. we have resolved that the period of serthe Nizam's service. is permitted to procerd to Europe on fur. vice to qualify an 0.fic r for the pay of each adv nced rank after louh, on account of his private affirs, from Bombay.

that of Captain, siall be reduceri from five to four years, the Coronel John Peter Boileau, of the regiment of artillery, is periods of service in liniit required for e ch rank being consepermitted to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope, ou medical cerquently hereafte as follows, v 2. tilicate, and to be absent from Bengal on that account for two Eve y ofice, who sull have s-rvel 23 years (3 yzars furlough years.

includ () shul be allowed to re jre on he vay of a Car ain wheLi-utenant John Michael Loughnan, of the 10th regiment light ther he shall hive attained that rank Regimen ally or not. Cavalry, fort ajutint of Fort William, is pernitted to proceed to included shall be allow : to retire on the pry of a Major whehter

Eve y Officer who shall have served : 7 years (svear, furlongh New South Wales, on medical certilicate, and to be absent froin he sh li have aitaine i that rank or nt. Bengal on that account for two years. Ist jentenant R. Walker, of the regiment of artillery Aide incluie) shall be allwed to reure on ihe pa 'of' Lieutenant

Every Officer who shall have served 31 years (3 years furlough de camp to Major General Sleich, of the staff of the Wairas Colonel whether he shall have attained th t rank or not army, lias leave of absence from the 15th January to the 15th July

Every Officer who shall h ve servd 35 vea s ( 1 years furlough nexi, to enable hiin to rejoin his company.

incindet shul be allowed to retire on the fult pay of a Clonel Major Peter Johnston, of the 5th regiment native infantry, 2d whether he shall hwe attained that rankrvot. nssistant to the resident at indore, is perinteil to retire from the 4 The e arrangements to have eff ct without prejudice to any Bervice of the East bdia company, from the 13th instant, on claiins alis ng out of the Retiring Kegilations as established in the pension of a Lieutenant colonel, ag reeably to regulation of the year 1796. the 23d May 1836.

.. We desire thit i may be distinctly understood that the preCaptain William Ellis, of the 45th reginent native infantry, is sent is immeasure You will accordingly decline to forward to permitted to ievire from the s rvice of the East India company, us any applicati in which may have in is wa further extension of on the hall pay of his rank, froin the date of departure of the ship the Regulations now established with regard to the retirem, nt of on which he muy embark for Europe.

our Milita y servants. His honor in council is pl-ased to inake the following promo. Fort William, December 29th.-No 259 of 1937.- The hon'blo tions :

the president in Cuncil is pleased to direct that the following Ordnance commissariat department.-Sub.conductor Joseph paras. of a military letter from the Honorable the Court of Direc. Vyal to be conductor, and Serjuant Patrick Bentley to be sub tos to the Belal Governant, No 71, dated 30th August conductor, from the 29th November, 1837, vice Irish deceased. 1857, and its enclosures, be published in generai orders. Sub.conductor fenry Michell to be conductor, and Serjeant

Para. I. We forward for your information the copy of a reso. major Joseph Higgiubottom of the Gith regiment native infant y lution adopted by us on the 2011 November 1936, for granting to he sub conductor, froin the 30th November, 1537, vice Carn honorary certificates of diligence and good conduct to these gen. dece sed Con luctor Edward Tiwnsenil, attached to the 5th divisiou have been to successful in oblaining enginars appointments, may

tlemen cadets at a military seminary, who a though thry may department of public works. has leave of absence for three yet be considered as meriting sone testimony of approbation for months from the oth ultimo, to visit the presidency, preparotory line rexertions in study and regularity of behaviour wuiist at the to applying for leave to proceed to Europe, on mulical certificate.

institution The services of apothecary Francis Peterson, at present altach.

