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was the Afth Earl, was but distantly related Sept. 1. At Aberdeen, Mr William Sier.
to his celebrated predecessor, being descend wright, of the House of Messrs Joba Bul-
ed from Arthur Stanhope, sixth son of the kely and Son, of London, uged 59.
first Earl, who obtained the titie in the year 2. At Edinourgı, hissi Jane Raitt,
1628. His Lordship had not been in town daughter of the late Tronas Raiti, Exq. of
for more than two years previous to his Longformacus.
death. The Noble Earl was equally re A: Marske llall, Yorkshire, William,
markable for the virtues of the nobleman third son of the Ilon. Lawrence Duodis.
and the Christian, and inay be justly said to At Annan, Thoinas Johnstont, F-.
have fulfilled all the duties implied by his of Gutteriraes, in the tb year of his age.
motto-A Deo et Rege.

4. At Loggicside, areal 75, Mis Critte
Aug. 30. At Edinburgh, Isabella, daugh. M*Kenzie, reliet of the Reverend John
ter of the deceased Mr Robert Richardson, Downie, late mini-ter at Urray,
secretary to the British Linen Company.

At Hurn Court, llants, after a few
At Inverness, John Jameson, Esq. of days illness, Lady Fiizharris.
Cherry Vale, Aberdeen, aged 72.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Mac-
At Braehead, Mrs Wallis, wife of lagan, widow of Mr Robert Maclagan, mer-
Henry Wallis, Esq. Maryborougb Lodge; chant, Edinburgh.
and on the 4th October, Robert Wallis, their 5. At London, James Begbie, Esq. much
son, aged 14 months.

regretted. At Picton Castle, the Right Honoura. At London, of a brain fever, and after ble Lady Milford.

a few days illness, Mr John Morton, inany - At Dunfermline, Miss Margaret Ward years printer pf “ The Sunday Review" law, daughter of the late Sir David Ward.


He was a man of great respec. law, Bart.

tability, and in private life very much es. At Edinburgh, Mrs Primrose, widow teemed. He has left a wife and six children of Mr David Primrose, soap-boiler, Edin to lament his irreparable loss. burgh.

At Nether Pladie, in the land of Craig. At Kinloch, Susan, second daughter ston, and parish of Turriff, Mr John Allar. of the late Thomas Kinnear, Esq. of Kinloch. dyce, in the 63d year of his age-a man

At Glasgow, Lieutenant Colonel Gwyn highly beloved and respected by all who Inspecting Field Officer of the Western Dis. knew him, for the piety of his disposition, trict, aged 41. This brave and distinguish and benevolence of his heart. After deducted officer was wounded in the battles of Ta. ing a small legacy to his sister, he has left lavera and saco, and from the wound the half of his fortune, which is very conwhich he received at the latter he had never siderable, as a fund for the benefit of the recovered. He was possessed of every qua- poor belonging to the Episcopal Congregality which constitute the gentleman and the tions of Turriff and Cumineston, with a code soldier, and died regretted by all who had of rules and regulations, drawn up with his the pleasure of his acquaintance. He was own hand, for the management of said fund. interred with military honours, attended by 7. At St Fort, Miss Stewart, eldest all the troops in the garrison, and a num. daughter of the late Robert Stewart, Esq. of ber of the most respectable gentlemen of St Fort. the city. Major Boule, of the 93d regiment, 8. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Simpson, aged succeeds Colonel Gwyn in the charge of the 16, a student at the University. district.

At Prestonpans, Andrew Graham, At Brussels, of wounds received in Esq. many years factor in the service of the the battle of Waterloo, Major A. J. M‘Laine, Honourable the Hudson's Bay Company. of the 73d regiment, son of the late Gillian At Ayr, Mrs Stevenson, relict of the M‘Laine, Esq. of Scalastle, Island of Mull. late Captain Hugh Stevenson. He was a brave soldier, and much beloved 9. Ai the Manse of Rafford, the Rev. by all his brother officers. His brother, the William Stephen, minister of that parish, in late Captain M'Laine, of the 20th regiment, the 69th year of his age. was the only officer who was killed in the At Dunfries, Mr James M.Ghie, late memorable battle of Maida.

bookseller. 31. At Arbroath, Marjory Wardert, spouse 10. At Edinburgh, Mrs Inglis, wife of of Mr William Renny, jun. Inerchant there, the Reverend Thomas Inglis, minister of much and justly regretted.

