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8 years

At the Cathedral, on the 30th April, by the Rev. II. Fisher, Al Fort William, early on the morning of the 3d May, the W. S. Betts, Esq, M. 26th or Caneronians, to Anna Mar lady of Major Mountain, HM. 26th Regl., or Cameronians. garet, third daughter of the late Jos. ph Thompson, Esq., India At Clcutta, on the 3d May, Mr Daniel Francis Wood, aged Planter.

At Calcutta, on the 1st May, hy the Reverend J. Dealtry At Calcutta, on the 3d May, of Cholera, Master John Pereira, Authur Newberry, to Louisa Leroux,

unior, eldest son of Mr. and Mr. John Pereira, aged 12 years, 11 At Calcutta, on the 2d May, at the Roman Catholic Church o months, anit 10 days Boitaconnah, and subsequently at the Cathedral, by the Rever At Nusseerabad, on the 13th April, in the 50th year of her age, end H. S. Fisher, Mr. Felix Hyde Hart, to Miss Anda Marrii the lady of Lieutenant Colonel R. Birch, and daughter of the late Pinto.

Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Treuch ; an afflicting loss to her At Cawnpore, on Tuesday the 8th April, Mr. Assistant Apo anily. Thecary John Hanby, 10 Miss Jane Kerwan, daughter of Conduc On the 19th April, near Kotah, Lieutenant J G B Paton, of tor Kerwan.

he 4th Native Infantry, who accidently met his death by the At Cawapore, on Tuesday the 8th April, Mr. Conductor Ker Tischarge of bis fowling piece. His remains were interred at wan, of Ordinance Departinent, to Mrs Elizabeth Riley.

Kotah At Cawnpore, on Tuesday the oth April, Hr. Frederick Jacobiti At Agra, on the 25th April the Reverend George Ward, aged Miss Powers,

9 years, 9 months, and 5 days. At Cawnpore, on Tuesday the 8th April, hospital apprentic At Khalna Jessore, on the 25th April, Mr. J. G. Aviet, Indigo Parren Charles Oakley, of the Medical Depot, to Aliss Jane Planter, aged 35 years. Winefied Waterfield, of H. M-'8 16th Regiment

Lately at Kurnaul, Lientenant W. F. Shakespear, of Her Ma. At Vizadavaar. 01 the 19th April, by the Rev Vincent iesty's 13th Regiment Light Infantry. Shotland, Liear, Josial Wilkinson, 41th N. I. to Emma, third At Juanpore, on the 1st May, George, the youngest child of daughter of the la e Lieut .Col, Elphinstone, and grand daughter Assistant Surgeon J. T. Pearson, aged 3 years and 9 months. of Major General Welsh, Commanding the Northern Division At Calcutta, on the 5th May, Master William Moore Seagrore,

At Calcutta, on the oth instant, at St. John's Cathedral, by the who was unfortunately drowned whilst bathing with some of his Rev. W.0. Kuspini, Elwar: Taylor Trevor, Tsq. Bengal Civil «chool.filows, in a tank, situated at ihe back of the huts, which Service, to Caiherine Elizabeth, ellest daughter of the late fare Fenwick's Buildings Lindesay Street, Chowrioghee, in the Lieutenant Colonel John Hunter, B.N 1.

seventeeth year of his age. At Calcutta, on the 11th May, at the Cathedral by the Rever At Calcutta, on tlie 5th May, of Cholera, Mr. Phillip Robam, end H. S Fisher, Mr. Jobo Vallette, Assistant Arsenal, Fort Wil of the Preventive Service, aged 27 years, 4 months, and 18 days. liam, to Mrs. Sarah Trantum.

At Monghyr, ou the evening of the 5th May, James Andrew, On the 12th May, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. II. Fisher.

on of Mr. Conductor J. Thompson, luvalid Pension Establish. Archibald Campbell, Esq., 58th Regt. N I, to Maria E skine. At.

nent, aged l" years and 24 days kinson, only daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Jasper Atkinson

At Soaldal, ou tho 6th May Mrs. Mary Jane Hawkins, aged At Calcutta, on the 12th May, at the Roman Catholic Church

60 years of Boitacal, Mr. G. P. Bow bear, an Assistant in the Snddei

At Calcutta, on the 715 May, Miss Betsy Crips, aged 20 years Board of Revenue, to Miss Mary Echaud, eldest daughter of the

and 10 months. late Mr Gegre Echand. Trader.

