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Published by order of the Hon. the Deputy Governor of Fort William, General Department, the 18th May, 1$38. Bengal.

Mr. William Crawford, a civil serean', attached to the north

Westeru provinces, has been permitted to proceed to England Fort William, general department, the 28 May, 1838.

on furlougb, under medical certificate. Messrs C. Whitmore an't W. Trevor Taylor, of the civil service

H. T. PRINSEP, reported their return to this presidency from England on board tho sbip David Scott, on the 29th ultimo.

Secy. to the Gort. of Bengal.
Secy to the Govt of Bengal

Judicial and revenne department -The Hon. the Deputy
Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following ap.

pointmenis. The 7th May, 1838.-The following officers have obiained leave The Ist Mar, 1838.- Mr. H. S Thompson to be deputy col. of absence from their stations :

lector under regulation IX. of Ix33 in Burwan. Mr. F. Skipwith, magistrate of Patna, for five days, on private affai s. Mr. D. Cunliffe will conduct the current daties of the

Judicial and revenue dópariment, the sth May, 1838 - Notif. office during Mr. Skipwith's absence.

cation.--Cousormably with the notifiration of the Government of

lodia published ia the Calcutta Gazette of the 7tb October last, The sth May 1838.- Mr. J. Staniforth, special deputy collector the recommendation of the Court of Swder Dewanny Adawlut,

the Hon. the Deputy Guvern r of Bengal has been pleased at of Rajeshye, &c., an extension of leave of absence for two months to raise the personal allowances of the undermentioned priacipal from the 6tb instant, op medical certificate.

sudder ameens from 400 to 600 rupp:s per mensem, and of the Judicial and revenue department, the sth May, 1838.—The undermentioned moonsiffs from 100 to 150 per wensem. following officer bas obtained leave of abseace from his station ;

Principal sudder ameens.-Cazee Mohammad Mab, in east Baboo Hurruchander Ghose, Sudder Ameen at Bapcoorah, foi Burdwaa ; Syed Ahmud, Hoogly ; Moolvie Mohummud Faiq, seven days, in excess of the Moborrem vacation.

Beerbhoom ; Moolvie Mohummud Mojid, Bbaogulpore ; Syud
Munuwur Ali, Shahabad ; Parusnanth Buse, East Bo dwan;

Cazee Mohuminud Ali, Tipperab; and Mooivie Sjod Fuzl-ool General department, the 9th May, 1838_Sir Charles Metealle Huq, Sarun. Ochterlony, Bart, having exceeded the period within which, Moonsiffs. - Molummud Abrahim, of Bissenpore, in Burdwan ; toder the orders of the Hon, the Court of Direc'ors he ooght to Hurischunder Poss, Burjorab, Ditto ; Nokmorebunder Chowdry, Kave qualified bimself for the public service by proficiency in two Sullemahad, Ditto; Zamin Ali, Inilos Ditto ; Gurreeb Oollab, of the native languages, has been ordered to return to England. Khundghose, Ditto; Undool Uzeez, Oundah, Ditto; Malionred

Mr. Edward W:lly has been permitted to procerd to Berham. Nafel, Seedrampore, D.llo; Mooly Musce Voddeen, Dwarhat. pore and prosecute bis study of the Oriental"langunges at that ta, Hooghly : Cazee Golam Mustofah, Mohanad, Ditto ; Mooliy

Umjud Ali, Keerpoy. Ditto; Tarrachuper Ghose, Noabed, station

Jessore; Opindurchunder Bhuttacharjee singhea, Ditto; Svud Captain J. H. Johnston, controller of Government steain Ahmud, Tirmobsme, Ditto ; Nitanuod Rny, Ananip..or Midnavessels, has obtained leare of absence for one month, from the pore; Bhoyrubcbunder Bose, Kassigunge, Ditto; Syud Assud 7th instant.

Ali, Mohunpoor, Ditto ; Moolvie Fazl Rubbre. Manicktallah,

2 1-Pergunahs; Moonshee Fyez Ooddeen, Pauttergottah, Ditt, A, T. PRINSEP, Secy to the Govt. of Bengal.

Mabomed Ruffa, Bishenpoor, Ditto; Udert Purshad Gbose.

Pouree, (adel.) Cuttack ; Mahomed Arsheed. Kendravarrah, Dit. The Ilth May, 1838.—The Hon. the Depnty Governor of Bento; Lala Sunkar Lail, Mendigunge, Backergange ; beebchuoder

Mokerjee, Furreedpore, Dacca ; Ramdhuin l'unditt, Nusseera. gal has been pleased to make the following appointment :

bad, Mymensingh; Ameeroodden, Mudargunge, Ditto; Kally. Mr. Rt. Hampton to officiate as special deputy collector of nath, Piugnah, Ditto; Mooivie Ashruf Ali, Juggernoth Digzy, Rajesbye, Dinagepore, Rungpore, Bogra and Pubna, during the Tipperah ; Moolvie Mahomhoined Nazim, Pauchpookooriah, Dit. absence of Mr. J. Slaviforth, or until further orders.

