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The doctrine, based on medical etiquette, that the friends of an invalid calling on a medical officer for the aid of his skill, cannot be attended to by an officer of the Hon. Company's service, unJess called on through the medical officer (with whose practice, or success, those friends are perhaps dissatisfied) appeared to the Commander in Chief to be opposed to reason and sense.

He therefore caused reference to be made to the medical board, for their sentiments on the case.

His Excellency directs, that the latter part of this quoted para graph may be carefully attended to; and that " rules of etiquette' may not again be advanced in extenuation of any medical neg lect.

Assistant Surgeon G. Rae, whose service are placed at the disposal of His Excellency the Commander in Chief, in Govern board,ment General Orders No 41, of the 19th ultimo, is directed to

The following paragraph, in the reply of the medical accords exactly with His Excellency's opinions; and he publishes do duty under the orders of the Suprintending Surgeon at Barit, for the future guidance of medical officers, and for the especial rackpore, attention of those who were parties in the transaction under consideration. "If the word etiquette imply only complimentary ceremony or forms of intercourse, it bas on this occasion been very improperly used by medical officers, with reference to the serious duties of their profession, which demand that the welfare fo a patient should ever be paramount to all ordinary feelings and considerations."

Head quarters, Simla, 5th April 1838-The Allahabad garir son and cantonment order of the 25th ultimo, directing Captain A. Stewart, of the European regiment, in charge of recruits for that corps to proceed on to Cawnpore with Captain Thompson's detachment of Queen's troops, and Assistant Surgeon J. Smyth, M.D, to continue to afford medical aid to the party, is confirmed.

The undermentioned officers have leave of absence :

1st regiment native infantry.-Ensign G. P. Goad, from 20th April to 20th November, to visit the Presidency, on private afiairs

42d regiment native infantry-Captain J. Leeson, from 5th March to 10th November, to visit the hills north of Deyrah, on me dical certificate,

is to have effect from the 1st January to the 1st August 1831, instead of the dates therein specified.

Cornet Francis Walker Drummond. who was brought on the effective strength in Government General Orders No. 41, of the 19th ultimo, is posted to the 8th regiment of light cavalry, and ditected to join.

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Sergeant Major Thomas Clinton, of the Hurrianah light infantry battalion, is appointed Baza: Sergeant at Kurnaul, vice Stokes reduced by the sentence of a court martial.

Sergent Michael Twoomey, of the European regiment, is transferred to the Town Major's list and appointed Sergeant Major to the Hurrianah light infantry, vice Clinton.

Sergeant Major Twoomy is to be sent forth with to joint his new corps at Hansi.

Head quarters, Simla, 6th April, 1838.-The Cawnpore division order of the 9th ultimo direecting the commissariat officer in charge of the sudder bazar, to hire a boat, with a small establish. ment, for the purpose of being employed in removing to some distance below the station, the numerous dead bodies, which have collected on the bank of the river opposite the cantonments, or which may hereafter be thrown ashore, is, for so long a period as the measure may be considered necessary, confirmed.

The Berhampore station order of the 10th ultimo, appointing Assistant Surgeon R Marshall, M. c. to the medical charge of the staff and artillery details at that post, from the date of the departure of the 65th regiment native infantry, is confirmed.

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The Cawnpore divisio order of the 30th ultimo, appointing Hospital Steward W. Brookes to act as apothicary to Her Majesty's 16th foot, voice Permien, is confirmed.

9. The introduction of the blue frock coat for native officers, and of gaiters for the sepoys, we are of opinion, would entail on unnecessary expense upon the troops, and we desire, that the use of these articles be forbidden accordingly."

Shoulder-straps-blue cloth, laced round with lace of the esta. blished regimentel pattern, with metal crescent; the strap to be attached to the coat by brass tongue and gold lace binder. The different ranks of field officers to be distinguished by the crown and star. Officers of grenadier companies to have a silver grenade within the crescent; offieers of light infantry companies to have the bugle within the crescent.

