Practical Mechanics: An Elementary Manual for the Use of Students in Science and Technical Schools and Classes ...

Methuen & Company, 1898 - 220 σελίδες

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Σελίδα ii - ... BOARD OF THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL ; AND PROFESSOR J. WERTHEIMER, B.Sc., FIC, PRINCIPAL OF THE MERCHANT VENTURERS' TECHNICAL COLLEGE, BRISTOL. Messrs. METHUEN are issuing a series of elementary books under the above title. They are specially adapted to the needs of Technical Schools and Colleges, and fulfil the requirements of students preparing for the examinations of the City and Guilds of London Institute.
Σελίδα 11 - IV. // any number of forces acting at a point can be represented in magnitude and direction by the sides of a polygon taken in order, they will be in equilibrium.
Σελίδα 227 - Perpetuis soliti patres considere mensis. Quin etiam veterum effigies ex ordine avorum Antiqua e cedro, Italusque, paterque Sabinus. Vitisator curvam servans sub imagine falcem, Saturnusque senex, Janique bifrontis imago, 180 Vestibulo adstabant, aliique ab origine reges, Martia qui ob patriam pugnando vulnera passi.

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