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Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

The leare of absence granted to assistant surgeou Grant. 4th 40th Foot. - Lieuteuant Jolin Willock, from tire 45th rooi. livit dragimn. tu proceed to England, for ? years from date of ment of prot, to be lintenant, rice stanley appointed to the embarkation, on medical certificate, is confirmed.

12th regiment of oot, '6th December, 1437. The appointinent by this Excellency liput.generyl Sir P. 63d Foot.-Major Sir Edmund Sanderson Prideaus, Dail. Muitland, K. C. B., of assistant surgeon Morgan, 570b regi.

from the half pay, sinnttached, to be major, vice D'Arcy Weat. fuent, to the medical charge of the 57th, during the absence of wort, who exchanges, st Drceinbrr, 1837 surgeon Macdonnel, on inedical certificate, is confirmed.

Captain Arthur Canliffe Pole, to loc major, by purchase, rice

Pride anx, wbo retires, Ist December, 1897. The appointment of lieu enant I. R. Narrate, 55th regiment, to act as a ljutant to that corps, from the sth June 1837 to the chase. vice Pole. It December, 1437.

Lieutenant Joseph Samuel Adamusou to be captain, by pur17th March 1857, is confirmed. The under nientioned oilcers have leave of absence :

Caneri, his promotion, Ensign Gostarus Nicolls Harrison,

vice Fairt vugh, deceused. to be li ujenant, by purchase, vice 134b light dragnons - Major Lang, in esterision, from 1st De

Adamson, Ist December, 1937, ceinber 1837 to the 22d April 19.37

William Frederick Carter, geut to be ensiga, by purchase, 34 foot. - apraia G. L. Christie, fr. m 5th May to Irth No vice Harrisoni, Ist December, 18.7. Feinber, to Simla, on medical certidrale.

The Commamer in Chief bas been pleased to make the follos. By Order of tbe Commander in Chief, ing proinotion until fler Mejesty's pleasure shall be known: Head quaters, Simla, 24th May 1838, No. 129.-His Excel

68 leot.-Lasign E Crukor to be lieutenant, by purchase, lency the Commander in Chief is pleased to direct the pubii a

vice Werge promoted, 230 May, 1938. tion of the following letter from the Adjutant General Horse His Excellency the Commander iu Chief has been pleased ta Guards, trigether with the copy of the 5th Clause of the Act or promote the inde metioned officer to tbe rank of explain, by Victoria the 1st, Cap. 90th, thereia referred to :

brevel, in the East Ladies only : (CIRCULAR.)

4th Foot - Lieutenant l'hoinas Gibson, from tho 16th May, 1828. Horse Guards, 16th December, 1837.

By order of the Coinmander in Chief, S.- I have the bosor, hy desire of the general commanding in chief to transmit to you a copy of th- 5th Clause of the Aci Ilead quarlers, Simlah, 31st May, 1838.-No. 131.-Sergror Ist Victoria, Cap. 90, from which it will be preceiird it is enact White, 16th lancers, baving reported his retain from Madras to ed, " That from and after the commencement of the act it shall Calcutta, will proceed to Heerut, by dawk, and va his arrival not be lawful for any court to direct that any offender shall be sill assome the medical charge of the regiment, trpt in solitary confinement for any longer periods than one The disisjon order hy inajor general Sir W. Cotton, B. and month at a time, or than three months in the space of ope year."K, O. # , dated the 13th May, adding the Bribe of lieate.

Although the proceedings of Courts Martial do not appear to naut Barnes, 3d light fragoons, to the detachment of that rarys, have been intended to be included within any of the provisions which embarked froun Calcutta for the upper provinces, on the of the act in question, yet as the seune of the legistature has 14th February last, under the coinmand of lieutenant Had. been expresged, in the 5th Clause, as to the extent io which soli bield, is confirmed. tary confinement may salely be carried, and the manner in which it should be restricted, I am now to signify to you His Lordship's O'Neill, 141h regiment, commanding a detac bment of that cw,

The appointment, on the Joth January, 1837, by captain desire, that Cowts Martial in future, in any seistence in which of sorgent Bried to act as sergeant major, and of sergeant Duran, solitary confinem or is iurluded, shall *onform to the limitations

to act as quarter.inaster sergeant to the same, during its proiu that respect taid down by the clause aborementioned.

gress from Calcutta to Gaze pore, is confirmed. I have, &c.

The leave of abgrnce granted to captain Meldrum, 24 foot, to (Signed) JOHN MACDONALD, proceed to England, fır 2 years from date of ea.barkation, oa meAdjutant General.

co lifi ate, confirm-d. The leaves of absence granted by His Eeitency Lieutenant Ge. neral Sir P. Maitland, K. C. B., to the following officers, are

confirmed : 5th clause of the Act 1st Victoria, Cap. 90.

