Mathematical And Physical Papers -- Vol. 5.


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Σελίδα xxiv - Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth ; yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.
Σελίδα xi - That the difference between the pressure on a plane in a given direction passing through any point p of a fluid in motion and the pressure which would exist in all directions about p if the fluid in its neighborhood were in a state of relative equilibrium depends only on the relative motion of the fluid immediately about p; and that the relative motion due to any motion of rotation may be eliminated without affecting the differences of the pressures above mentioned.
Σελίδα 332 - If two circles intersect at right angles in two given points, prove that the sum of the squares of the reciprocals of the radii of the circles will be constant.
Σελίδα 30 - In the mica radiometer the experiments indicate no such difference of action in the different layers of the bulb as in the case of the pith radiometer. Hence taking, in accordance with what now appears to be made out to be the theory of the motion of the radiometer, the direction in which the fly is impelled as an indication which is the warmer of the two faces of the disks, and that again as an indication...
Σελίδα 94 - When the air is at rest and the cups are whirled round, some little difference may be made by the wake of each cup affecting the one that follows. Still we cannot be very far wrong by supposing the same proportion, 4 to 1 , to hold good in this case.
Σελίδα 92 - ... lowest factors to give a correct result. 3. That with the large Kew pattern, which is the one adopted by the Meteorological Office, the register gives about 120 per cent, of the truth, requiring a factor of about 2'5, instead of 3. Even 2'5 is probably a little too high, as friction would be introduced by the centrifugal force, beyond what occurs in the normal use of the instrument. 4. That the factor is probably higher for moderate than for high velocities ; but whether this is solely due to...
Σελίδα 341 - Zbafy + 3cxif + dif into its canonical form, = (\x + p.yf + (\.'x + ii!y)*. 6. State, and prove analytically, the general theorem obtainable by projection from the theorem " the middle points of the three diagonals of a complete quadrilateral lie in a line." 7. Explain the meaning of the expressions, (1) polar of a point in relation to a conic ; (2) rth polar of a point in relation to a curve of the with order.
Σελίδα 75 - Jeffery's and horizontal in Dr. Robinson's experiments ; so that the greater completeness of the latter does not cause them to supersede the former. In Mr. Jeffery's experiments the anemometers operated on were mounted a little beyond and above the outer edge of one of the steam merry-go-rounds in the grounds of the Crystal Palace, so as to be as far as practicable out of the way of any vortex which it might create. The distance of the axis of the anemometer from the axis of the
Σελίδα 87 - K, the point of contact or all but contact of the ball with the shaft. The ball is supposed to be of such size that when the anemometer simply rests on the balls by its own weight, being turned perhaps by a gentle wind, there are contacts at the points M, F, I, while at K the ball and shaft are separated by a space which may be deemed infinitesimal. Lateral pressure from a stronger wind will now bring the shaft into contact with the ball at the point K also, so that the box on the one hand and the...
Σελίδα xxv - Clear mind, strong heart, true servant of the light, True to that light within the soul, whose ray Pure and serene, hath brightened on thy way, Honour and praise now crown thee on the height Of tranquil years. Forgetfulness and night Shall spare thy fame, when in some larger day Of knowledge yet undream'd, Time makes a prey Of many a deed and name that once were bright. Thou, without haste or pause, from youth to age, Hast moved with sure steps to thy goal. And thine That sure renown which sage confirms...

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