Lochrutton. At Henly in Arden, Janet, widow Il. At Paisley, Mr Lockhart Scott, of of the late Reverend James Grahame, author the Royal Lanark regiment of militia. of the Sabbath and several other poems.

At Old Aberdeen, in the 88th year of Sept. 1. At Cheltenham, Thomas Tulloch, his age, Roderick Macleod, D. D. Principal çaq. of EViestown,

of King's College. Dr Macleod, when only

18 years of age, acted, in 1748, as Assistant 20. At Catrine-house, aged four years, to Dr J. Gregory, then Professor of Philo. James, the ouly son of Mr Thomas Greensophy in King's College; and upon the re- shields, brewer, Catrine ; and on the 21st, signation of that gentleman, in the ensuing Mrs Elizabeth Paterson, his spouse, aged year, succeeded to the vacant chair. In 27 years. 1764, he was chosen Sub Principal; and in 21. At North Bridge Street, Robert 1800 was unanimously elected Principal by Johnston, aged 15 years, eldest son of Me his colleagues. Whether we regard the Robert Johnston, merchant, Edinburghi. character of Dr Macleod in his private or At Dumfries, John Hossack, Esq. of public capacity, it will be admitted that few Glengaber, and of Buff Bay River, in the men have more faithfully discharged the island of Jamaica ; a gentleman greatly es duties of their station. In the most deli. teemed and respected by all who had the cate connection of life, tender and affection, pleasure of his acquaintance. ate; as a parent, indulgent, but firın; as a At Old Fishmarket Close, Mrs Stark, friend, active, warm, and constant-he aged 64, lived but for this circle. Yet were his more At St James's Square, Margaret, wife general relations to society never forgotten. of Mr George Forrester, writer. His zealous and close attention to whatever 22. At ayr, occasioned by a fall down his involved the honour or interest of the body, stair, Mr James Murray, late in Corseclays. with which, for the unusual period of 67 — At Downpatrick, Mrs Crawford, reyears, he stood connected, will long be ac- lict of the late Archibald Crawford, merch. knowledged ; whilst, by his able and consci- ant in Leith, and mother to Major Wilkie entious discharge of his duties as a public of the 38th, and Lieutenant Crawford of teacher for 52 years, and above all, by the

the 60th regiment. active and liberal protection which he uni. At Edinburgh, very much regretted, formly extended to rising or neglected me. Serjeant Major Patrick Gould, of the late rit, he' perhaps as effectually promoted the 1st regiment of Royal Edinburgh Volun. best interest of education and science, as teer Infantry, a situation he had held for any individual of his time.

treenty-one years. He was remarkably acSept. Jl. At the Manse of Ordequhill, Mrs curate, attentive, and useful, in the discharge Mary Grant, wife of the Reverend Alex. of his varied duties, and an excellent drill, Gray, and daughter of the late Reverend as is well known, and will be long remen. Robert Grant, minister of Cullen.

bered by many of this city, he having train12. In George's Square Edinburgh, Miss ed upwards of two thousand of them to mis Maitland, eldest daughter of Adam Mait. litary exercises, and the use of arms, since land, Esq. of Dundrennan.

the establishment of the parent corps of 14. At Invergarry, Duncan Allaistair, Royal Edinburgh Volunteers, blue, in 1794. son of Colonel Viacdonell, of Glengarry. 23. At Gosport, in consequence of a con

At Belhaven, Mr George Johnston, cussion of the brain, produced by being universally regretted.

lately thrown out of his gig, George Bur15. At Portobello, Mrs Margaret O. Mil. don, Esq. Rear-Adiniral of the Red squa. ler.

dron of his Majesty's fleet, aged 65 years. At Rothesay, Bute, Alexander Dun. In the 74th year of his age, Mr Fin. lop, Esq. surgeon, Glasgow, in the 77th lay Malcolm, brewer in Dunfermline. year of his age.

24. At Stirling, Mrs Ann Stewart, relict 16. At Bridge-end, Musselburgh, llenry of James Stewart, Esq. of Gar. Gillies, Esq. in the 70th year of his age.

At Horncliff, Mr William Smith, far. 18. At Balckheath, Mrs Milne, wife of mer, at an advanced age. Mr Alex. George Milne, merchant, London. - At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Bald, sur

At Edinburgh, Mr Thoinas Smith, veyor of taxes. builder. lle was much respected as a trades- David Morrison, Esq. of Traboch. man; and as a father, relative, and friend, mains. his conduct was irreproachable.