55th foot-Captain C. B. Dauheney, to England, for 2 years " And whereas by the laws now in force it is lawful for the from date of embarkatiou, on medical certificate. court before wbom any person shall be convicted of certain Ditto--Captain A. Sharpin, ditto ditto. offences for which imprisonment or imprisonment with hard Jabour may be awarded, 10 direct, that the offend-r shall be kept

The ondermentioned oflicer has leave of absence : in solitary confinement for the whole or any portiou or portions

16th lancers. ---Cornet H, D. Swetepham, froin 230 May to the of snch imprisonment, or of such imprisonment with hard la !0th November dext, to proceed to Landour, on medical certi. bour, as to such court in its discretion should seem meet, it is ticate. hereby enacted, that from and alter the commoracement of ibis

R. TORRENS, Maj. Genl. act it shall not be lawful for any court to direci lhat any offen

Adjt. Genl. to Her Majesty's Forces in India. der shall be kept in solitary copfineinent for any longer periods than one month at a time, or than three mouths in the space of one year."

Head quarters Simlah, June 4, 1838 - No. 183.-Ata general The leave of absence granted by major general Sir Willoughby court-martiat beld in Fort William, on Monduy the 20 day of Cotton, c. B. & * c. M., to captain L'Estrange, with foot, to April, 1838, Private John Mealy, No. 787, Her Majesty's 9th proceed to England, for 2 years from date of embarkation, on regiment of font, was arraigned on the following charges : medical certificate is confirmed.

Charges.-" Ist. Witb having been drunk and out of barrack The leave of absence granted by Bis Excellency lieutenant after hours, at Chinsiirah on or abouth the night of the 21st March general sir P. Maitland, K C. B., to the following officers, are 834, this being the eleventh instance of druokenness within six confirmed :

months, after a convictiou for habitual drunkenness, had, at Chin. 13th light dragoons.-Cornet H. Hamilton, to England, for 18 surah, on the 30th of October 1837,--riz. on the 27th December months from date of embarkation, on private affairs.

1837, Ist January, 7th January, ilth January, 21st January, 55th foot.-Lientenant s. B. Lamb, from 20th May to 20th filth February, Inth February, 19th February 28th February, September next, lo Bengal on private affairs.

Joth March 1839, and the present instance, and thereby consti. Lieutenant J. S. Shortt, 4th foot, bas leave to proceed to Eng. tuting another act of nabitual drunkenness. Innd, for 2 years from date of embarkation, ou private affairs. " 2d - With mutinous and insubordinate copdact,' about ten

Head quarters, Simla, 281h May, 1838.-No. 130.--Her Majes o'clock on the morping of the 224 March 1838, when leaving the ty bas been pleased to make the following promotions and ap orderly room after the case of drunkenness detwiled in first pointments in the regiments serving in India :

charge, bad been investigated by the commanding oficer, in hry. 13th lighi dragoons. - Lieutenant Denis Flanson, from the 17th ing struck with his clenched first, No. 572, Sergeant Maurice light dragoons, to be lieutenant, vice Burdett, who exchanges, Fitzgerald, Her Majesty's 9th regiment, his superior oflcer, a 26th December, 1$27.

violent blow on the head which knocked him down. 3d foot. Lieutenant Robert Manners Sparks, from the Cape Upon which charges the Court came to the following decision : mounted riflemen, to be lieuten-int, vice Peshall, who exchanges, Finding -" The court, upon the evidence before them, are of 26th December, 1837.

opinion, that the prisoner i'rivate John Mealy, No 787, of Her 9th Foot.-Robert Harthill, gent, to be assistant surgeon, vice Majesty's gth regiment of foot, as guilty of tne charges preferred Griffin deceased, 29th December, 1937,

against him. 17th Foot - Lieutenant John Brady, from the 22d regiment of

Sentence. The court sentence the the prisoner Private John foot, to be lieutenant, vice Kelly, who exchanges, 8th December, Menly, No: 787, Her Majesty's Oth regiment of foot, to be 1837. Cancels the promotion 39th Foot. Ensign John Fitz

transported, as a felon, for jhe ierw of bis natural life.” of Ensign Croker to this Roy Dalıymple to be lieutenant,

Disapproved. vacancy, and that of En- by purchase, vice Leslie, who re. The court are required to revise their finding and smtence sign Smith, vice D. Werge. tires, 8th December, 1837. because they are illigal, as found under the Pith article of wär,

William Merces Lockhart, gent. to be Exsign, by purchase, as imwlied by the decision of the coart, noted on the proceedings, Vice Dalrymple, 8th Deceber, 1337.

The offence of the prisoner comes under the 70th article. Gentleman cadet Thomas Serjeant Little, from the Royal Mi.

(Signed) A, FANE, General, litary College, to be ensign, without purcbase, yice Lockbart

commander.fu-Chies, East Indies. appointed tu 78th foot, 9th Dec. 1837.

21st April 1838.

