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Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

- At Pussewa, Jnanpore, the lady of Vincent, T.egear, Esqs. of At Cawnpore, by the Rev' Jennings, M. A , Cornet A. Y a son.

Bazett, 5th ligbt cavalry,to Lousia Colebrooke, youngest daughte 3. At Bangalore, the lady of Capt J. C. Collin, Paymaster, in of the late John Bruce, Esq. of the Honorable East India Com. Mysore, of a som, still burn,

pany's medical service. 4. At Cawprore, rs. John Beaumont, or a son.

10. At Calcutta nt the Cathedral, by the Rev, Henry Fisher, 5. Ai Semu barru Factory, l'urueah, the larly of G Walker, Werner Chithry, Esq, of Her Majesty's lith regiment of light Esq., of a daughter,

dragoons, to Jane Jannitte Hosesson, survivmg daughter of the - At Benares, the lady of Mojor? Sibbald, 41st N. I., of a late Thomas Hoseason, Esq., formerly of Banklands, near Lynn, danghter.

in the County of Norfolk, 0. At Calcutta, Mrs F. T. Fergusson, of a snn.

A. Barrackpore, by the Rev, A. Hammond, A,B, Charnock. - At Mooradabad, the lady or J, Towgood, 35th regiment, ofn In: leby Harrison, Esq. 65th regiment native infanıry, to Mary daugh'er.

Aline ifth Daughter of the late Capjain Tritton, Her Majesty's 7. At Cucutia, Sobhabazar, Rajah Rajkishen's house, the wife 241h dragoons. of Rajah Apurvakrishna Bahadur, of a son.

12, At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev, 8, Fisher, Mr, At Esplata le Row, the lady of J F Leith, Esq. of a Wiliam Neil Dodil, Se rjeant Major 67th regionent native infantiy daughter.

to Miss Margaret Airey, - At Allahabad, the lady Lieut. Alsion, of the 68th regt V. I. - At Chiusurish, by the Rev. J. I A. Rudd, A. B. J. Sankey of a daughter.

Esq., of H. M. 9th regt, of foot to Mrs. Saiab Anne Bromly. 8. At Benares, the lady of c. c. Pigot, Esq., 18th regiment 15, At Calcuita, at -t. Andrew's Church, by the Reverend Mr. vative infantry, of a son.

Mc Donald, James Adves, Esq, to Miss Flora Lyon, - At Calcutta, Mrs F Boezalt, of a still born son.

At Meernit, nt St. Jobu's Chuch, George Larkins, Esq. - At Kurnaul, the lady of J. R. Colvin, Esq. of a son.

horse artillery; to Einma Carnachan. 9 At Bolaram, the lady of Lieut. Howorth, 39th regt. B.NI, 20. At Allahabad, by the Rev.JA. Pratt, A, M., John Thenpilus, of a dau:hter.

Revaz, Esq of the Bengal Civil Service, to Mary, eldest daughter - At Ajmere, the wife of Mr. G.D Boyd, Head Clerk to the of William Lambert, Esq., of the game service. Superintendent, of a daughter.

At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. A Garstin, - Mr. 12. Ai Calcutta, the lady of L A Richy, I'sq. of a son

Robert Godfree, to Niss Anne Margaret Hamilton, 15 At Benares, the lapy of Li-.F. W. Burkinyoung, of a son 29. At St John's Cathedral, by the Venerable the Archdeacon. A Colcutta, Mrs. A Smith, of a son.

Mr J, B, M, Roor, to Miss Letitia Powers, only daughter of Mr, AI Agra. Mrs James Stuart, ol usin

P.W. Powers, 17. At l'u'sona, Factory zillah Rajeshye, Mrs. A C. Monnier, EUROPE, -The Rev. R, Crosse, son of a (rosse. Esq, of Eyne of a sou.

Court, Bromfield, to Eliza Mary, widow of the late Lieut, Archer, 19. At Barrackpore, tlie wife of Quarter Master Sergeant Hol. H, M, 16th foot, ani second daughter of Charles Mackenzie, Esq. Jinsworth, of a daughter

Bengal Civil Service, 21 At Calcuita, Mrs P Victor, of a da'ighter. 22. At Calcutta, Mrs Jane Dunnett, the wife of Mr. J. L. Dan.

DEATHS. net, Veterinary Surgeon, of a daughter.

