Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

Mannak, for Moolmein and Rangnon; Pern, John Gray, for Cant Parker, 58th N.1 ; Dr. Clarkson, B Service : Lieatens Sydney and New South Wale; Diane. H. Ireland, for llarre.- Walker, 26th NI; Rhirt Douzias, P. Atkinson and T. Ostell 15th St. George, E. Williams, for Bristol ; Emily Jane, E«qrs, ; 7 Children and 4 Servants W. Shels one, for Singapire and China; Vellekel Baha.. Naco da, for Judetul.-7th. Carpidish Bentince, 4. Mackenzie, for

Per Robert Small.--Colonel and Mrs. Battine and 4 children: Bristol and Mauritius ; Cornwall, Wm Bell fir London - 20th

Mrs C. R. Barwell ant 3 children; ur. and Mrs. Ganeb and 4 Gang's, B. Amint for Bordeaux.-21st. Swallow, R Macal. Phillren: Mrs Stanley Clarke and 5 childonn, "iss Graldeburs ; Hister, for Martins.-4th. SulomoShan Nicol, for Mecal;

4G Smith !'89, BC'S ; FC_Read. '&q, B.C.$, ; Captain Birde

Fraser Erimard, Du om for Bordeaux ; Emerald Isle, Th 08. Driveriph. B.NI; Lieutenant Park. Hvis 28th: W.F for New South Wales via Madras.-28th. Samuel Buder, R. Exq-Children – Miss and Master O'Dowia ; 2 Misses Jacis: Wilde, for Mauritius.

I Master inckson and I Master Coombs - For the Cope - Mr. and re. Horn.

Per St. George, for Bristol.-Lady Mowatt and Child; Mrs. DEPARTURES OF PASSENGERS. Dick and Chilit: Virs Curt 18 Mrs Hig inson and Child: "rs.

Pnlles anid 3 Children; the Right Hohle Sir C.1. Metcalfe.

G.C.B.; WF. Dick Esq.CS ; Capt. Fisher, 48th N I, Ana 3 Per Emerald Isle for Aust.alia Mrs. Lock, Mrs. Bechero i Children; Cant. J Hegingon. 58th NI: Ljet Fie ch, H.U. Mrs. Longhnan, Mrs Bell-w. Mrs. Yeatman, Mrs, Chishnim, lith Dragoons ; Dr, Spencer, Maclean and Tillmarsh. 1. $ :D. Mrs. E.B. Gleeson, and Mrs. JH. Gleeson ; J. Donnihorne,

One-Sombre, Esq ; J Cooper, Eeq.: Ensig GS Browne, Esq c S.; Dr. Ei, Yeatroan; Lieutenant Charles Grahain ;

70th NI; Missae Ca oline and Julia Limbert, and Master ino. Lieutenant H. Becher ; Captain JO1 LOhnan; Mr EB. Low, And 10 Serrants. Gleeson; Vir JH Glee son ; Captain Beilew ; Mr. C. Cardew ; Per Wul Watch, for Pening and Singapore -\fr. and Mrs. Ensign Mandy; Mr W.J. Browne: Capt.in chiedolm ; Cap: Court; Mr. and Mrs. Almeida, and siisses Low and Gale. tain Innes HM. 30th Regt.; Ur. Bayldon, steerige passenger. Per Dukenj Bruccleugh - Mrs Fanc noi ? Children; Mrs Jack. several children and Servants. Fo- Madras. Miss Corr ;

son and I Child; Mrs IV Turner anil 2 Children; Mrs. Warda Lieutenant Jackson; Mr. Lindsay, and Mr. Elliott..

and 1 Children; Mrs. He ring. Master James Robson, and Viss Per Brorhrneiury. sor London - Wrs Tennant, Mrs. J. Don, Ann Mary Wilsin; Misses Fine ant Linds18; W. Pane, Esq. gal, Mrs. Greeve and Mrs Burridge; Lieut. Col Tennant ; John.