Revised Finding.--" With much deference to the opinion of years, over and above any former forfeitures of liquor money, or the Commander-in-Cbief, the count beg to observe, with regarii to of pay, which the prisoner is now undergoius, provided that the their finding, that it appears, the prisoner broke from his escort total forfuitures not exceed the amouut of ihree pence per voilently struck his superior officer, Sergeant Fitzgerald, tbreat diem." ening, that be would take his life,' and declaring, that the ser

Confirmed, geant was the whole canse of his being in so much trouble. The


H. PANP, General, act, therefore, in the opinion of the court was one of extreme in

Commander-ta. Chief, Essi tudies subordination directed against Sergeant Fitzgerald, intentionally 30th May 1838. in his capacity of the prisoner's superior officer, whose vigilance on day had caused him annoyance, and it appears to the court to bear a highly inutionys tendency, short only of the actual offence

REVARKA BY B19 EXCELLENCY THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEP. of mutiny by the circumstance of the sergeant not having been on duty at the time. The coort therefore repectfully adhere to their nature of the prisoner's offence, and as to the punishment ho

I entirely agree with the court in their opinion as to the serious fi vding

deserves, and I would gladly have approved the first senience Revised sentence "Under the deci-ion given by his Excellen- passed had it heen legal. cy tbe Coinmander-in-cheif, that the offence of the prisoner comes I cannot assent to the distinction the conrt desire to draw beunder the 70th article of war, the court cancel their former sen. tweeu mutiny and mutinous conduct, and therefore I ain of opi. tence, and do now sentence the prisoner Private John Alcaly, No. nion, that the court baserred in adhering to its original Auding. 787, of Her Majesty's 9th regiment of foot, to suffer solitary im

(Signed) H. F. prisonment for twelve (12) calen.iar months, in such p'aco as

By order of the Cominander-in-Chier, his Excellency the Commauder-in-Chief may be pleased to di.

R. TORRENS, Major Gens. rect ; and to be deprived of ope peuny a day of his pay for two!

Adit Genl. to Her Vajesty's Forces in India,



220.- English barque John Panter, J. Elsion, from the MAXritius ?5th May ; English ship Herefordshire, H. S. H. Isaacson, from Madras 17th and Ganjam 20th June; English brig Liven.

pool, E. Row, from Liverpool 6ih February. May 26th - English barque Victoria, H. M. Potter, from Ran

June 25th. - The English barque Ariadne, Geo. McLeod, frora goon 4th May. 27th - English brig Moulmein, R. J. Morris, from Moulmein wortb, from London 17th Feb., Capo of Good Hope 13th May,

Greenock 22d March, the English ship Abberton, H. Shuttle. 6th May

and Madras 21st June ; the English Brig Ann, MeGowan, from 30th-English barque Bengal Packel, J. M. Steward, from China 14th May; the English brig Mary Eliza, R. Patterson, China 1st and Singapore 24th April.

from Mauritius 24th May ; the English schooper Margaret, D. 31st.-English barque Braimar, Clark, from Moulmein 20th Tapley, from Rangoon 4th June, and the English schooner Tom May.

Thumb, J. McGill, from Penang 6th June. Jane Ist.-English ship Imogen, Geo. Riley, from Liverpool

26th.-English Ship Upton Castle, S. Williams, from Sydney 271h January ; English bip Antonio Pereira, W. Christie,

18th April and Madras 21st June; English barque Augustina, W. from China 5th April and Singapore !lth May ;, English slip Perry, from Newcastle 234 December, Cape of Good Hope 30th Neptune, W. J. Ferris, from Moulmein 20th May : Englisb April, Mauritius 28d May, and Madras 21st June. barque Sylph, Thos. Viall, from China 14th April and Singapore

28th.-- English ship Patriot Queen, W. Hoodless, from Liver. 13th May ; English ship Ann Lockerby, J Bart, from Liverpool pool 241h March. 92th December; English barque Annundchunder, G. S. Jones, 29th.-English brigantine Lynher, H. Browse, from London from Moulmein 10th May

10th January and Mauritius ist June June 2d.-English barqne Stalkart Jellicoe, from Moulmrin 13th John Panter arrived off Calcutta on the 230 ; Esther on May; American ship Carthage, A. Perry, from Boston 23d Feb. the 25th, Ann, Mary Eliza; and Liverpool on the 20th ; and Nou

3d.-English barque Rosalind, Little, from Liverpool 13th velle Louise on the 29th June.- Bwrong arriped off Cooley Bazar January; French brig Jappe Monde, Bondins, from Nantes 4th on the 25th ditto, December and Bourbon 230 April. 4th, English barque Falcon, D. Anstruther, from Glasgow


6th - Englisb ship Ernaad, J. Hill, from Judda 13th April The Mattabangah, in tow of the Thames steamor, arrived and Mocha 6th May; English brig Diadem, J Walker, from from Allababad on Sunday with the following passengers, from Tntaraine 12th and Colombo 24th May; Ainerican ship Gentoo, Mirzapore : E. Stirling Esq.-- From Bhangalpore : Miss Hey. L. G. Hollis, from Boston 24th January.

ward. 81h-English ship Mermaid, J. Koche, from Rangoon 30th The Bhogurutty in tow of the steamer Lord William Ben. May.

tinck, arrived from Allahabad on Wednesday evening, with the 9th - English brig Surah, J. Lyster, from Rangoon 13th May: collowing passengers, viz. English barque Dorothy Gales, G. Moore, from tho Mauritius From Mirzapore : H. T. Stewart, Esq. lith May.

From Benares : Lieat, Richardson. 10th-H. M. ship Ratllesnake, Capt. Hobson, from Madras From Monghyr : W. R. Young, Esq., C. S. 3d June ; English barque Seymour, G. J. Dare, from the Mauri From Seebpore : Mrs. Steer and 3 children. tius 17th May

Per Ganges : Mrs. Joboston ; Capts. Jobaston and Welsb11th.-English brig Mary Mallavy, d. Grey, from the Mauman; Capt. Robertson, M. arnay. ritius 16th May.