26 tt Dim Dim, the ladly of Alexander Humfrays, Esq., of the Horse Artillery, of a daughter

Nov 4. on board the Barque Britannin, Capt. Leiuth, on 27. In Sudder street, Chowringhee, the lady of Lient. C, w. lis passage to the Mauritius, Wiliam McDonald Cameron, Montriou, NI.. of a son.

Esq., aged 26 years, 8 months and 15 days. 28. At Calentia, the lady of N, C. Biale, Esq., of a daughter. Dec. 7 At Sea, on board the Palmyra, Jackson Perring, 29. At Calcutta, Mrs. FH. l'aterson, of a sa

Esq , late solicitor General of the Island of Ceylon, aged 37 30 At (alcutta, the jady of the levd A. B. Lish, of a daughter years. 31 At C'a cuita, the lady of James Ogilvie, E-9 of a sont

Feb 2. At ruddalore, Mrs. Emelia Barbara McCally, (relict - Al Deyrab, in the Dhoon, lady of Captain John Fisher, of of the late Mr Andrew McCally, Head Uncovenanted assis. a daughter.

tant in the principal collector's office of that district,) aged

50 years and 7 months. MARRIAGES.

20. At KurDaul, of small pox, Brevet Captain George James

Cookson, 2d battalion H. C. Artillery.
Feb. 2. At Saugor Central Tudia, by Maj. General Sir 21. At Delbi, Mrs. F. Crouch.
T. Anbury, C B. Commanding the Saugor division, Lieutenant

22. At Calcutta, Mrs Elizabeth Bailey, relict of the late W. Bignal 69th regiinent wative infant y, to Miss M1. Kyd. Mr. William Bailey, aged 105 years

13. At Calcutta at the Principal Romon Catholic Church, by 23. At Calcutta, at the General Hospital, Mr. John Gibthe Rev. Antonio da Santa Maria, Mr J. H. Peters, Watch. bons, late steward of the Ship Vansittari, aged 50 years. maker, to Miss Henrietta Rittman

21. At show, Malwa, Brian Hamllton, the son of Lieut. 20. At Futtebghiir, it Christ Church, hy the Rev. W. Sturrock W. Hodgson, of the Ben. H A., aged 10 months and 5 days. A. B., Mr. John O'Brien Kew, bead clerk magistrale's office, 25. At Calcutta, Mrs. Charlotte Watts, reliet of the late Shahjehaupore, to Miss Ma ia Tutty.

Joseph Watts, Esq. of Howrah, aged 51 years. 23, At Saint Peter's Church, Mr. W. Mar jo, of the Iro.

26 At Calcutta, Mrs. Ann Humphreys, relict of the late, Bridge Department, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Capt Mr Jacob Humphreys, aged 90 years. R. Smith,

97. At Fort William, wirs. Mary Ann, the lady of Capt. - At Calcutta, at the Old Church, by the Venerable the Arch- George Hogarth, of the Cameronians. deacon, Mr. W. Ridsdale, of Bishop's College, to Henrietta Roth- 28. At Agra, the infant son of Mr. E. Gray, of the Political man, srcond daughter of the late J. U. Sheriff, E.q.

Department, aged 3 months. - Al Chinsual, by the Rev. Mr. kudd, C. D. Quinton, Esq., Vurch 1, At Nusseerabad, Major Hector Mackenzie, 74th, to Mrs. T. Elizabeth, relica of the late Charles Barber, Esq. of regt. N.I., deeply regretted. Chinsurah.

2. At Agra, C ptain and Brevet Major Theophilus Bolton 24. At Calcutta Mr. V. Rees, to Miss Eliza Jones, eldest of the 17th native infuntry. daughter of the late Mr. James Joues, of Ireland.

At Kishnaghur, at the house of Dr. Fuller, E. DelpeAt Fort Willam at St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. O. Ruisron, Esq., aged 21 years and 5 months, deeply and sincerely pini, Mr. J. Jeffereis, formerly Sergeant Major to the 1st battalion regretted. artillery, to Mrs. Sarah Buchanan.