At Calcutta at Secuplerabad, on the 24 May, by the Raverend J. McEvoy, Tboinas Kiver Cro-by, Esq , aged 23 years

on the 8th May, Mis, Martha Crosby, lady of Captain J. W. Boardman, of His Highness the Izain's Service

At Calcutta, on the 10th May, Mr. T Jones, of the Police to Miss Caroline O'Leary.

Othce, aged 64 years, 6 months and 11 days,
At Bareilly, on Monday. the 7th May, by the Reverend George
Ward, .A B,

At Entally, on the 11th May, aged 23 years, Harriet Elizabeth,
Mr. George Thomas Smith, to Miss Louisa France

the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Hendıy Ely, Librarian, Hurkar Conway.

Press. At Agra, on the 8th May, A. U C. Plowilen, Esq , Bengal

At Calcutta, on the Ilih May, James Nicholson, Esq.,'late At. Civil Service, to Ellen, second daughter of the late Captain John

torney of the Supreme Court, aged 45 years, Camia Carne, of the Honourable Company's Bengal artillery.

Al Calcutta, on lih May, Jas. Cock, Esq., aged 38 years. Ai tlie Catbedral, on the 21th May, by the Rev G C

At Akyab, on the 24th April, Ensiyn Rivers, of the 67th Regt. Withers, M. A. Bignell, Esq. to Sophia Amelia, daughter of th VI late Robert McClintock, Esq.

At Seeroor, on the 15th April, of Cholera, Mrs. Mary Ann Ai Calcutta, at the Principal Roman Catholic Church, Mark

Grilliths, relict of the late Mr. Thainas Gritti hs, Pensioned Deputy Lackersteen, Esq., to Miss Rosa DaCosta,

Assistant Commissa'y of Ordnance, aged 60 years. At Burdwan, on the 15th May, by the Rev. Mr. Weithretch,

At Nyagaon, 12 miles West of Bondee, in the camp of the Go. Mr. Felix D'Rozario, Catechist of the Church wission Society, to

vernur General's Agent, for the States of Rajpootapa, on the Miss Jane Egan, formerly a ward of the European Female Or

31st of April, by an attack of Cholera Morbus, l ieut. Wm. Thos. phau Asylum.

Brigos, ofibe 74th Regt N. 1., Assistant to the General Super. At Allahabad, on the 17th May at the house of Colonel :

intendant for the Suppression of I huggee, and officiating Assis. chard, commanding the station, by the Rev. A. Pratt, 4. B

tant to the Rajpootana Agency, deeply and most deservedly reCapt Alister Stewart, Hon'ble Company's European Regt. ti

Fletted, an account of his amiable and honourable qualities, by Harrieti, second daughter of Capt. Hamilton, of Hamilton

the ollicers of his corps and hy all who had enjoyed his intimate Lodge Staffordshire, and Barrackinaster, Gibralter.

cquaintance. By the death Lieul Briggs, his friends have sus. DEATHS.

tained a most distressing beresivement and the Government the Al Giraum, on the 15th April, of Cholera, Capt in William loss of a tried and most promising public officer, Durant, of the Ship Good Success of this Port, aged 34 years At Allygurh, on the 2d May, Colina Anne, the daughter of

At Agra, on the morning of the 16th April, Captain Raban Lieutenant W.F. Campbell, Gith Nolive lufantry, aged 7 months 47th N. I of Cholera.

and lo days At Cawnpore, on the 19th April, Emily Charlotte, the young, At Mussoorie, on the 4th May, the lady of George Gibbon, est daughter of Mr, C. C. Greenway, aged 11 months and 23 days Esq. New Poia Midnapore, on Tuesday the 8th May, Farquhard At Agra, on the 20th April, Felix Erastus, the infant child o

Campbell. Esq , Superintendent of Salt chokies in that District, R. Gordon, Esq.,of the Accountant's Office, aged 1 year and I dny At Calcutta, on the sth May, Mr. P. A. Ch.ter, aged so years.