W*divid, Esq. c. S.; Drs Jackson anil Stok-si Capt. Dougal, Esq ; Capt. Greve; JO Birridge, Esq. BM 16th Herring, BV.I.; P. Brown. Esq. H.M. 3:1 Rest; T. Smith, Laurers; EG Swinton, Esq. H M 3d Dragons; Eusion Dove. «9,NT; Ciut. Walter Warlea; JH Wagentraber, Esq. ton ; Misses Ellen Mangles, Mary Mangles. Inderson, Martin. J

and Master Manchon P. Tavler, J.H Burridge, E E Burridge, MA Burridge, CP Per Bargue Cornwall, for London.-Mrs. Marlent; M. Smith, E Smith, Greene, Gree:e, Jane Tennant, Louis: Tennant, , Burvev: Mrs. Acrew; Vrs. Stripart; Mrs. Bell; P. M. Markod. Mary Tennant, R. A Doncal, E.: Dongal ES pongal, and lov. C., E39 : Col Fashful; Col. F. Wak-r; Col. Purney : Col. Dougal; Masters James Martin inn. Martin, Charlin. Chas Harris : Dr. Murray, AS; Lirnt. Z.N. Mallack, BA; T. Lowes, HSC Taylır, J P. Sinith, R P Smith H. Eliit, Elliot, Bonnaffe, Esl. : J. Tosh, Esq : C.R.'Vartin. C S., Esq. ; Mons. E, C. Tennant. J . Dongal, and C. G. Dougal,

Alben; Miss Linrence, Miss B II, three Musters Ba ney and Per Bland.-Mrs Abbott, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Parker an! Mrs.

tw, Masters Agnew, and two Europeau servants. Robertson ; Misses Atkinson and su Atkinson; the levd Mr. Pasg ngers per Bhrugurulty in tow of the Megra, left Calcutta Proby: the Rerd Mr. Chadwick; Capı. Abbott, Eusigneers; 2d March 1835 :





4. At Calcutta, the lady of Mr. W. Holland, of a daughter.

Al Mhow, the lady of Lieut. Colonel Jobo Tolloch, of . Nov. 13. At Protew. near Cape Town, the lady of Capt.

daughter. F. Milner, 36th regt BNI, or a daughter.

5. At Goorko factory, zillah Pabna. The lady of J C. M. Miller, Jan. 2. At Meerut, the lady of Capt. Abbott, Artillery, of a Esq., third son of the late Major General J. G. Miller, of His

Sweedish Majesty's service, of a son 8. At Lucknoie, the lady of Major chas. RW. Lane, com.

A: Dinapo'e, at the residence of her father, Vis Super. manding 2d llegt. N.I., of a son,

inten ing Surgeon Marshall, Mrs. Carew, relict of the late Lieu.

tenant Cardew, Artillery, of a daughter. 14. At Allahabad, the lady of Snrg J. Johnstono, M.D., of a daughter.

6. At Kurnant, the lady of Brevet Captain Stebelia, Inter. 18

Al Monghir, the wife of Mr. J. Thompson, conductor of prefer to Her Majesty's 13th L. 1., of a daughter. ordnance invalid pension establishment, of a son.

7. At Benares, the lady of Mr. Walter Charles. Arm of Tat. 21. At Meernt, the lady of H. T. Owen, Esq, CS. of a son

tle and Charles, of u daughter, 21. At Calcutta, Hrs. B. Barber, junior, of a daugh er.

At Calcutta, Mrs. Samuel Smith, of a son. 25. At Calcutta, the lady of Henry Chapman, Esq., of a son. 10, At Serampore, the wise of Mr. James Chambers, of a son - At Chandernacore, th- wife of Mr. A. S. Dapier, Supdt and beir. of Nuttipotta Factory, zilla Nuddea, of a daughter,

12. At Calcutta, Mrs Captain Charles Whiffen, of a daa:hter. 97. At Lucknow, the lady of Lirui. Col. J. Daw, of a son.

A Chittagong, Mrs A. R. Smith, of a son. 30. At Allahabad, Mrs. Husband, of a daughter,

13. At Be aares, the lady of Lieut. F. R. Ellis, 41st N L.,

of a son. In Chowringhee, the lady of G. C. Plowden, Esq., CS of a son.

14. At Ch' wringbeo, the lady of 11. T. Prinsep. Esq of a son At Kidderpore, the lady of Capt. W. Doothby, of a daughter At Birdpore, Gorrockporo, the lady of Hugh Gibbou, Feb, 1. At Calcutta, the lady of Mr. Arcbibald (A. V.) of twin Esq., of a son.

16. At Eutally, Mrs. H, J, Lee, of a daughter. 2. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. Thomas Bartlett, Honorable At Calcutta. Mrs. N. T. Boyeson, of a daughter, Company's Marine, of a 80o.

At Calcutta, Mrs. P. G. Stewart, cf a son. At Madras, the lady of W. R White, Esq., Deputy In. spector General Hospitals, B. M. l'roops, of a daughter.