4. At calcutta, Mr. Charles Malachi Smith, an assistant 27. At the Scoicb Rirk, by the Hev. Mr Charles, Mr. Augustus in the secret and pelitical departmeni. Frederick Langer, to Miss Saral Culgan,

- At Purneah, Mrs. M, A. D'Assis 28. Agra by ibe Rev. Gregory Mary de Bénée, Catbolic Apostos 6. At Calcutta, Mr. Michael Newson, Livery Stable lic Missionary, and afterwards at ihe Protestant Church, by the Keeper, aged 38 yearsRev. R Chambers, Arnold Henry Matthews, Esq , of Alumcbund - At Caleutta, Mrs. Ann Cox, relict of the late Captain near Allahabad, to Mary Eleanor, eldest daughter of the late William Bentford Cox, of the Bengal Engineers, late ot Fort Captain Joho Camin Carne, of the Honorable East India Com. Marlbro' Bencoolen, deeply regretted. pany's Bengal Artillery.

8. At Calcutta, in Park Street, Chowringhee, Amelia 29. At Calcutta, at the Armenian Church, by the Rev. Anne, infant, daughter of the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Shakespear, David Mackertich, M. Ter Arratoon, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth aged 1 year, 1 month and 27 days. Carapiet, second daughter of Carapiet Mackertich, Esq

At Dacca, Mrs. P. M. David, relict of the late P. M. David, Mur. 1. At the Cathedral, by the R-v H. Fisher. P. P. Carter, Esq., sincerely regretted. Esq.,of Bhojopore, to Sarah Adeline, eldest daughter of the late J. - At Madras, in the 30th year of her age, Elizebeth SuW, Ricketts, Esq.

sanna, the beloved wife of W.R. White, Esq., Acting Deputy – Al Calcutta, at che Scotch Kirk, by the Rev. James Charles, Inspector General of Hospitals, Her Majesty's troops. Sevior Chaplain. Capt. William Prescott, of the Madras native 11. At Barrackpore, Emily Madeline, the infant daughter iufantry, to Eliza Jane, eldest Danguler of the Houorable Alex of Alexander Humfrays, Esq., of the horse artillery, aged ander Ross

13 months, and 5 days. - At Benares, by the Rev. W. Smith Richardson Nicholson, 12. At Calcutta, Mr. John Smith, Surveyor aged 22 years. Esq., to Miss Elnenir Watsou.

- At Calcutta, Mrs. Mary Anne Clive, wile of Mr. George 5. At Dacca, by the Rev. H. R. Shepberd, George Henry Clive, Assistant in the Sudder Board of Revenue, Allahabad, Lamb, Esq., to Miss Cergiau M. Lamb.

aged 24 years and 4 months. 8 Ai Chinsurab, by the Rev. J. Rudd, John Frederick Field At Cawppore, Augusta Anna, the beloved child of Esq., Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 9th regiment, to Mary, the Augustus Master, Esq , 7th light cavairy, aged 3 years, 10 ouly daughter of Lieutenant u. B, Parrant, of the same corps. montus aud 12 days, dceply lamented.

13 At the Goneral Hospital, Mr. John Longdon, aged 37 22. At Calcutta, of Cholera, Mrs. E. Davis, aged 42 yours years

and 5 months. - At mymensing, M. W. Carruthers, Esq., of the Bengal 23. At Calcutta, Robert, the infant son of P. Daly. Jail Civil Service, aged 27 years.

Sergeant, aged 7 months. 16. At Delhi, Philip Augustus, infant, son of the late G.

24. At Calcutta, Miss Cecilia Damzen, daughter of Mr. Lumley, Esq., aged 1 year and 5 months.

Solomon Damzen, Political department, aged 10 years, 8 17 at Chandernagore, Monsieur Clande Brunet, aged 21 months and 24 days. years and 9 days.

At Calcutta, Mr. Johu Rittman, constable of the police, 19 At Calcutta, after about fourteen hours suffering of

aged 38 years. spasmodic cholera, Mrs. Amelia Hendersen, the wife of George Headerson, Esq., of 5, Farlie Place, solicitor, deeply

At Calcutta, Miss Louisa Loe, aged 10 years, 4 months regretted.

and 13 days. - At Calcutta, Master John Nicol. a Ward of the Upper 25 years, 2 inonths and I days.

- At Calcutta,Mrs. Elizabeth Carmello Rodrigues, aged Orphan School, aged 9 years and 6 months

- At Calcutta, Charles Frederick Young, Esq., of the 25. At Calcutta, Mrs Frances Hanway Uduy, lady of Bengal civil Service, aged 26 yeara.