Per Imogen, from Liverpool: Mr. Henry, cadot: En sign 12th. - English brig Samuel Baker, R. Wild, from the Mau. H, M. 44th regt. ritins Ilth May: English ship Lord Auckland, J. Willie, from Per ship Neptune : Charles Moore, from Hobart Town. the Mauritius 12th May, and Madras 7th June.

Per Antonio Pereira : A, Laughois. 14th.-English barque Clyde, J. Kerr, from the Cape of Good Per Sylph, from Singapore: Mre, Francis, son and child ; Hope 27th April ; H. C. ship Amherst, R. Jump, from Bombay Mrs. Viall, and Mr. Styant, mariner. 7th May, and Madras 10th June.

Per Aunundchender: Mr C.B. McCubber, merchant. J6th. -English barque Irt, H. Ludlow, from Liverpool 61 H. M. 620 r ginent.

Per Stlkart: Lieuts. R. Gibson, F. E. Scobele, and J. Grant, February ; H. C. steamer Ganges, J. M. Dicey, from Moulmein

Per Krishna , from Arracan : Captain Barney ; Lieuts. Rains. 2d Juno.

18th.-English barque Lysander, W. Currie, from London ford. Abbot, and Kaye; Master McLean; Mrs. Koelen, steer. 25th February.

age passenger ; Corporal Hay: 2 subadars and 6 sepoys.

Per Mermaid : Mrs. Roche, 19th-English ship Tamerlane, D. McKenzie, from London slh March ; English barque Janet, P. H. Holmes, from Penang Mr. Alexander Geo. Coles ; Messrs. W. L. M. Bishop and

Per Lysander, from England': Lieut. Cumberland and Lady ; 8th May, and Acbeen Ist June ; English barque Addingham, J. Sedgwick, from Madras 11th Jane ; English barque standard, William Fraser, cadets : Mr. James Graham. J. Peile, from Demerara 8th February ; Euglish barque Verginie,

Per Tamerlane : Robert Campbell and Robert C. Stevenson,

cadets, C. Whiffen, from Ganjam 34 February.

Per barque Janel : Mrs. Gregory : Mrs. Holmes and child; 20th.-Englista barque Gaillardon, J. Rapson, from Sydney 30th Major W. Gregory, 6th regt. B. N. 1; M. McLeod, Esq. free April; English barque Haidie, A. Sy mers, from the Mauritius 13th merchant; Master J. H. Davis ; Mary and John Yates, children. May, Pondicherry (no date) and Madras 13th June ; English

Per barque Addingham : Mr. Audibert and Mr. G. P. Lam. brig Courier, A. S. Smith, from Liverpool 25th February : Eng. bert from Madras. lisb ship Esther, J. Pickering, from Liverpool 25th February. Per Herefordshire, from Madras : Mrs. Isaacson ; Miss Cog. 2180.--Eoglish ship Bombuy, G. Waugh, from Amberst 17th ways; Chas. C. Hyde, Alexander Grant, aud James H. Young.

Esqrs. civil service, and Mr. Browo.


Per Liverpool P. S. McLeod, Esq., merchant.

21st.Snarle You, R. S. Heron, for Chion ; Juslina, C. C. Per Bombay Mrs, Waugh.

Young, for London. Per Abberton, from London : Mrs. Shuttleworth and child , June 26 – The English ship Ernaad, J. Hill, for Bombay and Mr. C. Marvell, solicitor ; Mr. Edward Stone, merchant ; Mr the English brig Elizabeth, Starling, for Swao river Edward Boult, assist, surgeon H. E. I. C. S. „ Mr. G. M. Brodie 27th - Mary and Susan, WF. Parrott, for Boston. rader, ditto ; Mr. W T. Low ; Mr. Thos. Blackace, H. E. IC 29th. - Mappe Monde, Boridias, for Bourbon. L; Mr. George McWhirter, steerage passenger.

7'eroe Tom Thumh, from Penang : Mr. P. A. Peterson, clerk. The Sourma, in two of the Megna steamer, arrived from

DEPARTURES OF PASSENGERS. Allahalad on Friday, vith the following passengers :

J. Trotter, Esq. ; Mr. and Mrs Dickens and Chill; Mrs. E. The Soora, in tow of the Megna steamer, left for Allas Rian and Child, Brigadier and Mre. Lindsay ; Colonel Tuite ; babad on the 280b instant, with the following passengers, viz. aud Mr Davidson.

for Allahuvad : Colonel and Mr. Cheape s Miss Plowden andur.

Young-For Benares : Miss Deane ; two children and Epsigu

Mainwaring.– Fur Ghazeepore : Miss Young, and Mr. and Mrs. DEPARTURES FROM CALCUTTA.


Per Mary Ann Webb, for Singapore ard China : Ensign May 26th - Washington. L. F. Thurber, for Philadelphia ; Beggs, Madras N !. and Okeford, Esq. merchant. Emnene, D, R. Glass, for Bostne.