2 We have now to inform you that at the public examination ed to the garrison dispensary in Port William, are placed at the which was held at the military seminary ou ille 12111 June list, disposal of the Honorable the Deputy Goveruer of Bengal, for the

Messrs. Henry Lewis and Robert Christie were found to have performance of medical duties in wracan,

rendered themselves worth of the distinction of receiving the Assistant Apothecary Janes Hifferan is appointed by the De. honorary certiticate which was presented to them in our name puty Governor of Fort William, to the giriison dispeusary in

accordingly. Fort William, vice Peterson, Mem 'randum - The date of the resora from the surlough of November 18 6. we forward for your observation, and also for

In conformity with the last part of our resolution of the 30th Major G. N. C. Campbell, of the regiment of aidille y, and Cap. tain w. Saurin, of 31st 'regiment watire infantry, is the 15in pubication in general orders, a copy of the repo if Major Ce.

mer11 Sir A. Dickson on the merits of Wessrs, Lewis and Christie, instant, instead of the 16th, as announced in general orders No.

who were selected for the ar illery and stationed to your presi. 250, of the 18th instan'. The o der books to be altered accord.

decy, but Mr. Christie has since been a wed to resign that ingly.

branch of the service for a chialry appointment
41 a Court of Directors hold on Wednesday the 30th

Nul'ember 1436
Fort William, December, 29th 1897 —No 257 of 1837.-In

Resolved. - That this court entirely concur in the propriety and continuation of General Orders No 75, of the 19th April last, the expertiency of the suggestions which are offered in the lette from following para. of a Military Letter, No 3, from the Hon'ble the Cornel sir Alexander Dickson and Colonel : tannus, with a view Court of Directors to the Governor General .f India in council to the encourigement of young men of talent it the ini itary se. under date the 5th July 1837. and the further warrant, dated the minary. to persevere is the diligent study of the various branches 2.ith May 1857. granung aditional advantages to solliers in Her of scence pursued at that ins itution Majests's Service for good conduct, therein referred to, are pub.

That as, from the wall of vacancies in the scientific corps, Jished in General O ders. Para. I. In continuation four Letter in this Department it is desirable as an incitemeni to encreased application on the

there is not at the present period sufficient object for emula ion, dared the 19th October 1836, No 12, wet ansmit a firther War.

part of the gentlemen cadets, to grant honorary certificates of Jant received from Her Majesty's Secretary at War dated the

diligence and good cinduct to those who, although they may bave 26th May 1837, granting additional advantiges to Soldiers for good bern grisuccessful in attaining engineer appoin mens, muy be conduct, you will adopt similar measures for bringing this Warrant

considered to merit seme testimony of approbation for their into operation to those pursued by you on carrying into effectile exrruiou in study and regularity of behaviour while at the institu. previous War ant which accompanied our Letter of October tion. 1x36 above quote.

That honorary certificates be accordingly granted to such cadets [Here follows the Good conduct Warrant dated 25th May 1837, appointed to the artillery and infantry, as may have at'aine to wbicb was inserted in the India Gazelle of the 13th ultimo.] the required standard of qualification by the fulfilment of the fol.

lowing conditions w ich shall be deemed requisite to render a Fort Wilam, D::. 29th.–No. 253 of 1837.-The Hon'ble the cadet eli ible thereto, viz. President in Council has much pleasure in publishing to the in Mathematics-to have gone through the course to the end Army the following extract paragraphs 2 to 5) of the letter from

of fluvions the Hon'b'e the Court of Directors, totie Guve unent of India, Fortification - to bave completed the course. No. 5. dated 20th September 18.17, announcing tho grant of addi- ,, Military drawing--the surveys to be well and correctly tional arivantages to the Senior Officers of the Army in respect of

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finished and to have attained a fair ru. Re iring Pension

ficiency in military drawing. * Para. 2. In our letter of the 230 D cember 1831,we announc- Civil drawing-to have obsessed unremitting diligence and ed to you that as we considered it hopeless to o spectthat any




In Hindoostanre-to be able to read and translate at the public Ist Lieutenant Francis Claude Burnett, of the regiment of artil

exainination French-to bave observed every diligence and industry in juice to his rauk, by permission of the Hon'ble the Court of

lery, has returned to bis duty on this establishment, without pre Latin

these branches. * Character-to have borne in the reports generally a character

Directors, date of arrival at Fort William, 17th December 1837..

The undermentioned officers are permitted to proceed to Ea of diligeuce and good conduct.

rope on furlough : That the gentlemen caiets obiaining these certificates (which are to be engraved in a suitable manner) be allowed the privilege Captain William Gendes, of the regiment of artillery ; Lieutenant

Colonel Richard Collyer Andree, of the 7th regiment N 1, ; of selecting ithe presidency to which they shall be posted, and George Hatchings of the 69ih regiment N I. and Assistant that their names with a suitable statement of their merits be Surseon Avain vurray, M. D., of the medical department, ou accoinmunicated by the court for the onservation of the local Govern count of private affairs, meals, and also for publication in general orders to the aj my. Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Morrieson, of the 6716 regiment

NI ; ensign Charles Dov. ton, of the 14th regiinent N. 1., and

ensigni George Jenkins, of tbe 21st regiment N. L., on medical Report of Major General Sir Alexander Dickson, K. C. B., 15th

certificate. June, 1837.