10; Moolvie Buddee Ooddeen Ubmun, Bhatteeary, Chittagung ; Mr. T. Hugon, sub-assistant to the commissioner of Assam' Maolvie Gudda Hussyn, Patieeab, Ditto ; Sham Ram, Lusker. ręported his departure to the Mauritius on the slip Donna Pascua' poor, Sylnet; Mabomed Salim, Russovlglinge, Ditto ; srud Hos.

syn Bux, Doobrajpoor, Beerlhoom; Sheik Mahomed Sain, Labwhich vessel left tbe pilot on the 7th instant.

poor, Ditto; Moolvie Izzut Ullee, Noorgange, Bbaugulpore ; Biodrabun Mullick, Rajarampoor, Dinacepore : Mobtabuoddeen,

Kulliaganie, Ditto ; Sham Lall Roy, Drudkhorah and MuneeThe Ilth May, 1933. – The Hon. the Deputy Governor or harte, Purnea ; Bhagwat Chunder Gopt, Shazadpore Rajeshale ; Bengal has been pleased to make the following appoiutment : Loknoth Bose, Blotwaree, Rugpore ; Jugmohun Dutt, Rung.

Mr. G. P. Loycester has been authorized to exercise the pore, Ditto ; Syun Turfuzal Hussy21, Jehanabad, Behar ; Syud powers of joint magistrate and deputy collector in Baucoorah, Nadir Ali, Arungabad, Ditto; Anand Misr, Patna, Golam under Mr. Halketi,

Nusjuff, Dhungaeea, Shahabad : Manomed General department, the 16th May, 1835.-4r. Henig Walters Coil Ditto Durasut Ollah, Durbangul, Tiihoot ; Sjud Kasina

Ooddeen Lohurdugnah, Hazarrebaugh; heik Muneerooddeen of the Civil Service, embarked for England on board the ship Ahmud, Gowalparah; Juggoram Kburgurrre Assain ; Gbolarn Robarts, which ship was left by the pilot at sea on the lith in Russooi, Nemal, Midnapore ; Mobaruck Allee, Kuddum. stant.

gatchee, 24. Pergannalis ; Mahomed Sadik, shere pore, My. Mr. Edward Wylly has been permitted to return from Berepsingb; Imbad Alee, Nassirunggur, Tipperah; Cassceoah, bampore to the presidency for the purpose of prosecuting his Sonamgunee, Sylhet; Koer Joy Gop. Siogh, Singham, Beer: study in the Oriental languages at the College of Fort Wliliam. bhoom ; Dataram, Mongbier, Bhaugul, ore; Esanchunder Moker. Mr. Assistant Surgeon G. Rae to the temporary charge of the jee, Seebgunge, Dinage pore; Purzund Allee, Doulalgun ge. Pur.

nea; Akbur allee, Burbaree, Ringpore; Mahomed Waiz, medical duties of the civil station of Hoogly, during the absence

Dowluigunge Nuddea ; Koorban Alloc, Muhurpore, Ditio; and of Doctor Wise.

Hurnath Singb, Hazareebaugh. The 15th May, 1838.-Mr. C. Steer to be magistrate of

FRED. JAS. HALLIDAY, zjllab Naddea.

ofg. Secy, to the Govt. of Bengal The following officers have obtained leave of absence from their stations :

The 1578 MAY, 1838. -Captain J. Whiteford has been in tested. Mr. F. B. Kemp, depnty collector of Tipperah, for one month,

with the general powers of a joint magistrate in zillah Moorshed. to proceed to the presidency, preparatory to his applying for abad, to be exercised by him under the direction of the magis. leave to proceed to England, on private affairs. - Mr. A. S. trate of that district, in addition to the special powers which do Annand will officiate as joint magistrate anil deputy collector of How exercises ander the direction of the superintendent of the. Tipperah until further orders, and Mr. W. Bell will exercise the operations for ibe suppression of thuggee, during the absence of powers of joint magistrate and deputy collector in zillal Chitta- Captain N. Lewis. gong, duriog Mr, Annand's absence.

Tøe 1979 MAY, 1838.-Mr. G. P. Loycester has been autho. Mr. G. G. Mackintosh, officiating, magistrate and collector of rized to officiate as joint magistrate and deputy collector of BaPurpeab, for one month, on medical certificate, from the date of coorab during the illness of Mr. H.C. Halnett, or uatil further his making over charge of office to Mr. C. T. Davidson,

orders. Luckyparais Nylankar pundit, sudder ameon of Purneab, for two inouths and six days, on medical certificate, in excess of the The 220 MAY, 1839.—The following oficer has obtained learo ten døys granted to him on the 13th March last, in addition to the of absence from his station : Mohurrem vacation. PRED. JAS. HALLIDAY,

Mr. W. B. Jackson, commissioner of the 14th or Moorsbeda.

bad division, for two dayo, in extension of the leaye granted o Ofng. Secy, to the Govi. of Bengal. bim on the 21th ultimo,

Fori IVillian, financial department, the 23d May, 1838 – P. S. Dirine service will commence at the Cathedral on tho T'he flon, the Deputy Governor of Bengal directs that the roll above date, at 10 o'clock, and the sermon be preached by ap Towing extract from a despatch from the Hou,the Court of Directors pointment by the Venorable the Archdeacon. in the financial department, dated the 20th March last, be published for the information of the Members of the civil service of this pleased to appoint the Reverend James Whitting, Chaplain of

Ecclesiastical.- The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop has been. presidency.

