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professional and other avocations, to drop a tear upon his tomb, and inscribe this brief tablet by recalling a few of the many virtues of his life.

Resolved, That we tender our deepest sympathies to the widow and family of our departed brother. In their bereavement we are impressed with the conviction, that all mere words are inadequate to express that deep sense of affliction which the loss of such a husband must have caused to the bereaved and stricken one. We humbly commend her to the guardianship and care of Him from whom alone, at such a time, can come the only solace for hearts so afflicted. He only can temper the wind to the shorn lamb."

Resolved, That Hon. NORMAN H. PURPLE, the chairman of this meeting, be appointed to present a copy of these Resolutions to the Supreme Court of this State, at its present session, and request that they be entered of record among the proceedings of said Court.

Resolved, That the Secretary of this meeting furnish a copy of the proceedings of the meeting, and that they be presented to the family of deceased.

FRIDAY, April 25, 1862. The above resolutions were presented to the Court by Hon. N. H. PURPLE, who made the following remarks: May it please the Court :

At a meeting of the Members of the Bar of the State of Illinois, held in the Court House of the Supreme Court, at Ottawa, on the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1862, for the purpose of testifying their respect for the memory and regret at the untimely decease of their late friend and brother, GENERAL Wm. H. L. WALLACE, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted :

(Here Judge PURPLE read the resolutions to the Court.)

As Chairman of this meeting, I have been desired to present these resolutions to this Court, with the request that they may be entered upon the records thereof.

In doing this, I cannot forbear to add my feeble personal testimony to the intellectual ability, unflinching integrity, exalted patriotism, and sterling moral worth of our deceased friend. It has been my good fortune to know him long and well. We have often met, both here and in other courts of the State. As lawyers we have often had contests, but collisions-never. His very countenance was to me a sure guaranty of honesty and truthfulness—an index to a heart that knew no guile. I trusted him ever, and, neither professionally or otherwise, did he ever deceive me.

I never inquired where he was born, or whence he came, nor knew aught of his parentage or ancestry; but I loved the man because I knew that he had head, and soul, and intellect, and honor–because he was, in all respects, a MAN.

And when I was first assured of his untimely fate-selfish as it may appear-I do believe that I felt more deeply and keenly the misfortune that I had lost a friend, than that the country had lost a gallant soldier, and a brave, meritorious and most accomplished chieftain.

I felt that one of the bright lights of the profession to which I had devoted my life, was at once extinguished; that a link in the chain that had bound me to its arduous duties, and enlivened its dull routine, had been severed and forever broken.



I believe that these feelings and sentiments of the worth, character and virtue of the deceased, are common to all, and tind an echo in the hearts of all who have enjoyed the pleasure and honor of his acquaintance and friendship, and that the grief which, in the resolutions just read, we declare that we feel, is as real and profound as the language of the resolutions import.

But why speak of our sorrows or regrets, while there is one, at least, who knew him far better than any one of us, to whom his loss is irreparable-one whose deep anguish and unmitigated grief approaches nearly the boundaries of despair ?

Yet even she should draw consolation from the reflection that he died bravely fighting in defense of his country, and his country's constitution; that during his whole life his honor has remained untarnished; that victory, though dearly bought, finally crowned his dying struggle; and that posterity will bless, revere and honor his name forever.

Valor and bravery in him was not a virtue—it was a necessity -an essential part of his moral and physical constitution.

When his country's call to arms was sounded, he was compelled to go; and where the fight raged thickest and fiercest, the very impulses of his nature forced bim to be foremost in the conflict.

But he sleeps now, the sleep that knows no waking, until the trump of God shall call him. In the maturity of his strong intellect, in the full vigor of his manhood, he has sacrificed his life upon the altar of his country, and now reposes quietly and silently in his last resting-place, without a blot upon his fair fame, or a stain upon his memory.

“ So sleep the brave who sink to rest,

With all their country's honors blest." Whereupon Chief Justice CATON responded: The Court receives the announcement of the death of General WALLACE with emotions, for the expression of which we find no adequate words. In his death the Bar has lost one of its brightest ornaments, the court one of its safest advisers, and our country one of its ablest defenders. His whole professional life has been passed among us, and we have known him well. All your words of encomium are but simple justice, and we know they proceed from the deepest convictions of their truth. All his instincts were those of a gentleman. All his impulses were of a noble and lofty character, his sensibilities refined and generous. He was certainly a man of a very high order of talent, and he was a very excellent lawyer. By his industry he studied the law closely, and by his clear judgment he applied it properly. He did honor to his profession; it is meet that his professional brethren should honor his memory. Scarcely a year ago he was with us, engaged in a lucrative practice—the ornament and the delight of a large circle of friends, and enjoying the quiet endearments of domestic life, loving and beloved by a family worthy of him, now made desolate. At the very first call of his country for

defenders, he abandoned his practice, he withdrew from his associates and friends at home, and tore himself from the domestic circle, and pledged his energies and his life to the vindication of his country's flag, which had been torn down and dishonored by rebel hands at Sumter,—to the defense of that constitution and those laws, the maintenance of which is indispensable to national greatness and happiness. For these he fought; for these he died.

For myself, I may say, he was my near neighbor and my dear friend. He honored me with his confidence, and disclosed to me fully the patriotic impulses which led him to abandon all, to defend his native land. If he was an able lawyer, so was he an able commander. If we mourn him as a departed friend and brother, so does the country mourn him as one of her ablest generals gone.

With the glad news of victory came the sad lament of his death. Our gladness was turned to mourning. So it ever is, and so must it ever be, in this sublunary world. With all our joys are mingled strains of sorrow. Happiness unalloyed is reserved for that brighter and better world, promised to those who act well their part on earth, into the full fruition of which those who knew him best doubt not he is accepted.

The resolutions which have been adopted by the Bar, will be entered upon the records of the Court, as a perpetual memorial of our appreciation of the worth of the late GENERAL WALLACE, and the clerk will furnish a copy of them, and a copy of this order, to the widow and family of the deceased. And out of respect to his memory, this Court will now adjourn,





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