16. At Calcutta, the lady of the Rev. James Bowser, of At Loodianah, the lady of Captain J. Halkett Craigie, 20th

daughter. Regt. N.I. of a son.

18. At Howrah, the wise of Rev. J. D. Ellis, of a son. 3. At Calcutta, the lady of J. M. Mabuk, Esq., of a daughter. At Gardeu lleach, the lady of C. J. Richards, Esq., of

At Calcutta, the wife of Captain McDougall, of the sbip a son. Edmonstone, of a daughter.

ly. At Kidderpore, Mrs Charles Browalow, of a son. At Calcutta, Mrs. G. Galloway, of a danghter.

20. At Calcntia, the wife of Mr. Charles F. Cormere of a At Calcutta, the lady of J. Hodges, Esq. of a son.


21. Al Calculta , Mrs. Waly Currie, the wife of Mr John. 15. At $1. John's Cathedral by the Rev. A. Fisher, Cartain Cu rie of Cossitollab, of a daughter.

John Henry Simmonds, of the 55th regt. N. 1., to Flizabeth

Susannah, eldest daughter of Sir Robert Graham, Bart., of Eske, At Calcutta, Mrs. T. & Crosby, of a daughter.


17. At St. Andrew's Chorch. by the Reva, James Charles,

Lirutenant James Archibald Macdonald, of the Royal Nary, MARRIAGES.

son of Colonel Macionalit of F. lockenneth in Argyltshire, to

Martha, daughter of the late Sebastian Hallord Greig, Esquire. Jan. 8. At the Purneah Roman Cathoic Church, hy the Res.

At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, hv the Rev. H. Fisher, F. Flosion, Mr. Lawrence DeRozario, to Miss Mary Eliza Bovall

E D. Barxell, of the Inner Temple. Esq. Barrister at Law, to

Anna Maria Louisa, eldest daughter of N.J. Halbed, Esq, At the purpe ab Roman Catholic Church, by the Rerd. F BC. S. Flosion, Mr. Charles DeRozarin, Assistant to Mr. H. Buckland, at Chooleah Factory, to Miss Mary Sarab Bonall.

At Caloutta, Mr. Peter Sipith, to Miss Charlotte Ann

Tamnes. IR. At Gwalior, by the Revd. L. C. Fernandes, Mr. P. V Fernandes, to Mrs. Rosa Maria French.

At St. Andrer's Church, Calcutta. by the Rev. James

Charles, Senior Chaplain, Mr. G. H. Huitmann, 10 Olivia, At Dinapore. Lieut George Parker, 7th Rext. NI., taughter of James Horsburgh, Esq., of Firth, Roxburghshire, Eliza Cecilia, youngest daughter of Supt., Surg, J. Marshall N.B.

25 At the Scotch Kirk, by the Revil. James Charles, J. W Carnegie, Esq , Intrrpre er and Quarter Master of the 15th. N.1 to Jane, daughter of The late David Scott, Esq., of the Civil

DEATHS. Service.

26. At Agra, by the Revil. R. Chamhers, Mr. F. Pulmer to Miss Catharine John, eldest daughter of Mr. A. Johan, Merchant

Sept. 17. FUNnPE - At Crakaig, Sutherlandshire, Henrietta at Agra,

Wemyss, the wife of Robert lunes, Esq , of Thrumster. 27 At Calcutta, in the principal Roman Catholic Church, by the 1. At Sea, on board the Lotus, Ensign C. F. Gordon, of tho Rev. Mr. J. H. Miscarinh 18. Hrry Randolah, Esq , Merchant 19h lle imeut Native Infantry. and Agent at Chittagong to Miss Clara Phillips.

Oct. 29, At Sea, on board the Palmyra, on her voyage to Al Calcutta, at the Old Church by the Venerable the Arch En:land, Capt Thomas Medley, late of the 5th Regiment Madras de con, Mr. John McLausin, Custom House Officer, to Miss Anne

Natire Infantry. Paul.

Nov. (5. At Sea, on board the Reliance, Col. George Becber At Calcutta, Mr. John Kirk, of Hessis. W. Cruinp and

of the Bengal Cavalry. Co.'s, to Miss Charlotte Louisa King.

Jan. 5. At Delhi, Sergeant Major John Pearson, of the 16th

Native ufantry. 29. At Lucknow, by the Rev F. A. Dawson, M.A., Lient C. Camn) gnae, in H.M. the King of Oude's Service, to Bliss.

11. At Agra, Richard Meade, son of Lieut. C. Boulton, 47th Eleanor Hill.

Native Infautry, aged 10 months. 30 it the Old Church, by the Venerable the Archdeacon, Mr.