Meerut, a Surrogate for granting Episcopal licences of marriago Para 1. In our despatch to India in the department, dated at Meerut, in the room of the Reverend John Caryssord Proby, 2711 May 1835, we sag tinud for a limited period and on spec fic returned to Europe. conditions the approp iation to subscribers to the civil service

W. H, ABBOTT, Registrar. retiring funds of two thirds of the unaccepted anouities of each

Ist May, 1838 year, at one fourth instead of one half their value, and we desired that twelve months before the expiration of the perjoil fixed there inight be transmitteil to us particular inforınation of the state of the funds at that date, and of the eff-ct produred by the authorized

Ordination. The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Calcutta modification, iu oriler that we migut determine upon the propriety will hold an ordination in the Chathedral on Trinity Sunday, the of its continuance.

teoth day or June next. 2. We rely upon receiving the information required as soon

Dirine service will commence at 10 o'clock. The sermon will #* possible after the ap.inted pe io hot to prevent inconveni be preached by appoiutment by the Rev. William Ord Ruspini. ence from the declaration of our intentions not having reached

W. H. ABBOTT, Registrar. In.iin at the date of the expiratin of the time to which the trial Ist May, 1838. of the plan was limited, we are willing to enlarge that limitation to the suth of April, 18ft; and we riesire to be furnished with an account madle up to the 30th of April 1839, similiar to that ie. Political department, Sim/a, the 20th April, 1838.-A treaty quired iu our despatch above referred to.

having been ratified by their Highnesses the Ameers of Sinde. providing for the reception of a British Resident in their terri.

tories, the Right Hon. the Governor General of ludia bas been Fort William, general d«parlment, the 231 May 1938.- pleased to direct the following arrangements : Messrs. H. D.I. Fergusson, G. C Barnes, and A. A. Roberts, writers, are reportell quadfied for the public service by profi.

Colonel H. Pottiuger to be Resident in Sindo. cieucy in two of the native languages

Captain P. M. Melvill, 7th regiment Bombay nativo infantry. to be assistant to the resident in Sinde, ordinarily stationed at

Hydrabad, and to be British agent for the navigation of the lower THR 23:1 MAY, 1838.-GOVERNMENT NOTICE-P $T OFFICE.

course of the lodus. The President in Connci', on ler the orders of the Honorable

By order of the Right Hon, the Governor General of India, the Court of Directors, directs that the privileges of franking and poreiving letters free as conferred by section 2e of act xvil of 1837, on the authorities and persons therein mentioned, shall,

Political department, Simla, the 23d April, 1838.-Ensigo Antil further orders, be al owed to the assistaut secretary to the C. M. Rees, of the 65th Regt, N. I. was appointed on the 21st Board of Control fur the time beinz.

inst, to be 2d subaltern to the ist regiment of infantry of the Oude auxiliary force, vice Ensign M. E Sherwill.

Lieutenant (and Local Brevet Major) J. Laughton, of tho General department, the 23d May, 1831.—The Hon. the Bengal engineers serving with the British detachment in Persia President in Council is pleased to attach Messrs C, G Barnes has ob'ained leave to visit India, for a period of six nionths, al A A Roberts, writers, reported qualified for the public commencing with the 22d of October, 1837. service to the north western provinces.

By order of the Right Hon. the Governor General of ludia. The Ilonorable the president in Council is pleased to appoint Mr Assistant Surgeon James Innes, M. D. post master at Bar. Tack pore : the appointment to take effect from the 15th instant, Political department, Simla, the Joth May, 1838.-Mr.

Assistant Surgeon V Laurie, MD., of the Madras establish

ment has this day been appointed to the medical duties of the THE 24TH MAY, 1835.-The Hon the Deputy Governor of residency at Hydrabad, vice Mr. Surgeon Vertue. Bengal has been pleaseil to make the following appointment.

Mr. M. A. G, Sha we has been authorized to exercise the pow Simla, the 10th May, 1938.-Mr. Assistant Surgeon W. Bry. ers of joint magistrate and deputy collector in Burdwan cast, don, of the 4th light cavalry, has this day been appointed to tho until further orders.

medical charge of the 2d reginent of infantry in the Oude THE 25T8 MAY, 1838. The following officer has obtained leave auxiliary force, vice Assistant Surgeon H. Taylor, wbuse apof obsemce from his station.

pointment is cancelled at his own request. Mr. J. Curtis, civil and session jadge of Hooghly, for two days,

By order of the right Hon. the Governor General of India. tbe 28th and 29th current, on private affairs,


Secy. lo Govt. of India with the Govr, Gent, Secy. to the Govt. of India.