On Monday morning, the 3d of April, at the house of her bro At Calcutta, on the 11th May, the infant child of Mr. J, Pote. ther Mr. Stephen Bircb, of Futtyghuir, Alrs Anne Printzling, At Calcutta, on the lith May, Mr. John Cox, Assistant Messrs. in the 62d year of her age, deeply regretted by all her relation Vonteith and Co., Aged 23 years and friends

At Dacca, on the 12th May, Mrs. Catchcatoon M. Simeon At Calcutta, on the 23th April, Mrs. Mary Hubn, aged 35 the laily of Marques Simeon. Esq, Zemindar of Duckinsabaze years, 4 months, and 16 days,

poor, aged 18 years and 5 months. At Midnapore, on the 28th April, after a lingering and pain

At Calcutta, on the 12th May, Mr. Petter D'Costa, Register of ful illness of upwards of a yer, the wife of Mr: 1. Jones, Heard the Special Court of Commission, aged 46 years aud 10 inontbs. Clerk Superintending Engineer's Office, South Westeru Provin ces, aged 29 years.

At Calcutta, Free School, on the 12h May. Jane, the infant At Calcutta, on the 28th April, Mrs. Anna Nicholas, relictaughter of Mr. John. Lindsay, Heat Master, Free School, aged 3 of the late Mr. Nicholas, aged 82 years.

months and 28 days. Ai Calcutta, on the 29th April, of cholera Caroline, the infants

At Calcutta, on ihe 13th May, Mrs Ann Eliza Greenway, relict daughtes of Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, aged 3 years, 3 month

of the late Joseph Greenway, Esq., aged 47 years. and 14days.

At Calcnita, on the 15th May, of Cholera, the eldest son of At Calcutta, on the 20th Aprii, Mrs. Anna Maria Morrison, lady Montieur and Madame Philippeir, aged 9 years of the Rev. J. H. Morrison, aged 24 years, 2 months and 15 days.

At Calcutta, on the 16th May, Mr. H. G. A. Howe, Head As. At Calcutta, on the 30th April, Master Henry Richard Mar: sistant, Military Accountant General's Department, aged 51 years tiudell, sou of Henry Martindell, Esq., Attorney at Law, aged and 9 monils. 14 days.

At Calcutta, on thel6th May, Mrs Mary Robinson, lady of the At Calcutta, on the 30th April. Mrs. Eliza Danverse Else, Rev. W. Robinson, aged 40 years. widow of the Mr. John Preston Else, of the Honourable

At the residence of Mr. Hampton, Howrah, on the 18th May, Company's Marine, aged 24 years and 2 months.

Ensign S. m. Hampton, 57th Regt. N. I., aged 27 years and 6 At Dacca, on the 1st May, Eliza Ann, the beloved child of months. A. G. Glass, Esq., aged il months and 12 days

At Calcutta, on the 19th May, Mrs. Marian Rose, wife of Mr. At Calcutta, the General Hospital, on the 2d May, Mr. Ro.

braham Rose, of the firm of messrs. Hunter and Co., aged 37 bert Thomson, or 101, Dhurumtollab, aged 37 years.

years and 5 days,

At Kamptee, on the 25th April, the infant son of Lieutenant At Calcutta, in Cossitollah Street, on the 19th May, Mrs. Jane std Mrs. George Briggs.

Adams, relict of the late Capt. Walter Adams, aged 60 years. At Hurrah Factory, on the 21st May, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dassier, of Nutiepoita Factory, aged 13th months hours, Mrs. C. M. Morton, wife of Mr. J. S. Morton, Veterinary

At Calcutta, on the night of the 21st May, after an illness of 24 and 19 days.

At Ootacamund, on the 34 May, the infant son of Lieutenant
W. H. Miller.

At Calcutta, on the 21st May, Mrs. A. Pratt, aged 36 years and
At Dinapore, ou the 7th May, the beloved wife of C c. Russell, 21 days.
Esq., of Lollsaniah Factory, Tir boot, aged 29 years, 7 montbs At Calcut'a, on the 21st May, Mr. Edward Jones, of the Fire
and 3 days.

Engiue Departinent. At Meerut, on the 10 6 May, Honor,tbe belosed daughter of Lieut.

At Alipore, on the 231 May, Mrs. Mary Nicholson, relict of and Mrs. Lacy, of H. 1, 3d Bufis, aged 20 months and isdaye.

ate James Nicholson, Esq., Attorney at Law, aged 39 years. At Calcutta, near Chandney Choke, on the I:th May, Mrs. Mary Wickins, widow of Mr. Joho Martin Vickius, nged 50 years

At Calcutta, on the 24th May, Robert H. S. Reid, Esq., aged At Calcutta, General Hospital, on the 19th May, Captain.


years. George Daniel Barker Kirby Deputy Post master, Diau,ond At Calcutta, on the 26th May, Mr. George Clermont, aged 24 Harbour, aged 87 years.

jears, 11 months, and 9 days.