Under instructions from Government, His Excellency the Commander in Chief is pleased to direct officers commanding European corps and detachments, in which "soldier's libraries" have been established, to forward annually to the adjutant Gene ral of the Army, on the 1st of July, a report on the state of their respective libraries, for communication to the Honorable the Court of Directors: and they are required, at the same time, to state, what advantages may appear to them to have attended their institution.

The Agra garrison and station order of the 29th ultimo, placing Hospital Apprentice E Ensor, of the European regiment and Ameer Khan, native Doctor, of the artillery bospital. at the

A description of the shoulder-strap now sanctioned, is subjoined disposal of the civil Surgeon at Agra, to assist in the treatment for general guidance. of cholera in the city, is confirned.

The Agra distriot order of the 19th ultimo, directing Hurree. churn Sing, native Doctor doing duty with the 10th light cavalry, to repair to Agra, and report himself to Superintending geon Ludlow, with the view to his being appointed to a situ ation in the civil department, is confirmed.

Head quarters, Simla, 11th April 1838 -The Meerut division order dated the 29th ultimo, appointing Captain W.F. Beatson, of the 54th regiment native infantry, to act as Deputy Judge Advocate Genera to the division, during the absence, on leave, of Captain Weston, is confirmed as a temporary arrangement, and until the arrival at Meerut of Captain Macgeorge.

The leave of absence granted to Major H. D. Coxe, of the 25th native infantry, in general orders of the 31st October last,

The Meerut division order of the 2d instant, appointing Bombardier Edward Hughes, of the 2d company 4th battalion artillery, to act as laboratory-man in the Agra magazine, is confirmed.

The appointments of hospital apprentice J. Fagan to act as assistant apothecary and assistant steward to the 1st division, and Sur-assistant apothecary G. Oliver as assistant apothecary and assistaut steward to the 2d division, of Her Majesty's 11th dragoons, during the progress of those detachments from Cawnpore to the presidency, are confirmed; the former from the 4th of December to the 15th of January, and the latter from the 11th of December to the 2d of February last.

The Benares division order of the 10th ultimo, directing Soobhanally to be entertained as a native doctor, for the purpose of accompanying a detachment from the 5th regiment of native infantry proceeding to Azimguh on escort duty, is confirmed.

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4th Foot.-Lieutenant William Perssee, from the half-pay of the 20th foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Wilson appointed to the 86th Regiment, 20th October 1837.

16th foot.-pay-master John Grant, from the half pay of the 88th regiment of foot, to be pay-master, vice Ford Cashiered,

20th October 1837.

17th foot.-Lieutenant Wellington Hackett to be Captain, by purchase, vice Church, who retires, 27th October 1837.

vice Barnes appointed to the 3d light dragoons, 1st July 1837, Ensign Charles Cameron to be Lieutenant, without parcuhs. 57th Foot-Lieutenant John Ovens to be Captain, without purchase, vice Gray deceased, 9th September 1837.

Ensign Oliver Paget Bourke to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Hackett, 27th October 1837.

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The leaves of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir P. Maitland, K. C. B., to the undermentioned Offi

cers, are confirmed, from the date of embarkation:

39th foot.-Captain G. Sleeman, for 10 months, to proceed to Sea, and to the upper provinces of Bengal, on medical certificate. 54th ditto.-Lieutenant U. Boyd, to England, for 2 years, on medical certificate.

The undermentioned officers have leave of absence:

16th foot.-Lieutenant G. H. Wallace, from 25th March to 24th November, to Landour, on medical certificate.

31st ditto.-Ensign G. Douglas, from 20th March to 19th May, to Calcutta, for the purpose of a appearing before a medical board.

49th ditto.- Brevet Captain R Campbell, from 2d April to 30th June, to Nonore, on private affairs.

Edward James Baldwyn, gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, spection of the medical comforts" for the use of sick and convice Wilby promoted 20th October 1837. It appears to have been a practise in Calcutta to make the invalescent soldiers, at the stores of the commissariat department.

