A Critical Dictionary of Sociology

Routledge, 1989 - 438 σελίδες
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Unlike most other sociology or social science dictionaries, in this translation of the Critical Dictionary of Sociology, taken from the second French edition of the Dictionary and edited by the English sociologist Peter Hamilton, the critical value of this distinctive work is at last made available for a wider audience.

Each entry grapples directly with an issue, whether theoretical, epistemological, philosophical, political or empirical, and provides a strong statement of what the authors think about it. The discussions are considered but argumentative. By reaffirming that a non-marxist style of critique is still possible, Boudon and Bourricaud have presented a distinctive approach to the key issues which confront the societies of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries.

For some this work will be a textbook, for others an indispensable sourcebook of sociological concepts, and for most a way of opening our eyes to new dimensions in our understanding of the great ideas and theories of sociology.

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A critical dictionary of sociology

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This dictionary is a British translation (as well as an abridgement, from 102 topics down to 73) of the French Dictionnaire Critique de la Sociologie ( Press Universitaires de France, 1986. 2d ed ... Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής

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