At Sangor, Central India, Helen Isabella, the infant daugh. William John Twentyinan, to Miss Sarah Montgomery.

ter of 4:8:st at Surgeon y B. Dickson, 69th Regt. NT, aged 4 At Howrah Church, Capt. Thomas Viall, of Essex, Commonths. mander of the Burque Syluks to Miss Charlotte Maria Hudson,

12. the eldest daughter of Mr. C. Hadsoa.

At Agri, of small.pox, Mr. Horn, in the Office of Agra

At the Cathedral, by the Venerable T. Dealtry, D.C.L.. the
Hon'ble C H Camernu, lisq., to Juiia Margaret, eldest daughter

13. A Singapore, John Collie, Esq., aged 22 years. of James Pattle, Esq , BC.S.

14 At Agu, of small-pox, the wife of Mr. Falkland, Assistant in At Lucknow, Major C. Hainilton. 221 regt, to Eleanor' the Agra Bank. eldest daughter of Brigadier Johnston, and widow of the lac Cap Nic, Ison.

18. At Delhi, of consumptian, Lieut. W. E, Rees, of Engineers, Feh. I. At Calcutta, by the Veuerable Archdeacon Dealıry.

22. At Ghazeepore, Mrs. S.P. Wharton widow of the lato W. G. Goodeve, son of Mr. G. Gordeve. Bost inaker, Fenchurch Lieut. Col Wharton, 5th Bengal Lght Cavalry. Street, London, to Mrs Mary Brgbie, relict, of tbe late Jr.

At Lucknow. the infant son of Major Chas. R. W. Lano Peler Begbie, Boot-maker, Calcutta.

Coinmanding 21 regt. N. I., aged 14 days. 3. At the Prinripal Roman Catholic Church, by the Right Revil. Dr. St. Leger, Vicar postolic of Bengal, Jam-s Heiy. 27. At his house, in Chandeina :ora, 19 much regretted as ho 159., of Calcutta. t. Mary Theresa, eldest daughter of the late was dese: velly respectert ly ail who knew biin Mathew Razet, Hyacinth Beguinot, Esq., of the Isle of France.


, one of the oldest planters in Jessore, in fact one of thoso

worily men to wh se enterprising industry and preserveranco 5 At the Roman Catholic Church, by the Right Revd, Dr st. the lower zillahs of Bengal were originally indebted for the Leger, Vicar Apostolic of Bengal, Mr. P Pinto, to Miss F. extension and improvement of the cultivation of Iudigo.

Irich, eluest daughter of the late John Drake Ulrich, Esq., 01 Chiusurali,

At sea, on board the l'orasjee Family, Thomas McKellar,

Esq , or the firm of Gibson, McKeilar, and Co., aged 30 years. - Ai the Principal Roman Catholic Church.by the Right Revd Dr. St. Leger, Vicur Apostolic of Bengil, Joaquim D. Almeida 23. At Calcu'ta, Mrs. Anna Samuel, the mother of Mr. Joseph Esq., of Singapore, to Roso diaria, youngest daughter of Capt. Samuel, of the Conservancy Department, aged 80 year. W. Barrington,

30 At Calcuita, Mrs. Eliza Kieruan, aged 26 years and 7 6. At Mymensing, Mr. Thomas Jahang, Head Clerk, to nontlis. Mise Eliza Pickett, eldest daughter of Mr. John Pickett, of Ja mulpore.

31 At Calcatta, Mr. Benjamin McMahon, of the Court of

Requests aged 40 years. 7. At Calcutta, at the principal Roman Catholic Church, by the Revd. D., Olliffe, Dorothea, daughter of E. G. Dubas,

At Dacca, Mrs, 1.0, DeSolminihac, wife of Mons. B.P.E. Esq. Sodigo Planter, to P. P. Beneett, Esq., lodigo Planter,

DeSolininihac, aged 36 years. 10. At Calcutta, by the Rerd. H. S. Fisher, Mr. J, H. Aystep. 5, At Calcutta, Mr. John Gill, Assistant to Messrs. Bailio and to Miss Caroline Baine.

Molloy, aged 30 years, 4 months and 5 days, At Calcutta, in the Armenian Church, by the Rev. Ter At Calcutta, Mr. Thomas Hampton, Assistant Suddor David Mackertich, Mr. Arraton Marroot, of the Naun Sangor Board of Revenue, aged 35 years. Indigo l'ectory. to Mary, eldest daughter of tho late Arra ovn Manuk David, Esq., of Calcutta.