(From the Bengal Hurkaru Price Current, May 29.)

INDIC 0- There have been two public sales this week, the first Orders at present from China are limited, but several parties on the 22d instant of about 360 chests of inferior Oudh, beld a anticipate instructions regarding purchases by the next arrival. the Loll Bazar Mart; the sale was very thinly attended, and Aspects in the interior are the same as stated before. Barcely a lot was sold, in consequence or the proprietors fixing SILK PIECE GOOD4.-Operations in Corahs to a cousiderable ex high prices. The second sale was beld yesteritas at the New tent are reported for the English market, but we bare no particuMart, the quantity put up consisted of about 132 chests, up couv-lar change in prices to notice. try produce, and although, the attendance was thin, more than Accounts from Home by the Overland Mail are of a less fafor. gthis met with purchasers, but at rather low prices, the remainder able nature than we bad expected, Curahs were about 5 to 7} was subsequently sold by private contract at ixed rates.

per cent lower than in December, good qualities weighin: full Accounts during the week from the factories in Tirhoot, Malda, 13 oz. were quoted from 185 to 19s, 6d. Choppals and Baodabas and, with very few exceptions, in Moorsbedabad and Kishnaghur, were not sery brisk, and were quoted 16s. 60. to 17s. 6d. are still of a very unfavorable nature, wbereas those from Jessore SALTPETRE – Purchases since our last have been to a limited aud Dacca are better.

extent, and prices may be quotes withont alteration. Advices from Home by the Overland mail to the 230 March Accounts from London le esent the article to hare pressed on represent the market inactive. A few small parcels were dispos- the market, aud was cousequently dull of sale, and at a decline in ed of at 20. to 4d per ib. below the January sale prices.

prices. The Stock in London on

SUGAR.-Continues in fair enquiry, but without any change in Ist March, 1838, was chests 24,690 against the stock, ou prices. Ist March, 1837..... 20,930

Advices from London report the Bengal produce in limited de

mand, good middling to very good white at 59s. 6d. to 61s. per Shewing an increase of.... 3.760 Chests.

cwt. In Siam or Manilla there was nothing doing, and the market became heavy, without boiers, particularly of the soft and interi.

or kinds, except at reduced prices, but bolders, were not disposed And the deliveries in Feb. 1838. amounted to chests 1,106 to accede to any decline. Against the deliveries in Feb. 1837

1,212 SHELL LAC.–Very little doing for the Euglish market, and prices

have a tendency to a decline. Shewing a decrease of chests 106

Accouuts froin London and Lirerpool are very unfavourable, and Stocks are reported heavy.

LAC DYE-A few parcels bave been taken up for the English The shipments up to last evening are

market at steady prices. Accounts from Europe state this article To Great Britain

Fy. mds. 77.903

more favorable. France

17,527 Stockholm .......

SAFFLOWER -Some purchases of the new crop have been report

108 ed for the English market, but we observe no particular change in North America

1,794 prices. Bombay, Persian Gulph and other

GRAIN.-Nothing doing for Europe, a few purchases of Moonglyr places in India

4,618 Rice, for the Mauritius are the only transactions reported since

our last at former prices, 1,01,950 OPIUM.–Very litile continues to be done in this Drug, except.

ing a few chests for shipments per the Aitaran for Chiga, and our RAW SILK.-Continues in fair enquiry for the English market, quotations may be reported aominal. and the prices of some of the assortmeuts have slizbtly advanced. Accounts from England state, East India sorts were firmly held, amounted to

The quantity in the Company's godown up to last evening and China quoted rather higher with a fair demand.

Patna. Benares.

Total. COTTON.- A few parcels have changed bands duringthe week for Old..


90 shipment to China per the Mary Ann Webb at steady prices,



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Transfer Loan of 1885.36,

Sa. Ho

interest payable in Eng. Prem. 15 0 14 Op. et.

Transfer Loan of 1835.

Sa. Rs,

land 36, interest payable Paper

Prem. 15 8 14 Op. ct. Second From No. 1200 a 15200 to sell. par apm. 3 in England.....