Lieutenant Colonel James Tennant, the regiment of artillery, It has affirded me mich pleasure on this occasion to witness is permitted to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope, on medical the presentation of honorary Certificates to the following gentle certiticate, and to be abseut from Bengal ou ibat account for two mei cadets, which from their diligence ani gooi conduct they years fully merited ; and I trut that the nistinction thus conferred will Lienteriant Richard Samuel Tickell, of the 720 regiment native bave tue best effect by exciting encreased emulatiou in study ; infantry, suh assistant commissary general, has leave of absence

from the 25th January 15 18 to the 25th January 1839, to vi.it Names of eadets who received honorary certificales.

Simia, on medical certificate. 1. Mr Henry Lewis.

The leave of absce obtained by Captain William Freeth, of 2. dir, Ilobert Christie.

the bth regiment native infantiy, in general orde « No. 248, of No. 269 of 1837 – The Honorable the President in Council is the 18th ultimo is cancelled at the request of that officer. plensed to direct, that the following extract (para 2 to n) of a

conductor Edward Townsend, of the department of pablic mili ary letier froin the Hon'ble the court of Directors, No. 59, works, is permitted to proceed to Europe on furlough, ou medi. dated vih August 1437, be published in general ordes :

cai cerificat. Para. 2. It is our wish and desire that regimental rise should

Serjeant Major Frederick Whitehead, on the 26th re:iment na. in every case be br.ught into fuli operation at the earliest practi

tise intantry, is adimitted in the benefits of the pension sanctioned cable period afier ihe arrival of the cadet at the presidency for hy minutes of council of the 11th of Jaanary 1797 and general which he is appointed.

orders dated the 5th February 1820, subject to the confirmation of 3. With this view the lists of rank of cadets are forwarded by

The Hon'ble llie Court of Directors, with permission to receive the first opportunity after the can b- finally arranged, and upon

his pension a Dey ah.

No. 4 of 1838 an average 10 cadet has been inore than two or three months in

The President in council is plensed to make the

following appointments : India before you are apprized of the order in which he stands for surcession to a regi'nen al vacancy If there be then a vacancy

Surrean John Sawers, 3i1 and officiating as 21 member of the and he s an i first of the unposted ca lets he should be iminediate

mestical board, lo he 26 member, vice swiney retireil, and to. ly appointed to fill it, 80 that his pa ticipation in the chances of

officiate as 181 meinber, during ihe absence of su geon Langsta regimental rise may a once commence.

Superintending Surgeon Thomas Smith, officinting 3d Member, The supply of carlets being duly apportione it to the wants

to be 3it member of the Medical Board, vice Sawens, and in oth. of the se, vice it will seldoin happen in the above rule be carefully

ciate as 21 member, during the absence of Surgeon Lanustaff. acted up in, that any one regionent has more than one vacaney Superintending Surgeon Colin Campbell 10 officiate as 3d at a lince and consequently that under ordinary circumstances member of ihe Mediral Board, during the absence of Surgeon no necessity will arise for the transfer of cornets or eusi us from

Laugstaff, or until further orders. One regimeu to another.

Surgeon Alexander Halliday, M. D., officiating superintending 5. Should cases arise hereafter in which there are two or

surgeon, to be a superintending surgeon on the establishmcui,

vice Sinith appointp to the medical board. more vacancies in any one regiinent whilst olher regiments of

Surgeon George Kinz, garrison surgeon at Chunar. to officiate the same army are coinplete, we concur in opinion with the

as superiutending surgeon, during the perioi Mr. Campbell may Commander in Chief that the senior rornet or ensign would gain one step by remoral shouid it be desire it be granted Wat adyan.

be einpl.yed in the Medical Brand, or until further orders.