George Udny, Esq., of the H. C. Civil Service, aged 21 years. 20. At Calcutta,the Honorable Henry Davenport Shakespear - At Calcutta, Mr J Espencer, aged 27 years. Esq., member of the Supreme Council of India, aged 52 years

26 At Calcutta, of Cholera, Miss Joana Pereira, aged 40 21. At Calcutta, Mr. Win. Jobnson, of Cholera, aged about

years 19tb years. - At Calotta, Mr. J. T. Laurence, of Cbolera, aged 31 years

27 At Calcutta, at the residence of his brother, Monsieur - At Calcutta Mrs. Anna Maria Grillard, aged 48 years, 9

Frederic Tiron, of la Rochelle, aged 37 years. months and 26 days.

29 At Calcutta, William Levie Malone Toone, Esq., of the – Al Fort William, Lonisa Cecelia, the infant daughter of Hon'ble Company's Civil Service, aged 26 years. Brevet Captain French, Her Majesty's 26th regiment, aged 10 EUROPE.—Died in London, on the 18th December, 1337, monibs and 14 days.

Jane Ralston, second daughter of Captain G, R. Crawfurd, - At Mr. Spence's, Town hall, Calcutta Mrs. Anna Austin, Artillery, aged 7 years and to days. relict of Dr Austin, Madras Medlcal Service, aged 27 years



29th July last, Jane, eldest 23. At Calcutta, Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews, wife of the late daughter of the late william Marriott, Esq., formerly in the Mr. Joseph Matthews, of the Judicial departmeut, aged 75 Honorable Company's Civil Sevice on the Bengal Establishyears.

24 At Calcutta, Master Robert Orton, son of the late Mr. At Kensington, on the 27th November, Edwarrd William, George Orton, of the Orduance department, aged 16 years fourth son of Major H. Moberly, Secretary Madas Military and 5 months.

Board, aged 9 years.





(From the Bengal Hurkaru Price Current, March 31.)

INDIGO.-There is no change to notice in this article since our The stock of the old Sugar bas considerably diminished and is last. The exports to the evening of the 28th instant are

reported to consist or about 5,000 bags, boue of the new sugar To Great Britain ... ....Fy, mds. 68,203

has yet arrived in the market. France


SHELL LAC AND LAC DYE.-Transactions during the week North America.


bave been confined to the latter, prices of wbich have advanced a Stockholm..


shade. Gulph, &c..


HIDES AND HORNS-Continue in steady demand, at former Fy. mds 88,622


OIL SEEDS. --Without report of purchase, and remain at last RAW SILK.-We have not heard of any transaction since our week's quotations. Jast, and have no alteration in prices to notice.

GRAIN.-We have not heard of a single transaction during tho SILK PIECE GOODS - The demand bas been somewhat active week in any description of Grain, but the quotations of the during the week, chiefly for the English market, and our last day show a sbade of improvoment on Rice, Dboll, Oats, Brao quotations are maintained.

and Flour. COTTON.- We have not heard of any transaction in the new OPIUM.-There has been nothing doing in this Drug during tho staple. A shipment of last year's produce has been made per week, and our quotations are nominal. Volunteer for China, which we understand, was purchased from

The quantity uncleared at this Company's Warehonso to 30th 8 to 12 agnas under the currency of last season.

instant, consists of
BALTPETRE. - The demand for this article, continues to be but
trilling, but prices remain steady. The Stock in the Bazar is very

Patna, Benares. Total.

773 heavy, and reported of Chaprah about 10,000 bags and other qual


1229 chests. ities 19,000 bags.



800 SUGAR-Coutinues to engage attention for shipments to Eug.

2029 aand and Hobart Town, and prices are quoted at an advance of bout 8 anpas per maund ou our last quatations.


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30 »

March 11,

(sell | BUY.}

[SELL. Transfer Loan of 1835-96,

s, d. $. d. Sa. Rs.

8. d. 8. d. Stock

2 2 a interest payable in Eng. Prem. 16 0 15

0 0 on London, 6 months' sight op. ct.

013 Paper

102 9 a 102 8 on Madras, 30 days' sight... 98 0 a 98 8 land,..