5 pr. ct. according to Numbers to buy pm 0

Third 5 per Cent.....
From No. 1200 a

prem. 3 0 2

8 Second, S

to sell. 15200 according

par a pm 30

4 per Cent....... Disct. Co.'s Rs % 6 2 10,
to buy pm. 0

Transfer Loan of 1835 36.

Sa. R$
Third 5 per Cent...

Stock 0 2 8

interest payable in Eng- Prem. 15 0 14 up. ct. 4 per Cent.... Disct. Co.'s Rs % 6 2 10




6 procent) 10 Numbers....

48 )

prem. 3


a pm 80

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250 a

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Second From No. 1200 a 15200 7 to sell. •

0 par apm. 30 Spanish Dollars..... Co. Re 220 8 0 a 221 O per 100 6 pr. ct. { according to Numbers to buy pm. 0 4 a


32 8 oa 33 0 0 each.

19 11 Oat Joes or Penzas

20 0 Tbird

0 5 per Cent....... .... prem.

2 12 2


10 30 a 10 5 0
4 per Cent...... Disct. Co.'s Ro 2 63

Bauk of England Notes

8 6 a

10 10 8
Gold Mohurs


Is 10 0

12 Ghina Gold Bars...

0 Od

14 10 8 per sa wt. Transfer Loan of 1835-36, Stock

Sa Rs. interest payable in Eng. Prem. 15 0 14 0 p. ct.

Sycee Silver Paper

102 4 0 a 104 8 3 plod sa wt land Second S From No. 1200a 15200 to sell. par

COURSE OF EXC ANGE. 5 pr. cent. ( according to Numbers to buy pro

3 4

[SELL. Tbird 5 per cent.

prem. 2 12 24

d. 8. d.


s, d.
4 per Cent.
Disct, Co's Rs 2 4 2 S

2 is a
2 2 On London, 6 months' sight 2 2ja 2

3 102 0 a 102 8 On Madras, 30 days' sight 98 0 a 98 8

102. 8 a 103 0 On Bombay 30 days' sight 98 0 a 93 8 BANK SHARES. BENGAL BANK. (Co.'s Rs 4,000) prem. Co 's Rs 2,800 a 2,700 UNION BANK.. (Co.'s Rs 1,000)




d. 2 la

2 2 On London, 6 months' sight 2 21 a 2 3

102 0 a 102 8 On Madras, 80 days' sight 98 0 a 9 8 BENGAL BANK (Co.'s Rs 4,000) Prem. Co.'s Rs. 2,800 a 2700 102 8 a 103 0 On Bombay 30 days' sight 98 0 a 98 8 UNION BANK.. (Co.'s No 1,000)

250 a 200

BENGAL BANK. (Co.'s Rs. 4,000) Prem. Co 's Rs 2,800 a 2,700
UNION BANK.. (Co.'s Rs 1,000)

250 a

5 per cent. BENGAL BANK (Co's Rs. 4,000) Prem. Co.'s Ro 3,000 a 2,900 Discount for Government Bills and Salary.... UNION Bank..(Co.'s Ro 1,000)

2 Ou Private Bills, 3 months .....

10 ditto, 150 Interest

son Loans on Government Papers ... 6 ditto. On Goods

8 to 10 ditto. PRICE OF BULLION.

Spanish Dollars Co.'s Ro 220 00 a 220 8 6 per 10

8 O a 0 0 each.

Charged on Govt. and Salary Bills. 5 per cent. Joes or Peazas.......... 19 11 0a 20 0

9 ditto. Charged on Private Bilis, 1 month ...


10 6 0
Charged on ditto ditto, 2 ditto

10 riitto, Bank of England Notes.. 10

8 6 a
10 10

Churged on ditto ditto, 3 ditto

......ll ditto. Gold Mohury...

6 0 €
18 7 0

Allowed on De: osits for 3 months certain 5 ditto, China Cold Bars....... 12

14 10
8 per sa. wt.

Interest Charged on Company's Paier Loans.. 8 ditto. Sycee Silver... 102 40 a 104 8 3p 100 sa.wt.

Charged ou Deposits of Goods....... 9 ditto.

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200 a


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0 0


Daniell, William,..

Registrar Supreme Court.
Earls, Mary, Widow,..

..Francis Cook.
Glazbrook, Henry,

Registrar Supreme Court.
Shairp, George, Lieutenant, 15th N. 1. .....

. Registrar Supreme Court,
Tomlin, John,...

