The Normal Union Arithmetic: Graded Course, Μέρος 3

Christopher Sower, 1878

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Σελίδα 406 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line, every point of which is equally distant from a point within, called the centre. 751. The curved line is called the circumference, and a line passing through the centre and ending in the circumference is the diameter. Half the diameter is called the radius.
Σελίδα 412 - 888 cu. ft. THE SPHERE. 779. A Sphere is a volume bounded by a curved surface, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the centre. 780. The Diameter of a sphere is a line passing through its centre and ending in the surface. The radius is half the diameter. 781.
Σελίδα 420 - wine measure, or 1.816 pints dry measure. TABLE. 10 milliliters (ml.) equal 1 centiliter, cl. 10 centiliters " 1 deciliter, dl. 10 deciliters " 1 liter, L. 10 liters " 1 decaliter, DL. 10 decaliters " 1 hectoliter, HL. 10 hectoliters " 1 kiloliter, KL. 10 kiloliters " 1 myrialiter, ML. NOTES.—1. The liter is principally used In measuring liquid», and
Σελίδα 306 - of the denominations of the money of that country in which accounts are kept. 529. The Act of March 3, 1873, provides that "the value of the standard coins ... of the world shall be estimated annually by the Director of the Mint, and be proclaimed on the first day of January by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Σελίδα 323 - and clearing of fractions, we have 4x7x10x18 =5x6X12x14, which by examination, we see is the product of the extremes equal to the product of the means. 3. Any term in either extreme equals the product of the means divided by the product of the other terms in the extremes.
Σελίδα 287 - Supreme Court of the United States, and nearly all the States, adopt the following rule for partial payments, called THE UNITED STATES EULE. I. Find the amount of the principal to the time of the first payment ; if the payment equals or exceeds the interest, subtract the payment from the amount and treat
Σελίδα 308 - Exchange for £500. PHILADELPHIA, July 1, 1875. Sixty days after sight of this First of Exchange (second and third unpaid) Pay to the order of Chas. Smith, Five Hundred Pounds Sterling, for value received, and charge the same to account of PETER
Σελίδα 358 - long stands close against a building; • how far must it be drawn out at the bottom that the top may be lowered 2 feet ? Ans. 18 ft. 7. A pole was broken 52 ft. from the bottom, and fell so that the end struck 39 ft. from the foot ; required the length of the pole.
Σελίδα 290 - Hence Bule.—I. Divide the given sum by the amount of $1 for the given rate and time, to find the present worth. NOTE.—When several payments are made without interest, find the present worth of each separately, and take their sum. •WRITTEN EXERCISES. 2. What is the present worth of $1206, due
Σελίδα 369 - II. 662. Given, the last term, the common difference, and the number of terms, to find the first term. 1. Required the first term, the last term being 41, the number of terms 20, and the common difference 2. SOLUTION.—From the rule in Case I., we OPERATION. have 41 = 1st term + 19 times 2, hence we 41

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