The foregoing appointinents are 10 have effect from the 3184 tage.


ultimo. 6. N cornet or ensign is removeable for purposes

promo. tion except at his own request, anıl as there are difficulties in the way of ascertaining the wishes of individuals in this respect at Fort William, 3d January 1834,-No. 2 of 1938.-Lienteaant the tine when conting n'y arises, we drsi e that it be established Arthur Conolly, of the 6th Regiinent Light Cavalry, Assistant to as a regu'ation that every cornet or ensign who may wish to be the Governor General's Agent in Rajpootanah, is permitted to reino ed to any corps by removal to which he would gain one proceed to Europe on Furlough, on Medical Cerificate. or inore strps shall notif: his wish to that effect to the Adjutanı Fort William, January lith -No. 5 of 1338. - 'The undermen. General of the army, within one month from the date of his bring tioned officers are permitted to proceed to Europe a farlough: 6 st posted--should lie afterwards desire to alter this determina. Mwjor General Martin White, of the 221 reginent native i fan. tion he may notify the same in the Adjt. General. The Coinman try; Lieutenant colonel John Taylur, of ihe ::91h regiment native der in hier will ihus at all times be in pissession of ibe peces. infantry ; Captain Thomas Fisher, of the 48ib tegident native sary infrmation to enable him to equalize ihe number of cornets infantiy; Lieutenant Kenneth John White of the regiment of or ensigns in each corps with uue attention to the interests of all artillery; Lieutenant Whalley Master, of the 7ih regiment light concernet

Caralry ; Lieutenant Silindri James Tabor, of the 7th regiuneat Furt William, January 5tk. -No 3 of 1838.– The President light civalry, and surgron Thomas E. Baker, of the medical in council is pleased to mpke the following promotions :

department, 011 account of private affai s Kight Wing European regiment - Ensign Frederick Summers Lieutenant Co onel Henry rock, of the 23d regiment oativo Macmullen to be lieutenant, from the 13th December 1837, více infantry and brevet Captain William Biddulph, of the 45th regi. Lieutenant Andrew Dick deceased.

ment native infantry, on medical certificate. 5th Regiment N. 1.- Captain Stephen Swayue to be major ; In general orders No 1, dated the 2 instant, publishing offLieutenant harles Williain High to be Captain of a Company reckoning advances for the year 1.37, the word Europe" in. and ensign Ralph Dows n to be lieutenant, fiom the 15th Decem. serted by desire of Major General William Hopper opposite to ber 1837, in suci ession to Major Peter Johnston retired on the his name in the statemen, is chaliged to " India,' to enible him pension of a lieutenant colonel

1o draw the advance f Company's rupees (3,200) (hree thousand 2411 Kegiment N. 1.-Ensigo John Guise to be lieutenant, from two hundred and sixty-six.

No 7. of 1828.-Assistant Surgeon W B. O'Shanghnessy, N D., the 1st January 1838, rice Lieutenant George Brockman re. signed.

pofessor medical college, is exempled from the operation of Medical department.--Assistant Surgeon Richard Shaw to be clause 25 of general orders No 25, of the 28th January 1*35, sn'geon, from the 31st December 1837, vice Su geon Jolin prohibiting thr European assistant in that institutiva from inter: dwiney, M. H., retired.

ing into private practice. The unstermentioned officers of cavalry and infantry are pro. Fort William, January 19th - No. 12

of 1:38.-The moted to the rank of Captain by brevet, from the dates expressed Hon'ble the president in council is pleased to make the follow. opposite to their names.

ing appointment. Lleurenai John Bracken, of the 29th regiment native infantry, Lieutenant Colonel John Cheape, of the corps of engineers, to

be executive engineer of the 12th orK ornaul division department 20 January 1834.

Lieuteliant Edward Watt, of the 6th regiment light cavalry, of publice works. 30 January 834

Cornet George Ilowcroft Bada, of the 3d regiment light caval. Lieutenant Joba Christie, of the 3d regiment light cavalry, 4th ry, is permitted to proceed to Europe on furlough, on medical

certificate January 1833

The Hon'ble the Depnty Governor of Fort William has been Port William, January, 22nd 1838. —No. 13 of 1838. - The pleased to appoint Assistant surgeon H. H. Spry, to officiate Hon'ble the President in Council is pleased to make the follow. until the pleasure of the Governor General be known, as ist ing Promotions and Alteration of Rank : assist uut garrison surgeon of Fort Williamı during the absence of 40th Regiment pative infantry.-Lieutenant and Brevet Cap. Dr. Bell, on sick certificate.

trin Robert Warden Fraser to be Captain of a Company, and

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