. Registrar Supreme Court. Burn, Frederick William,.

..... John Jackson.
Oakley, Richard Cater,...

Registrar Supreme Court.
Powers, John,.....

... Elizabeth Powers.
Abbott, George, Captain, 15th N. I...

.Registrar Supreme Court.
Annadmoye Biswas,

Bisson aulk Biswas.
Campbell, F. Superintendant of Salt Chokies of Midnapor“,..A. Gordon.
Dobbs, A.E., Master in Equity and Accountant Genl of theS.C Registrar Supreme Court.
Hunter, William, Jojnt Magistrate and Deputy Collector
of the Zillab of Ghaztepore..

. Registrar Supreme Court.
Bazet, M, A. F.......

. Fressanges.
Chater, P. A.

Registrar Supreme Court,
Daniell, W....

Registrar Supreme Court.
Howe, H. G. A,...

T. M. Howe.
Reid, R, H. S...

.......E. Mackintosh and A, F. Smith.

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ry last.


Mr. F. J. Halliday is appointed secretary to the Government of Bengal in the judicial and revenue departments, vice Mr.

Fort William, general department, the 13th June. 1833.-The
Hou, the President in Council is pleased to place the services i revenue, vice Mr. Halliday..

Nr. E. Currie is appointed secretary to the sndder board of of Mr. W.CS, Cuntingham, at the disposal or The Right Hon, the Governor General, for the north western provinces, liom the 16th

Judicial and revenue department, the 28th May, 1838.- The May last

Hon. the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make Mr. T. P. Biscne, of the civil service, lately employed in the the following appointmeut : north western provinces, is transferred to the Corerement of

Mr. G. F. Brown to be commissioner of revenue of the 12th Bengal, from the 29th ultimo.

or Bbaugulpore division, to take effect from the : d Maich last,

the date on whiclo Mr. C. Harding resigned the service, Fort William, general department, 20th June, 1839.--The stations :

The following officers have obtained leave of absence from their Hon the President in Council is pleased to grant to Mr J. F. M. Reid, post-master general, leave for fifteen days, or such

May, 29 1833 -Ateer Dad Ullee Khan Bahadoor, deputy further period as will enable him to rejoin by the route of Singa. colle tor under Regulation IX. of 1833, in Burdwan, for six poor, in extension of the leave granted to him on the 6th Februa.


Separate department, the 30th May, 1838.—The Hon. the The Hon. the President in Council is pleased to attach Mr. C. Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to make the following apWhitmore, of the civil service, to the Bengal presidency.

pointments : H. T. PRINSEP,

Mr. R, S. Maling to be superintendent of Midnapore salt Sec. to the Gort. of India. cbokies, vice Mr. F. Campbell deceased.

Mr. J A. Terranenu to be superintendent of salt chokies at BY THE DEPUTY GOVERNOR OF BENGAL.

Jessore, in the room of Mr. R. S. Maling promoted.

The 30th May, 1838-Messrs. G. C. Barnes and A. A. Ro

berts, writers, attached to the north western provinces, have Polilical department, Simla, 12th of May, 1838. Mr. M. P. been permitted to remain at the presidency until the departure Eilgiworth, assistant to the political agent at Umballa, bas one of the Jane steamer for Allababad, vis, from the 9th to the 18th month's leave of absence from the 10th instant, on his private proxiino. afire.

Fort William, political department, dated 30th May, 1838– By order of the Right Hon. the Governor General,

Major. Kicbard Benson to be resideut at Ava, with the rank of W. H. MACNAGHTEN,

colonel Sec, to the Goor. Genl. N W. P Captain Wiliam McLeod to be assistant to the resident at

Ara. Judicial and revenue department, the 22d May, 1538 - The

Mr. G. T. Bayfield, late assistant to the resident at Ava, will Hon the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make

remain in separate charge at Raugoon, under the orders of tho the following appointment:

resident at Ava. Baboo Madnb Chunder Mullick, t he deputy collector under General Department, the 30th May, 1838.-The Hon, the the provisions of Regulation IX of 1833, in Dacca.