Political department, Simla, the 14th April, 1838.- Mr. A. Campbeil, 2. D has this day been appointed to be assistant to

General Department, Si mla, Ike 10th April, 1838.–The fol the resiilent at Nepal vice år, Ross Bell.

lowing officers have obtained leave of absence : By order of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India

Revenue.-Mr. H. Rose, officiating deputy collector of CawnW. H. MACNAGHTEN,

poor, on medical certificate, to visit the hills, for seved months,

from the 26th ulimo, the date on wbich be made over charge of Secy, to the Govt. of India with the Govr, Genl. bis office to Mr. Wemyss

Judicial and Revenue -Mr. EH.C. Monekton, officiating ma. Ecclesiastical.-Notice is hereby given, that the Lord. Bishop the 1st January next, for the purpose of proceeding to the bills.

gistrate and collector of Futtelpoor, on medical certificate, to of Calcutta purposes to hold his triennial visitation at the Cathe. dral on Friday, the 6th day of July next, and afterwards to visit

Mr. S J. Becher, the officiating joint magistrate, is authorized to and confirm at the several places following, within his Lordship's take charge of the offices of magistrate and collector, and to act Dioceso, singapore, Malacca, Pedang, Moulmein and Chittagong, ia those capacities till Mr. Armstrong rejoins bis station. and at any intermediate places requiring his Lordship's presence. Revenue,- Mr. J.C. Wilson, with reference to his appointment

The other parts of the divcese will, ou the Bishop's return, be of 30th August 1836 to be joint magistrate and deputy collector visited by his Lordsbip.

of Cawnpoor, to conduct the revenue as well as the magistería In the menu time it is requested, that the respective ministers duties of Cawnpoor. and chaplains at the places ineptionied, as well as of the interior Mr. H. Unwin to officiato as deputy collector for the investi. stations, withia lhe diocese, will prepare and examino cabdi gation of cla ms to hold lands exempt from payment of revendo dates for confirmation.

in the Agra division, during the absence of Mr. C. W. Kinlock By order of the Lo:d Bishop of Calcutta, dated this Ist day of on leave, or till further orders. May, 1838.

Judical and Revenue.--Mr. W. Muir to be an assistant under W. H. ABBOTT, Registrar. the commissioner of tho Allahabad division.

* Mr. M.R, Gabbins to be joint magistrate and deputy collector

MILITARY. of Multra ; but to continue to officiate with the powers of A joint magistrate and deputy collector in charge of the Ferozepoor pergunnabs of the Goorgaon district, till further orders. Mr. E F. Tyler to be magistrate and collector of Myppoory.

BY THE PRESIDENT IN COUNCIL. to have effect from the date on wbich Mr. A. Cumming embarked for Europe.

Fort William, 7th May, 1834.-No 62 of 1838.-Tho Hon Mr. M. F. Muir to excercise the powers of a joint magistrate the President in Council is pleased to make the following promo. and deputy collector at Myopoory.

lions and alteration of rank : Mr. G. H. M. Alexander to be joint magistrate and deputy Regiment of artillery--Lieutenant colonel and brevet col. collector of Allahabad.

John Peter Boileau to be colonel, Major George Everest to be The 12th April, 1838, Revenue.-Yr. J. Brewster to he a de lieutenant colonel, captain and brevet major Thomas Timbrell puty collector for the investigation of claims to hold lands exempt to be major, Ist lieutenant and brevet captain Frederick Brind from payment of revenue in the districts of Bareilly and Shubje to be captain, and 20 lieutenant Charles Stewart to be ist Lieutehanpore.

nant, from the 25th April 1834, in succession to colonel (major Judicial and Revenue.- Mr. F 8. Head to exercise the powers

General) Clements Brown, C. B., deceased, of a joint magistrate and deputy collector at Cawapoor.

Supernumerary 21 Lieutenant Henry Lewis is brought on the

effective strength of the regiment. J. THOMASON,

Ist Lientenant and brevet captain John Lenland Mowall to Ofg. Secy. to the Govr. Genl. N. W. P.

be capraia, vice Captain Henry Clerk deceased, with rank from the 25th April 1835, vice captain and brevet major Thomas Tim.

brell promoted. General department, Simlah, the lath April, 1838, judtcial 2516 April 1338, rice Ist lieutenant and brevet captain Joba

21 Lieut-nant Charles Boulion to be lst lieutenant, from the and revenue – Mr. P. c. Trench, officiating magistrate and Lealand Mowatt promoted, collector of Delhee, has obtained leave of absence, for four months, from the 5th of June next, preparatory to applying for 15th regiment native infantry.-Lieutenant William loncs to permission to proceed to Europe on furlough.

be captain of a company, ensigo John William Carnegie to be

lieutenant, from the Ist April 1838, in succession to captain Mr. A. R. Bell is appointed to be magistrate and collector of George Abbott deceased. Coorgaon. Cn Mr. P. c. Trench leaving Deblee, preparatory to his departure on furlough, Mr. Bell will proceed thither and

Ensign John Inglis to be lieutenant, from the 15th April 1839 relieve him from the offices of magistrate and collector of Deh vico lieutenant George Shairp deceased. lee; and he will officiale in those capacities, till further orders 47th regiment native iufantry. - Lieutenant and brevet cap. General. – Mr. G. F. Christopher is appointed to be civil as Ensign Andrew Gildart Reid to be lieutenant, from the 15th

lain George Craven Armstrong to be captain of a company, and sistant surgeon at the station of Meerut.