8. At Calcutta, Mrs. Helen Anne Grote, lady of Arthur Pliny

Grote, Esq., C.S., aged 18 yeors and 7 months. 14. At Goruckpore, D. T. Timins, Esq., Civil Service, to Mary Anno, eldest daughter or F. Todd, Esq., of Peckbum, 5. At Dhooly, Tirhoot, Charles Latchlan Corry, the infant son Surrey.

of C. Mackinnon, Esq. aged 1 year and 18 days,

12. At Calcutta, Mr. F. D'Cruz, aged 60 years.

22 At Calcutta, Arteline, the third daughter of Clande

Queiros, Esq., aged 3 years, 5 months and 22 day. At Bhangulpore, Mr Charles Bidge, aged 35 years, after a lingering and painful illness.

At Calcutta, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs J. E.

Gomes. 13. At Calcutta, Mr. Joseph Lucas, aged 55 years.

23. John McLeod, the infant son of J. Hawkins, Esq. C. S. 15. At Calcutta, Mrs. Margaret Howe, relict of the late H. G, A. Howe, Esq.

Lately on his passage from India, to England, Captain Peter,

Gray, of the 57th Foot, A worthy upright honorable Gentleman, 19 At Calcutta, Mrs. Clarissa Cripps, widow of Mrs. C. and by his death H.M, Service has lost an intelligent excellent Cripps, H. C. Marine, aged 29 years, 2 months and 21 days Officer,

19. At Calcutta, John Mitchell 'odd, Esq., Surgeon, 10th EUROPE.-At Birmingham, in November last, George Ballard, Regt. B. N. I, aged 40 years.

Esq., late of Calcutta.




Browne, R. A.......

Registrar Supreme Court. Durgadas Dott..

Ramurangine Dasi, Widow.
Lonsdale, G. G., Lieutenant 3d Regiment of Foot....... William Ainslie, Esq.
Morison, William......

William Speir and James Church.
Tewary Sree Crustnaje, Arjoon Nathjee Seeapbul........... Ranee Box, Widow.
McCowan, LJ.....

Registrar Supreme Court.

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FORT WILLIAM, LEOISLATIVB DEPARTMENT, THE 12TH MARCH, 1933. GENERAL DEPARTMENT, TDE 28TH FEBRUARY, 1838.-The Hon'ble -The following drait of a proposed act was read in council for the president in council is pleased to attach to the Bengal the first time on the 121b Marcb 1839.

presidency, Mr. R, B. Thornbili, writer, reported qualified for It is hereby enacted, that from the day of it shall the public service. be competent to the session judges within the presidency of Bombay, in adjudging a sentence of fine, to award such fue, or any part of such fine in compensation to the party who may bave civil service, employed in the north western pror nces, em.

THE 28TH FEBRUARY, 1838.-The following gentlemen of the been injureil ; in like manner as it is competent to magistrates barked on board the ship Duke of Buccleugh, which vessel was to award fives, under clause 1st, section XIII, regulation XII. of

left by the pilot at sea on the 24th instant : 1837, of the Bombay code.

Mr. William Fane for the Cape of Good Hope, Ordered, that the drast now read be published for general

Mr. Ricbard Woodward for England. information.

Mr. R. B. Thorubill. writer is reported qualified for the public Ordered, that the said draft be re-considered at the first meeting service by proficiency in two of the native ges. of the legislative council of India after the 24th day of April next.

FORT WILLIAM, GENERAL DEPARTMENT, The 12TH MARCH, 1838 – The following draft of a proposed act was read in council for The Honorable Sir Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, Bt. G. c. B, the first time on the 12th Marcla, 1838.

having tendered to the Right Hon the Governor General of Act No.-OP 1838.

lodia his resignation of the office of Lieutenant Governor of the

north western provinces, from the date when the ship St. George It is hereby enacted, that regulation X. 1817, of the Bengal on which His Honor embarked was left by the pilot at sea, viz. code, shall be repealed.

the 17th ultimo, the Right Hon. the Goveruior General bas sugII. It is hereby enacted, that the functionaries who are or gested and the Hon. the President ip Council concurs in the may be appointed in the province of Kumaon, be bencefurth opinion that the tine is arrived for paying a parting tribute of placed under the control and superintendence, in civil cases, of applause to the public services of that distinguished officer. the Court of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut at Allahabad, in crimi. dal cases of the Court of Nizamat Adaw lut at Allahabad, and in several situations filled by one so long and so well known to the