Prr Manna, for Bumbay : Mrs. Frazer ; Lieutenants Sbakes. 27th – New Grove, W. Johastone, for London ; Favourite, Ro-peare and Smill. bertson, for Madras.

Par Walıylon, from Loudon : Lieut. Col. Mackenzie; Lieuts 290.-- William Gray, W. Bartoll, for Bostop į John Hepburne, Scobell And Gibson, H. M. 62d. B Robertson, for Moulmein and Rangoon.

The siatchonga in tow of the Jamna steam tessel, len 34th - Burrong, R Cordon, for Moulmein.

Calcutta for Allalabad on Monday, with the following passengers, June Ist -Gasper, N. Pool, for Boston ; English schooner viz. for Allahabad : Miss Wall, Captain and Mrs Flyer, Aliceran, H. Jackson, for Singapore and China.

Mr. G. Barnes, Eusiga Bennett, Cornet Powell, Cornet Gwyone, 4th.-Indian Cak, R. Rayne, for Mauritius.

Mr. A. Roberts, and Mr. Oakes - For Mirzapore: Captain RC. 6th Thalin. W. Graham, for Liverpool.

Johnson, 500h regimebt N.I.- For Benares : Ensign Smallpage.7ıb. Margaret Connal, D. Morris, for Greenock.

For Ghazeepere: Ellsign Cadet.- For Colgong : Mr. David. 151b.- Antonio Pereira, W. T. Christie, for China ; Water. son.-For Berhampore : Lieutenant McLeod. ton, John Cow, for London.

Per Kyle, for London : Mrs. Sewell and 2 children. June 16th ('uba, A. Gray, for the Mauritius.

Per Larkins, for London : Mrs. Briant ; Miss Tucker i Capt. 1715.- Victory, W. B Blakely, for Liverpool.

McKinnon ; Lieut Briant, 68th N. 1.;-Prarte, Esq.; J. Wis. 191h. Maas, M. Velthoven, and Cherebon Packet, C. Kemp, ser, Esq. ; Ensign C. H. Walsh, 14th regt. N. I.; H. Maliog, for Batavia

Esq- For the Cape : J. Slaniforth, Esq., C, S.



low, (captain, Bengal artillery) commanding line May 14. At Agra, the lady of J. D. D. Bean, Esq. golee division, nizam's army, of a son. of twin daughters.

7. At Monghyr, the wife of J. W. Caston, Esq., 17. At Hussingabad, the lady of J. H. Chowne, Esq. merchant, of a daughter. of the 66th regt. N. l. of a son.

9. At Serampore, the wife of Mr. N. J. Gantzer, At Nusseerabad, the lady of Major Spens, 74th of a daughter. N. I. of a daughter.

At Calcutta, the lady of the late H. F. King, 19. At Boolundshuhur, the lady of G. H. M. Alex. Esq.. of a son, still-born. ander, Esq. civil service, of a daughter.

At Tirhoot, Shahpore, the lady of George Drum. 20. Ai Cuttack, the lady of ihe late Mr. J. W. mond, Esq., of a daughter, Pritchard, assistant in the salt department, of a son.

At Calcutta in Chowringhee, the lady of E. Ai Dinapore, the lady of Edward Lugard, Esq., Macnaghten, Esq., of a daughter. Her Majesty's 31st regiment, of a daughter.

10. At Calcutia, Mrs. G. E. Rodgers, of a son. At Allyghur, the lady of Captain F. Knyvett, II. At Calcutta in Chowringhee, the lady of James 61th native infantry, of a son.

Colquhoun, Esq., of a daughter. 22. At Balasore, the lady of W. S. Dicken, Esq., 12. At Bowsing Factory, the lady of Geo. Rogers, tivil surgeon, of a daughter.

M. D., of a daughter. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. R. Jacob, of a 14. Ai Calcutta, the lady of w, Trevor Taylor, daughter.

Esq. civil service, of a daughter. 25. At Entally, the lady of Captain D. Sheriff, 481h 18. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. Samuel Webb, in regiment native infantry, of a daughter.

charge of the Governor General's stud, of a son. 27. At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. F. Lavellette, of a 20. At Patna, Mrs. M. Hinton, of a son. daughter.

21. At Chinsurah, the lady of the Rev. W. Morton, Al Calcutta in Middleton-Row, the lady of of a daughter, Charles Lyall, Esq., of a daughter.

At Kurnaul factory, Tirhoot, the lady of Joho 28. Ai Calculia, Mrs. Rayne, of a daughter.

well, Esq., of a son. Ai Purnealı, Singhehsur Factory, the lady of


At Rungpore, the lady of H. C. Metcalfe, Esq., William Duff, Esq. of a daughter.

C, S., of a son. 29. At Calcutia, the wife of Mr. J. Gash, assistant 26. At Midnapore, the lady of T. C. Trotter, Esq., to Cook and Co. of a daughter.

C. S. of a daughter. 31. At Calcutta, the lady of A. A. Apcar, Esq., 27. At Garden Reach, the lady of W. F. Douron, junior, of a son.