April 1838, in succession to captain Henry Tilman Raban de. The 21st April, 1838. — Ecclesiastical.- The Rev, C. Parker, ceascu. district chaplain of Neemuch, bas obtained leave of absence from bis station for two months, for the purpose of proceeding April 1838, vice H. Clerk deceased.

Regiment of artillery.- Captain F. Brind, to rank from 20 tb to Bombay on medical certificate, and from thence for two years to Van Dieman's Land, for the recovery of his health. Ist Lieutenant C. Stewart, to rank from 30th April 1833, vico

F. Brind promoted,

Lieutenant Edwarl Darvall, of the 57th regiment native in General deparlment, Simla, the 25th April, 1838 -judicial 1st May, 1838.

fantry, is promoted to the rank of captain by brevét, from the and revenue.-With reference to the appointment, under date the 10th instant, of Mr. G. H. M. Alexander, to be joint ma.

Mr. Henry Hopkinson is admitted to the service in conformity gistrate and deputy collector of Allababad, that gentleman is with his appointment by the Hon. the Conrt of Directors, & a authorized to postpone his departure from Boolundshuhur till cadet of infantry on this establishment, and promoted to the the Ist June next. in the mean time, Mr. Alexander will con

rank of ensign, leaving the date of his commission for future ad tinue to exercise the powers of joint magistrate and deputy justment.-Date of arrival at Fort William, 24 May, 1838. collector at Boolandshuhur.

Lieutenant George O'Bryen ottley, of tbe Gtb regimeat native infantry, is permitted to proceed to Europe on furlough, on me. dical certificate,

Lieutenant colonel William Gordon Mackenzie or the 6th re. General Department, Simla, the 30th April, 1838.-Lient. J. ciment native infantry, is permitted to proceed to the Cape of M. Turnbull is appointed to officiate as post-inaster at Hansi Good Hope and eventually to Europe on furlough, on account of during the absence of Lieutenant J. Skinner, on leave obtained bs him from His Excellency the Commander in Chief, from 30th

h, is private affairs. April to 30th November Dext, to visit the bills, on medical

Native Doctor Bhyrou Sing, attached to the Sebundy corps at certificate.

Gownhatty, is placed at the disposal of His Excellency Ebe Cominander in Chief for employment in the north westeru provinces.

General department, Simlah, the ad May, 1838, Revenue.Lieutenant T. Hutton, assistent revenue surveyor, has obtained No. 64 of 1838.- Assistant Surgeon George Rae, at present doleave of absence for six months, to visit the hills, ou his private og duty under the orders of the superintending surgeon at Bar. affairs.

rackpore, is placed at the disposal of the Hon. the Depnty Go. The 4th May, 1838, juriicial and revenue. The following

vernor of Bengal, with a view to his being appointed to the tett provisional appointments by the commission of the Saugor divi

orary charge of the medical duties of the civil station of Hooglisiop are sanctioned until further orders :

ly, during the absence of Dr, Wise. Mr. D. Т McLeod to officiate as principal assistant at sangor, during tho absence of Captain M. Smith on sick leave.

The following appointments were made in the judicial and Lientenant C, R. Browno to officiate as first junior assistant

revenue department under date the lith ultimo: at Seonee, during the absence of Mr. McLeod.

Assistant surgeon James Pagan, to the medical duties of the Lieutenant R. W. C. Doolan to officiate as first Junior assis civil station of Gyah, vice assistant surgeon Henry Taylor. tant at Domob, during the absence of Lieutenant Browne.

Assistant surgeou John Wood, to the medical duties of the civil station of Rungpore, rice assistant surgeou Pagan.

Lientenant Henry Siddons, of Engineers, revenne surveyor General Department.--Simla, the 7th May, 1838 - Judicial it Chittagong, obtained in the judicial and revenue department, and Revenue.-The leave of absence granted to Capt. C. Thores. under date the 21st ultimno, leave of absence for six weeks on by, superintendent of the Bhuttee territory, under orders of 10 b private affairs. March last, is to commence from the 15th instead of the 20 April, and extend to the 20th instead of the 15th November next.

Lieutenant J. R. Abbott, of the 12th regiment nntire infantry.

junior assistant to the commissioner or Arrakau, obtained in the The Ilth May, 1838.- Revenue.- Mr. A. D'Cruz and Mahom judicial and revenue department, under date the 27th ultimo, mud Daood are appointed to be Deputy Collectors in Zillab leave of absence for one mouth, to visit the presidency, on pri. Agra, under the provisions of Regulation IX of 1833.

vate affairs. J. THOMASON,

J. STUART, Lt. Col., ofg. Secg, to the Govr. Genl. N. W. P.

ofg. Seey. to the Govt, of India Mily, Dept.

