Memorial. Bunker Hill, 1775, June 17th, 1875


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Σελίδα 4 - ll miss him ! " and, " What will his mother do ? " Then, his eyelids just unclosing like a child's that has been dozing, He faintly murmured, " Mother ! " — and — I saw his eyes were blue.
Σελίδα 4 - sa soldier bleeding, and he '11 come and dress his wound ! " Ah, we knew not till the morrow told its tale of death and sorrow, How the starlight found him stiffened on the dark and bloody ground. Who the youth was, what his name was, where the place from which he came was, Who had brought him from the battle, and had left...
Σελίδα 4 - Over heaps all torn and gory — shall I tell the fearful story, How they surged above the breastwork, as a sea breaks over a deck ; How, driven, yet scarce defeated, our worn-out men retreated, With their powder-horns all emptied, like the swimmers from a wreck?
Σελίδα 3 - Oh the trembling and the terror! for too soon we saw our error: They are baffled, not defeated; we have driven them back in vain; And the columns that were scattered, round the colors that were tattered, Toward the sullen, silent fortress turn their belted breasts again. All at once, as we are gazing, lo the roofs of Charlestown blazing! They have fired the harmless village; in an hour it will be down ! The Lord in heaven confound them, rain his fire and brimstone round them, — The robbing, murdering...
Σελίδα 7 - ON the library wall of one of the most famous writers of America, there hang two crossed swords, which his relatives wore in the great War of Independence. The one sword was gallantly drawn in the service of the king, the other was the weapon of a brave and honored republican soldier. The possessor of the harmless trophy has earned for himself a name alike honored in his ancestors' country and his own, where genius such as his has always a peaceful welcome.
Σελίδα 1 - 11 soon come back and tell you whether this is work or play ; There can't be mischief in it, so I won't be gone a minute " — For a minute then I started.
Σελίδα 1 - what 's the matter, what is all this noise and clatter ? Have those scalping Indian devils come to murder us once more ? " Poor old soul ! my sides were shaking in the midst of all my quaking, To hear her talk of Indians when the guns began to roar: She had seen the burning village, and the slaughter and the pillage, is When the Mohawks killed her father with their bullets through his door.
Σελίδα 14 - Ticonderoga, in the thirty-fourth year of his age ; in " testimony of the sense they had of his services and military " virtues, and of the affection their officers and soldiers bore to
Σελίδα 2 - With the banyan buckled round it, standing up so straight and tall ; Like a gentleman of leisure who is strolling out for pleasure, Through the storm of shells and cannon-shot he walked around the wall. « At eleven the streets were swarming, for the red-coats...
Σελίδα 6 - HANCOCK, whose offences are of too flagitious a nature to admit of any other consideration than that of condign punishment.

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