102 8 a 103 0 on Bombay, 30 days' siglt... ys 0 a 98 8 Second From No. 1200 a 15200 to sell dis. 08 a pm 2 0 according to Numbers to buy do. par


pren, ? 12 % 4
4 per Cent...... Disci. Co's. ks. 2 10 2 14.



on Government Bills and Salary... 5 per cent,

on Private Bills, 3 months........ 10 ditto. BENGAL BANK. (Co.'s Rs. 4,000) Prem. Co.'s Rs. 3,250 a 3,200

on Loans on Governmeut Papers.. 64 ditto, UNION BANK . (Co.'s Rs, 1,000)

400 a
on Goods,....

......8 to 10 ditto.

6 pr. ct

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charged on Govt. and Salary Bills 5 per cent,


ditto. Discount charged on Private Bills, a 'montu

charged on ditto dito, 2 ditto..... 10 ditto.
charged on ditto ditto, 3 ditto Il ditto.

ditto Interest

Scharged ou Company's Paper Loans &

charged on Deposit of Goods..... 9 ditto.


March 25.
Spanish Dollars.... Co. Rs 220 8.6 a 211 0 0 per 100
Dubloons ..........


oo a 33 8 0 each. Joes or peazas ..

19 II 0a 20 0 0 Sovereigns

10 80a 10 90 Bank of England Notes 10 8 6 a 10 lo 8 Gold Mohurs


6 0 a 18 7 0 China Gold Bars...


00 a 14 to 8 per. 89 wt. Sycee Silver

102 4 0 a 104 8 3 p 100 sa, wt


Paper land,

March 25.


Discount on Government Bills and Salary.. 5 per cent.
Transfer Loan of 1835-36, Sa. Rs.

on Private Bills, 3 months...... 10 Stock

ditto. interest payable in Eng. Prem. 16 0 15 Op. ct.


op Loans on Gorerament Papers.. 6 ditto. on Goods.........

.8 to 10 Second From No. 1200 a 15200 to sell dis. 0 4 a pm 24, 5 pr. ct according to numbers to buy do. para

UNION BANK. Third 5 per cent.


3 0 2
4 per Ceut. ...... Disct: Co. Re. 2 0 2 6

charged on Govt. and Salary Bills, 5 per cent.

charged on Private Bills, 1 month. 9 ditto,


charged on ditio ditto, 2 ditto.... 10 ditto.

charged op ditto ditto, 3 ditto... 11 ditto. BENGAL BANK (Co. Rs. 4,000) Prem: Co. Rs. 3,100 a 3,000

8 ditto. Scharged on Company's Paper Loans

Interest UNION BANK. (Co. Rs. 1,000)

charged on Deposit of Goods....... 9 ditto.



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360 a



Mr. Manuel Payne.

Humphreys, Ann.......
Cox, Apne, Widow...
Pigou, Robert.......
Rees, William Edward, Lieutenant of Engineers.
Buchan, Mary, alias, Mary Healy.
Hodges, Sarab, widow........
Lonsdale, G. G., Lieutenant H. M. 3d Regt...
Mcqueen, Roderick, Captain.....
Strong, Lawrence Coulder.......
Shakespear, Hon'ble H. D...
Smith, C. M.......
Toone, W. L, M,

Mr. William Starmer.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court,
J. W. Caston,
Registrar Supreme Court,
W. Ainslie.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Urs. L. Shakespeare, Widow.
Registrar Supreme Court.
Registrar Supreme Court,


[blocks in formation]


Idency of Fort William in Bengal, to exercise the powers vested in a single Judge of the Sndder Dewanny Adawlut, by cause, 3 section 12, regulation IX, of 1831 of the Beugal code.

The following act is passed by the Hon. the President of tho Polilical department, the Ilth April, 1838–Mr. Surgeon D. Ceuncil of India in council on ihe 23d of April, 1838, with the Richardson is appointed a supernnmerary assitant to the com asgent of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India, which missioner of the Tevasserim provinces, and to the medical has been read and recorded. ch arge of the Talayo coips recently raised at Moulmein.

Ordered, that the act be promulgated for general information.

