Memoirs of Samuel Foote, Esq: With a Collection of His Genuine Bon-mots, Anecdotes, Opinions, &c. Mostly Original. And Three of His Dramatic Pieces, Not Published in His Works ...


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Σελίδα 196 - I can't help thinking but it would have been prudent in your grace to have answered my letter before dinner, or at least postponed it to the cool hour of the morning ; you would then have found that I had voluntarily granted that request which you had endeavoured, by so many different ways, to obtain.
Σελίδα 195 - ... publish or suppress it as best suits the needy convenience of your purse. You first had the cowardly baseness to draw the sword, and if I sheath it until I make you crouch like the subservient vassal as you are, then is there not spirit in an injured woman, nor meanness in a slanderous buffoon.
Σελίδα 200 - Joan who was once elected a Pope, and in humble imitation have converted a pious Parson into a chambermaid. The scheme is new in this country, and has doubtless its particular pleasures. That you may never want the benefit of the clergy in every emergence, is the sincere wish of your Grace's most devoted and obliged humble servant, — SAMUEL FOOTE.
Σελίδα 12 - ... produce that particular designation of mind, and propensity for some certain science or employment, which is commonly called genius. The true genius is a mind of large general powers, accidentally determined to some particular direction. Sir Joshua Reynolds, the great painter of the present age, had the first fondness for his art excited by the perusal of Richardson's treatise.
Σελίδα 197 - Calais," with the contempt they deserved. Indeed, madam, the humanity of my royal and benevolent master, and the public protection, have placed me much above the reach of your bounty. But why, madam, put on your " coat of mail" against me ? I have no hostile intentions. Folly, not vice, is the game I pursue. In those scenes which you so unaccountably apply to yourself, you must observe...
Σελίδα 192 - ... a blow. Your lordship's determination is not only of the greatest importance to me now, but must inevitably decide my fate for the future, as, after this defeat, it will be impossible for me to muster up courage enough to face Folly again. Between the muse and the magistrate there is a natural confederacy ; what the last cannot punish, the first often corrects; but when she finds herself not only deserted by her ancient ally, but sees him armed in the defence of her foe, she has nothing left...
Σελίδα 97 - I learned dexterity from pick-pockets, connivance from constables, politics and fashions from footmen, and the art of making and breaking a promise from their masters. Here, sirrah, light me across the kennel. I hope your honour will remember poor Jack. You ragged rascal, I have no halfpence — I'll pay you the next time I see you.
Σελίδα 196 - There is something, however, in your pity at which my nature revolts. To make me an offer of pity at once betrays your insolence and your vanity. I will keep the pity you send until the morning before you are turned off, when I will return it by a cupid with a box of lip-salve, and a choir of choristers shall chaunt a stave to your requiem. Kingston-house, Aug. 13. E. KINGSTON. PS You would have received this sooner, but the servant has been a long time writing it.
Σελίδα 100 - You will oblige me. Shift. You must know, then, that fortune, which frequently delights to raise the noblest structures from the simplest foundations ; who from a tailor made a pope, from a gin-shop an empress, and many a prime minister from nothing at all ; has thought fit to raise me to my present height, from the humble employment of — Light your Honour — A link boy.
Σελίδα 199 - Hereford : her fortune was large, and her morals irreproachable, till your Grace condescended to stain them ; she was upwards of fourscore years old when she died, and, what will surprise your Grace, was never married but once in her life. I am obliged to your Grace for your intended present on the day, as you politely express it, when I am to be turned off.

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