Head Quarters, Simla, 5th April 1838.-No. 119.-Serious neglects, or omissions having occurred on the embarkation of Her Majesty's 11th light dragoons, and the invalids of the season 1837, at Calcutta, His Excellency the Commander in Chief directs attention to be paid to the 38th page of the regulations and orders for the army, 1st of June 1837,-and to the following

pages to 406,

His Excellency orders that all parts of those regulations which are capable of being applied to Her Majesty's troops arbe so applied as they would be in any port of the United riving at, or departing from, any port in the East Indies, may Kingdom."

be inspected on board the transports; so that it may not again
This is forbid; and every article allowed to the soldiers, is to
which are granted for the soldiers.
occur that ships go to sea without hammocks, or the comforts

commanding 624 regiment, appointing Lieutenant Pender of that The regimental order of the 20th March 1831, by the officer corps, to act as interpreter, during the employ ment of Lieutenant Corfield in the duties of Adjutant, is confirmed.

Gentleman Cadet Edward Croker, from the Royal military College, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Bourke, 27th Oct. 1837. The order dated 3d January, by Lieutenant Hadfield 3d light 26th foot.-Ensign John William Johnstone to be Lieutenant, proceeding to the upper provinces, by water. appointing Sergeant dragoons, commanding the detachments of Her Majesty's troops without purchase, vice Heming deceased, 25th February 1837.J. McKeever, 3d light dragoons, to act as Sergeant Major, and

Sergeant J. Grieve, as provost Sergeant to the detachments, is confirmed.

The undermentioned officers have leave of absence:

13th regiment-Captain H. N. Vigors, from 1st May to 1st November next, Simla on private affairs.

40th ditto-Ensign H. S. Michell, to Gwalior, for 6 months from the date of his departure from the Regiment, on private


Head Quarters, Simla, 22d March 1838.-No. 116-A report having been made to the Commander in Chief, that several offi. cers absent from their Corps at Calcutta, bave lately quitted the Presidency for the upper Provinces-some for England, and that others have changed their quarters without making the required report to the Brigade Major Queen's troops: His Excellency is pleased to call the attention of all officers to the general orders of the 13th June 1816, and 10th June 1926; and to desire, it may be made known, that he will take serious notice of the next case of inattention to these orders, which is reported to him.

His Excellency the Commander in Chief, has been pleased to make the following appointment until Her Majesty's pleasure shall be known:

55th Foot-Lieutenant J. R. Magrah to be Adjutant, vice Heriot, who resigns the Adjutancy only, 17th March 1838.

The order by the officer commanding the Cawnpore division, dated 8th instant, directing assistant Surgeon Chapman, 16th lancers, to proceed in medical charge of the detachmen's of that, and other corps, under the command of Lieutenant Holder, 13th foot, on the march to Meerut, is confirmed.

The leaves of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir P. Maitland, K. C. B., to the following officers, are confirmed:

4th Foot-Lntenant Colonel England, for 2 years, to Europe, from date of embarkation, on private affairs.

39th ditto-Captain J. L. Innes, ditto, ditto, on medical cer. tificate.

The undermentioned officers have leave of absence :

3d light dragoons-Major C. G. Slade, from 28th March to 20th June next, to visit Simla, on private affairs.

4th foot-Ensign W. Shelton, for 2 months, to Calcutta, to appear before a medical board.

[blocks in formation]

62d ditto-Lieutenant R. Gibson to England, for 2 years from date of embarkation, on private affairs.

By order of the Commander in Chief.

14th-English barque Lawrence, H. Gill, from Liverpool 2d December; American ship Washington, L. T. Thurber, from Philadelphia 21st December. 15th.-American barque Gasper, N. Pool, from Boston 14th December; H. C. Steamer Ganges, J. M. Dicey, from Rangoon 10th April.

Head quarters, Simla, 12th April 1838.-No. 120-Her Majes ty has been pleased to make the following appointment:

13th light dragoons, - Lieutenant Werner Cathrey, from the 11th light dragoons, to bc Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Ridge promoted, 29th September 1837.

