The Law Journal for the Year 1832-1949: Comprising Reports of Cases in the Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer of Pleas, and Exchequer of Chamber, ...

E. B. Ince, 1837

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Σελίδα 159 - Parliament, and that it shall not be lawful for any body politic or corporate whatsoever created or to be created, or for any other persons whatsoever united or to be united in covenants or partnership exceeding the number of six persons in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their bills or notes payable on demand or at any less time than six months from the borrowing thereof...
Σελίδα 125 - Coke (vo1. 1, 1040,) is, that 'when the ancestor by any gift or conveyance takes an estate of freehold, and in the same gift or conveyance an estate is limited, either mediately or immediately, to his heirs in fee or in tail, that always in such cases 'the heirs' are words of limitation of the estate and not words of purchase.
Σελίδα 233 - Camplifll.—Barttow moved for a rule, calling upon the plaintiff to shew cause why the defendant should not be discharged out of custody, upon entering a common appearance.
Σελίδα 269 - Verdict for the plaintiff on the first issue, and for the defendant on the two last; and on the first a general judgment was entered in BR against the defendant de bonis propriis.
Σελίδα 172 - December, 1833, no person shall make an entry or distress, or bring an action to recover any land or rent, but within twenty years next after the time at which the right to make such entry or distress or to bring such action shall have first accrued to some person through whom he claims...
Σελίδα 96 - I hereby appoint sole executrix of this my last will and testament ; hereby revoking all former wills by me made.
Σελίδα 87 - ... That in every action brought by any executor or administrator in right of the testator or intestate, such executor or administrator shall, unless the court in which such action is brought, or a judge of any of the said superior courts, shall otherwise order, be liable to pay costs to the defendant in case of being nonsuited, or a verdict passing against the plaintiff, and in all other cases in which he would be liable, if such plaintiff were suing in his own right upon a cause of action accruing...
Σελίδα 109 - A verdict having been found for the defendant, with leave to the plaintiff to move to enter a verdict for 19L 2s.
Σελίδα 46 - The breach assigned was the non-payment of the annuity. Plea : that the plaintiff was not at the time of making the deed legally possessed of the negroes on the plantation, and so had not a good title to convey.
Σελίδα 264 - That if any such matter shall upon a demurrer joined, be judged insufficient, costs shall be given at the discretion of the Court; or if a verdict shall be found upon any issue in the said cause for the plaintiff or demandant, costs shall be also given in like manner, unless the Judge, who tried the said issue, shall certify, that the said defendant, or tenant, or plaintiff in replevin, had a probable cause to plead such matter which upon the said issue shall be found against him.

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