The Law of Contract

OUP Oxford, 16 Αυγ 2007 - 656 σελίδες
The Law of Contract offers a clear, non-technical explanation of the principles of contract law combined with a focus on case summaries throughout. The book's strengths lie in the authors' highly praised explanation of the law, their ability to demystify difficult concepts without losing academic rigour, and the use of case summaries and quotes to explain the subject. Online Resource Centre * Updates * Web links

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Laurence Koffman is Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Sussex Institute (a School within the University of Sussex, comprising the departments of Law, Education, Social Work and Social Care, and the Centre for Continuing Education). He is also Reader in Law in the Sussex Law School.
Elizabeth Macdonald has an established reputation in the field of Contract Law and she has a special interest in, inter alia exemption clauses, damages, duress and undue influence.

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