The Commander in Chief has been pleased to make the following promotions until Her Majesty's pleasure shall be known:

3d Foot-Lieutenant Donald Stewart to be Captain, without purchase, vice Carmac deceased, 3d April 1838.

Ensign Peter Browne to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Stewart promoted, 3d April 1838.

With reference to the general order of the 1st of March last, appointing Captain Carmac, 3d Buffs, to act as pay-master, duof that corps, Captain D. Stewart, in consequence of the death of ring the absence, and on the responsibility of pay-master Lukis Captain Carmac, will perform the duties of pay-master, during the responsibility of the said pay-master. the further absence of pay-master Lukis, at the desire and under


C. B & K. C. H., dated 25th Maren 1838, granting leave of ab. The division order by Major General Sir Willoughby Cotton, sence to Ensign Douglas, 31st foot, to proceed to England. for 2 years from date of embarkation, on medical certificate, is Confirmed.


March 31st-English barque Betsy, Suffield, from Bombay 21st 29th March. January, and Madras 26th March.

April 1st-English barque Selma, D. Luckie, from Liverpool 19th December. 7th November.

2d-American ship William Gray, W. Bartoll, from Boston December. 18th October.

3d-English ship Pearl, P. Stark, from the Mauritius 12th February.

4th.-French barque Lancier, H. Aubin, from the Mauritius 9th February.

The undermentioned officer bas leave of absence:

9th foot-Lientenant G. S. Tytler, attached as interpreter to Her Majesty's 16th lancers, for 1 month from the 24th March, to proceed to Gwalior, on urgent private affairs.

By order of the Commander in Chief,

R. TORRENS, Major Genl,

Adjt. Genl, to Her Majesty's Forces in India.

16th.-English barqne Rob Roy, McKinnon, from China 18th March; English Brig Elizabeth, M. Thaddens, from Rangoen

17th-American barque Eugene, D. R. Glass, from Boston

18th-English barque Hindoo, J. M. Gill, from Liverpool 24

19th-English ship Victory, W. Blackley, from Liverpool 2d

20th.-English ship Buseorah Merchant, L. W. Moncrief, from Hobart Town 24th February.

5th April; English ship Thalia, W. Graham, from Liverpool 21st.-English schooner Attaran, C. R. Smith, from Moulmein 27th December, and English brig Frederick Huth, J. Toby, from the Mauritius 7th March.

22d.-Netherland barque Cherebon Packet. C. Kenrish, from Batavia 26th January, and Padang 18th March; H. M. Ship Victor, Capt. R. Crozier, from Madras 12th April.

24th.-English brig Brigand, D. Wemyss, from Penang 24th


1st June and Hobart Town 8th August
26th.-English Ship Recovery, T. Johnson, from the Downs,


Per Lancier.-C. Hills, Mariner, and Mad. V. Aubineau.
Per Edward.-Revd. H. R. Wilson and Lady, Revd. J. H.
Morrison and Lady Revd. James Craig, Lady and Child, Revd.
Reese Morris, Lady and 2 Children, Missionaries.

Per Water Witch, from New South Wales via Singapore.— T. H. Biscoe, Esq., B. C. S. and Captain Johnston, B. N. L

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26. At Sylhet, the lady of Lieut. H. Thuillier, artillery, re. venue survey department, of a son.

27. At Calcutta, the lady of Captain James Pearson, of the country service, of a daughter.

29. At Calcutta, in Chowringhee Lane, Mrs. Gego, of a son. 30. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. Richard Deefholts, of a son. At Bishnauth, Assam, the lady of Lieut. John Innes, of the artillery, of a daughter.

Apl. 1. At Muttra, the lady of Cornet W.8. Mosley, 10th light Cavalry of a son.

2. At Raujmahul, the lady of T. B. Rice, Esq., of a son.

At Neemuch, the lady of Captain J. A. Scott, 1st Regiment Light Cavalry, of a son.

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Apri 21st.-Arethusa, J. Taylor, for Singapore.
25th.-Jessy, J. Auld, for Penang.
27th. Atlas, Gallet, for Bourbon.