Fort William, 1414 May, 1$38.-No. 67 of 1838.—The following The following arrangement was made by the Deputy Gorernor War Office Circular, dated 30th December 1837, on the snbject of of Fort William on the 16th instant : tho mode of realizing the effects of officers and soldiers dying in

Assistant apothecary G. Oliver, doing duty in the garrison Her Majesty's service, is published for general information:

dispensary, is permanently appointed to fill the existing vacancy Circular No. 823. War Ofice, 30th December, 1837.

in that establishment, vice Fleming deceased. This appoint

ment to have effect from the 19th ultimo. Sir,–With reference to the provisions made in the articles of war for securing and realizing the effects of officers and soldiers dying in Her Majes:y's service, I bave the honor to acquaint you,

No. 74 of 1838. -The Hon. the the Presiden in Council is for your future guidance that the practice of em pleased to make the following appointment : G 86,686

ploying a non-commissioned officer or soldier in
selling by auction, such of the effects as are not

Lieutenant Jobu Gilmore, of the rorps of engineers, is placed otherwise disposed of, is to be adhered to only in under the orders of lieutenant colonel G. W. A. Lloyd, employ. cases in which it shall appear to be most advan.eu on special duty on the north eastern frontier for the purpose

tageous for the estate of the deceased, and that of snperintending the constructiou of roads in the ricinity of when much trouble and responsibility shall have been thrown upon Dargeling. a non-commissioned officer or soldier in consequence of being so

The' leave of absence gran'ed to lieutenant Nathaniel Vecöry, emploved, commission, payable out of the effects, at a rate varying of the 4tb regiment native infantry, in general orders No. 60, from £2 to £5 per cent. on the amount of the proluce of the sale, dated the 14th March, 1836, is exiended to the 7tb instant. according to the greater or less degree of trouble and responsibility thereby Cirused, may be paid to bim and cbarged in the statement of the accouuts of the deceased, annexing the man's receipt for the amount, and your certificate that his employment As auctioneer

Fort William, 21st May, 1838.-No, 75 of 1838. - The Hon. was most beneficial for the estate ; and that the duties imposed on

the President in Council is pleased to make the following ap. bim tbereby justify the remuneration charged.

pointment : I have the honor to be, &c.

Ensign Frederick Moffat Baker, of the 65th regiment nativo

infantry, to do duty with the Ariacan local batalion. (Signed) HOWICK

J. STUART, Lieut-Col.. Thorficer commanding regiment of

Offg. Secy, to the Govt. of India Mily. Dept.

No. 70 of 1838.-The unlermentioned men of Her Majesty's service are permitted to reside in Codia, as out pensioners of

BY THE GOVERNOR GENERAL. Cbelsea Hospital, and draw their pay at the stations specified op. posite to their respective names, according to the 55th article of the pension warrant of the 14th November 1829, pending a referance

Simla, 201 h April, 1838.-The following appointment was to the Horse Guards as to the amount of their pensions :

made in the general department, north western provinces, under

date the 18th instant : 11th dragoons -Serjeant Roheri Foster, Gbazeepore; privates John McKenley, Peter Browne, William Dalion, Benjamin High,

Assistant surgeon G. E. Christopher, of the 3d ligbt caralry, George Salt, Thomas Ferguson, James Yarrell, Joseph Chapman, to the medical duties of the civil station of Meerut. and Richard Wilkins, Meerut, and John Gooding, Ayra.

16th lancers.--Serjeant Samuel Rodgers ; privates John May. Simia, 241h April, 1838.-The following appointments aro Jout, Hugh Brown, Heary Dixon, Joseph Grilliths, and Thomas made in the department of the quarter-master general of the Simmonds, Meerut; Joseph Pruceli Calcutta, and Thomas Smith, Meerut.

ariny :

Captain J. Paton, deputy assistant quarter-master general of

the 1st class, to be an assistant quarter master general. Fort William, 14th May, 1838-No. 71 of 1838–The services

Lieutenant H Kewney deputy Assistant quarter master general of assistant surgeon Foaker are placed at the disposal of the Hon. of the 20 class to be deputy assistant in the 1st class. the Deputy Governor of Bengal, for the medical duties of the civil Lieutenant R P Alcock, officiating deputy assistant quarter. station of T'ippera, vice Dr T. W. Wilson, who is, at his own re master general, to be a deputy assistant in the 24 class. quest, placed under the orders of His Ercellency the Cominander in Chief.

Political department, Simla, the 1st May. 1839.-A treaty

having been concluded between His Highness Ram Singh Muba Fort William 21st May, 1838.-No. 73 of 1838.- The Hon. of Kota and Raj Rana Nuddun Singh, hereditary minister of

that stato on the ono the President in Couucil is pleased to make the followiug Pro. motions :


part, and the Hon. tho Sukeit.

East India Company on 67th regiment native infantry.-Lieutenant and brevet cap.

Puchpabar, the other part, whereby tain George Moyle Sherer to be captain of a company, and The Chowmahulla A hore.

the Raj Rana Muddun ensign James Masson to be lieutenant, froin the 8th of Jul.



Sing, in consideration 1836, in successiou to captain Williamo Abrabam Smith retired

Gungrar. of his receiving in per. Lieutenant and brevet captain Edward Darvall to be captain Jhabre Peton.

petual convereignty tho of a company, and ensign William Browning Lumley to be cominonly called Oormal.

districts noted in the lieutenant, from the 4th of August 1836, in succession to cap.


margin* beretofore form.