Act No. VIII. OF 1838. General Department, the sth April, 1838.– The Hon. the De

I. It is hereby enacted, that from the 10th day of May, 1838, puty Governor of Bengal is pleased to grant 10 Mr. Henig Walters the following rates of toll shall be levied, in the Company's cur. of the civil service, a furlough of the past season.

rency, at the toll-gate of the Bhore ghaut, on palanquins and Mr. W. Adam resumed charge as clerk to the committee for

laden bullocks, both iu going and returning : cootroling the expenditure of stationery, from the 1st instant.

On every palanquin.....

1 rupee. On every landen bullock......

6 pies.

II. And it is bereby enacted, that from the said day, all tho Ecclesiastical Department.–Mr. W. H. Abbott registrar of provisions of Act No. 1l. of 1837, of the Governor General of the Arcbeaconry of Caleutta, with the approbation of the india in Council, shall be applicable to palanqnios and laden Rigbt Reverend the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, res umed charge bullocks, and the tolls to be levied thereon, as if they had been or his duties on the 14th instant.

inserted among the rates of tolls coutained in section 11. of that, Act.

ROSS D, MANGLES, Separate Department. –The Deputy Collector of Bullorah is herrby vested with jurisdiction for the trial of persons charged

ofg. Secy. to the Govt. of India. with offences against the laws for the portection of the salt revenue when made over by the superintendent of Megua salt chokies, appointed to that District under the act No. IX of Judicial and revenue department. The Honorable the De. 1835, and the said depnty collector whall, and is hereby empow. puty Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following ered to exercise in respect to such cases, the powers, described appointments : in sections XCVI. and CIX., aud o her provisions of regulation The 20th March, 1889. - Mr Jobn Fitzpatrick to the charge of X. 1819 of the Bengal code.

the revenue survey of the northern division of Cuttack, with the powers of a deputy collector under regulation IX. of 1833, for

the special and exclusive duty of deciding boundary disputes General Department, the 18th April, 1838.—The Hon the within the limits of his opperations as surveyor. President in Council gives notice that the following arrangements The 10th April, 1838.– Mr. G. G. Mackintosh, to be joint mahave been made by the Government of Bombay, for the con- gistrate and deputy collector of Purneah. veyance from the Red Sea to Bombay of the Englisb mails of June,

The 14th April, 1838 -Baboo Rae Parnsnath Bose, principal July, August and September :

sudder ameen West Burdwan, to be a principal sudder aineen The Jane packet will be brought by tbe vew schooner just in East Burdwan, vice Mr. Dumoulin deceased. la unched.

Moulavie Abdool Majid, principal sudder ameen in Chittagong Tue July packet will be brought by the Palinurus.

to be a principal sudder ameen in West Burdwan. The August packet will be brought by the second news schoo

Monlavie Mahommed Fyz Khan to be a principal sudder ner Which is now being built.

ameen in zillah Cbattagong. The September Mail may be expected to arrive at Suez by the

Baboo Ram Locbun Ghose to be a sudder ameen in zillah 2d of October, if a steamer cannot be sent for it, it will be

Tipperah. brought to Bombay by the Euphrates.

Moulavie Mohummud Khoorshed to be additional principal Published by order of the Hon. the President in Council, sudder ameen in zillah Mymensingh.


The 16th April, 1828-The leave of absence granted to Mr. R. Secy, to the Govt. of India. P. Nisbet, judge of Nuddea, under orders of the 3d instant,

bas this day bad beeu cancelled at his request,

Fort William, political department, the 18th April, 1938.The leave of absence grant to Major Sandys, principal assistant iu Ninar, on the 3d Javoary, is to commence from the 25th in- leave of absence from their stations :

The 17th April, 1838. -The following officers have obtained stead of the 5th January last.

Mr. C. Steer, officiating magistrate of Nuddea, an extension of two days leave of absence in addition to that granted to bilo on

the 3d instant. Fort William, general department, the 18th April, 1838 – The Hon. the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to autfborize

Moulavie Mabommed Rafiq, officiating sudder amoen of Mon the superintendent of police in Calcutta to grant tickets or the gbyr for four days, on privrte affairs, admission of sick paupers into tbe General Hospital,

The Hon. the President in Council is pleased to appoint Mr. Assistant Surgeon J. Bowroo post master at Jessore.

