Naval history of the United States, from the commencement of the revolutionary war, Τόμος 1


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Σελίδα 156 - Trippe boarded one of the large boats, with only a midshipman, Mr. Jonathan Henley, and nine men. His boat falling off before any more could join him, he was left to conquer or perish, with the fearful odds of eleven to thirty-six.
Σελίδα 68 - ... oak plank between the hogshead and the powder ; the hogshead was loaded with stones as deep as it could swim. A wooden pipe descending through the lower head of the hogshead, and through the plank into the powder contained in the bottle, was primed with powder A match, put to the priming, exploded the powder, which produced a...
Σελίδα 8 - In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, intituled, " An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts and Books to the Authors and Proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned...
Σελίδα 184 - Biddle, who were at that moment standing together near the capstan. The Frolic lay so fair for raking, that they decided not to board until they had given a closing broadside. Whilst they were loading for this, so near were the two vessels, that the rammers of the Wasp were pushed against the Frolic's sides, and two of her guns went through the bow ports of the Frolic, and swept the whole length of her deck.
Σελίδα 157 - He, however, bore down upon the leeward division of the enemy. With his single boat, he attacked five full manned Tripolitan boats, within pistol shot. He defeated, and drove them in a shattered condition, and with the loss of many lives, to take refuge under -the rocks.
Σελίδα 158 - When the squadron was seen standing in, however, he affected contempt, and surveying them from his palace, observed, " they will mark their distance for tacking ; they are a sort of Jews, who have no notion of fighting.
Σελίδα 151 - ... four and a half miles from the town. A boat was immediately lowered to sound. The greatest depth of water was found to be astern. In order to back her off, all sails were then laid aback; the top-gallant-sails loosened ; three anchors thrown away from the bows ; the water in the hold started ; and all the guns thrown overboard, excepting a few abaft to defend the ship against the attacks of the Tripolitan gun-boats, then firing at her. All this, however, proved ineffectual ; as did also the attempt...
Σελίδα 221 - The Niagara being very •little injured, I determined to pass through the enemy's line, bore up and passed ahead of their two ships and a brig, giving a raking fire to them from the starboard guns, and to a large schooner and sloop, from the larboard side, at half pistol shot distance.
Σελίδα 71 - I fixed several kegs under water, charged with powder, to explode upon touching anything as they floated along with the tide. I set them afloat in the Delaware, above the English shipping at Philadelphia, in December, 1777. I was unacquainted with the river, and obliged to depend upon a gentleman very imperfectly acquainted with that part of it, as I afterwards found. We went as near the shipping as we durst venture ; I believe the darkness of the night greatly BVSHNELL'S SUDMARINE A A.
Σελίδα 77 - ... gallant conduct, and that of their brave detachment, did justice to the high character of the regiment. As soon as the Randolph was refitted and a new mainmast obtained in place of one which had been struck with lightning,* she dropt down to Rebellion Roads with her little squadron. Their intention was to attack the Carysfort frigate, the Perseus twenty-four gun ship, the Hinchinbrook of sixteen guns, and a privateer which had been cruizing off the Bar, and had much annoyed the trade.

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