Bukanee. lain Alban Thomas Davies retired.

ing a portion of the prin. Deilunpoor.

cipality of Kota (the re. N. B. The rank of captain by brevet, assigned to lieptepants Koha Bhatta,

vennes of which portion Sherer and Darvall, in general orders No. 247 of the 2016 Decen. Surreera.

die estimated to amount ber 1836, and No. 62 of the 7th instant, is cancelled.


to about 12 lacks of ru. ? ilk regiment native in santry.- Ensign George Ryley to be Munobur Thanna.

pees per annum) agrees Lieutenant, from the 30th of April 1838, vice lieutenant Willia

Phool Baroda.

to the annulment of tho

Checharpee. Thomas Mriges deceased.

supplementary articio Kakoornee.

dated the 20th February Lieutenant Samuel Athill Lyons, of the 341h regiment pative Chippa Baroda.

lels of the treaty with infantry, is promoted to the rank of aptain by brevet, from the The portion of Sergurb, beyond, Kotah, which provides 17th May, 1838.

or East of the Parwun or Newuj that the " entire admi. Lieutenant William Jesepb Martin, of the oth regiment na- and Shababad.

nistration of the affairs tive infantry, bas returned to his duty ou this establishment,

of the principality sball without prejudice to bis rank, by permission of the Hon. the be vested in the Raj Rana Zalam Sing, and after him on his Court of Directors.--Date of arrival at Fort William, 10th May, eldest son Koonwur Madhoo Sing, and his heirs in regular suc. 1838.

cession in perpetuity.” It is hereby notified for general infor. Mr. Andrew George Calebrooke Sutherland having satisfied mation, that the said Raj Rada Muddun Sing has assumed the Government on the points of qualification prescribed by existing Government of the tract cedded to him by the present treaty, regulations, is admitted to the service as a cadet of infantry on uuder the title of Maba Raj Rana Muddun Sing, rajah of Jhalwur. this stablishment, agreeable to instructions from the Hon the Court of Directors.- Mr. Satberland is promoted to the rank

Simia, 2d May, 1838.—The Right Hon. the Governor Go. of ensign, leaving the date of his commission for future ad neral of India has nuuch pleasure in publishing to the army, the justment.

following paragraphs of a letter from the Hon. the Court of Ensign Samuol Arden, of the 37th regiment native infantry Directors, in the military department, to the address of the Gois permitted to proceed to Europo on furlough, on medical cer vernor General of India ju Council, No. 7 of 1837, dated the 39th tibcate.

of November last,


"Reply lo military letter, dalel Para. I. The memori. the presistency of Fort at Georze, in respect of all hidden treasure 14th February, 1837.

als now snhmitted to us of any of the kinds specified in section Il of that regulation, (No. 20 )

Arise out of the memorial uh ch may be found within his jurisdiction; and all rules appli. Submit for courts favorable consi

of lient Clonel Powrll. cable tv zilah or assistant julges, sball be applicable to every deration, Ave memorials froin officers of the Bombay army, the such principal sudder ameen in respect of such treasure. of the Bengal army, praying that, for important subject of which the reasons stated, the court will re we informed the Govern call their orders of 6th June 1798, re- inert of


The following act is passed hy the Hon the president of the quiring from an officer, abont 10 rp.

wonld Dustice in our ror. Council or initia in Council on the 21st May 1838, with the spent tire on pension, a declaration on respondence with the Go of the Right Hinn. the Governor Gene al of India, whicla oath, that he had not received, and veronient of linija,

been read and recorded. would not receive any pecuniary or 2. We now desire, that other gratification of compensation you will cause lieutenant

Ordered, that the act be promulgated for general information. for go retiring. Government consider. colopel Powell to be in

Act No. XIII or 1$33. that the practice which has for some formed, through the Co. time obtained, although now for the vernment of Bombay, in

I. It is hereby enacted, ibat it shall be competent to the Go. first timefhrought to n tice, of indu

reply to that part of his extend any part of the provisions of Regulativo XII. of 1938, to

prior Genrral of blia in council, hy aa order in Concil, to cing tiine-expired officers, w.der the memnrial which in tirales

the Court rank of Liputenant C Jouel, to retire A wish for line proinotion

of any principal sudder aineen, suddet ameen or

Moonsitr. from the service, must conduce to in certain cases below the the contentment of the officers, and j

rank of major, that we Anil it is hereby enaetrd, that it shall he lawful for the

cannot contes.plate the Governor General of Lnija in forncil to deirgate the power given possiblity of sanctioning any measnse which would infringu npon, o bim by section of this act to the Governor of Brozal, and to the integrity of erimental ri e; anil, in reply to the remainder of the Lieutenant Governor of the N. W. P:ovinces, or to any line. his memoria!, that we see nn orre-sity for interfering with the tionary exercising the authority of Government in the N.

