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Young 7 Scamels from the rock. Wilt thou go with me?

Ste. I pr'ythee now, lead the way without any more talking. Trinculo, the King and all our company being drown'd, we will inherit here. Hear, bear my bottle; fellow Trinculo, we'll fill him by and by again.

Cal. [Sings drunkenly. ] Farewel mafter; farewel

Trin. A howling monfter; a drunken monfter.
Cal. No more dams I'll make for fish,
Nor fetch in firing at requiring,
Nor Scrape trencher, nor wash dish.
Ban' Ban', Cacalyban

Has a new mafter, get a new man.

Freedom, hey-day hey-dey, freedom! freedom,

hey-dey, freedom!

Ste. O brave monster, lead the way.




Before Profpero's Cell.

Enter Ferdinand, bearing a log.


HERE be fome fports are painful, but their



Delight in them fets off: fome kinds of baseness

7 Scamels.] This word has puzzled the Commentators: Dr. Warburton reads Shamois, Mr. Theobald would read any thing rather than Scamels. Mr. Holt,

who wrote Notes upon this play, obferves that limpets are in fome places called Scams, therefore I have fuffered Scamels to ftand.


Are nobly undergone, and moft poor matters
Point to rich ends. This my mean task wou'd be
As heavy to me, as 'tis odious: but

The miftrefs, which I ferve, quickens what's dead,
And makes my labours pleafure: O, fhe is

Ten times more gentle, than her father's crabbed;
And he's compos'd of harfhnefs. I must remove
Some thousands of thefe logs, and pile them up,
Upon a fore Injunction. My fweet mistress
Weeps when the fees me work, and fays, fuch bafeness
Had ne'er like executor, I forget;

But thefe fweet thoughts do ev'n refresh my labour,
Moft bufy-lefs, when I do it. 3

Enter Miranda; and Profpero, at a distance unfeen.

Mira. Alas, now, pray you,

Work not fo hard; I would the lightning had
Burnt up thofe logs, that you are enjoin'd to pile :
Pray, fet it down and reft you; when this burns,
'Twill weep for having wearied you: my father
Is hard at ftudy; pray now, reft yourself;
He's fafe for thefe three hours.

Fer. O moft dear miftrefs,

The fun will fet before I fhall discharge
What I muft ftrive to do.

Mir. If you'll fit down,

I'll bear your logs the while. Pray, give me that;
I'll carry it to the pile.

Fer. No, precious creature,

l'ad rather crack my finews, break my back, Than you should fuch difhonour undergo,

While I fit lazy by.

Mira. It would become me,

8 The two firft Folio's read: Moft bufy leaft, when I do it.

"Tis true this Reading is corrupt; but the Corruption is fo VOL. I.

very little remov'd from the Truth of the Text, that I can't afford to think well of my own Sagacity for having difcovered





As well as it does you; and I should do it

With much more eafe; for my good will is to it,
And yours it is against.

Pro. Poor worm! thou art infected;
This vifitation fhews it.

Mira. You look wearily.

Fer. No, noble miftrefs; 'tis fresh morning with me, When you are by at night. I do beseech you, (Chiefly that I might fet it in my prayers)

What is your name?

Mira. Miranda, O my father,

I've broke your heft to fay fo.
Fer. Admir'd Miranda!

Indeed, the top of admiration: worth
What's dearest to the world! Full many a lady
I've ey'd with best regard, and many a time
Th' harmony of their tongues hath into bondage
Brought my too diligent ear; for several virtues
Have I lik'd feveral women, never any
With fo full foul, but fome defect in her
Did quarrel with the nobleft grace fhe ow'd,
And put it to the foil. But you, O you,
So perfect, and fo peerless, are created
Of every creatute's best. 9

Mira. I do not know

One of my fex; no woman's face remember,
Save from my glass mine own; nor have I seen
More that I may call men, than you, good friend,
And my dear father; how features are abroad,
I'm skillefs of; but, by my modesty,

(The jewel in my dower) I would not wish
Any companion in the world but you;
Nor can imagination form a fhape,

Befides yourfelf, to like of. But I prattle
Something too wildly, and my father's precepts
I therein do forget.

9 Of every creature's beft.] Alluding to the picture of Venus by Apelles.


Fer. I am, in my condition,

A Prince, Miranda; I do think, a King;

(I would, not fo!) and would no more endure This wooden flavery, than I would fuffer

The flesh-fly blow my mouth.-Hear my foul speakThe very inftant that I faw you, did

My heart fly to your fervice, there refides

To make me flave to it, and for your fake
Am I this patient log-man,

Mira. Do you love me?

Fer. O heav'n, O earth, bear witnefs to this found, And crown what I profefs with kind event,

If I fpeak true; if hollowly, invert

What beft is boaded me, to mischief! I

Beyond all limit of what else i'th' world, ́
Do love, prize, honour you.

Mira. I am a fool,

To weep at what I'm glad of.

Pro. Fair encounter

Of two most rare affections! heav'ns rain grace,
Qn, that which breeds between 'em!

Fer. Wherefore weep you?

Mira. At mine unworthinefs, that dare not offer, What I defire to give: and much less take,

What I fhall die to want. But this is trifling;

And all the more it feeks to hide itself,

The bigger bulk it fhews. Hence bashful cunning!
And prompt me, plain and holy innocence.

I am your wife, if you will marry me;
If not, I'll die your maid: to be your fellow
You may deny me; but I'll be your fervant,
Whether you will or no.

Fer. My mistress, dearest,

And I thus humble ever.

Mira. My husband then ? .

Fer. Ay, with a heart as willing

As bondage e'er of freedom. fiere's my hand.

E 2

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Mira. And mine, with my heart in't. And now


'Till half an hour hence.

Fer. A thousand, thousand.

Pro. So glad of this as they, I cannot be, Who are furpriz'd withal; but my rejoicing At nothing can be more. I'll to my book; For yet, ere fupper-time, muft I perform Much bufinefs appertaining.


Changes to another part of the Ifland.



Enter Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo, with a bottle. Ste.ELL not me-When the butt is out, we will drink water, not a drop before; therefore bear up, and board 'em-Servant-monfter; drink


to me.

Trin. Servant-monfter! the folly of this island! They fay, there's but five upon this ifle; we are three of them, if the other two be brain'd like us, the state


Ste. Drink, fervant-monster, when I bid thee. Thy eyes are almoft fet in thy head.

Trin. Where should they be fet elfe? he were a brave monfter indeed, if they were fet in his tail.

Ste. My man-monster hath drown'd his tongue in fack for my part, the fea cannot drown me. I fwam, ere I could recover the fhore, five and thirty leagues, off and on; by this light, thou shalt be my lieutenant, monfter, or my standard.

Trin. Your lieutenant, if you lift; he's no standard. Ste. We'll not run, monfieur monster.

Trin. Nor go neither; but you'll lie like dogs, and yet fay nothing neither.

Ste. Moon-calf, fpeak once in thy life, if thou beeft a good moon-calf.

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