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Comprising a variety of Songs, Hymns, Chants, &c. Designed for the use of Public and Private Schools. By BENJAMIN F. BAKER.

“ This little Work is designed for Children, as its title indicates. MR. BAKER is an accomplished and successful Teacher of Music in our Public Schools; and his experience in teaching Children to sing, has enabled him to prepare a work adapted to their wants. The introductory part is simple and comprehensive; and, in the hands of a good teacher, cannot fail to lead the learner to a thorough knowledge of the science of Music. The Songs are for the most part lively and interesting, containing just and moral sentiments; and the Music is admirably adapted to them. We commend it to the attention of all those interested in school education.” — Atlas.

“The Book is prepared with knowledge and judgment, and is admirably adapted to the purposes for which it is designed; and our Com mittee, wisely regarding the interest of our Children, have authorized its use in those Schools of which MR. BAKER has the care." - Mercantile Journal.

“We have examined this work, and do not hesitate to recommend it to all who are desirous of obtaining a useful book. The Elements of Music are arranged in the most natural and convenient order for the use of Singing Schools and Private Classes. After a few Introductory Remarks, the Scale is introduced to the learner, and explained in the author's peculiarly plain and happy style. Next in order is the Staff, Clefs, Notes, Rests, &c. The whole Work is regularly laid out in the most comprehensive form, illustrated with appropriate Remarks and Examples. The Examples on the transposition of the scale, are the most plain and the easiest for the pupil to understand of any we have

The Book also contains about one hundred and twenty pages of Music, designed for the use of Public and Private Schools Teachers of Music will find this a very useful text-book, as it will enable them to go through with the Elementary department of instruction in one half of the time which it usually requires." - World of Music.




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A Selection of Hymns and appropriate Melodies, adapted to the wants of Sabbath Schools and Social Meetings. By E. L. WHITE and J. E. GOULD, authors of the “Modern Harp,” Tyrolien Lyre,” “ Wreath of School Songs," Opera Chorus Book," &c., &c.


Hitchcock's Bookkeeping.- A New Method of teaching the Art of Bookkeeping, by J. IRVIN HITCHCOCK.

Hitchcock's Key.- A Key to Hitchcock's Method of Book keeping.

French Spoken. - A New System of Teaching French, by EDWARD CHURCH.

Cutter's Physiology.- Anatomy and Physiology, designed for Academies and Families, by CALVIN CUTTER, M.D., with over 200 Engravings.

Cutter's First Book.– First Book on Anatomy and Physiology, by CALVIN CUTTER, M.D., with 84 Engravings.

Colburn's Sequel. - Arithmetic, upon the inductive method of Instruction, being a Sequel to Intellectual Arithmetic, by WARREN COL


Boyer's French Dictionary. - Boyer's French Dictionary, comprising all the Improvements of the latest

Paris and London editions, with a large number of useful Words and Phrases, selected from the modern dictionaries of Baiste, Mailly, Catineau, and others, with the pronunciation of each word, according to the dictionary of the Abbe Tardy : to which are prefixed Rules for the Pronunciation of French Vowels, Diphthongs, and final Consonants, with a table of French Verbs, &c.

Sherwin's Algebra. -- An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, for the use of Students in High Schools and Colleges, by Thomas SHERWIN, A.M.

Sherwin's Key. – A Key to the Elementary Treatise on Algebra, by THOMAS SHERWIN, A.M.

Worcester's Dictionary, in 1 vol. 8vo.
Webster's Dictionary, complete, unabridged, crown quarto.
F. A. Adams's Arithmetic and Key.


Just Published, a new edition of Alger's Pronouncing Bible, în | vol. octavo.

" This is an invaluable edition of the Bible, and should be in every family where there are children.”


Crosby's Greek Grammar.- A Grammar of the Greek Language, by ALPHEUS CROSBY, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature, in Dartmouth College.

Crosby's Greek Tables.
Crosby's Xenophon's Anabasis.

Pickering's Greek Lexicon.— This is the best Greek Lex. con in use.

Leverett's Latin Lexicon, 1 vol. 8vo.

Gould's Ovid. - Excerpta exscriptis Publii Ovidii Nasonis, acce. dunt Notulæ Anglicæ et Quæstiones, in usum Scholæ Bostoniensis. Cura B. A. GOULD, A.M.

Gould's Horace. Quintii Horatii Flacci Opera, &ccedunt Clavis, Metrica, et Notæ Anglicæ Juventuti Accommodatæ. Cura B. A. GOULD, A.M.

Gould's Virgil. - Publius Virgilius Maro's Bucolica, Georgica, et Æneis, accedunt Clavis, Metrica, Notulæ Anglicæ, et Quæstiones Cura B. A. GOULD.

Xenophon's Anabasis. — Xenophon's expedition of Cyrus, with English notes, prepared for the use of Schools and Colleges with a Life of the Author, by CHARLES DEXTER CLEVELAND.

Greek Delectus.- Delectus Sententiarum Græcarum ad usum tironum accommodatus ; cum Notulis et Lexico.


Encyclopedia Americana. – A popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, Politics, and Biography, a new edition, including a copious collection of original Articles in American Biography; edited by FRANCIS LIEBER, assisted by E. WIGGLESWORTH. 14 vols., library style.

A General Biographical Dictionary, comprising a sum. mary account of the most Distinguished Persons of all Ages, Nations, and Professions, including more than One Thousand articles of American Biography, by the Rev. J. L. BLAKE, D.D., author of the Family Ency. clopedia of Useful Knowledge, and various other works on Education and General Literature. Eighth edition, revised.