Esq. of a child, still-born. At Calcutta, Mrs W. P. Madge, of a son. 30. At Calcutta, the wife of Serjeant John Tratt, of June 1. The lady of George Alexander Esq., civil the town.guard, of a daughter. service, of a sop.

April 10. EUROPE.-At Dartford, the wife of Mr. 2. At Calcutta in Chowringhee, the lady of w. Tomas Place, superintending engineer, E. 1. C. steam Linton, Esq., of a daughter.

department, Bengal, of a son. 3. Mrs. F. Dormieux, junior of a son.

MARRIAGES. At Garden Reach, Mrs. James Low, of a Feb. 25. At Macao, Joho Smith, Esq., (late of daughter.

Calcutta) of the firm of Markwick and Smith, Canton, At Calcutta, Mrs. B. F. Harvey, of a son.

to Miss Barrados, 4. At Calcutta, Mrs. R. Wood, of a son.

April 17. At Malacca, by the Rev. Josiah Hughes, pr. At Hingolee, the lady of Major George Twem- / assistant Apothecary Patrick Crummey, of the Madras

medical establishment, to Miss Hannah Smith, only Lieut. Robert Walker, artillery, to Mary, the only ser. daughter of Mr. conductor John Smith, of the Bengal viving daughter of the late William Curling, Esq. of ordnance commissariat department.

Sandwich, Kent. May 14, At Mhow, in Malwa, Captain George Law- 16. Ai Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Reverend renson, Bengal horse artillery, to Charlotte Bowen, H. S. Fisher, Captain William Tilden, to Miss Amelia miece of brigadier Herbert Bowen, commanding Malwa Jane Smith. field force,

At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Reverend 15. At Simla, at the house of General Sir Henry H. S. Fisher, Mr. Edward Johnson, of the firm of Fane, 6. C. B. Commander-in-Chief, Captain Michel, Ranken and Co., to Miss Eliza Mary Bennett. nephew and · aid-de-camp to his Excellency, and 18. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Reverend eldest son of General Michel, of Dulish in Dorsetshire, H. S. Fisher, Mr. Emil Von Dehn, to Miss Anna to Louisa Anne, only daughter of Major General Chur. Matilda Read. chill, quarter master general of her Majesty's forces 23. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H.. in India. The ceremony was performed by the Rever. Fisher, Mr. William Hawkesworth, assistant to Messrs. end C. Wimberley, chaplain to the Govornor General, Burn and Co., to Miss Flora Sanches. and was attended by Lord Auckland, the Misses Eden 25. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H. and the friends of the families.

Fisher, L. T. Watson, Esq., assistant surgeon H.C. ser17. At Cawnpore, the Rev. J. J. Carshore, A. B. vice, to Miss Margaret Julia Dove. of Trinity College, Dublin, to Hannah Maria, eldest At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the venerable daughter of the Rev. R. P. Brooke, B. Ang' offici. Archdeacon T. Dealtry, Mr. Henry Peter Caspersz, to ating joint chaplain of that station.

Miss Coroline D'Rozario. 23. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, Captain Edward

DEATHS. A. Cumberlege, of the 73d native infantry, to Char. March 1. At sea, on board the Ermouth, Alexander fotte, third daughter of the late Captain George William, the son of Captain Watt, D. a. C. g. aged Hunter, S. A. commissary general.

6 years, 11 months and 22 days. 24. At Chandernagore, Monsieur F. Debois de

April 16. At Moulmein, Mr. Francis Lopez, late Saran, to Mademoiselle Lise Perine Saubolle, daughter of the firm of Phillips and Lopez, of that place, aged 33 of Doctor Saubolle, of that place.

years. 26. At Calcutta, license, at the Old Church, by the

21. At Singapore, Mary, the beloved wife of W.M. Rev. the Archdeacon, Mr. D. Wilson, lo Mrs. Mary Dirom, Esq. of the Bengal civil service. Mandy.

29. Between Penang and Malacca, on his passage 29.' At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev H. to Singapore,' Charles Francis, Esq. deputy collector Fisher, Lieut. T. C. H. Birch, 31st N. 1. to Dorothy, of Calcutia, aged 45 years and 4 months. youngest daughter of James Curtis, Esq., civil service.

May 4. At Agra, of small.pox, at the residence of Al Burdwan, James Thornhill Mellis, Esq., W. M. Woollaston, Esq. Agra college, Miss Olivia civil service, to Jane, youngest daughter of George Maria Pierce, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stedman, Esq., of Kinross, Scotland.

Pierce, of Schore, in Bhopal Malwa, aged 9 years, 9 30. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Reverend month and 7 days. H. Fisher, Mr. Conrade Christopher Rabeholm, un- 16. At Meerut, the wife of Mr. George Simmonds, covenented assistant in the salt department, to Miss assistant apothecary in the bospital of lier Majesty's Louisa Duchosoin.