It would be superfluous to enter into an enumeration of the revenue cases of the Sudder Board of Revenue at Allahabad; Indian community. It is sufficient to state that at a very early and that such control and superintendence sball be exercised in

period of his service, be was selected on account of his meriis conformity with such instructions as the said functionorirs may have received, or may he reaster receive, froin lie Government or alone for the discharge of the most important and difficult du. the north western provinces of the presidency of Fort Williain, ties; that the mode in which he acquitted himself of such trusts,

amply justified the implicit confidence reposed in bim by Govern

ment, and that by a long and uninterrupted career of zealous, Ordered, that the draft now read be published for geueral able and honorable exertions be attained the bigbest office in the information,

state, and was bonored by a conspicuous token of the favor of Orilered, t bat the said draft be re-considered at the first meet his sovereign. ing of the Legislative Couucil of India after the 24th day of By order of the Hon. the President of the Council of Iudia April next.

in couucil.


Fort Willian, Legislative Department, the 191h March, 1839. FORT WILLIAM, GENERAL DEPARTMENT, TIE 14TH MARCH, 1838,-The following Act is passed by the Hon. the President of the Mr. Thomas Parry Woodcock, of the civil service, employed at Council of ludia in Council, on the 19th March 1838, with assent Koel under the Lieutenant Governor north western provinces, of the Right nou. the Governor General of India, which bas been proceeding, on furlough to England via Boinbay and Suez, embark. read and recorded.

ed froin Bombay on board the Honourable Company's steamer Ordered, that the Act be promulgated for informotiou.

Atalanta ou the Ist instant.
Act No. VI OF 1838.

PORT WILLIAM, GENERAL DEPARTMENT, THE 17TH MARCH, 1839 It is hereby enacted, that whenever the Governor in Council of Notice is hereby given, that the Right Hon'ble the Governor Ge. the Presidency of Bombay shall appoint, or shall have appointed. neral of ludia bas fixed the 25th of April and the 17th of A commission to inquire into any charge of malversation against May, as the dates for the despatch of packet steamers from any public servant, it shall be lawful for such Governor in Council Bombay for suez in those inonths respectively. The Governor tu authorize such commission to summou witnesses before it, and General has further instructed the Government of Bombay to administer an oath, or any substitute for an oath, to thrin, and to despatch the Semiramis steamer, which is shortly expected to examine them in like manner as it is lawful for the criminai to arrive there froin England on the voyage to be made on courts of that presidency to do; and that any witness shall be the 25th of April next, and to order this vessel on returu guilty of perjury, who shall give such evidence before such com. to make the voyage from Suez by Point de Calle to Madras mission, so authorized, as if given before a court of justice, would and Calcutta, in order that she may be employed in an ex. render such witness guilty of perjury.

perimental voyage from this side of India during the
when the voyage from Bombay is impracticable.

The Go. The following draft of proposed act was read in council for direct voyace of the Semiramis to Calcutta, dependant iu

vernor General in directing this arrangement has left the the first time on the 19th March 1938.

same degree upon the Bombay Government being able to make ACT No.-OF 1838.

provision for the transfer of packets and passengers for Bombay 1. It is hereby enacted, that section XV. regulation XIX. 1814 to another vessel either at Socotra or at some other point near of the Bengal code, be repealed.

the mouth of the Red Sea. The President in Council in order II. And it is hereby enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Sud.

to forward the arrangement and remove this ground of uncer. der Board of Revenue, with the samrtion of the Governor of tainty, has further suggested to the Government of Bombay Bengal, to fix the remuneration of a ameen, or other person to send a Government Cruizer, or some otber proper sailing employed to effect a partition of an estate under the regulations vessel, to meet the Semiramis steamer at the point stated, in enacted for that purpose, and to cause the same to be levied from order to receive the Bombay packets and passengers and allow the parties concerned in the same manner as an arrear of Revenue, the Semiramis to proceed ou the direct voyage to Calcutta. at such periods, and in such proportions, as the said Bourd may tbink ht.


The Hon. the Court of Directors baving appointod Andrew Ordered, that the draft now read be published for general infor- Amos, Esq., to be fourth ordinary member of the cruncil of mation.

India, and the Honorable Andrew Amos, Esq baviug arrived at Ordered, that the said draft be reconsidered at the first meeting this presidency in the ship Roberts, the said Andrew Amos, of the Legislative Council of ladia after the 8th day of May next. Esq., bas accordingly this day taken the oaths and his seat as

ROSS D. MANGLES, fourth ordinary member of the council of India under the usual of 9. Secy, to the Govt. of India. salute from the ramparts of Fort William.


