The Gift of Faith: Short Reflections by Thoughtful Anglicans

LaVonne Neff
Morehouse Pub., 2003 - 152 σελίδες

Finding the perfect gift for graduation, confirmation, or similarly significant occasions is now much easier, thanks to The Gift of Faith.

This small book offers brief reflections on faith that are as meaningful and lasting as those most extraordinary events in life. The passages are taken from the classic writers in the Anglican tradition, making this especially appropriate as a remembrance for confirmation, but the timeless words of George Herbert, Richard Hooker, and others from generations past, as well as those of contemporary authors, including Esther de Waal, David Adam, and Barbara Crafton, make The Gift of Faith an inspirational resource for anyone interested in Anglican contemplation on the faithful life.

Brief biographies of the contributors are included.

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LaVonne Neff worked in religious publishing for many years and is now a writer and consultant for religious publishers. She is the author of numerous books and articles for adults and children.

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