A History of South America, 1854-1904

J. Murray, 1904 - 696 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 476 - Chinese territory in the vicinity of the line, in such manner as may be found most convenient. 4. Her Britannic Majesty's Government and the Government of His Majesty the Emperor of Russia engage to abstain from exercising any political influence or control, the former to the north, the latter to the south, of the above line of demarcation. 5. Her Britannic Majesty's Government engage that the territory lying within the British sphere of influence between the Hindu...
Σελίδα 248 - The legislative authority is exercised by the National Congress with the sanction of the President of the Republic. Congress consists of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
Σελίδα 262 - ... factions. The defences of Rio de Janeiro and Nictheroy were strengthened. Sangbag breastworks were thrown up along the water-front in all positions where a landing was likely, and cavalry patrolled the streets. Batteries of artillery were mounted on the hills commanding the bay ; martial law was proclaimed in the Federal District, and in the States of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Santa Catherina, and Rio Grande do Sul. The President personally inspected the defensive measures. Orders for...
Σελίδα 498 - Article 4. In compliance with the stipulations of the supreme decree of February 9, 1882, by which the Government of Chile ordered the sale of one million tons of guano, the net proceeds of which, after deducting the expenses and other disbursements, as referred to in Article 13 of said decree...
Σελίδα 498 - The term having expired, a plebiscite shall decide by popular vote if the territory of these provinces shall remain definitely under the dominion and sovereignty of Chile, or if they shall continue to form part of the territory of Peru.
Σελίδα 501 - Chile and Bolivia celebrate an indefinite truce, and, in consequence, they declare the state of war terminated, and that the same cannot be again carried on unless one of the contracting parties notifies the other with at least one year of anticipation of its determination to resume hostilities. In such case the notification shall be made directly, or through the diplomatic representative of a friendly nation.
Σελίδα 250 - ... must have its administrative, legislative, and judicial authorities distinct and independent. The governors and members of the legislatures must be elective ; the magistrates must not be elective nor removable from office save by judicial sentence. The Federal executive cannot intervene directly in the local government of the States. In cases of obstinate infringement of the Federal Constitution by State authorities the only resource of the central power is an appeal to the Supreme Tribunal of...
Σελίδα 250 - There are 7 Secretaries of State at the head of the following Departments : — 1. Finance, 2. Justice, Interior and Public Instruction, 3. War, 4. Marine 5. Foreign Affairs, 6. Communications and Public Works, 7. Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce.
Σελίδα 250 - The election is held on the 1st of March in the last year of each presidential period in accordance with forms prescribed by law. No candidate must be related by blood or marriage, in the first or...
Σελίδα 498 - Chile in perpetuity and unconditionally the territory of the littoral province of Tarapaca, the boundaries of which are, on the north the ravine and River Camarones, on the south the ravine and River Loa, on the east the Republic of Bolivia, and on the west the Pacific Ocean.

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