Anfänge politischen Denkens in der Antike: die nahöstlichen Kulturen und die Griechen

R. Oldenbourg, 1993 - 461 σελίδες
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Kurt Raaflaub is David Herlihy University Professor and Professor of Classics and History at Brown University. His most recent book is "The Discovery of Freedom in Ancient Greece. " Josiah Ober is Constantine Mitsotakis Professor of Political Science and Classics at Stanford University. His books include "Athenian Legacies: Essays on the Politics of Going on Together." Robert Wallace is Professor of Ancient History at Northwestern University and author of "The Areopagus Council to 307 BC", among other books. Paul Cartledge is currently Professor of Greek History in the Faculty of Classics and Professorial Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge, and author of several volumes including "Spartan Reflections "(UC Press). Cynthia Farrar directs a project on deliberation and local governance at Yale s Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) and teaches in the Political Science Department. She is the author of "The Origins of Democratic Thinking: The Invention of Politics in Classical Athens.

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