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1838.] Savings' Banks. 425

You knew me in my little years, and I was at your house for teaching; but some of my schoolfellows did not see you before, but they sign to me that they are grateful, as I am, to you. Can you see our faces thoughtful to you, Madam? But you cannot see our hearts. I read in the Bible, (1 Sam. xvi. 17.) "Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh at the hearts." Madam, you look at our outform of gratitude, and you smile to us, and you are kind to us, and we are cheerful to see you, but if you are no more kind to us, we must love you for ever. God looks at our minds, He sees we love you, and He approves of our love to you, because He loves, and makes you do much good for Him. Madam, my schoolfellows wish to ask,—Are you happy in your existence? We hope you are happy, we hope you shall have long existence in the world, and we hope you will have no pain, or calamities, or grief, or sorrow. I read in books, that sickness and pain are good for men, but I cannot wish pain to you. Pain may come to me. I would bear it for you, because I do not like pain or sorrow to you, and I pray they will not go to you. Madam, we pray much for you. Do you like us to pray for you? Please Madam, to love us all more and more. Farewell.

We are, dearest Madam,Your affectionate Friends,
John Wilton,

And all my Schoolfellows.


Vegetables intended for the use of the table should be placed in cold water for several hours before they are dressed, and allowed to thaw gradually. By observing this plan you may get the frost out of turnips or carrots intended for immediate use. Place a tub of cold water in a warm kitchen.


The deposits in these excellent institutions last year, 1837, amounted to twenty millions, five hundred thousand pounds; being an increase of nine hundred thousand pounds over the deposits of 1836.

Extracts From The Public Newspapers, &c.

Cigar Smoking.—Two persons of very moderate age have died within a short period of each other, at Cheltenham, of internal ulcers, brought on, in the opinion of an eminent medical practitioner, by the excessive use of cigars.—Morning Herald.

Travelling.—" If a traveller has many articles to take on a full coach, it is a good plan to tie to each packet a piece of riband of the same colour, by which he will be able to point out his luggage in a moment, without the trouble of getting up to show it to the porter."

A malignant fever of an alarming kind prevails at Ashted, in the neighbourhood of Birmingham, occasioned, it is said, by the numerous stagnant pools and ditches in that vicinity. Surely it should be the business of the surveyors of highways to mitigate, if not remove, this very prevalent cause of illness wherever it exists.—Morning Herald.

The White Carrot.—This root, which is a new variety of our common garden carrot, is not yet much known. In colour it is something whiter than the parsnep; in flavour much more delicate than the orange carrot.

Prize Fights.—One of those disgusting exhibitions, alike disgraceful and demoralizing, a prize light, lately took place on Hedley-common, near Newcastle. The match was for 201. a-side, between Robert Forbister and John Brown, natives of Newcastle. The fight lasted an hour and twenty-five minutes, during which time thirty-seven rounds were fought. In the last round Brown received a blow from his antagonist on the jugular and instantly fell. He was borne from the " field of blood" by the brutal rabble, and conveyed to a public-house, where he expired the same evening. An inquest was held on the body, and the jury, without retiring, returned a verdict of Manslaughter against Robert Forbister.

The Beer Shops.—Without ascribing every increase of crime and misery to the beer shops, we cannot doubt, from the all but concurrent testimony of the magistrates, clergy of all denominations, manufacturers, tradespeople—all persons, in short, who have made observations on the effects of these places— that these effects have been very mischievous on the popular morals and well-being. We cannot believe such a mass of evidence wholly unfounded, and it is such as to outweigh, in our minds, even the authority of the gentlemen who have addressed the house on the other side. In every civilized country, places of public entertainment have been deemed objects of public control. They come within the province of law and police in quite a peculiar manner; and we must add, whatever may be said of the poor man's "pleasures," the comfort of the poor man's family is little consulted, by everywhere thrusting haunts of sotttishness across his path homewards.— Globe.


We have received the communications of G. B.; a Layman; E.; Y.; M. S.; J. S.; Prin.; A. M. ; L. S. R.; F.; a Second from a Layman.

We hope to find room in our next number, for the interesting article sent by A Clergyman of the Church of England. We knew the lamented subject of it well.

Several articles sent by the Editor to the Printers, have been omitted for want of room.

L. S. R. did not arrive till this number was printed. Our valued Correspondent is referred to page 235.




Accident from gunpowder .... 388

Advantages of good education.. 256
Advice to a young person going

abroad 114

Agriculture, improvement in .. 286

Agriculturists, bints to 315

Alehouse 416

keeping servants from 414

Anecdote of a parrot 394

Dr. Johnson .... 78

King George III.. 18

Antigua, friendly societies in .. 310

Arch of Titus 97


Bartholomew fair 415

Beer bill 348

Beer, wholesome, palatable, and

cheap 284

Bees 53

Beet root 284

Be ye ready 304

Birds, music of 373

Birthday 405

Bitton clothing club 118

Blunt, Rev. H., sermon by.... 293
Bolton church missionary asso-
ciation 141

Bone manure 211

Boy and the feathers 79

Brotherly love 48

Bruise, receipt for 59

Building cottages 386

Burials 358

Caoutchouc rick cloths 92

Carelessness about heavenly

things 226

Catechism on the NewTestament 370

Cattle, fattening of 179, 229

Cautions against lightning .... 249

Charcoal 84

Charity 245

Cheese made from potatoes.... 162

Chester new bridge 391

Children 103

hymns for 250

on training • • 347

treatment of 205

Chorister, the 366

Christians, the God of the .... 101

Christianity, effects of 222

"Christian's sweet home " .... 282

Christmas, stanzas for 8

Church going, neglect of 136

Church service, reflections on.. 37
Clerk at Bitton, letter from.... 188
Clothing club for females .... 13

