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A Friend

L.500 Rev. Mr. Lambert and Friends, Hull

37 8 0
First Quarterly Collection from the Fetter Lane Auxiliary Society 11
W. V. Tweedmouth
Rev. J. Clayton and Congregation, Camomile Street

J. Walker and Congregation, Peppard, Oxon.
G. Townsend and Congregation, Ramsgate

Mr. Ilarris and Congregation, Fordham
Auxiliary Missionary Society, at Rev. Mr. Harris's, Cambridge 9
A Lady, by the Rev. Dr. Haweis

20 0 0 A Friend, H.

5 0 0 A Friend, at Halifax, by the Rev. Mr. Cockin Rev. H. Gauntlett and Congregation, Reading

50 10 A. Redford and Congregation, Windsor

11 A. Kidd and Friends, Cottingham

2 2 Collection at Devizes, Wilts, by Rev. Mess. Sloper and Ellioit 16 7 Rev. Mr. Surinan and Congregation, Chesham Collection by Mr. Hendebourck, at Bishopshall Rev. Mr. Taylor and Congregation, Colchester

8 14 A Poor Widow, by Mr. Taylor

5 Rev. Mr. Bogue and Congregation, Gosport

63 3 Mr. Kingsbury and Congregation, Southampton

68 15 Mr. J. Wilson and Friends, Market Drayton, Shropshire 10 Mr. Seamp and Congregation, Havant

16 11
Mr. Kerby and Friends, Ilockton, Yorkshire
Mr. Slatterie and Congregation, Chatham
Mr. Berry and Congregation, Warmins er

Mr. Grillin and Congregation, Portsca

35 16 0 Mr. Bennett and Congregation, Romsey

35 8 A Poor Woman in an Alms-house, at ditto

0 10 Auxiliary Society at Rev. Mr. Roby's, Manchester

Collections on Occasion of Sermons preached by the Rev. Mr. Frey.
At the Chapel of Mr. Slatterie, Chatham

42 11
Ditto Mr. Chapman, Sandwich
Mr. B. Pyne, Duxford

24 The Children of Miss Thomson's Benevolent School, Duxford 0 15 5 At the Chapel of Mr. 'Toller, Kettering

23 Ditto J. Gardiner, Potter's Pury

10 10 0 Congregations of Rev. Mess, Scraggs and Austin, Buckingham 28 Rev. Mr. Ralph and Congregation, Maidstone

10 C Mr. Kent and Congregation, Gravesend

13 Mr. llawthorne and Congregation, Dartford

6 5 8
Collections in London, on Occasion of the ANNIVERSARY SERMONS,
At Surry Chapel

L. 255 16 8
The Tabernacle

148 18 4
Tottenham Court Chapel

149 5 0 St. Saviour's Church

153 4 6 Sion Chapel

162 13 4

869 17 10 Coinposition of a Legacy of Mr. Aitkens, late of Grcerock, North Britain, by Horatius Cannan, Esq. of Edinburgh

100 0 0 Legacy of Mrs. Lowe, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson 1.600

6 Duty


5 14 0 On Wednesday the 6th ult. the ahly attended. The President (Lord British and foreign Bible Society held Teignmouth) read froin the Chair a their third Annual Meeting at the very interesting report of proceedNew London Tavern, Cheapside; ings during the last year. It appea vx which was numerously and respect that the Luciely have distributedo,

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either gratuitously, or at reduced was held there May 6, 1807, Rev. prices, many copies of Bibles and

C. F. Frey preached in the morning Testaments, in various languages; fron Luke xiv. 23, at the old Meetand that, by their encouragement ing; Mr. Castleden, of Woburn, and and pecuniary aid, presses have been Mr. Capes, of Gamlingay, engaged set up at Basle, Berlin, and Copen-, in prayer. The Meeting for conhagen, for the purpose of supplying ference was held as usual in the the Scriptures in the German, Bohe- afternoon, when the Report was mian, Icelandic, and other languages, read; by which it appeared, that to countries which are in great need the exertions of the Members had of them. The Society have further been continued and attended with granted 20001. to their Correspond pleasing effects. Mr. Knight, of ing Committee at Calcutta, for the Staughton, and Mr. Frey engaged purpose of aiding the 'Translation of in prayer. In the evening, Mr. the Scriptures into the native lan- Manning, of Spaldwick, preached guages of Oriental India.

at the New Meeting from Matt. Various other important particu- xxviii. 20; Mr. Cox, of Cambridge, lars were stated in the Report, which and Mr. Morris, of Dunstable, ermee the vast extent of the Society's prayed. operations, and the high degree of sticcess which they have had in pro

May 19. A numerous Meeting of

Christian Friends was held in the moting the circulation of the Scrip

Dutch Church, Austin Friars, Lontures both at home and abroad.

