Bicentennial Planning in Washington and Metropolitan Area: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on the Bicentennial, the Environment, and the International Community of the Committee on the District of Columbia, House of Representatives, Ninety-fourth Congress, First Session ...


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Σελίδα 131 - Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public and, time out of mind, have been used for purposes of assembly, communicating thoughts between citizens, and discussing public questions.
Σελίδα 142 - This Court has held that when "speech" and "nonspeech" elements are combined in the same course of conduct, a sufficiently important governmental interest in regulating the nonspeech element can justify incidental limitations on First Amendment freedoms.
Σελίδα 87 - Commission has established is most appropriate for our nation at this time: "to forge a new national commitment, a new spirit for '76, a spirit which vitalizes the ideals for which the Revolution was fought; a spirit which will unite the nation in purpose and dedication to the advancement of human welfare as it moves into its third century.
Σελίδα 221 - It is hereby declared to be the national policy that elderly and handicapped persons have the same right as other persons to utilize mass transportation facilities and services...
Σελίδα 376 - SEC. 900. The purposes of this title are — " ia ) Through grants, to encourage and assist in the establishment of regional Cooperative arrangements among medical schools, research institutions, and hospitals for research and training (including continuing education) and for related demonstrations of patient care in the fields of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and related diseases...
Σελίδα 132 - Whatever imprecision inheres in these terms, we think it clear that a government regulation is sufficiently justified if it is within the constitutional power of the Government; if it furthers an important or substantial governmental interest; if the governmental interest is unrelated to the suppression of free expression; and if the incidental restriction on alleged First Amendment freedoms is no greater than is essential to the furtherance of that interest.
Σελίδα 376 - To afford to the medical profession and the medical Institutions of the Nation, through such cooperative arrangements, the opportunity of making available to their patients the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases...
Σελίδα 71 - Among these are the county planning commissions, the National Capital Planning Commission, the Commission of Fine Arts, and the President's Committee on the Physically Handicapped.
Σελίδα 221 - For purposes of this chapter, the term "handicapped person" means any individual who, by reason of illness, injury, age, congenital malfunction, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability, is unable without special facilities or special planning or design to utilize mass transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected.
Σελίδα 133 - ... unless in its judgment the public welfare, peace, safety, health, decency, good order, morals or convenience require that it be refused.