PORT WILLIAM GENERAL DEPARTMENT, WEDNESDAY, THE 21ST OF Camp, Dehli, the 10th February, 1838 --The lease of absence MAHC#, 1838. –The Hon. the Court of Directors having appointed sranted to Nir. J. T Rivaz, jndge of Puttehpore under orders, William Wilberforce Bird, Esq, to he a member of the council dated the 27ih altimo, on urgent prirale offairs, is to come. of India, to succeed provisionaliy in the estat a vacaucy occur mare frota the lst March text, instead on the 1512 of the current ring during the absence of T C. Robertson, Esq, and a racancy month. having 90 occurred by the death of the Hon. Henry Sh; kespear, Mr. J. Kinloc!), joint magistrate and deputy collector of Mys. Esq., the said William Wilberforca Bird, Esq., has this day isken poory ia perniller to be absent from his station for one mouib. the oaths anıt !iis sent as thini ordinary member of the council of on bis private affairs, from the date of his relinquishing change of India, under a salute from the compar's of Fort William.

his duties Published by order of the Hon. the President of the Coaneil

Dr. J. McGarrstou, ciril assistant surgeon of Neerat, has of India in Couucil,

obtnined leave of absence from the 1st proxiruo to the lat Decera. ber next, to visit ile bills on medical certificate.

Mr. C T Le llas, assistant unler the commissioner of the PORT WILLIAM GENERAL DEPARTMENT, TIB 21ST MANCI, 1933,

Agra divisions, has obtained leave of ebsence for one month, to Mr. W. L 1. Tonne, of the civil servica, reported his return to

visit Almorah, on his private affairs. this presidency from England on the 15th instant.

The lease granteit under the orders of Goverment of 20 Camp. Dehli, the 17th February, 1839.-The Rev. Mr. w. December 1, to wr. Henry Wallers, of the civil service, to Palmer cixplain of Nusst erabad is placed at the disposal of the proceed to Europe on Furlough, bas been cancelled at bis on Gion, the Deputy Governor of Bengai. request.

Messrs. A. Ross, A, Vansitt rot and W. Muir, writers. Smp Feb. 17. --The Rev. Mr. A. Hammond is appointed to be reporte i qualified for the public service by proticiency in two of haplain of Guazeepere. the native lausages,

The Rev. Mr. Lteson is appointed to be assistant chaplain of

Casapore. ESPAHATS DAPAHTMENT - Mr J. Campbell, Oirst assistant to the The Rev. mr. Brooke is appointed to oficiate as chaplaia of collector of castoms at Calcutta, is permitted to be absent froin

Show. his office for s poriod of ouc ontb, froin the 1st proxiino, on 2id Frb-Mr J. & W. Tamufon is appointed to be magistrats private atuirs.

and collector vi Humeerpore, from the 29tb un..

Or, G. P. Tittnpson is appointed to of inte ng judge of

Goruckpore, during the bstuce of Mr. Jackson, or tili vastber OENERAL DEPARTMENT, THE 21ST MARCA, 1638. --The Hon. the orders, and direcied to resniu charge of his presum eppojumest of President in Council is pleased to attach itessrs. A Ross, I. special commissies under act IN of 1835, in addition to the Vuosittart and W Muir, writers, reported qualified for the polic abuse. service, th' former to the Beugui presidency and the latter to the north westera provinces.

in consequence of the certified illness of Mr R, C. Glyd and the heavy press of 1. csiness row pending in the sessions court is

leis jurisdiction, dir. M J. Tieruey is appointed to cliciute as Fori IT'2!!:an, Financial Department, the 21st Niarch, 1928. -The Honerible the Piesidentin Council vires notice, that the junge at Neruttiili 'ir. Chu is able to resume charge of Lis Itint Husier it Calcutta hus b en authorized to receive, wantil fur oflice, or till further ordars. ther orders, dras Rupees of full weiglit at their intrinsic par,

dlr. 11. 11. Alex.mer will officiate ng rasgistrate and collecter V:43. hs equal to compaby's rupecs, without any charge of seizooror Bovlundehuur uuring Mr. Tierney's absence. TA for recoiuage.

Mr. J. Nuave is appointed to try the cornmirroepts at Bogluod. By order of the Hon. the President in Council,

sbuhir, H. T. PRINSEP, Secy, to the Govt. of India.

