Hitler's Doubles: Fully-Illustrated

Peter Fotis Kapnistos, 8 Απρ 2015 - 572 σελίδες
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Cold War II Revision - (Deep State) October 2017. The Cold War II Revision [2017] is a reworked and updated account of the original 2015 “Hitler’s Doubles” with an improved Index. Ascertaining that Hitler made use of political decoys, the chronological order of this book shows how a Shadow Government of crisis actors and fake outcomes operated through the years following Hitler’s death –– until our time, together with pop culture memes such as “Wunderwaffe” climate change weapons, Brexit Britain, and Trump’s America.

Was the brutal dictator of the 20th century the masked instrument of a double image delusion? Recently released war records reveal “political decoys” (doppelgangers or body-doubles). It is documented that the Nazi Fuhrer vetted at least four doubles. Look-alikes and crisis actors were used to impersonate Hitler in order to draw attention away from him and to deal with risks on his behalf. “Hitler’s Doubles” details their names, their peacetime occupations, their deaths, and an escape to South America.

"WOW! That is one heck of a book... Your book lends proof that Adolf Hitler did not kill himself in the Bunker nor did Eva..." (Harry Cooper, author of "Hitler in Argentina.")

"Wow. Your book just overwhelmed me and caught me by surprise as to what it got into. I wasn’t expecting that... You’ve done a tremendous amount of research here to document a unique aspect of World War II history... This book will blow your mind and give you a more in-depth perspective of various historical events." (David Allen Rivera, author of "Final Warning: A History of the New World Order.")

"An entire Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory of the Third Reich... This book covers it all." (Christian Ankerstjerne, Forum Staff, Axis History.)

"Excellent reference book." (A Verified UK Purchase Customer Review)

"Interesting material." (A Verified USA Purchase Customer Review)

"[The author] offers a summary at the end about each double. The information regarding the doubles is very good. However, the evidence is very persuasive that Hitler did escape." (A Verified USA Purchase Customer Review)

"It was interesting reading... not what I expected..." (A Verified USA Purchase Customer Review)

The world’s first donor artificial insemination was with the wife of a Quaker in the late 1800s. Who was the top-secret paternal donor? Was the Quaker-son secret agent Aleister Crowley one of Adolf Hitler’s doubles? Why did Walt Disney make use of Nazi scientists to build space technology after he visited South America?

Hitler's Doubles covers modern history events: The assassination of JFK, the Watergate scandal, the Iran hostage crisis, the Iran-Contra affair, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the attacks of 9/11, the appearance of the Islamic State... with the backing of ex-Nazi interests.

“Hitler’s Doubles” includes much more information than its enigmatic title implies. This document is presented as a series of news articles in book form. Some material is repeated or revised. Many photos date back to pre-war times. (Italic text depicts a what-if scenario analysis by the author.)


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Gustav Weler
The Philadelphia Experiment Goes to Athens
A Bad Novel Debunked
Burn Down Paris?
Firstborn of the Illuminati
None Dare Call It Organized Crime
Inside the Thule Gesellschaft Secret Society
Russian Star Illuminés
Red Spot On The Retina?
Tavistock Spy Decoy and Beer Hall Dungeons
The Beast of Nazi Death Barracks
Hitler Died But His Double Escaped
A Satanic Stage Double?
Ersatz Frozen Disney and 1960s Assassinations
Kent State and Henry Kissinger
Hitlers Doubles at a Glance

DNA Haplogroups and the Transfer Agreement
A Nordic Truce Against The Levant Near East

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