Special Agents Series, Τεύχος 201

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1921

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Σελίδα 57 - ... for which the charterer may be liable under the charter, if by the use of reasonable diligence the shipper could have obtained other suitable labor. 10. It is mutually agreed that, should war, prohibition of export, or blockade prevent shippers from shipping or buyers from lifting the goods herein specified within the time stipulated in the contract, this contract shall be canceled for goods not delivered. 11. Payment to be made on receipt of and in exchange for shipping documents by approved...
Σελίδα 58 - ... arbitrator to be appointed by the sellers and one by the buyers. Such arbitrators shall, previously to entering upon the arbitration, appoint an umpire, and the arbitration shall be subject to the English arbitration act of 1889, or any subsisting statutory modification thereof or substitution therefor.
Σελίδα 108 - Clyde, or so near thereunto as she may safely get, and there load from the factors of the said merchant a full and complete cargo...
Σελίδα 107 - ... men only shall not exonerate them from any demurrage for which they may be liable under this charter, if by the use of reasonable diligence they could have obtained other suitable labour...
Σελίδα 108 - Charter is subject to all the terms and provisions of and all the exemptions from liability contained in the Act of Congress of the United States approved on the 13th day of February, 1893, and entitled "An Act relating to Navigation of Vessels, etc.," in respect of all cargo shipped under this charter to or from the United States of America.
Σελίδα 109 - ... not exceeding what she can reasonably stow and carry, over and above her tackle, apparel, provisions, and furniture ; and being so loaded, shall therewith proceed to or so near thereunto as she may safely get...
Σελίδα 107 - Vessel to have an absolute lien upon the cargo for all freight, dead freight and demurrage. Charterers' responsibility to cease when vessel is loaded and bills of lading are signed.
Σελίδα 109 - ... excepted, even when occasioned by negligence, default, or error in judgment of the Pilot, Master, Mariners, or other servants of the Shipowners.
Σελίδα 58 - Property in goods to be deemed for all purposes, except retention of vendors ' lien for unpaid purchase price, to have passed to buyers when goods have been put on board.
Σελίδα 58 - Vice-President of the Timber Trade Federation of the United Kingdom, on the application of either party. In the case of a claim not exceeding £25, or on less than 25 standards the dispute shall, if not amicably settled, be referred to one arbitrator, and in default of the parties agreeing...

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