3d regiment or Buffs, aged 24 years, sincerely and June 2. At Calcutta, at the Principal Roman Ca. deeply lamented. tholic Church, by the most Rev. Dr. Olliff, D.D., 18. At Futtehgurh, Margaret, the beloved daugh. Mr. Richard Rebello, to Miss Mary Phillippina Skie- ter of Lieut, and Mrs. Chiene, aged 1 year, 8 months ner, the only daughter of the late Wm. Skioner, Esq., and 14 days. officer in charge of the Hon'ble Company's powder 21. At Rajeshey, Poolsoorah Factory, the infant son inagazine, at Moyapore.

of Mr. A. C. Monnier, aged 2 months and 5 days. 2. At Mynpoorie Park, at the residence of Colonel At Calcutta, Duncan MacNaught Liddell, Esq. Everest, surveyor general of India, Captaio G. C. merchant, aged 36 years. Smyth, 3d cavalry, to Miss Jane Ross.

23. At Calcutta, in the fever hospital, Mr. Thomas 4. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by licence, Capt. Stone, aged 32 years. Joseph Grimwool, to Caroline, relict of the late Capt. 24. At Calcutta, in the fever hospital, Mr. William Daniel Sterling.

Gilbert, aged 34 years.
By the Rev. Mr. Charles, Edward Francis

At Cawnpore, Mrs. A. Hay, the wife of T. Barker, Esq., to Miss Hannah Lish.

W. H. Hay, Esq. of Cawnpore, aged 64 years.
At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Reverend

At Agra, spasmodic cholera, Susan Lucretia, H. Fisher, Mr. Joseph Jacob Grimwood, to Mrs. the youngest daughter of Major W. R. Pogson, com. Caroline Sterling.

manding the 47th regiment native infaptry, aged i 8. At Calcuita, St. James' Church, by the Reverend year and 11 months. R. B. Boswell, Philip D'Ormieux von Sireng, Lieutenant 26, At Calcutta, James Calder, the beloved child J. M. 131h light infantry, to Mary Catherine, youngest of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rose, aged 3 years and 7 months. daughter of the late Major General Carnegie, Bengal At Howrah, J. Thomas, Esq. aged 50 years, 3 artillery

months and 11 days. 11. At Calcutta, at the Circular Road Chapel, by

27. At Calculta, in Russell-street, Miss Georgiana special license, by the Reverend W. Yates, Mr. S. Thompson, daughter of G, P. Thompson, Esq. of thè G. Wyatt, lo Miss S. Gallagher.

Bengal civil service, aged 10 months and 23 days. 14. At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, and afterwards

At Calcutta, Sophia Jane, fourth daughter of at the Principal Roman Catholic Church, Charles C. Mr. Robert Campbell, aged 8 months and 22 days. Bruce, Esq., to Miss Louisa Du Bois de Jancigny.

At Calcutia, Maria Zelia Chill, wise of Mr. Ro. At Calcutta, at the Old Church, by the Vene-bert William Chill, aged 22 years 4, months and 5 days rable Archdeacon Dealıry, William Clode Braddon, At Calcutta, in Sooterkin's lane, Mr. John Hobbs, Esq., to Margaret Selina, eldest daughter of the late aged 29 years. Capt. John Wogan Patton, Bengal native infantry.

At Humeerpore, Henry Berrenger, the infant 15. At Calcutta, the Cathedral, Mr. R. W. Chew, son of G. Wood, Esq. aged 14 months. to Miss L. S. Newton.

28. At Calcutta, at Colvin's ghaut, John Dungate, At Duin - Dum, by the Rev. H. Hylton, A. B.' Wale, Esq. surgeon of the ship Justina, aged 25 years.

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29. Al Calcutta, at Chandney Choke 2d lane, Misagor magazine, aged 4 years and 4 months, deeply reMatilda Pereira, daughter of the late Mr. Pereira, aged gretted by his relatives. 21 years, 3 manths and 18 days.

10. At Jubbulpoor, Caroline, daughter of Lieut. Ai Calcutta, at the fever hospital, Mr. Wm. Wheatley, 5th lighi cavalry. Wood, mariner, aged 36 years.

12. At Burisaul, Rose Jessie, second daughter of 30. At Calculia, at the residence of her father, Mr. A. Smelt, Esq., of the civil service, aged 18 years and W. Bason, Catherine, tbe beloved wife of Mr. C. B. 8 months. McNeale, aged 18 years, 1 month and 14 days.

At Calcutta, Miss Caroline Margaret, daughter At Mirzapore, of inflammatory fever, William of Mr. John Elloy, aged 5 years, 2 months and 27 days. Barlow, Esq., aged 38 years, deeply and deservedly

At Calcutta, in Cossia Bagaun, Mrs. Eliza Smith, lamented by his family and friends,

the wife of Henry Smith, Esq., merchant, aged 35 years. 31. Ai Calcutta, at Taltollah, Mrs. Clara Gold. At Mhow, in Malwah, 1st Lieutenant.W.E. J. smith, aged 65 years.

Hodgson, of the Bengal horse artillery, aged 33 years, June 1. At Patoa, Monsieur L. H. Carville, an old deeply regretted. and respected inhabitant of that city, deeply and sio

14. Ai Calcutta, Mr. Jobs Williams, aged 34 years. cerely regretted by all who knew him.

from the police hospital, 1. At Cawnpore, Charles George, the youngest son of W. F. Pennyogton, Esq. aged 28 years and 3 mooths:

15. At Midoapore, Charlotte Ann, the beloved wife of Conductor J. Vyall, ordnance department, aged 1

At Bhauglepore, Angelina, the beloved wife of year, 5 months and 14 days.