don. The Report, with Extracts of Cor

This Meeting was called at respondence, List of Subscribers, for the purpose of offering up prayer

the instigation of a few individuals, State of Funds, &c. is now ready for delivery, and may be had at the and thanksgiving on behalf of the Depository, No.19, Little Moorfields. Societies formed with an express

view to the further circulation of CONGREGATIONAL UNION.

the Holy Scriptures, and particu

larly on behalf of the British and Os May 18 and 19, was held in

Foreign Bible Society. Mr. Burder the Rev.Mr.Gaffee's Meeting-liousc, and Mr. Steinkopff prayed; Mr. New Broad Street, a numerous and Bogue delivered an encouraging respectable Meeting of Minister and address; and Mr. Hughes concluded Lay Gentlemen, both of London and the service with prayer. from the country, for the purpose of portunity, it is hoped, was both considering a Plan of Union, pre- pleasing and profitable; and, perpared by a Committee of the Board haps it may occur, that such Meetof Congregational Ministers in Lou- ings, occasioually held in various don, at the request of a former Meet- parts of the country, may tend to ing, held at Paul's Coffee-House, in engage the public mind in the more May, 1806, it was agreed, That such diligent study of the Scriptures, as a Union is highly desireable, in order well as to promote an increased atto combine the influence and give tention to the important duty of great energy to the exertions of this dispersing the Scriptures in every denomination of Dissenters, in the direction, whether” at home great object of enlarging and esta- abroad. It is but justice to add, blishing the Redeemer's Kingdom.

that Dr. Werninck, the Minister of The printed Plan was read; in the Dutch Church, and his elders, which some improvements and en

inost cheerfully accommodated the largements were made. A London Friends with the use of that spacious Committee, with Treasurer and Se- edifice, and intimated a readiness, cretaries, were appointed. The

on any future occasion, to repeat Committee was authorized to carry this expression of their regard for. the Plan into immediate effect. A

an object so comprehensive and im pore particular statement may here

purtant. after be given.

The Annual Meeting of the Union Our pious readers, friends to the of Christians, formed at Bedford, Abolition of the Slave Trade, will,

The op



we trust, remember the intimation sions to Africa and the East, by the given in our last, That the First Rev. B.Woode. A handsome collec. Lord's Day in June' is intended to tion was made for the Institution. be observed by many religious persons as a Day of Thanksgiving for who are accustomed to visit water

We are happy to inforın those that great national blessing.

ing places, that the chapel at TeignThe Kentish Association of Inde- mouth, near Exeter, is lately rependent Ministers will hold their An- opened ; and that the Rev. Is. Tozer, nual Meeting at Mr. Gurleen's jun. has accepted a call from the Chapel, Canterbury, on Wednesday, congregation. July 8; when Messrs. Drew, Percy, The Rev. Wm. Williams has acand Kent are expected to preach.

cepted a unanimous call from the On Whit-Tuesday, May 19, a Ser. Independent Church at Warwick, mon was preached at Blackfriars' lately under the pastoral care of the Church, before the Society for Mis- Rev. Jaines Moody.

List of Lectures, fc. in and near London, for June. 1. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet- 18. Th. E«. Fetter Lane, Mr. Burder. ing, Mr. Jones's, Islington.

The Duty of Christians to par2. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder.

take of the Lord's Supper. Crown Ct. Mr. Stollery. Hope. 19. Frid. Sermon to Young People, at 3. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation, Palace Street, Pimlico, Mr. G. at Mr. Waugh's.

Clayton to preach. 4. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Winter. Christ, the Sun of Riglıteousness. 21. Lord's DAY Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Hutchings ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. 7. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. Shenstone ; llare Crt. Mr. Hum

Brooksbank; Devonshire Sq. Mr. phrys; Orange Str. Mr. Burder ; Atkinson ; Hare Court, Mr. T. Chapel Str. Mr. Thomas; Palace Thomas ; Chapel Str. Mr. Stol

Str. Mr. Buck: Peter Street, Mr. lery ; Crown Cri. Mr.Greig; Peter Jerment; Barbican, Mr. Stevens,

St. Mr. Rae; Palace St. Mr. Hyatt. 23. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber;9. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Humphrys ;

Crown Crt. Mr. Stephens.--Divine Crown Crt. Nir. J. Hyatt. - Evil

Manifestations of the Saints. Consequences of Christians form- 24. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the ing unlawful Connexions.

Vation, at Mr. Coxhead's. 10. Wed. Ex. Prayer-Meeting for the lloxton Anniversary, half past 3. Nation, at Mr. Ford's.

25. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) 31. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.) at Mr. Newman's, Mr. Burton to

at Mr. Jennings's, Islington. Mr. preach. -- Experimental Religion. Burder to preach. -- The Influence Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon. - The of exalted Views of the Atone- Estimate and Improvement of our

present Lot. Ev. Fetter Lage, Mr. Goode. Boasting in the Lord.

28. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Newman; Devonshire Sq. Mr. 14. Lord's Day Ey. Broad Str. Mr.

C. llyatt; Hare Crt. Mr. Webli Coliyer; Devonshire Sq.. Ms.

Chapel St. Mr. Dunn : Crown Ct. Powell; Hare Crt. Mr. Newman;

Mr. J. Clayton; Peier Str. Mr. Orange Str. Mr. Townsend ; Chapel

Greig; Palace Str. Mr. Brooks. Str. Mr. Burder; Crown Crt. Mr.

bank; Barbican, Mr.J. Clayton. Gore; Peter Str. Mr. Dunn ; Pa

30. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayio! ;lace Str. Mr. Stollery; Barbican, Crown Crt. Mr. Dunn.

Present Mr. Greig.

Dignity of the Saints. 15. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the Nation, Surry Chapel,

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT 16. Tu M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder; Tabernacle and Tottenham, Mr.Cockin: Crown Crt. Mr. Hackett. -- Influ

Mr. Charrier expecte!!. ence of the Gospot in the promo- Spa Fields, Dr. Hawers. tion of Holiness.

Sion Chapel, Mr. Browning 17. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Surry Chapel, Mr. Sibree, of Frome. Nation, at Mr. Bulton's,

Huxlun, Mr. Ralph, of Liverpoul.

ment, &c.



cated in the 1sylum for Deaf and which took Effret the ist of May, 1807.

Dumb, at the , Inniversary Meet

insan of the Patrons of that Institu. "The swelling breeze shall urge uo niore

tion, April 30, 1807.
Our vessels to the sable shore,
To hurry thence despairing slaves THE gratitu:le we owe to you,
O'er mountains of resenting waves !

Our tongiles cannot express;
For lo! Britannia, hath d in tears, Our words are few, our hearts are full,
Trembles to count her guilty years ; Yet we'll the debt confess
Implores Compassion's boundless sea
To wash th' insererate stain away;

Y.91 found us helpless, dumb, and poor, Ani quits the trade in human blood, Unable to complain : Repentant at the feet of God!

Unask’l, you tenderid that relief Soon other nations shall aspire,

Which mitigates oor pain! And copy what they now admire, ! Till not a sail shall be uufurl'd

Yes ;. we are taught to comprehend, To terrify the negro-world !

To use and value speech :

“ Hard is the case" of Deafand Dumb, For shall Homanity desist

Who no such boon can reach ! *
From her appeal while slaves exist !
Methinks, I hear the felters fall,

Doom'd yet to live, and not to know And Freeilom offer bliss to all ;

The end why life was given, While, pointing to the Christian plan,

They breathe unconscious of their state, She shews the love of God to Man.

Nor hope, - nor think of Ileav'n! Car hope grows brighter from this happy day!

O pardon then, if we should aim Who does trot hail the glorious First To plead their cause to-day, of May!

And feebly raise an uncou'h voice Ballersea.

PHILELEUTHERUS. For their relief to pray ! * Referring to the numerous unfortunates for whom application lias been made to this Society; but who, for want of adequate accommodation in the 1 sy. Jant, have been hiiherto unsuccessful candidates. At the last clection, the GoFerrors had the painful task of selecting six, out of sixty-four cases ; of whom, what more affecting can be said, than that they were all indigent Deaf and Duinh, whose friends are unable to procure the blessings of education for them, other wise than through the assistance of this Charity!


Where the majestic Ganges swiftly pours
Jler mighty streams along the eastery shores,
rly bovering fancy dwells, and bears me hence
To India's wealthy climes, and plains immense!
Where darkness reigns I fain would spend my breath,
And toil to weave a never-fading wreath
To crown my Saviour's brow! O blissful thought!
To win to Christ a soul with darkness frauglat !

Ye champions of the mighty God, arise,
And wave your Boating banners to the skies!
With shouts proclaim a dying Saviour's love,
And, conqnering and in congner, onward move.
Shall not the clang of vile idolatry
Awake your souls to set the prisoners free,
· Aad loose the dreadful chains ihat binds them fast
To superstitious rites and heltish cast?
Yeininisters of Christ, behold with grief
The dying Heathen panting for relief!
"Tis yours to break Oppression's crue! rod;
Tis yours to point them to the Lamb of God.
Why then so slothful! - why this long delay ?
The work is God's, Iminanuel leads the way! TEMPO.

Irinted m; G. Aulv, Greville Sirect, London.

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