Per Roxburgh Castle, for London. -Mrs. McKay. Mrs. Broad and Mrs Thompson and 2 Child en; Miss McKay; Major Anderson; Drs Turner and Jackson; Messrs Graham and Tottenham, C S.; Mr. Portius, Merchant; Lients. Douglas and Slotten, and Mr. Broad. Steerage Passengers.-Messrs Sherin and Colman.

The Matabanca in tow of the Thames Steamer left for Allaha. bad on Sunday afternoon with the following passengers: viz.Mr. and Mrs. Dickens and Child; Mrs Kyan; D. C. Richardson, Esq.; Lieutenant Watson, 44th Regiment; Lieutenant Fisher, 3d Dragoons; Mr. G. R Cline and three Children.

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At Chirra Poonjee, the lady of W. Lewin, Esq. of the invalid establishment, of a son.

8 At Chinsurah, the lady of Captain M. Smith, Her Majesty's 9th Regt, of a daughter.

11. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. James Black, Branch Pilot,

of a son.

20. At Chowgatchie, near Jessore, the lady of G. R.J. Meares, Esq, of a daughter,

At Dinapore, the wife of Mr. W. B. Tytler, superintending engineer, of a daughter.

25. At Calcutta, Mrs. Thomas Black, of a daughter.

At Burdwan, the lady of the Reverend J. Weitbrecht, of a daughter.

28 At Calcutta, Mrs. Thomas E. Mullins, of a son.

At Dawson's Hotel, Neilgherries, the wife of Mr. H R Dawson. of a son.

26. At Calcutta, the lady of Thomas Brae, Esq., of a daughter.

12 At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. C. Rose, of a son.

13. At Calcutta, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Cheape, of a daughter. At Calcutta, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Cheape, of a daughter.

At Hooghly, the lady of W. H. Belli, of a daughter. 14. At Calcutta, the lady of Mr. J. Davidson, of a son.

At Midnapore, the lady of Captain Griffin, 24th native infantry, of a daughter.

16. At Calcutta, the lady of H. G. Martindell, Esq., Attorney at Law, of a son.

17. At Chowringhee, the wife of Mr. J. F. Deatker, of a daughter.

EUROPE.-In New Broad Street, London, on the 25th November, the lady of George Parbury, Esq., of a daughter.

At Mirzapoor, by the Rev. H. Pratt, A. M., Edward 4. At Meerutt, the lady of Charles Havelock, Esq., 16th Lan. Anderson Reade, Esq, of the Civil Service, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late R. N. Burnard, Esq of Crewkerne, Somercers, of a daughter. setshire.


At Dum-Dum, Mrs. John Watson, of a daughter.

At Beerbhoom, the lady of John Hadley D'Oyly, Esq., of the Civil Service, of a son.


Mar 20. At Havil Bagh, by the Rev G. Ward, A B, at the residence of Captain Stuart Corbett, Commanding Kumaon local battalion, and 1st ass stant to the commissioner, Andrew Walker Esq, assistant surgeon Kumaon local battalion, to Miss Georgiana Britton, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Britton, Esq., of Forrest Hill, Kent.

23 At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. Fisher, Mr. John Hubbard, to Mrs. Charlotte Reidy.

At Calcutta, Mrs. John Hammerdinger, of a daughter. 19. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. J. Carberry, Government Place, of a son.

At Calcutta, the lady of J. Lowis, Esq., of the civil ser vice, of a son.

Apl. 2.
At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. S.
Fisher, Mr. William Edward Templeton, to Miss Mary Anne

At Chandernagore, at the residence of Mr. W. Wilson, the wife of Mr. D. E. Rodrigues, of a daughter.


At Hutowrie, William Cooke, Esq. of Irwarrah, to Mrs. Eliza Nisbett,


At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. S Fisher, Mr. H. G. Leicester, to Jessy Maria, eldest daughter of Thomas Bartlett, Esq.

