New and Improved Bartender's Manual: Or How to Mix Drinks of the Present Style

Read Books Ltd, 9 Δεκ 2016 - 123 σελίδες
This vintage book contains an extensive handbook on bar tending, with complete instructions for mixing drinks, proper conduct, training employees, dealing with common problems, and all other related aspects. Comprehensive and full of useful recipes, this volume will appeal to those with a practical interest in bar tending, and is not to be missed by collectors of such literature. Contents include: “How to Attend a Bar”, “The General Appearance of the Bartender, and How he Should Conduct Himself at all Times when on Duty”, “Hints about Training a Boy to the Business”, “Hints from the Author”, “Treatment of Patrons—Behaviour Towards Them”, “Rules for Bartenders to be Observed in Entering on and Going off Duty”, et cetera. Many vintage books like this are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, high-quality addition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on cocktail and beverage making.

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Mint Julep
Pousse Cafe 65 Pousse LAmour 66 Brandy Crusta
Fancy Whiskey Smash 68 Whiskey Daisy
Champagne Cobbler 70 Roman Punch 71 Golden Slipper 72 Mississippi Punch
Silver Fizz 74 Brandy Champarella 75 Vanilla Punch
Knickerbocker 77 Toledo Punch
Absinthe Cocktail 79 Sherry Cobbler 80 Sherry Flip 81 Brandy Punch
St Charles Punch 83 Egg Nogg 84 White Lion
Baltimore Egg Nogg 86 Fancy Brandy Cocktail 87 Whiskey Crusta
Fancy Brandy Smash 89 Sherry Wine Punch 90 Brandy Fix 91 Claret Punch
Knickerbein 93 Santinas Pousse Cafe 94 Sauterne Cobbler 95 Milk Punch
Faivres Pousse Cafe 97 How to mix Absinthe 98 American style of mixing Absinthe
Italian style of mixing Absinthe 100 German or Swiss style of mixing Absinthe 101 Golden Fizz
Vermouth Cocktail
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