President in Council is pleased to notify the re-admission by the · Fort William. Ecclesiastical department, the 231 May, 1839. Hon the Court of Directors of Mr. J. B. Thorphill, to the Bengal -The flon, the Depaty Governor of Bengal is pleased to per. civil service, in cancelment of his retirement on the pension mit the Rev. William Palmer, junior presidency chaplain, to re. allowed to servants of the late China establishment. main at Nusseerabad for a period of six months, on medical The Han the President in Couocil is pleased to appoint the certificate.

following gentlemen to be post masters at the stations set Fort William, general deparlment, the 26th May, 1838-The against their names respectively : Hon, the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to permit Mr. HD. H. Fergusson, writer, leave of absence from the 29th abeeanah, to take effect from the 8ih instant ; and lieut. N. A.

Lieutenant T. Beatson, at Muttra ; lieut. G. M. Hill, at Lno. instant to the 29th July next, to visit Jumalpore, ou urgeut pri. Staples, at Dacca, to take effect from the 21st instant. vale affairs. Legislative department, the 28th May, 1838-11

Fort William, separále department, the 30th May, 1838.-Tho President of the Council of India in Council has been pleased to with the collector of Midnapore for the trial of persons charged

Hon. the salt agent of Balasore is hereby vested with joint jurisdiction appoint Mr. T. A Malldock, to officiate as secretary to the Gov. ernment of India in the legislative, judicial and revegne depart. I venue whe, made over by the superintendent of the salt chokies

with offences against the laws for the protection of the salt remients, until further orders. Mr. Mangles will continue to of Jellnsere, Dantoon and Kalkapore, appointed under the Act omciate as secretary in the abovemeutiqued departmeuts until No. IX. of 1835, and the said salt agent of Balasore shall and relieved by Mr. Maddock.

hereby ein powered to exercise iu respect to such cases, the powers ROSS D. MANGLES,

described in sections XCVI. and CÍX. and other provisions of opg. See. to the Govt. of India. Regulation X. 1819, of the Bengal code. Fort William, judicial and revenue deparlment, the 26th

Fort William, general department, the 3014 May, 1838, Gov. May, 1938. -- The Hon. the Beputy Governor of Ben: al having cil authorizes the commanding Orlicers of stations and posts, and

ernment notice- Post office. - The Hon. The President in Coun. had under his considertion a report subunitted by the officiating the station staff to frauk letters containing Chelsea ont pension. judge of the 24-pergnanahs, and the proceedings of the Court of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut, ou a charge of official misconduct oflice rules for frauking soldiers or sepoys' letters.

ers declaration certificates under the rule of Clause LI. of post preferred against Hafeezoodeen Ahmud, principal sudder amern

H. T. PRINSEP, in the 24-pergnonahs, and being of opinion that Hafeezoodeen Abmud is unworthy or further confidence as a judicial officer, has

Secy, to the Govt. of India. dismissed him from the otfice of principal sudder ameen in the

May, 31 1838.-Mr.C. Grant, officiating joint-magistrate and said district.

deputy collector of Noacoliy, for one month, on medical The 28th May, 1838.- Errata.-In the notification of the 8th certificate. Mr. T. Young will ofliciate in those capacities natil May, inserted in the Calcutta Gazette of the 26th idem, for further orilcrs. Moulavee Ashruf Ali, moonsiff of Juggernauth Diggy, in Tip- Mr A.R. Young, assistant to the magistrate of Tirboot, for perah, read Moulvee Asuf Ali, moousift of Cusbah Noornaggur, one month, on private affairs. ip ditto.

Mr. Wm Beil has been anthorized to exercise the powers of Aisomit the names of Mahomed Arsheed, moonsiff of Kend. joint magistrate and deputy collector at Noacolly, instead of at raparral, in Cattack, and Bindrabuo Mallick, mooasiff of Raja. 'Chittagong as directed on the 15th instant. rampoor, in Dinagepore.

The 4th June, 1838.–The following officer has obtained leave FRED, JAS, HALLIDAY,

of absence from his station : of g. Secy. to Govt. of Bengal. Mr J. Pagan, the assistant surgeon lately attached to the civil

station of Run:pore, for six months, to proceed to Darjeelinc, on Judicial and revenue department, the 281h May, 1838.medical certificate, The Hon'ble the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased, The 5th June, 1838 —The Hon. the Deputy Governorfor Beugal wi.h the sanction of the Supreme Government to appoint ar bas bceu pleased to make the following appointments : R. D. Mangles, a temporary member of the sudder board of re Mr. M. Johnston to be, deputy, collector of Calcutta, in sueVenuc, vice Mr. H. Walters,

cession to Mr. C. Francis deceased.

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