Tappan's Poems. — Sacred and Miscellaneous Poems, by W.B TAPPAN.

The Green Mountain Boys.- By the author of Locke Amsden, or the School Master; May Martin, &c. Revised edition.

“This is one of the most stirring Tales of the day.”

Locke Amsden. — Locke Amsden, or the School Master : a tale, by the author of May Martin, Green Mountain Boys.

[Critical notices of Locke Amsden.] “We know of few books on this all important subject (education), which can be read with more profit by all classes than Locke Amsden, revealing as it does the defective systems of instruction that are in use, and suggesting the proper remedy for existing evils." — North American Review.

“This tale, unlike most modern tales, is really worth a serious man's reading - it will go further than any book we know of to aid in the great work of self-intellectual culture, and make every person his own best schoolmaster.” – Gospel Banner.

“Locke Amsden should be read by every teacher, school committee, and every person indeed, that has any interest in the success and usefulness of our common schools." — Caledonian.

“Judge Thompson's new work, Locke Amsden, admirably combines romance and instruction.” Vermont Patriot.

“Most treatises on education in spite of the intrinsic importance and value of their inculcations are too didactic, not to say dull, to gain the attention of the masses ; but here is a work, in which the errors and the truths pertaining to this subject are vividly illustrated by a tale of absorbing interest, which once begun, the reader will be sure to follow to the end." -N. Y. Tribune.

“We regard this as an extremely interesting, well told, and useful story. - Boston Traveller.

“This work is at once instructive, entertaining, and well written.”. Boston Post.

“It seems to me the object of the work is a high one, and successfully accomplished.” — C. C. Felton, Prof. Lang. Harvard University.

“The author has gracefully intertwined wisdom with flowers." - Rev. CHARLES BROOKS.

“The purpose of this work is to show the success of efforts for selfeducation, to illustrate the importance of awakening thought in the process of education, and to exhibit the superiority of solid learning over superficial accomplishments; and parents, teachers, and pupils, may read the book to advantage, for it contains profitable hints for them all.”. HORACE Eaton, Governor of Vermont.

“Of the talent and spirit of this work, I think very highly. There are a few errors of style and typography, but they are but slight blemishes in so good a work.” — HORACE MANN, to the Publishers.

“I have been much interested in the perusal of Locke Amsden. The story is so ingeniously contrived as to win the readers close attention to the end. You have entered on a broad subject, affording many other fertile topics for development and illustration by a pen like yours; I hope you will keep it in motion.” – Prof. JARED SPARKS, to the Author.

“ It is a good book — a very good book; and one that is calculated to exercise a salutary influence. I accordingly congratulate you on produce ing at once so interesting and so beneficial a work." — Prof. H. W. LONGFELLOW, to the Author.

Octavo Bible. — The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.

Paige's Commentary. A Commentary on the New Testa ment, by Lucius R. PAIGE. Vol. 1st and 2d, on the Gospels ; vol. 3d, on the Acts of the Apostles.

Waverley Novels. Waverley Novels, 27 vols., Parker's Edition, revised and corrected, with a General Preface, an Introduction to each Novel, and Notes historical and illustrative by the Author.

Flora's Interpreter. — Flora's Interpreter, or The American Book of Flowers and Sentiments, by Mrs. SARAH JOSEPHA HALE.

Floral Year.- The Floral Year, embellished with Bouquets of Flowers, drawn and colored from Nature, each Flower illustrated with a Poem, by Mrs. Anna PEYNE DINNIES.

Festus. — Festus, a Poem, by PHILIP JAMES BAILEY, Barrister at Law.

Beauties of Festus. — Compiled with a copious Index, by a Festonian.

Course of Time. - The Course of Time, a Poem, by ROBERT POLLOK, A.M., with an enlarged Index, a Memoir of the Author, an Introductory Notice, and an Analysis prefixed to each Book; Boston School Edition.'

Mourners' Book. - The Mourners' Book, by a Lady, 24mo. Gilt.

Benjamin's Architect. The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter ; illustrated by sixty-four engravings, which exhibit the orders of Architecture, and other elements of tho Art, designed for the use of Carpenters and Builders, by ASHER BENJAMIN, Architect.

Builder's Guide. — The Architect, or Complete Builder's Guide, illustrated by sixty-six engravings, which exhibit the Orders of Architecture and other elements of the Art, designed for the use of Builders, particularly Carpenters and Joiners, by ASHER BENJAMIN, Architect.

Elements of Architecture.- Elements of Architecture: con. taining the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Orders, with all their Details and Embellishments, also, the Theory and Practice of Carpentry, exhibiting Thirty-Six experiments made on various kinds of Americar Timber; experiments made in various ways, on European Timber, bu European Artists, and on the strength of Iron, Steel, Brass, Tin, Lead, Stone, Bricks, Cement, &c., with practical Rules for their application; containing 28 Plates, by A. BENJAMIN.

Shaw's Masonry.- Practical Masonry, or a Theoretical and Operative Treatise of Building, containing a scientific account of Stones, Clays, Bricks, Mortars, &c., and the fundamental rules in Geometry, on Masonry and Stone Cutting, with their application to practice, illustrated with 44 Copperplate engravings, by EDWARD SHAW.

Scott's Infantry Tactics. Abstract of lofazky Tactics including exercises and mancuvres of Light Infantı, ane Rif men, som the use of the Militia of the United States. Publisheüi no

A lennote ment of War, under the authority of an Act of Congress.

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