The Hon. Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following appointments :

The 19th April, 1838.- Mr. Assistant Surgeon E. V. Davies to Fort William, legislative department, the 2?d April 1838.- perform the medical duties of the civil station of Boncoorah The following Act is passed by tbe Hon. the President of the The 2012 April, 1838.- Lieutenant Robert Mathison, of the Council of ludia in Council on the 23d April, 1838, with the ag 6th rrgiment native infantry, to be a revenue surveyor in cuttack, sent of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India, which with the powers of a deputy collector under regulation IX. of bas been read and recorded.

1838, for the special and exclusive duty of deciding boundary Ordered, that the act be promulgated for general information. disputes within the limits of his operations as surveyor.

Act No. VII. of 1833. It is bereby enacted, that it sball be lawful for a Judge of any. The following officer has obtained leave of absence from bi zillah or City Court, within the territories subject to the Pres; station :

Mr. H. Walters, a temporary member of the Sudder Board of certificate, Mr. Wale Byrn will officiate as deputy collector during Revenue, for one month, preparatory to bis proceeding to Eng Mr Francis' absence or until further orders. land op furlough.

Rai Doorganarain Roy, Ist principal, sneider ameen of West FRED. JAS. HALLIDAY, Burdwan, for twenty days, in additiou to the period of the Moofg. Secy, to the Govt of Bengal

arrem vacation.

Moulvie Mabomed Rafiq, acting sodder amern of Monghyr, for

the period of the Moburrom vacation. Judicial and Revenue Department, the 21st April, 1838.- The Mr. T. R. Davidson, commissioner of revenge of the lih or Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to Patna division, has reported his departure from Bengal for the make the following Appointinent.

Cape of Good Hope on board the ship Marion, which vessel was Mr. Assistant Surgeon John, Arnott, M. D., to the temporary

left by the pilot on the 23d instant. charge of the Medical duties of the Civil Station of Gowalparah.

The following Officer has obtained leave of absence fom his Station.

Judicial and revenue depariment, the 27th March, 1938. --The Lieutenant H. Siddons, Revenue Surveyor in Chittagong, for

Ionorable the Deputi Governor of Bengal has been pleased to

anke the following ppointment : six weeks on private affairs.

Syed llosseyn Buksh to be Sudder am-en in zillah Beerbhoom. The 24th April, 1838.-The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following Appointments

The following oilicer has obtained leare of absence from bis

tation : Mr. J. Marley to be Deputy Collector under Regulation IX o 1833 iu Patna.

Mr. W. Luke, officiating magistrate and collector of Saron, for

our days, in addit on to that granted to him on the 16th January Baboo Degumber Mitter to be ditto ditto under ditto in ditto, tak ist, to enable him to rejoin bis siation. ing effect from the 19th December last,

The 31st March, 1838 – The Hon. the Depnty Governor of Mr. J. Macleod to be ditto ditto under ditto in Shahabad, ditto

Bengal has been pleased to make the following appointment : from the 1st January last.

ir assistant Surgeon J. S. Login, M. D, to perform the mediMr. G Dixon to be ditto ditto under ditto in ditto, ditto from

al duties of the civil station or Hooghly, during the absence of the 1st January last.

1..ctor Hise. Moulavie Shakawut Ally to be ditto ditto under ditto in Sarun,

The 3d April, 1874 – The following ofăcers have obtained leare ditto from the 1st January last.

( absence from their stations : Mr. L. H. Boilard to be ditto ditto under dit'o in ditto, dittı

Mr. R. P Nizhal, judge of Nuddleah, during the remainder of from the 28th December last.

hle Mourrem vacation, on melical certifieate. The following officer has obtained leave of absence from bis station :

Mr C Grant, magistrale and depaty collector of Hooghly, for

wenty days, in exiensivu of the leave granted to him on the 24 Mr. W. B. Jackson, Commissioner of Revenue of the 14ib. iltimo, Moorshedabad Division, for five days, to visit the Presidency, ou

Mr C. Steer, officiating magistrate of Nuideah, for one reek, private affairs.

in private inffairs. lir. C. Locb will officiate in the above Mr. C.J.H. Graham, Joint Magistrate und Deputy Collector

utfice during the absence of Mr. Steer. of Rajeshabye, reported his departure for the Cape of Good Hope

Mr. W. M. Dirom, joint magistrate and deputy collector of on the ship Roxburgh Castle, u bich vessel was left by the Pilou

{ajeshaby, bus reported his departure to sen on board the ship on the 15th instant.

biel, which was left by the pilot on the 25th ultimo. Mr. C. Totteubam, Deputy Collector of Tirhoot, reported his departure for the Cape of Good Hope on board the same vessel. FRED. JAS. HALIDAY,

Judicial and rev?nue department, the 27th Marck, 1938.099. Secy, to Govt, of Bengal.