At Hamilton, Miss Anne Shearer, At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Fleming, daughter of Mr David Shcarer, of the island wife of Mr David William Fleming, ac. of Tortola. countant.

25. At George Street, after a few days At Dumfries, Miss Georgina Camp- ilness, Mrs Wardlaw, relict of Capt. Wil. bell, daughter of the late Mathew Camp- liam Wardlaw, Royal Navy. bell, Esq. Wigton.

At Lendon, Elizabeth, the wife of 19. At Niain's House, Glasgow, Miss Alexander Grant, Esq. of Serjeant's Inn. Euphemia Pirie, eldest daughter of the late Mir John Cowan, farmer, Musselburgh. James Pirie, depute clerk of the High 26. At Edinburgh, in the 20th year of Court of Admiralty.

his age, Hr John Macgeorge, youngest son

of his age.

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of the Reverend William Macgcorge, late pened off the Isle of Man, at four o'clock minister of the gospel at Mid-calder. afternoon, when on duty. Mr Henry Mac

Sept. 27. At Sanquhar, the Rev. Andrew vicar was in his sixteenth year, the seventh Thomson, pastor of the Associate Anti- and youngest son of the late Neil Macvicar, burgher Congregation there for 39 years. Esq. some time Lord Prorost of the city of

- At Sheerness, Mr Alexander Milne, Edinburgh. of Edinburgh, aged 25, Assistant Surgeon 30. At Edinburgh, Mr John Wilson, of the Iphigenia, and late of the Bellero. some time tenant of the farm of Newbyres, phon. When proceeding to the hospital in the parish of Newbattle, in the 90th year ship in the harbour, with two sick men, the boat was overset in a squall, and Mr At Oban, after a long and painful ille Milne, in generously exerting himself be. ness, which he bore with great fortitude, yond his power to save his patients, lost his Alexander Stevenson, Esq. writer to the own life, deeply regretted by his brother signet. He will long be remembered and officers, and by all who knew hiin.

regretted by his relations and friends, who, At Genoa, in her 21st year, Lady by his untimely death, are bercaved of an Jane Moutague, eldest daughter of his Grace estimable man and valuable companion. the Duke of Manchester.

Oct. 1. At George Street, Captain Alex. At Edinburgh, Robert M‘Culloch, ander Tod, late of Alderstone. Esq. of Kirkclaugh.

At Shrub Place, Leith Walk, Mrs At Gorgie Park, at an advanced age. Euphemia Bruce, late of Musselburgh, Mrs Macdonald, of Hope Street, widow of

aged 71. Major Allan Macdonald, some time of the 2. At the Manse of Troqueer, William, 59th regiment of foot, and mother of the eldest son of the Reverend Mr William late Major Forbes Ross Macdonald, Gover. Thorburn. nor of Prince of Wales' Island, and the late

- At Helensburgh, Margaret Boyd, elLieutenant General Donald Macdonald, of dest daughter of the late Mr Robert Kalley, the 55th regiment.

merchant in Glasgow. Lady Clavering, widow of Lieutenant. At Glasgow, Charlotte Jane, eldest General Sir John Clavering, K B.

daughter of Captain William Mitchell, 28. Gilbert Gerard, D. D. Professor of Bengal artillery. Divinity in King's College, Aberdeen, and 5. At Tollcross, Captain Robert Rollo, Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty. Dr in the 91st year of his age. Gerard was educated at Aberdeen and Edin. At Dean Park, Edinburgh, Mr John burgh ; and after officiating for several years Gibson, farmer, aged 75. as minister of the English Church at Am. Suddenly, the Reverend Edward sterdam, was elected Professor of Greek in

M.Quold, parish priest of Portaterry, in the King's College. He succeeded his father, 54th year of his age. Dr Alexander Gerard, as Professor of Divi. Mr Francis Yates, of Wolverhampton. nity; and a few years ago, was appointed aged 91; and on the following Tuesday, one of the ministers of Oid Aberdeen. New the 10th, Mrs Eleanor Yates, his wife, aged prospects of advancement had just opened 89. This venerable couple had been mar. upon him, when the Church and the Uni.

ried 67 years, were both taken ill on the versity were suddenly and prematurely de- same day, and died within five days of each prived of his eminent talents and accom- other, the latter on the anniversary of their plishments. He preached on Sunday, and wedding day, died on the ensuing Thursday. Of his judg. At Aberdeen, Mrs Ann Scott, daugh. ment and erudition, Dr Gerard has left a ter of the late Robert Scott, Esq. of Dun. most respectable monument in the Insti. nisnald, and wife of James Watson, Esq. tutes of Biblical Criticism.-Edinburgh, 6. At Liverpool, after a painful and lin1808, 8vo. With his learning he united gering illness, David Shand, Esq. inerchant much knowledge of the world; he was a there, formerly of Montrose. inan of the most gentlemanly manners. He At Brechin, in the 80th year of her was a correct and judicious preacher; and age, Magdalene, daughter of the late Re. was uniformly distinguished by the libera- verend David Blair, minister of the gospel, lity of his theological opinions.

