Macbeth for Murderers

Xlibris Corporation, 2005 - 163 σελίδες
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Macbeth for Murderers is a true story of how lives collide behind the walls of the Maximum Security Prison. The inmates include Rashid, a street-smart drug dealer; Jorge, a bitter man convicted of murder; Tommy, a modern-day Sundance Kid; William, rapist and murderer; and Jim, a murderer at nineteen. Fate, Shakespeare and two unlikely teachers, peel away their hard-core exteriors and reveal the men behind their violent crimes. Some will deserve a second chance, and some won't. Roberta Davidson, an English Professor from the Ivy League, and John Kerwin, a television producer turned teacher, mingle in the sub-culture of the incarcerated, and their experiences provide a unique and truthful view of modern-day prison life.

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