Ir. C. Tottenham, deputy colctor of Tirhoo, for two years, on gedical certiticate, to proceed to New South Wales, via Mauri.

ius or the Cape of Good Flope Fort William, General Department, the 25th April, 1938.- The 3d April. 1838.—The Hon, the Deputy Gorernor of Bengal The leave granted under the orders of Government of Ist No 145 been pleased to make the following appointinent. vember last, to Mr. David Pringle, of the Civil Service, te

Mr. C. Grant to fliciate, until further orilers, as joint magisproceed to Europe on Furlough, is cancelled at his own request

trate and deputy collector at Noacoily, in the room of Mr. C. T. Mr. W. Young having exceeded the period wiibin which, under Davidson. the orders of the Hono, able the Court of Directors he ought to have qualified himself for the Public Service by proficiency in

The l'th April, 1838 – The following officer bas obtained leare

of absence from his station : two of the Natire languages, bas been ordered to return to Englaud.

Mr. H. Athe ton, assistant nn ler the Commissioner of Cattack H. r. PRINSEP,

for one month, from the 14th ultimo, os indicai certificate Secy to the Govt. of Bengal The Lith April, 1838 — The Hon. the Deputy Governor of

lengal has been pleased to make the following appo ntinents.

Wr. Assistant Surgeon James Pagan to the charge of the Medi. Fort William, Legislative Department, the 26th March, 1338

al Duties of the Civil Station of Gyah, rice Mr. Assistant Surgeon --The hon, the Court of Directors having, with the approbation or

l'aylor. the Right Hon. the Commissioners for ihe affairs of India, re commended the appointments of Frederick Miilett, Esq., of the

Mr. Assistant Surgeon John Wooil to the charge of the medical Beogal Civil Service, as member, and James Charles Co ebrooke

Juties of the civil station of Rangpore, vice Mr. Assistaut Surgeoa Sutherland, Esq., as secretary, of the Indian Law Commission. Payan. The Hon. the President of the Council of India in Council, with

The 12th April, 1338.—Mr. C. Tottenham, deputy collector of the concurrence of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India Tirhoot. has reported his departure for the Cape of Good Hope, has this day been pleased to appoint Frederick Millett, Esq, to on board the Roxburgh Castle, on the loth inatant. be a member of the lodian Law Commission, and James Charles

FRED. JAS. HALLIDAY, Colebrooke Sutherland, Esq., to be secretary 10 the said Commis

ofg. Secy, to the Gur, of Bengal, pion in the place of Mr. F. Millett.

Judicial and revenue department, the 27th March, 1838 Fort William, political department, the 28th Marck, 1838 The Honorable the Deputy Governor oBevgal bas been pleased Yr. H. W. Torrens to be deputy secretary to the Government of to make the following appointments :

Indio and Bengal in the secret and political department, vice Mr. Mr. A, Ross to be an assistant to the register of the Courts of T'rerelyan, -to take effect from the date of his departure. Sudder Dewandy and Nizamat Adawlut.

Mr. 81. Atherton to officiate as joiut magistrate and deputy col. lector at Rajesbaby during the absence of Mr. Dirom or uutil sur. Mr. Lane Magniac is appointed to do duty in the office of the sea

Fort William, separate department, the 28th March, 183Rther orders.

The following officers have obtained leave of absence from their cretary to the Board of Customs, salt and opium, until further stations : Mr. G. C. Cheap, civil and session judge of Shahabad, for three

ADDITIONAL POST OFFICE RULES. days, in addition to that granted to him on the 3d ultimo, Mr. J. T. Mellis. officiating joint magistrate and deputy collec.

Fort William, general department, the 28th March, 1838.tor of Burdwan, for one month, on medical certificate.

In order to provide for the public convenience at stations from,

and to, or between which, a baogy post has not yot been establish The 30th March, 1838.-Mr. Charles Francis, deputy collector ed, the President in Council, until further orders, authorizes of Calcutta, for three months, to proceed to Singapore on medical | Post Masters at such out-stations to receive (as an act of indul.

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