Mr. H. W Deane is appointed to officiate as manistrate end collector of 1.6ozoffarnus uur, during dir. Clawford's absence on

leave, or till further orders. BY THE GOVERNOR GENERAL.

Mr. G. Paton, M. D., officinting civil assistant surgeon of ECCLESIASTICAL DEPARTNENT. - The Revd J. C. Proby, clap

Allgebur, is appointed to be civil assistant Sirgeon at that laid on the Bengal establishment, embarked for England on board

station the sbip Band, wbich slip was left by the pilot at sea ou the Cump, Alrepere, the 24th February, 1838. -Mr. W. B. Jack 6th Instant.

son, judg: o: Goruckpore, bas obtained itave of absence for a month in extension of the leave grauted under orders dated 21st


Mr. W Crawford, magistrate and collector of Hoozoffurdle. BTA FEBRUARY 1839 – Yr. H. Arnstroug is appointed to ofliciate

gur, bas oblained leve of absence for six mobibs, on mehlul as judge of zihah Etawah.

Certificare. Mr. E. II C. Mouckton is appointed to officiate as magistrate and collector of Futtehpore, during the absence of Mr. H. Alm.

The folluwing oficers bave obtained leave of absence from strong at Etawah, or till further orders.

tbuis iltiotis, Dr. G. D. Riikes is appointed to be an assistant under the

Jir. A Dick, civil and session judge of Midnapore, for ogo commissioner of the Allahabad division.

menin, Oli private altails. ar, T. C. Trotter will conduct line

current cluties of that ofice during Mr. Dick's absence. CANP, MEERUT, THE OTH PEBUUARY. 1839. On the 2-th ullimo, Mr. F. Gouidsbury civil and scesion judge of West Bardwa

r. W Ewer, judge of the court of Swider Dewanny and for six days, in aduition to the leave granted to him on the 10th Nizamut Adawlut, obtained lenve of absence from the Oih inuitipo. stant to the 16th October next, in extension of the leave granted Mr. H. Atherton, exercising the powers of joint magistrate bim on the 6th February 1839, on medical certificate, to proceeu no deputy colecier inzib Midnapore, for oue menta, oa to the hills.

niedical certificate, from the 1410 instant Mr. A. Grote will The Hon'ble the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleared to exercise those pitters in dir. Atberton's abscuce, or unui fergraut to Mr. J. W Salmond. resideut councillor at Prince of her orter8. Wulos Island, an exteusion of the leave granted him under date

Bionevee Blobomed El.orsked Sudder Ameen in Noorslit dabad, the lath October last, to the 6th April next, to enable biru to

during the onsill Mcburen vacation. join bis station,

Baboo Lukhenrain Nylankar, Sudder Amren in Purneah, for The unexpired portion of the ave of absence grouted to ten daya, be you the period of the ersung duoburrem salaten. Mr. R. C. Ybaner, officiating magistrate of Mymunsing, has been

Mr. 6. D. Rules appointeil an assistart under the com. cancelled from the loth instant, the date on which he assumed

missioner of the Alavabad division, under date the 6ih instant obart of his appoiutment.

uns been permilteu lo remain at the presidency for one muusua. The unexpired portion of the leave of absence granted to

from the 31st January last. Mr. J Lamb, assistant sergeon of Malda, is cancelled from the Both insteet, tuo dute on which he rejoined his stitiou.

Comp, Dehli, the 22d Febrnery, 1938, --Mr. W H. DeOn the

is appointed to be deputy collector under regulation 1. of 1233 Judical, Revenue and General Department, Camp, Meerut, in zillab Furruckabad. the oth February, 1838.-Klajeb Uloom Vollah is uppointed to be deputy collector under regulation IX. of 1838, in zillah Azimgbur.

JUDICIAL AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT, TIIE 27TH FEB. 1838 - Tbo Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to make the

following Appoiutiuente: JUDICUL, REVENUE AND GENERAL DEPARTMENT --Camp, Furruck.

Mr. W. H. Tydd to be deputy collector under regulation IX. nuggur, the 15th Fehruary, 1838,- ir. J. Lean quitted the limits of tue N. W. P. in progress to Europe viu Bombay on the

of 1833, in Midnapore und Hugellee. Ist instant, in conformity with the permission grallejhin ou the

Mr. E. W. Piti to be do, do under do in do and do. 12th Aurust 1837, by the Hon. the Lieutenant Governor, to The following uflictis hare ulaincd leave of abscuce trvu proceed to England oa furlough.

their slutits i

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