A Sketch of the Battle of Waterloo: To which are Added Official Despatches of ... the Duke of Wellington ... Prince Blucher, and Reflexions on the Battles of Ligny and Waterloo


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Σελίδα lviii - We maintained our position also, and completely defeated and repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession of it. The enemy repeatedly attacked us with a large body of infantry and cavalry, supported by a numerous and powerful artillery : he made several charges with the cavalry upon our infantry, but all were repulsed in the steadiest manner.
Σελίδα lxiv - Picton his Majesty has sustained the loss of an officer who has frequently distinguished himself in his service ; and he fell gloriously leading his division to a charge with bayonets, by which one of the most serious attacks made by the enemy on our position was repulsed.
Σελίδα lxxvi - For this purpose he had placed the greatest part of his reserve in the centre, against his right wing, and upon this point he attacked with fury. The English army fought with a valour which it is impossible to surpass. The repeated charges of the Old Guard were baffled by the intrepidity of the Scotch regiments/; and at every charge the French cavalry was overthrown by the English cavalry.
Σελίδα lxiv - It gives me the greatest satisfaction to assure your Lordship, that the army never, upon any occasion, conducted itself better. The division of Guards under...
Σελίδα lxi - Macdonald, and afterwards of Colonel Home; and I am happy to add, that it was maintained throughout the day with the utmost gallantry by these brave troops, notwithstanding the repeated efforts of large bodies of the enemy to obtain possession of it.
Σελίδα lxvi - Billow upon the enemy's flank was a most decisive one; and, even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire if his attacks should have failed, and would have...
Σελίδα lviii - Prussian army maintained their position with their usual gallantry and perseverance, against a great disparity of numbers, as the 4th corps of their army, under General Bulow, had not joined, and I was not able to assist them as I wished, as I was attacked myself, and the troops, the cavalry in particular, which had a long distance to march, had not arrived. We maintained our position also, and completely defeated and repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession of it. The enemy repeatedly...
Σελίδα lxii - These attacks were repeated till about seven in the evening, when the enemy made a desperate effort with cavalry and infantry, supported by the fire of artillery, to force our left centre, near the farm of La Haye Sainte, which, after a severe contest, was defeated...
Σελίδα lx - Marshal had promised me, that in case we should be attacked, he would support me with one or more corps, as might be necessary.
Σελίδα xxvii - I cannot express to you the regret and sorrow with which I look round me, and contemplate the loss which I have sustained, particularly in your brother. The glory resulting from such actions, so dearly bought, is no consolation to me...

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