8., W. arrangeinents which the junior officers, of a regiment may mka. Provinces, in individual cases, for adding to the comforts of a sepiir officer, on his retirement from the service upon the pension to which he may be entitled

BY THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. 3. The Regulation of 1799, requiring officers upon retirement to make oath, that they have received po pecuniary c nsideration for quitting the service, has not been enforced by us in any single caso of retireinent in England, during the period nearlv forty Headquarters, 'Simla, 10th April, 1839.-The leave of ab. years which has since elapsed. It was e tablished chiefly upon sonce granted in general orders o the 4th of December last, to financial grounds, to prevent (as observed by Lord Cornwalis, lieutenant A.W W. Frase , of the invalid establishment, is can when recommending o her rules for the same objecti“ an unrea. celled at his request. sonable load of pensions. This presamed necessity for the rule

Meer Purhut Allee, native doctor, is removed from the 24th has however not yet been fel! ; on the contrary, additional facilities have been required and have been given for enabling to the 29th regiment native infuutry, at Bandab, and directed to be officers to retire npon full pay : “ we shall therefore conrinue to

sent to joio. suspend the operation of the rule, and officers retiring froin time H .lfpy Drumner Christopher Woodfield, of the Earopean to time will not be called upon to make the declaration, unless regiment, is tra:sierred to fill a vacauey, as a drummer, to ibe the finan, ial necessity to which we have referred (and of which 4th regiment of native infantry. due notre shall be given) shal at a future period be fully realized."

The undermentioned officer has leave of absence : Political Department, Sim'a, the 3d May 1:38. – Lientenant

34 regiment ligbt civalry.- Captain G. C. Sinyth, from 1516 John Stubbs, of the 49th regiment native infantry, has this day Pobruary to ist Drcember, iu extension, to remain at Musso: rio been appointed to he 2d in command of the Joudpore lexion.

on medi al certificate, By order of the Right llon the Governor General of India. By order of His Excellency the Commaderiu Chief.

Simla, 4th May, 183::-Lieutenant T. Hutton, assistant reve Head quarlere, Simla, 171h April, 1838. -The undermentioned nue surveyor, bas obtained leave of alisence, in the revenue officers bare leave of absence: depurtment, for six months, to visit the hills on his private affairs.

37th regiment native infantry - Lieutenant lotr. and Qr. Mr. J.G.W. Curtis, from 10th March, tu 24th March, in extension to,

enable him to rejoin. Simla, May, 1833. The following appointment was made on the 3d instant, in the political department:

471h regimeat native infantry.-Lientenant J.G.B. Paton, from

15th April to 15th Octob. r, to visit Neemuch, on private af. Lieutenant John Stubbs, of the 49th regiment native infantry, fairs. to be 2d in Command of the Joudpore legion.

Simla, 10th May 1439.—The Right Han the Governor General order of the geh instant, directing assistant surgeon T. smith, M.

Heari quarters, Simla, 18th Ap il, 1838. — The Benares division is pleased to make the following appointments :

D of the 8th light cavalry, to proceed to Ghazeepore, and do Colonel James Cock, of the 51st native infantry, to the general daty with Her Majes'y's 44th regiment, is confirmed, stoff of the army, with the rank of brigadier general, from the 29th ultimo, vice Majur General C. Brown, C. B. deceased. The Agra garrison and station order of the 6th instant, direct.

ing Assistant Apithecary T. Absalom, lately arrived with a de. Colonel G Pullock, C, B of the artillery regiment, to be a brigadier on the establishmeat, rice Penny embarked for Europe coufirmed.

tachment of recruits, to do duty with the European regim at, is oo farlough.

Colonel A. Lindsay, C. B.of the artillery regiment, to be a brigadier, (tempo; arily) during the absence, on leave, of Major His Excellency the Commander in Chief is pleased to make the General Richards, C. B or until further orders.

following removals and postings in the regiment of artillery : WH. CASEMENT, M, G.,

Captain T. Sanders, from the ed company 6th battalion to the

3d company 2d battalion. Secretary lo the Govt. of India Mily, Depi.

Captain T. Hickman, from the 3d company 2d battalion to the with the RL, Hon. the Govr. Genl.

Ist company 3d battalion.

Captain A. Abbott, from the 1st company 3d battalion to the ad Fort William, Legislalive Department, the 21st May, 183«.

company 6th battalion. -The following act is passed by the Hou. the President of the Lieutenant Vincent Eyre, from the 3d company ist battalion to Council of India in Council on the 21st May 1838, with the the Ist troop 2d brigade horse artillery. assent of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India, whicb has been read and recorded.

Quarter Master Sergeant Barry Taiton. is appointed sergeant Ordered, that the act be promulgated for general information

major to the lotb regiment native iolantry, vice Fairlie, promoted,

in he ordnance commissariat department. Act No. XII, OF 1838. It is hereby enacted, that from the first day of July 1838, al! powers vested by Regulation XI, of 1832, of the Madras Code in Head quarters, Simla, 19th April, 1838. Major A. Herver's zillab or assistant judges, shall be vested in every principal sud regimental order of the 27th ultimo, appointing Lieutenant c, I. der ameen within the territories subject to the Government o 1 Harrison, to act as interpreter aud quarter master to the 63cb re

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