At Dum Dum, Mr. William Watson, officiating assistant Steward, detachment 4th battalion artillery, to Mrs. E. Morrison, matron of the female hospital.

16. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. S. Fisher, Mr. William Edward Middleton, to Miss Mary Ann Frisby. 18. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. Fisher, Captain Pierre Real, to Amelie Aubineaunee Duval.

At the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. Fisher, Mr. Joshua Horatio Counsell, assistant Custom House, to Miss Elizabeth

Carapiet, the eldest daughter of Mr. Mackertoon Carapiet, of


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At Agia, of Cholera Mr. John Tomlin, aged 32 years.


At Chittagong, after a few hours' illness, George Doucett, Esq., aged 52 years.

6. At Calcutta, Lieutenant William Maule, H. M. 26th Came-aged ronians, aged 27 years.

7. At Agra, of Cholera, Messrs, J. and H. Babedean, within a few hours of each other.

15. At Calcutta, Mr. James Skelton, aged 53 years.

At Banueah, Lieutenant G. Shairp, of the 15th regiment of Bengal native infantry, aged 26 years.

17. At Calcutta, Hannah, daughter of Mr. William Preston, aged 1 year, 5 months 3 days.

At Calcutta, Mrs. Sarah Rabeholm, wife of Mr. C C. Rabelo m, Assistant to the Salt Agent of the 24-Pergunuahs, aged 27 years.

fantry, aged 25 years and 3 months. 18. At Calcutta, Mrs. Louise Bracken, H.C. 29th Native In


At Calcutta, of small-pox, Mr. N.T. Boyesen, eldest son of the late Capt. Boyesen, of Serampore, and lately an Examiner in the Revenue Board Office, aged 30 years

[blocks in formation]

In Kyd-street. Chowringbee, at the residence of Major Burlton, Miss Caroline Louisa Comyn, youngest daughter of the late Lieut Colonel Powell Thomas Comyn, of the Bengal Army, aged 18 years and 2 months, much and most deservedly beloved and regretted.

Thomas, William....
Townshend, Thomas George, Merchant..
Glazbrook, H.

Moonshee Hussen Ally.

Strong, L. C.,

Cardew, Ambrose Lieutenant of Artil ery..
Donaldson, James, M. D., Assistant Surgeon..
Kistnomohun Roy..

[blocks in formation]

At Calcutta, at the residence of Mr. R. Plumer, of sma}pox, Mr. William Rind, preventive officer of the custom bouse, 25 years.

23. At Sulkea, John Thomas Spencer Colliard, son of Mr T.S. Colliard, aged 9 years, 10 months and 16 days.

At the Village Chouada, 8 coss from Gwalior, Robert Tytler, Esq., Surgeon, Bengal medical establishment.

[blocks in formation]


Dyce, G. A. D., Colonel..

O'Donel, Hugh, Lieutenant Colonel 13th N I..
Rait, M. D., William, Assistant Surgeon....
Rose, G H., Lieutenant.........



25. At Calcutta, Archibald Edward Dobbs, Esq., Master in Equity, Supreme Court, aged 37 years.

26 At Calcutta, George DaCosta, Esq., aged 67 years, 7 months and 6 days,

EUROPE.-In London, on the 10th November 1837. Captain John Tulloh, formerly of the Country Service, after a long and harassing illness.

At Torquay, in Devonshire, on the 8th November last, Miss Emily Llewellyn, second daughter of Mr J. Llewellyn, aged 19 years and 2 mouths.

On the 5th January, 1838, at her residence Ellace Lodge, in Gosforth, near Whitehaven, Cumberland, Arabella, the belobed wife of Joseph Younghusband, Esq, late Merchant of Calcutta.



Registrar Supreme Court.
Jane O'Donel Widow.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Hugh Rose, junior Merchant.
Registrar Supreme Court,
Registrar Supreme Court.
Theodore Dickens, Esq.
Theodore Dickens, Esq.
Theodore Dickens, Esq.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Couri.
Registrar Supreme Court.
John Gilmore.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court.

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