Coffee, substitute for 96

Colds and coughs 391

Coliseum at Rome 319

Come unto Christ 361

Comfort promised toGod's people 345

Confidence, religious 335

Conscience, visitings of 11

Convict, letter from 190

Cottage allotments ..107, 1»3, 193

Cottage gardens 235

Couch grass 321

Cough, receipt for 55, 324, 391

Courtship and marriage 89

Cruelty to a dog 228

Cruelty to animals .. 286, 306, 411

prevention of .... 18,266

Cuckoo, the 287

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Good bringing up, advantages of 256

Good example 359

Gospel invitation 361

peace 296

silent progress of the.. 158

Gunpowder, accident from .... 388


Happy new year 1

Harvest time, reflections for .. 331
Health, maxims for .... 158, 395
Heber, Bishop, letter from .... 265

Hints on surgery 21

to housekeepers.... 139,322

Honest independence 251

Honesty 23

Honey, how to take 303

Horticultural societies 259

Housekeepers, hints to .. 139, 322

Indian corn 268

Indolence, miseries of 95

Industry, benefit of 61

Infants' schools 11

hymn for 187

hymn 81

Intemperance 209, 376

- effects of.. 32, 104, 161

Invited guest, an unwelcome

visitor 109


Deaf and dumb, instruction of

„ ,. 337, 424

Dealings of God with men 331

Delicacies 203

Delirium tremens 230

Dialogue on religious feelings.. 120

District visiting society 202

Doctrine and practice 197

Dogs, cruelty to 228, 267

Drunkenness 413

fatal effects of 212

Earnestness about earthly things 226

Economy, hints on 15, 410

Education 104,375

industrial 12

Electricity 221

"Elijah, the Tishbite," extract

f'om 93

Epistle for 16th Sunday after

Trinity 181

17th Sunday 235

Epitaph at Wrington 115

on a child 33

on a faithful servant .. 101

"Examine thyself" 224

Family Bible, extract from.... 66

Family readings 152, 242

Fire establishment of London... 62

Flies, use of 303

Flowers, love of Mr. Wilberforce

for 270

Frugality 33

Gambling 55

Gaming, fruits of 20


Gardens for schools 310

George the Third, anecdote of 18

Gin 56,418

Gin drinking,a Syrian's remarks
on 295

Jenner, extract from the life of 372

Jeremy Taylor, extracts from.. 158

Johnson, Dr., anecdote of 78

advice to Mr. Wynd-

ham 57

Juggernaut, temple of 13,'J

Kensington national infant
schools 11

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Labourer, an industrious .... 313
Labourers' friendly societies,105,245

^——— hints to 14

——— noon-day hymn .... 92

the two 149

Lamb feeding 212

Land, allotment of, to children 51

Leeches 210

Letter, from a constant reader.. 375

from Hounslow, &c. .. ib.

to my neighbours .... 351

Life, a journey 46

Lightning, cautions against .. 249

Lion, escape from 27

Lives of the Saints,

St. Bartholomew 73

St. Matthew 145

St. Michael and all angels .. 217

St. Luke 253

St. Simon and St . Jude .... 289

All Saints' day 325

Loan funds 17

Lord's supper, neglect of the 231


Manure 221,232

from rags 404

Martha and Mary 42

Maxims for health 158, 395

Mildew, cause of 358

Milking 94

Morning thoughts 10

Monuments in Llangollen church 25


Nankin, Porcelain tower at.... 277

Natural history,

Buffaloe 248

Fox 421

Hedgehog 169, 200

Mole 170

Monkeys 168

Parrot 60

Porcupine 247

Swallow 283

Thrush 68

Wolf 420

New poor laws 178

Northampton Herald, extracts
from 129, 214

[blocks in formation]

Parent,reflections on the death of 340

Parent, anecdote of 394

Parents, selections for 49

Parthenon 241

Pawnbroker 58

Pickling 239

Pigs, how to keep 170

Plate glass 94

Plough boy 33

Polycarp, death of 293

Potatoe, cultivation of .. 203, 210
Prayer, at the close of school .. 266

for a child 313

for children 401

for others 81

for the Queen 273

subjects for 272

from scripture 237

Preston, Rev. M. M., sermon of 84

Prizes to labourers 408

Psalm 71st, reflections on .... 9

95th ib.

119th 77, 52

Psalms, the book of 274

Public worship .... 221, 231, 316


Question from child to tutor .. 137


Rabbit skins, how to prepare .. 323
Reading, Berks, letter from .. 418
Readings, scriptural .... 152, 242
Receipts for cough .. 55, 324, 391
Referring blessings to God.... 389
Reflections 344, 201, 270, 166, 397

on church service, 37, 99, 173

on the death of a parent.. 340

Religion, blessings of 97

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