Brechin. 28. At Montreal, James Dunlop, Esq. 9. George Baron Callan, one of the 28 much regretted.

representative Peers of Ireland, in his 62d 29. Suddenly, at Livingston's Yards, Mr year. George Comb, brewer.

At Edinburgh, Mr Edward Stamp. 30. Mr Henry Macvicar, midshipman on of Alnwick, grocer and brewer. board his Majesty's sloop of war the Levant. 10. At Maragall, Lisburn, Mrs Elizabeth The accident by which be lost his life bap. Abbott, azed 102 years

Oct. 10. 14 12 25 10 14. 431 13 12 17 10 21. 302 13 12 28 10 28. 311 13 12 29 10

Oct. 10. At Northfield, Helen, second 15. At Gallowhill, near Crieff, Mr Peter daughter of James Syme, E-q. of Northtield, M‘Niell, sen. of Gallowhill, aged 67 years. in the 22d year of her age.

17. At Edinbnrgh, Mrs Deborah Cox, At Southampton, at an advanced age, relict of Nicholas Cox, Esq. Lieut-Governor Sir Yelverton Peyton, Bart. one of the ma- of Guspee, &c. North America. gistrates of that town, and senior Baronet - At Glasgow, Mr Donald Allan, spirit of the united kingdom.

dealer, Stirling Street. 11. At Leith, M. Henry Hervert, aged 17. At Forres, Mrs Anna Logan, relict 72, teacher of the German and Dutch lan- of the late Provost Forsyth, much and justguages, much and justly regretted.

ly regretted. At Calland-r, Charles Campbell, Esq. Suddenly, T. Evans and W. Middleof Lochdochart.

more, Esqrs. bankers, at Nottingham, and 12. At Cholmondeley House, Piccadilly, partners through life in different extensive London, after a long and severe illness, the concerns; the former, while engaged at a Countess of Rock-avage. Her Ladyship, game of chess with one of his daughters; who was second daughter of the late General and the latter, who was previously indisCampbell, Deputy Governor of Gibraltar, posed, never spoke after he received the ac. was married to the eldest son of Marquis count of his partner's death. Cholmondeley, about two years ago. Her At Darnick, John Sinith, sen. builder ladyship has died without issue, in not above there, the 26th year of her age.

18. Mr Francis Blair, late merchant in 13. Mr George Walker, drawing master, Edinburgh, aged 75. Edinburgh.

Suddenly, at North Berwick, Mrs 14. In his father's house, at Little Troch- Isabella Burn, wife of Lieutenant Joba rie, near Dunkeld, aged 44, the Reverend Hay, 34th regiinent of foot, and eldest John Campbell, preacher of the gospel. daughter of the late Hew Burn, Esq.

At Aberdeen, Mr Ernest Mearns, At Gloucester, Rear-Admiral Trigge. aged 21, for several years past first assistant 19. At Edinburgh, suddenly, Mr John in the Public Writing School of Aberdeen: Paterson, flax-dresser. a young man of much merit, modesty, and 20. At Coldstream, Robert Davidson, worth ; and on the 17th current, three Esq. of Hoselaw, aged 65. hours after the removal of his corpse from 21. At Morningside House, Edinburgh, her house, his widowed mother, (of whose Mrs Margaret Cockburn, wife of Mr An. declining yeurs he had been the comfort and drew Buchanan, junior, merchant in Glassupport), worn out with anxiety and grief gow. for the loss of him, and of another son, who 22. At Hillhousefield, Mr Edward Bayne, died of the wounds he received in the me- student of medicine, son of Mr Robert morable battle of Waterloo.

Bayne, merchant, Leith.

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Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal. Bolls. | Price Bolls. Price, Nov. 7. 407

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Nov. 3. 25 33 16 20 14 19 14 18

10. 25 33 17 20 14 18 14 18 17. | 26 32 17 1915 17 15 17 24. 29 31 17 1914 17) 14 16




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