2. At Calcutta, Mrs. E. E. Stanley, wife of the Felix Lopes, Esq., indigo planter, aged 28 years and late Mr. T. Stanley, late indexer of the general depart

10 months. ment, aged 50 years, 6 months and 5 days.

At Dina pore, Ann, the affectionate wife of Mr.

James Duhan.
At Muitra, at the house of W. H. Tyler, Esq.,
D. H. Crawford, Esq., C. S., deeply regretted.

18. At Benares, William Henry, the infant son of

Lieut, and Mrs.Burkinyoung, aged 3 months and 3 days. At Kurnaul, of fever, in the 41st year of her age, 20. At Calcutta, Mrs. Ellen Gallagher, wife of Mrs. R. Hanland, wife of sub-conductor R. Hanland, Wm. Gallagher, Esq., aged 26 years. of the army commissariat.

22. At Calcutta, Loll Bazar, Mr. Richard Parker, 5. At Calcutta, Mrs Ann Lidiard, aged 65 years. assistant to Messrs. Peters and Co., aged 38 years.

At Calcutta, in the police hospital, Mrs. Sally At Moosanuggur, suddeoly, while in the execution of Bagnell, aged 25 years.

public duty, R. E. Loane, Esq., assistant collector of At Åssam, in Gowhulty, Mr. Charles Moore, se. Humeerpore, aged 26 years, 8 months and 9 days. nior, aged 49 years and 9 months.

At Calcutta, No. 80, Dhurrumtollah, Miss Wilbel6. At Monghyr, Thomas John Caston, second be. mina Josephina Siret, daughter of Mr. T. Siret, cooser. loved son of J. W. Caston, Esq., merchant, aged 7 vancy department, aged 8 years, 2 months and 9 days. years, 7 months and 17 days.

At Sealdah, Mr. James Blaquiere, aged 19 years. At Calcutta Mr. Elizabeth Gash, the wife of

Sept. 9.

EUROPE.-2d Lieutenant Richard Henry Mr. J. Gash, aged 45 years.

Chapman, of the engineers. At Banda, of convulsions, John Gill Killien, son Dec, 10. At No. 6, Wellington-Place, Leith, Mr. of Sub-Conductor R. Killien, ordnance department, Sau. George Anderson, late architect there.


the season.

(From the Bengal Hurkaru Price Current, June 30.) INDICO.-From the accounts received during the week from arrival (in Chins) of the Sulimany and Sir Charles Malcolm, Kishnaghur, Dacca, Jessore, and some other districts, the pros. but not actual sales had taken place, pects of the growing crop are not so farourable, by a good deal

Considerable purchases continue to be made here god at Mir. as they were a week ago, a continuance of the rains for 10 day, zapore, but we have no particular change in our last quotations more, would cause a great reduction in the expected out-turn of

to notice. The rivers are everywhere rising rapidly, and in some districts bave compelled the planters to coramence opera.

SALTPETRE.-The operations during the week are reported for tion sooner than it was intended. In our opinion, appearances the English and American markets, and the prices of the day now indicate a crop certainly under the average of the last show a small improvement on Chaprah, several years, and nothing but weather like that, experienced SUGAR.-The market for this article may be reported steady, from this time, till the close of last season, can give more than both as to demand and prices. The purchases reported are prio

cipally for England. an average. As to the market here, there is really nothing doing, and very rican markets, and that of lac dye for the latter place. The

LAC.-The purcbases of shell lac are for the English and Ame. Bttle romains on the spot.

prices of both remain without change since our last. The esports up to last evening, amount as below : To Great Britain......

DRY GING ER.-Without transaction, and remains at our last Fy. Mds. 84,216 ditto

currency France.........................

. 17,527

HIDES AND HORNS.- Are in limited operation, and remain at for. Stockholm


mer prices. North America...

ditto 2,247

OIL SEEDS.-Without pnrchase since our last. The prices of Bombay, Persian Gulph, and other

ditto 4,734 the day show a shade of improvemeut on linseed. places in India....

BAFFLOWER. Also without purchase, but is quoted at a redocTotal Fy. Mds. 108,832


GRAIN. -Purchases continue to be made of moonghee rice, RAW SILK.-Several parcels have changed hands during the wheat and gram, for the Mauritius; and the prices of the day week for the English market, at prices about 3 to 4 anpas per exhibit an improvement on moonghee rice, and a fail on wheat

and gram. seer, below last week's rates.

BILK PIECE GOODS.--The demand continues for Corabs, and OPIUN.—The accounts per the Ann, from China of a rise in several purchases, viz. large size Corahs for English market price are purely accidental, it was in consequence of the depar. and small size for America, are reported with the occurrences ture of a judge for Pekin, which afforded an opportunity to smug. of the week. The prices of the assortmenis remain without any gle, and also in consequence of a Malwa speculator baviog sold change since our last.

on expectation of supplies, which not coming, forced him into a COTTON.- Accounts per the Ann, from China state, that there bare market, these intelligences have been the cause of a cousihud been a fall of 4 to 5 mace per pecul, in consequence of the derable rise on the price of the drug bere,


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